Street Stories: Fucking Sasha My Cousin's Gir

By Webb

Back in 1998 I met one of the sexiest women I’ve ever known- Sasha Daniels. We met briefly at a studio I used to frequent when I was doing music production. She came to the studio with one of my homeboys. Our first meeting was brief and basically uneventful.

In 2000 I moved back to Tampa after leaving for a year and a half. When I returned my cousin Darin introduced me to his new girlfriend it was Sasha! At the time I was with my girlfriend (mother of my son) Talima. We started hanging out a lot as couples. We would hit different bars and clubs in town, visited porn shops in the middle of the night, dabbled in some same room action and we got together to smoke weed and do cocaine.

As the weeks went by I started to slowly realize that Sasha was a VERY sexual being with clear and concise intent. She stood 5’8” with a slender frame. She had 36B titties, a 25 inch waist and 34 inch hips. She was dark skinned with nice full lips and big eyes. She was cute, but her looks were not her real strength. Sasha was sexy. She was one of the sexiest women I had ever met at that time. She had a way about her. She knew exactly how to seduce a woman or man and she was damn near irresistible!

One day I came home from work and my lady sat me down and started to explain how much she wanted to have sex with Sasha. I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised at her wanting a woman because we had fucked three women together by that time. I was surprised because she wanted to fuck my cousin’s girl behind his back. In hindsight it’s quite clear that Sasha had seduced my bitch, fucked her and talked her into propositioning me with a threesome so she could get some of my dick too, but at the time I was naïve as a high schooler. I refused and Talima would continue to wear me down over the next few weeks. I finally gave in after some begging dick sucking and cum swallowing. They arranged a ‘date night’ and it went like this:

I was lounging on the couch watching TV. and there was a knock at the door. Talima got up to get the door and Sasha entered wearing her signature head wrap she wore much like Eryka Badu did. She looked great. As the door shut she and Talima locked lips for a few seconds and it gave me a preview of what was to come. Their tongues intertwined and invaded each other’s mouths and I saw Sasha grab my girl’s ass with both hands kind of like a nigga would. It was all hot.

She looked at me as she walked over to the couch. She dropped her purse on the coffee table and pulled out a sack of weed and some coke.

“Webb you gotta blunt?”

She tossed the sack of weed in my lap and asked me to break it up. Talima got up and retrieved a blunt from the bedroom. I proceeded to break up the green and split the Dutch. As I did this Sasha made small talk asking what we did the night before…normal shit. By the time I had the blunt rolled Sasha had lines of coke set up for consumption. We all started getting high and after a few lines each we fired up the green. Sasha then stood up.

“Bitch, why you got all them clothes on?” Sasha asked Talima in a scolding manner. Talima laughed as she stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor. Now the women faced each other and engaged in yet another deep kiss. Sasha couldn’t keep her hands off of Talima’s body. I sat on the couch with my legs spread wide just enjoying the show.
“Now go over there and suck Webb’s dick!” she motioned toward me. Talima came over between my legs and started to free my dick from my pants and as she worked on my belt and my fly Sasha stripped down naked. I watched as Sasha released the string of her halter from behind her neck and her breasts were exposed. I just took her whole body in. Her titties were tear drop shaped with large nipples and jet black areolas. By that time my hard dick was in Talima’s hot mouth. Sasha undid her skirt and it fell to the floor.

Originally Talima was on her knees in front of me. Sasha came over and adjusted T’s position by making her stand and bend at the waist while sucking me. Talima sucked me forcing about half of my dick into her mouth. She made short up and down bobbing motions and tried to supplement her lack of throat with her hand. As I said before in other stories some exciting shit so I just went with the flow.

Sasha stood right behind ‘T’ and she was looking at me while ‘T’ sucked my dick. She’s looked at me before but never like this. I can’t explain it but Sasha was sex personified. She dropped to her knees out of my view and started eating ‘T’ from behind. T started to moan as she gobbled up as much of my dick as she could. By now I wanted to see what Sasha was all about so I told them to switch positions and they obeyed.

As Sasha settled into position between my legs she gave me that sexy knowing look as if to say: Nigga you don’t know who you fucking with. She proceeded to suck me. She did it slowly. She made a show of sliding my meat into her mouth slowly while she looked me directly into my eyes. The good part was that most of my dick disappeared into that warm space beyond her juicy lips. She gave great head. She applied enough suction and she knew how to delay and play with my level of pleasure. She could read me and tell when I was going close to the edge and she knew how to bring me back while still keeping it hot and interesting.

So now we switched up positions a bit and T joined Sasha sucking my dick. This is the shit I really like. The best head to me involves two mouths and no hands…lol. So one would have my dick in her mouth and the other would work on my balls. Sometimes they double teamed the dick like it was an oblong lolli-pop.

Now we switched things up again. I sat on the floor with my back against the couch and Sasha straddled my face as I lay my head back on the couch cushion, T kept on giving me head. I enjoyed this cause I love to eat pussy and usually the first time I eat a chick is usually the most exciting. Sasha had that nice musky scent that I love in black women…nothing like it. Her pussy had a small clit and small lips and was pleasant to engage. I actually tried to bathe in her pussy. I had my nose, lips, and tongue in it at one point. Sasha started to grind her pussy hard against my face and I was finding it difficult to breathe at times, but it was very erotic at the same time as Sasha and I battled for dominance. She had her hands on top of my head as she kept grinding increasing her pace getting closer to orgasm. I found some leverage and was able to lift her a bit and I zeroed in on her clit sucking it hard and flicking it with my tongue at the same time after about 30 seconds I felt Sasha tense up and grip my head tighter as her muscles froze and she moaned with her back arched. Her pussy was contracting as waves of pleasure moved through her.

By this time curiosity had me and I wanted to be inside Sasha’s pussy to see if it felt as good as it smelled and tasted. I got up off of the floor and repositioned Sasha so that she was bent over the couch arm. Her pussy was sitting there looking nice and fat with her legs spread. T moved around in front of Sasha and started kissing her and sucking her tits. I was standing behind her looking down at her slim frame just admiring it and thinking how I had wondered what this would be like ever since I first saw her. I used saliva to make sure she was lubed up but her pussy was almost dripping and it was completely unnecessary. I pushed the head of my dick up to the entrance of her slit and slowly slid it in. She was nice and snug, not too tight but offered some nice friction. I slowly pushed into her as far as I could. She moaned low and we paused for a moment as most of my dick was in her. I think we both wanted to savor the moment, or at least I did. I had my hands on either side of her waist and started to pump in and out of her. Sasha reached back between her legs and cupped my balls as I went slowly in and out of her.

“Damn, this dick feel god. Damn, Webb! Goddamn this dick.”

She started to throw her body back hard to meet my forward thrust and a light smacking sound hit the living room. T turned around so that her ass was in Sasha’s face and Sasha proceeded to rim her ass. Now I focused on Sasha’s snug hole. I started to hit it hard and fast until Sasha was unable to do anything to T. She stiffened and tried to take each blow I was delivering. She moaned loudly and cussed as I stuck hard dick to her. She braced herself by placing her hands on the couch cushions. She was up on her tip toes not throwing anything back.

Suddenly she said she wanted me in her ass. She reached back and pulled my stiff meat out of her pussy. She wet her fingers and applied spit to her asshole. Then she propped my head against the tight opening and pushed back on me. I watched as the head of my member disappeared before my eyes. Her ass felt good to both of us. I was purposely going slowly so that she could get used to being filled, but she had other plans. Sasha stated throwing her body back onto my dick just as she had when I was in her pussy. She was screaming loud for me to fuck her harder. She made sure that I knew she wanted me to fuck her ass hard.

I reached up and grabbed the back of her slender neck with one hand for leverage and I gave it everything I had. She squealed with delight. As I fucked her hard and long she fucked me back with such intensity. I had never experienced anything like it. After she came a second time she was ready to stop. I think the dick became uncomfortable for her. I pulled out and removed my condom. T came over and sucked me a bit then rode me reverse cowboy until I could feel my nutt about to explode. I announced that I was about to cum and T hopped up and caught the thick white semen with her face and her mouth. We all sat there for a few moments just taking in what had just happened. Sasha got dressed and left pretty much the same as she arrived. This was the first time I fucked my cousin’s girlfriend.

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