STREET STORIES: Sasha's s****rs

Sasha’s s****rs


Sasha Daniels was my cousin’s girlfriend. We started having sex behind my cousin’s back and we never looked back. We aren’t as close as we used to be but I love looking back at those days when we used lots of i*****l d**gs and explored our sexual needs and desires.

Sasha had three s****rs. There was Ne-Ne, Cevee, and Loddy. This is the story of how and when we met.


I was working for a day labor place in Tampa. It was 2001. The job I was working on had me laying fiber optics for the new cable systems. It was about 10:00 pm and time for my dinner break. Talima(my girlfriend) came by the jobsite and Sasha was with her. They greeted me with open mouth kisses, first T and then Sasha. We talked a bit as I ate the dinner they brought. The guys I was working with stared at us almost the whole break. They watched as both girls said their good-byes and kissed and hugged me. I laughed and got back to work.

The next day while T was at work, Sasha called and said she needed a ride somewhere and wondered if I could come and pick her up. I couldn’t refuse besides I wanted to see her anyway. I pulled up to the house and knocked on the door. Sasha came to the door naked. She opened the door and walked away from it, wanting me to enter. I did just that. She had a lit blunt in her hand and passed it to me as I took a seat on the couch. I inhaled deeply and held the smoke as long as I could. I immediately started to choke and passed the blunt back to Sasha.

Sasha was sitting on the arm of the easy chair straddling it looking sexy. She asked me if I was hungry. I said no. Not for food anyway. We laughed. I walked over to her and started kissing her deeply and rubbing her back and bare shoulders as my tongue explored her mouth. She told me that she loved fucking me the other day and if I felt the same. I said I did feel the same. Fucking her was amazing and doing it with my lady there was even better. Sasha was HOT. She was so sexy that it didn’t make sense.

She pulled down my fly and dug in my boxers trying to get a hold of my meat. She pulled it out and started sucking it slowly. I watched from above as her head made the motion of a woman at work. I pulled her down to the living room floor. She got on top of me and straddled my leg. She started to hump my leg. I was simply watching her as she got more and more excited. In turn it got me going even more. She found the right spot and started using my knee to stimulate her clit. She made a****l noises as she started to cum. I was smiling as she slid off of me onto her back. I turned and raised one of her legs and entered her pussy from the side. I love this position since you can watch your partner and the position allows me to maintain without excessive friction while I’m fucking. I fucked her for about twenty minutes like this. I started out slow and built up speed then slowed again. I was watching as her pussy left creamy white discharge on my dick. I would pull all the way out and keep pumping my hips allowing my dick to rub on her clit, and Sasha loved it. She turned her head to face me and sucked on my bottom lip. She started asking if I liked her pussy. She asked if she felt good to me. She asked if her pussy was better than T’s…to all of these questions I answered ‘yes’. I knew we had to go so I started to pump with a steady quick pace. I announced that I was about to cum and she asked me to put it in her mouth. So I pulled out of her pussy and shifted my position so she could suck on my swollen dick about four seconds later thick semen squirted from me into her warm mouth. She let out a moan as her mouth was coated. She opened up her mouth wide so I could watch as my body pumped the mixture of sperm and body fluids into her mouth. She swallowed it all and looked at me then she kissed me on the lips.

Ten minutes later we were in the car. I asked her where it was she needed to go and she said that she needed to go to her s****r’s house in the projects. I asked her which project because there were many housing projects in Tampa. She said it was River View Terrace. I said okay, and we were off. We got to R.V.T. in about fifteen minutes and soon after that we were parked in front of one of the buildings bearing that awful pink paint. We got out of the car and walked up to the door.

It was fairly early and school was in so there weren’t any k**s outside. It was actually kind of quiet. The door opened and there stood a woman a bit shorter than Sasha with the same dark skin and similar features. Sasha was prettier and taller and sexier, but her s****r had some nice tits. They must have been 36D’s. She was d***k (I could tell) and asked us to come in. We went in and took a seat on the couch. Sasha made a quick introduction, and her s****r, whose name was Cevee, asked: what kind of fucking name was Webb? I asked her : What kind of fucking name was Cevee? We all laughed for a second and Sasha asked for a beer. They talked for a while about Cevee’s daughter. It seems that she needed Sasha to watch the little girl for her until the early evening. Sasha agreed to do it and we got ready to leave. We walked out to the car and started getting in when I said I had to use the john. Sasha said to use it inside the apt. I went back inside. When I came out of the bathroom Ceve was standing there. She smiled at me and asked if my name was really Webb. I told her the truth about my nick name as she sipped on her can of Natural Ice. She asked if I had plans later on that night after eleven pm. I confessed I didn’t and she said : the key would be under the mat and to come by.

I honestly took it as a joke but later on I started hoping that the shit was for real. The thought of fucking Sasha that morning and being able to have a shot at her s****r in the same day really excited me. So that night I made my way back to Cevee’s place. I pulled up and got out of the car. I walked up to her porch and reached down under the mat and there was the key just as she said it would be! I picked it up and slid it into the door knob then I paused and thought it might be better if I knocked, so I did. I knocked again and there was no response so I tried the key. Once inside I let my eyes adjust to the dark and then I crept up the stairs. I turned right at the bathroom I had used earlier that day. Cevee was lying in bed with just panties and a bra on. I stood and looked at her for a few seconds. She was slim with no stretch marks which amazed me because Sasha told me her s****r had three c***dren. Then there were those amazing breasts. I had an even better view of them now and they were beautiful tear drops trying to bust out of her bra. I tried waking her, but she didn’t wake up. I scoured the room with my eyes and noticed at least six empty Natural light cans around the room. She was passed out d***k.

Now I stood and thought about whether I would get this pussy passed out or just let myself out. I decided to go the first route and get a quick nut. I slid Cevee’s panties off and she barely stirred. Then I got her bra off and got a REAL look at those wonderful pretty titties. She had a nice body and looked really good naked.

I got on the bed on top of her and started sucking on her titties. I sucked one and squeezed the other one kneading it slowly and pinching the nipple. Cevee started to moan and stir and eventually I felt her hands on my back. So she was awake and responding to me. I moved up to her neck and started kissing and sucking there and on her ears. She asked me in her husky d***ken voice if I thought I was going to fuck all of the s****rs. This told me that she knew Sasha and I had fucked and I wondered just what Sasha had said to her. She whispered that she didn’t think I was going to show up. I didn’t say anything. She kissed me nice and deep and I could taste the beer on her breath. We kissed and fondled each other for a while. She reached nto my jeans and wrapped her fingers around my dick through my boxer briefs. She asked me to take my clothes off. I stood up and stripped bare at the foot of the bed. Cevee was leaning back on her elbows watching and when she saw my hard dick she scurried to the end of the bed and started sucking my dick like she had done it a million times. I let her get into it bobbing up and down my hardness, and then I started playing with her tits again pinching the nipples and squeezing them hard. I reached down and felt her pussy. It was slick with wetness and I smiled knowing she was enjoying herself just as I was. I played with her clit which was fat and swollen and managed to get a finger up in her. She immediately asked to have some of my dick. I reached for a condom in my jeans and she pulled me back and started begging me to fuck her raw. I protested and she proceeded to ask for just a short fuck with no condom. She said she just wanted to feel it for a few seconds. It was funny cause I knew that was the line that men used on chicks when they wanted to fuck raw. I wasn’t a fan of bareback with a girl in the projects that I had met that very same day. I slipped on the condom and slid the pipe in her slow. Cevee was very vocal and I liked it. From the minute my head started to push into her she started talking to me. She was telling me how she wanted to fuck as soon as she saw me. She placed her hands on my ass and pulled me into her to the balls, and held me there. She wrapped her legs around me and buried her face in my neck. She kissed me some more and stated to slowly move her hips moaning like a bitch in heat with each slow gyration she made. She held me very tight and although we were barely moving she was approaching her orgasm very quickly. She was loud still telling me she wanted this to be her dick. She announced the arrival of her climax and clawed my back as it arrived.

Her climax left her paralyzed for a few moments so I took that opportunity to take over the driving. I started deliver ing long slow deep strokes, pulling out of her until only the tip of my dick was in her pussy hole. I would drop back in nine inches deep over and over. I wasn’t slamming into her just making sure I was all in and she liked it. As she revived from her orgasm I got her legs up on my shoulders and started a nice paced fuck that had the bed bouncing a bit. She held onto my arms just above my wrists. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side as I started to pound that pussy. You could hear the smack sound as I came down into her wet slit, and Cevee only got louder announcing to the neighbors how and what she felt at that moment. After about ten minutes of this I pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her stomach. I told her to get upon her knees. She put her ass high in the air. I use my thumbs to spread her lips and stuck my dick in her with no hands. I was so hard it felt like my dick would split. She was begging for me not to stop and to keep fucking her, so I did just that. I fucked her like an a****l. I used every bit of thrust I had. Sweat was dripping off of me on her back and neither of us cared as we travelled together to satisfaction. We fucked each other as if we would never sex anyone again. I could feel myself about to cum. I pulled out of her pussy and she turned around and put most of my length in her mouth and started sucking me hard and fast. My hands were at the back of her head, and I exploded in her throat. She kept eagerly sucking swallowing everything I gave her. She kissed me again; I got dressed and was out of there in about five minutes. I saw Cevee many times and still do, but we never had sex again. Still I thought it was cool to fuck her s****r and her the same fucking day. Pimpalicious….

To be continued-

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3 years ago
This is definitely a trill story..keep them coming
3 years ago
Cvee too....

Bad,BAD wolf ...**Wink,Wink..**
3 years ago
Sasha.....Lucky Girl.

♥ you Big Bad Wolf.
3 years ago
Great start!!!