STREET STORIES: Malina and her Dogs

By Webb

After finishing my time in the service I came back to Tampa this was mid ’97. My b*****r introduced me to his circle of friends and I hit off with all of them pretty well. They all smoked a ton of weed and back then they were heavy into video games. I’m no gamer but it was good company at the time. We would all congregate at a guy named Jeff’s house. People would fall through the spot, rollup and listen to good hip-hop.

There were a few girls that would come through the spot as well and one of them was Malina. Malina was white about 26 years old with shoulder length brown hair that was curly. She had really nice tits and not much ass. I met her and eventually started selling weed to her. She was one of my best customers after a few weeks.

The thing that I liked about Malina was that she would call me for a sack. I would hop in the car and go to her house. I’d go in and make my delivery and then she’d ask If I wanted to stay to smoke. So she’d buy my product and then offer to share what she bought. Malina had a huge bong that sat on the floor. It was so tall that you could hit it in a sitting position. You just bend over a lttle and inhale hard and deep and you were ‘there’. After a couple bong hits Mallina would come over and drop to her knees and pull out my dick with out a word and start sucking. The first time it happened I was surprised but after that it was just the standard of my visits.

One day she called me over for the usual. It was daytime and I came inside. It was actually the first time I visited her house in the day. Malina had two huge Rotweilers, one female and one male. I had never really seen them during my night visits because they would be outside protecting the house. On this day they were inside and I was a bit intimidated because of their massive size. The male was especially big.

So I made my delivery as usual and we smoked. I was high as hell the weed I had was really good, with a great bouquet. Malina came over to me as usual but she started kissing me. I didn’t expect that but went with the flow. She was wearing a flimsy little robe and nothing else. I reached down and gripped her little ass while we kissed, then I slid the robe off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I bent down and sucked on her small nipples and gave her tits a firm squeeze and made my way back up to her neck. From the sounds she was making I could tell she liked it.

Malina grabbed my hand and headed into the bedroom. We got to the bed and I gave her a push and fell back. I looked at her naked body. She had pale creamy skin and her tits were as nice as they looked in her bra. They were firm and round and she had a butterfly tattoo between them. I got down between her legs and started sucking her shaved pussy. Her mound was fat but once you spread the outer lips the inner lips were small and so was her clit. I ran my tongue up and down her slit until she was very wet then I started stimulating her clit with slow circles. Malina moaned and pulled her knees back with both hands making her pussy really available to me. I continued my circles speeding up gradually and making the circle pattern smaller as I went. It was driving her crazy. I looked up at her face and she was watching me give her pleasure. She asked me not to stop. She said: [i\right thereover and over again. I felt her body tense up and her breathing changed as she arched her back caught in the pleasure of her climax.

Once she recovered she sat up and I stood in front of her. She undid my pants and they dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them. She started sucking my dick. Malina had a nice deep throat technique that always pleased me. She wasn’t a gagger and didn’t let things get messy as I may have liked but she was never a disappointment when giving me head. After sucking me a short while I wanted to see what her pussy felt like so I mounted her missionary position and started sticking her deep. She got very loud! She was crying for God and sounding almost as if she was being attacked. She was so loud that her two big Rotweilers came to the door and started barking at us. The shit was crazy. I got a bit shaken, but Malina insisted that I keep pumping, so I did. The dogs wouldn’t leave even after Malina shouted at them. They just layed down and watched us fuck. As I proceeded to pound her pussy the dogs watched as if they were at the movies. It was weird.

Then about ten minutes later we heard the front door. Malina jumped up and ran out of the room. I heard a male voice say: what’s up? Then I heard Malina ask: What the fuck are you doing here? You can’t use that key! You don’t live here anymore! The guy protested: What’s the big deal? I had to pick up some things. Malina retorted: Well you can’t just barge in anytime you fucking feel like it! They guy simply said; I don’t get what the big de-…..wait, do you have somebody in here?!

There was a brief silence and the door slammed. Malina returned to the room and got on top of my still hard dick (really). As she inserted my dick I asked who it was. She said it was her ex. Then we started finishing our sexing. She rode me for about another ten minutes or so. Meanwhile the dogs took up ther positions at the bedroom door watching us. I flipped Malina back on her back and went for it. I pounded her hard until I felt that wonderful familiar feeling. As the nut came I pulled out and shot cum on her tits and face. I got cleaned up, said goodbye and left. I thought it was some crazy shit, but it was a good nut so fuck it.

86% (11/2)
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3 years ago
nice read
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
I don't know if I am more impressed with the story or the fact you stayed hard when the ex rolled up!