The orgasm was powerful just as she liked, but it was onlya good start as far as she was concerned. She was very still trying to gather herself when she felt Jay mounting her from behind again. He completely ignored the wet stain sheeting down the side of the couch. She smiled like a purring cat when she felt his dick slide home and fill her up again. Jay wasted no time getting into a good steady rhythm, and Leslie moaned her approval with each cunt filling thrust he delivered. She felt him withdraw and heard him spit. She felt liquid warmth in the crack of her ass. Then she felt his fingers spreading the natural lube to her asshole. He placed the head against her other opening and applied some pressure. The fat head of his dick disappeared into her ass. Leslie sucked air through her teeth as her asshole spread to welcome the big chocolate dick demanding entrance into her tightness.

“What you waiting for? Fuck my ass! Fuck me!”
She screamed urging him to punish her and he did everything within his power to oblige her request. Jay had no plans on sparing her any discomfort, but he was smart enough to know that a woman like this found her darkest pleasure within the discomfort itself and the submissive posture. She loved to feel used. This kind of attention was the key to her pleasure. To relinquish her control to another was opposite the power she held in her position with the State Attorney’s Office.
Now he simply pounded her ass unrelenting and never pausing. Leslie squealed with pleasure with each thrust. Jay reached up and grabbed her hair again yanking her head back with a jerk as he continued to punish her asshole. He rode hard until he could not continue. Snatching his dick out of her ass he told her to clean her ass off of his dick. Leslie turned around and dropped to her knees immediately and began to suck and lick his dick, trying her best to clean every inch.
“You like how your ass taste, bitch? You like that?"
Leslie grunted her approval with her overfull mouth as she hungrily filled her throat with dick. Jay grabbed his shaft and started stroking it. He raised it as a signal to Leslie to lick his sack. She quickly began to do so rubbing her lips and cheeks on his ball sack.
Jay moved over to a dining chair and motioned for Leslie to mount him. She started to straddle him but he stopped her and wanted the reverse ride with her facing away from him. She reached down and guided his dick into her asshole again and was at ease as she began her rhythm. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his knees and for the first time had some control in their exchange. Her pace was no more relenting than his. She seemed to punish herself with a fast smacking pace as she raised and dropped her body onto his hardness. This orgasm came quickly and was almost as in tense as the one before it. Leslie held back nothing and was happy to let Jay know what a sex god he was and how she adored him.
She found herself face to face with his erection again and never paused as she jammed it in her mouth. She sucked it as if she was on a mission to destroy it with her throat. She grunted as the muscles in her neck let her know that she was pushing it hard. She felt a sting radiate from her cheek to her neck. She smiled through the slap, beaming at Jay like a k** on Christmas morning. She continued the throat fucking never breaking the rapid rhythm. She grunted as she sucked him and rubbed her clit hard and fast.
“You’re such a good slut. I like your mouth bitch. You hear me? I love your fuckin’ mouth bitch!”
Jay let his head fall back and he enjoyed the excitement and oddity of the moment. Nothing remotely close to this had ever happened to him before, but he handled the moment with poise and the kind of rigidness that Leslie required in these situations. She was an incredible and interestingly disturbed woman, but he was enjoying every second of her latest episode of sexual recklessness. He thought of these moments intently as he told Leslie to open her mouth wide and he f***ed his dick into the soft wet opening in her throat. He delivered another slap to her wet face and reached up grabbing hair at the crown of her head. Once again he jerked her head back in an awkward angle and started slapping her face with his hard dick. She stuck her tongue out as to be slapped with the magic wand. He reared back and slapped her again and jammed his dick in her mouth again hard.
The make-up that once added to the youthful allure of her pretty face now mocked it. Tragic tear tracks full of mascara stained her cheeks. Her face was slick with saliva and hear eagerness never waned.
“Fuck me Jay! Fuck me please. Jay, please fuck my pussy.”, she begged.
“You want some dick in your pussy now? You wanna come on my dick, baby? You wanna squirt on me, bitch? Lay down Snow Girl.”
She layed down on the area rug and spread her legs welcoming the fuck that was about to happen. She held the backs of her knees with both hands and pointed her painted toes and was still again. She simply waited for her Adonis to mount and use her how he wished. She lay there on her back in a strange living room watching a man she helped send to prison as he stroked his saliva coated , beautiful dick. It was all so intense and she wanted to relish every moment as they unfolded before her.
Suddenly Jay was on her pistoning in and out of her like a machine. Leslie held back her cries of pleasure and was engulfed in the sound of their bodies coming together over and over on the floor. Jay made her close her legs until her knees touched and placed both of her ankles on his left shoulder. He then started dropping into her again taking full advantage of the gravity at his disposal. These impacts did evoke grunts and squeals from the Slut Bag under him. He switched positions spreading her legs and laying on top of her and began a deep grind making sure to make contact with her clit. Leslie groaned and bucked her hips joining Jay’s steady slow rhythm. Jay stuck out his long tongue and Leslie tried her best to swallow it. Their tongues danced in a crazy lustful embrace and Jay could feel his release building. He buried his face in Leslie’s neck and pumped into her with short fast steady strokes. This bitch felt so good. This sick ass power trippin’ bitch had the bomb-ass pussy. As he felt his orgasm getting close he jumped up grabbing her hair, guiding her mouth to his swollen dick head as he stroked the last needed friction with his hand.
“AAaaaah! Get this knutt bitch! Aaaaah, shit. Open your mouth bitch. Aaaah shit!”
Leslie opened her mouth anticipating the gooey salty mix that elicited Jay’s outburst. She watched as his dick head seemed to grow just a little. She suddenly felt warm fluid land on her right eyelids. She instantly smiled with her mouth gaping open and caught every drop as they squirted for the back of her throat. They both moaned simultaneously enjoying Jay’s release together.
Jay had fucked a lot of broads, and had fucked them many ways, but this was special. Realizing he was just released from prison he decided to judge after the third or fourth time they fucked. The intensity of his orgasm passed and he opened his eyes to see this slut for what she was. He stood up straight and gazed down at his new partner and took her in. Her face and chest was soaked and she lay amidst a hug wet spot on the area rug totally disconnected to anything in the room. Her fingers moved like lightning working her into a small frenzy. With one hand she rubbed her clit and with the other she worked three fingers in her slit. All movements were extremely fast and probably matched her elevated level of excitement.
“I’m gonna come again! Uuuuggh! What the fuck? I’m coming again! Oh my god. Oh my god!
Her legs stiffened as the contractions in her pussy started. Her eyes were closed tightly and every muscle in her body seemed to be tensed and awaiting release. She was still as her last scream ended. She looked physically spent laying there on Jaydee Swann’s area rug in the house his mother left him when she died during his prison sentence. She breathed hard as she looked at the unfamiliar ceiling above her. Her fifth orgasm was fast becoming recent history in her mind. She exhaled and started giggling. She couldn’t stop for a long time and didn’t want to.

80% (5/1)
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