No Early Release Pt 4

No Early Release Pt. 4

Jaydee sat in his living room flipping through channels. The television seemed so full now. It was mostly bullshit, but there was so much of it. Channel after channel of reality shows with no meaning, people selling useless shit, and reports of the fall of man. Depressing he thought as he scratched his crotch.
He had been out of prison for abouttwo months now and he was finally starting to feel the itch of the streets returning to him. since his release he had no contact with his old friends or acquaintances. Most of them probobly moved out of state when they heard of his release, fearing that he'd come looking for them. It was no secret that most of the niggas in his organization testified in court against him. however, they were shocked when the the man that the Tampa Tribune regarded a 'Kingpin' was only handed a sentence of 8yrs. some of them cried because they felt that the system had failed them after being promised protection in return for their testimonies, but how could the Tampa Police Department protect anyone from Jaydee Swann?
Jayde chuckled to himself. Crime was a thing of the past. Now the only thing that motivated him was pussy. He had found a porn sharing site called: XHamster that he liked to peruse. It was filled with all kinds of freaky shit. Some shit that he himself had never imagined. There were people on that site putting all of their business out there for the world to see. Many of them showed their faces like they didn't give a fuck about who saw the things that they posted. It was puzzling to him.
Jaydee was a private person. Any d**g dealer that is above the average corner thug has to retain huge amounts of anonymity and he made sure that he waswithin the limits. Being a criminal made Jaydee a multi milonaire even if only a temporary one, but the cost was heavy. sometimes he didn't know who he was himself.
The phone rand and he heard Leslie's familiar voice on the other end. Besides being beautiful and brilliant Leslie was the only thing that Jaydee looked forward to these days. She said that she had a surprize for him. She asked him to be dressed by seven sharp and a car would come too pick him up. The black SUV had dark tinted windows and a lovely female driver. The driver dismounted the vehiclle and said, "Good evening Mr. Swann.", as she opened the rear door for Jaydee. This was the kind of treatment he was used to, but not over the last eight years.
The evening air was surprisingly cool for July in Tampa, so much so, Jaydee rolled the window down and enjoyed the breeze as the pretty driver wheeled the SUV through the streets of downtown Tampa. As they passed the TPD headquarters building Jaydee sneered. He wa sbeing hit with memeories that he'd rather forget. Soon they were in te Channelside section of downtown. They pulled into the private garage of some very expensive condos.
The driver exited the vehicle again and swung his door open. Jaydee was very curious. The driver smiled and held out a pass card.
"The seventh floor sir."
"Thank you."
"It was my pleasure sir. I will be here waiting when your evening is concluded."
Jaydee took the card from her delicate hand and admired her manicure as he did so. she was fine. She had to be about five-foot-ten. About one hundred thirty pounds, white, blonde hair. Her tits were saluting as she stood motionless waiting for either a request from him or his departure from her.
"Maybe afterwards", Jaydee said as he stepped away.
"Maybe.", she returned.
As the elevator rose on its cables he wondered what adventure awaited him and just how crazy things had been since he got involved with the bitch that had him convicted and sent to prison. The world is a crazy place he thought to himself as the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened and Jaydee was presented with a lovely foyer. There was a marble table with a lovely flower arrangement on it. The cielings were high with crown molding and the floor was tiled in marble, but the most impressive thing in the foyer was the beautiful naked woman that stood there.
Her hair was jet black and her skin was as black as tar. The only hair on her body was on her head and her eyebrows. Her breasts were beautiful teardrops as firm as the daythey budded on her chest. Her feet were together but she had a natural gap at the place where her thighs connecte dtop her torso. The only accesorie she wore were black slippers that he thought must be gucci. This shit is out of some Penthouse Forum story he thought to himself.
He stepped from the elevator and looked to his left and to his right and there was no one there. His gaze fell back on the amazon before him. she must have been abot six feet tall with out the help of the high heeled slippers she wore and her skin was pure perfection.
They stood there silent for about a minute, staring ateach other as if it were some sort of staring contest. Then suddenly the Black Beauty bowed slightly and motioned to her left with both arms. jaydee looked in the direction of hergesture and saw a huge door at the end of the foyer and assumed he was togo through it. He started to walk slowly toward it, taking each step almost as if he were walking on fire hot coals.After about fifteen steps he glanced over his shoulder at the woman and she was still in the same position, head slightly bowed arms gesturing to the huge door. This shoit is wierd he thought, but continued to the door. He reached out his hand grasped the large knob in its center and turned it half expecting God himself to be on the other side. He wasn't.
Instead, on the other side of the door he found two more naked women. There was a difference with the two he now faced. They were as equally attractive as the black woman, but they were not of color. They were the complete opposite and they were identicle. They had pale skin and red shoulder length hair. Each was at least five-foot ten and they both had on Gucci bedroom slipper heels.
The twins were not nearly as formal and stiff as the black woman in the foyer. They immediately approached Jaydee, one with a snifter in hand and the other with a gold adorned cigar box. Jaydee took the snifter and waved off the cigars. oOne sniff and he knew it was good cognac in the snifter. the cigars he assumed were cuban, but he did not smoke. He sipped the cognac with pleasure and paused as he felt it warm his chest. The twins led him to what he thought was a mirrored closet door. They slid the panel tooneside and he stepped into a huge walk incloset full of men's bed clothes.
"So, I'm supposed to choose?"
The twins nodded in unison as if their heads were attache dto the same damn string. This shit was silly but still fun. Once he was dressed, Jaydee exited the walk in and followed the twins into a large room with a jacuzzi bath in the center. There was a full bar at one end of the room and a wall unit of entertainment. One twin picked up a large remote and turned onthe T.V., while the other disrobed him. He figured the idea was to get in the jacuzzi and he did just that. The water was perfect. Not too hot or cold. The twins slid out of their slppers and joined him inthe warm water.he had one on either side.
"So you bitches talk or what?"
They did the nodding thing again. Smiles adorned the pretty faces as their eyes sparkled in the dim light of the room.
"So say something.", Jaydee said witrh a smile of his own.
"Would you like to fuck?", twin one chimed in.
"Which one of you?"
"Both.", the twins said in harmony.
"Hell yeah!", Jaydee exclaimed.
He set his drink onthe side of the sunken jacuzzi and grabbed twin one and shifted her in front of him and started kissing her deeply. Her arms fell around his neck as he gripped her ass beneath the surface of the bubbling water. She tasted sweet and jaydee sucked on her bottom lip as a testament to his approval. As their faces parted he looked to his left at twin two.
"Whatchoo doin'?"
"I'm waiting."
"What the fuck you waiting for?"
"Instructions of course.", she purred with a smile.
"Man, that is one of the sexiest accents I ever heard. Where y'all from?"
"The Ukraine."
"That's damn near russia or some shit, aint it?"
"Yes it is.", they said together.
"So y'all gonna fuck me together 'n shit?"
"If that is what you wish, yes."
"Awwww, this gon' be a helluva night here!", he boasted. "Y'all gon' fuck each other?"
"If that's what you'd like, we will."
Jaydee looked toward the ceiling and said, "Thank you god."
He pulled himself up on the edge of the jacuzzi and stood up allowing water to drip from his body. One of the twins quickly pulled herself from the jacuzzi and got a towel to dry him. The other was infront of him and dropped to her knees and searched for his phallus with her mouth. It wasn't long before she was bobbing her head slowly as he grew between her lips. Toweling all done, twin one began to kiss and suck her way down his back. Jaydee Just stood there and took it all in.
As his dick became engorged with bl**d he foundhiself deep into twin two's throat. Music played in the background. Jaydee recognized Drake's voice floating over a familiar track and he was in heaven. Only three months before he was in a maximum security prison full of murderers, r****ts and c***d m*****ors. Men whos futures were hopeless and dim, and now here he was being serviced by two beautiful women that once shared a womb. Life was good.
Twin one was rimming his ass now and he found himself moaning agreeing with the rythm of her wet tongue. Twin two was sucking his nuttsack with precision never causing discomfort. His hand was at the back of her head guiding it along. Now he slid his bigglistening dick back into her mouth as his fingers clutched a handful of her silky red hair. He started jamming her face down onto his dick in a rapid rythm and she moaned as she became more overwhelmed. Her hands came up to his thighs for support.
"Bitch do not touch me with your hands!", Jaydee roared.
Her hands quickly dropped to her sides again. Jaydee continued to punish her with his hard manhood over and over. Thick wads of saliva now decorated her chin and her eyes began to water. He snatched her head back so he could see the face that was picture perfect when he first saw it. Now her make up was becoming a mess but he never slowed the fast pace.
"Bitch don't let those teeth touch my dick. I better not feeel a fuckin' thing. Uh-huh, you wanna play bitch? I got you. Uh-huh!"
Jaydee bit his lower lip as he pumped and pumped again into the Ukrainin twin's face. Now he reached down and pinched her nose and made her struggle to breathe. Her hands came back up to his thighs just as he knew they would. He shoved her forehead back and stepped back from where she lay slumped in a heap catching her breath. He spun around to twin one and pulled her close to him. They kissed breifly, then he looked in her face and commanded her to eat her s****r's pussy. Her s****r still lay slumped on the side of the jacuzzi. Twin one quickly knelt down and began to suck the flesh between her s****r's thighs. Twin two moaned in appreciation.
"I want your ass tooted up in the air bitch!"
Twin one complied and kept licking and sucking on her s****r's lips. Jaydee stood there and watched for a bit as he stroked his dick to the unusual site. It tickled him that he was right in te middle of a scene that niggas usually talk about as they pass blunts full of good green back and forth and get high, but here he was in the flesh fucking s****rs at the same fuckin' time. Crazy shit he thought.
He got on his knees behind twin one and slid into her and didn't hesitate to start pounding her fiercely. As he fucked he thought about every white mother fucker that ever caused him stress or strife. everyone that treated him wrong because of his race. every one that ever looked down at him, especially the racist C.O.'s in prison that called him 'boy' or 'nigger' while they spit jice from their tobacco at his feet. He got so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't even hear the sreams of the girl he was fucking with such reckless abandone.
As the evening progressed so did the adventure and its level. Before the encounter was over he had one twin work the other over with a strap-on complete with deep throating and even a liver rupturing anal encounter as he watched. By the time they finished the twins were exhausted from so many orgasms. Jaydee smiled as he stepped over them and adjusted the sash of his robe.
He walked over to the double doors at the other end of the room and looked back at the redheads laying motionless. He smiled again.
"That was for my niggas in lock-down."
He slid the panel to the left. and stepped through the door. what he saw on the other side made him freeze with shock. There before hime was Leslie. She was completely naked and made up to look like a Geisha girl. She seemed to have the white make-up all over her entire body. Her back was to him and she was focused on a man with a leather hood over his head. The man was strapped into cross-like dungeon device used for S&M. Leslie didn't even seem to know he had entered the room. He watched her use a strap on the man over and over again. She was os into it that he could see a thin layer of sweat on her slightly muscular back. Jaydee was silent as Leslie did many things to the man, but the surprising thing was that no matter how cruel or painful the result of her actionswas, he knew the man was loving it.
Suddenly Leslie turned toward him and this surprised him even more. She locked eyes with him and he found himself uncomfortable under her gaze. She slowly walked toward him. He found it strange. He never saw this dominant side of her except in court when he lost eight years of his life and surprisingly enough he found himself a bit intimidated. Once she was right in front of him her face softened. She reached up and touched his cheek gently and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Jaydee was confused and then he looked down and saw she was handinh him a Glok semi automatic pistol. he looked at her confused and she spun around and walked back toward the tortured man. jaydee looked down at the gun inhis hand and back up at Leslie. Les;lie reached up and yanked at the hood revealing the man's face for the first time. Now Jaydee and the man saw each other. The man looked terrified when he saw Jaydee and Jaydee didn't understand completely why. He thought it was because of the gun inhis hand, but it wasn't.
Then it hit him all at once. Jaydee suddenly recognized the man tied up before him. It was Judge Cole, the man that dropped the gavel at his trial. The man that labeled him a menace to his community. The man that threw out the evidence that would have set him free. Jaydee found rage running throughhis veins. He never at any time felt so ppowerful. his arm slowly raised his hand until the barrel of the gun was leveled on the judge. His finger s;lowly squeezed the trigger and he could see Judge Cole's eyes widen in horror.

-To Be Continued-

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