Jaydee Swann sat and listened to the distant sounds of the house around him, he remembered his grand- daddy telling him that those little sounds were just the house ‘settling’. Now he found himself enjoying those small curious sounds alone and in the dark.
It was amazing just how peaceful the dead quiet was. Something he would never have appreciated before serving his forty two month sentence in Florida State Prison. Now he sat alone in the house his mother left to him when she died only two years before. It was the first time he had been alone in over three years- time. Never would he have imagined that privacy could be so precious. He lay on his back under an open window looking at the ceiling. Suddenly tears streamed down his face and he felt himself rocked with emotion. Missing his mother’s funeral, the riots on the yard and losing his c***dren to the state all combined to make his soul scream, and as his essence bellowed he heard a knock on the door.
He turned the door handle and pulled finding himself face-to-face with the last person he could have ever imagined, Leslie McCoy.
“What the fuck you doin’ here?” , Jay hissed.
The woman on his front porch just stood and looked at him. She was just as motionless as she was silent. Jay’s eyes left hers and made their way across her entire form. Her hair was blonde and well past her shoulders. She wore a smart charcoal skirt suit. It was probably Gucci he guessed cause it fit like it was made for her, and her alone. The shoes he thought maybe Vera Wang. The bitch does have good taste, he thought.
His eyes made their way back up to her pretty face and there he saw her same wierd stare. He took a step back and closed the door. Before the door could find its home in the jam Leslie put her foot in the way.
“Jaydee, I have one rule and that is….”
“What fuckin’ rule?” , Jay yelled cutting her off.
“Calm down and listen to me for a minute.”
“I just got of prison yesterday. Real talk! I just touched down. I spent more than three years of my life in a cage and you were on the legal team for the state that sent me there! Why the fuck should I listen to anything you might want to say?”
Leslie dropped to her knees in her six hundred dollar pencil skirt and started tugging and adjusting the waistband to Jay's sweats. She looked up into his eyes and said, “I have one rule Jay...Can I call you Jay? My one rule is: Don’t hold back.”
With that, she pulled out Jay’s fat dick and filled up her mouth with it for as long as her mouth could hold it. It only took about fifteen seconds for his dick to grow to its full nine and a half inch length. She placed her hands behind her back and handled his manhood with her mouth only.
Jay was in shock. It took about a minute and a half before he remembered that they were still on his front porch . He pushed the eager cock-slurping slut away by her forehead with a forcible shove that made her end up on her butt. Jay backed into his living room keeping his eyes on the bitch at all times. What the fuck was going on? This was the SAME bitch that demonized him at every opportunity during his two day trial. She was constantly out for his bl**d and ultimate destruction. Now she was some out-of-control crazed sex freak?
She remained on her knees and crawled into the large living room. She never stopped looking at him as she crawled on all fours. The sight of her taking this submissive stance only further engorged Jay’s member.
Although he was confused and didn’t trust this bitch as far as he could throw her, she was a sexy woman. She was white but somehow had been blessed with a perfect round ass like a Latina or Black woman. The many hours she spent in the gym really showed in her lovely legs. Her calf muscles were almost perfect. Her face was an oval shape with beautiful features and her long thick hair only punctuated it further.
Now here was one of the most powerful women in Hillsborough County groveling at his feet. Her eyes begged to have total access to his body and he was slowly beginning to give in to this game that she was initiating.
“So you just a fucked up freak, huh? Aiight bitch, I’ma give you what you want. Come and put this Big Black Dick in your fuckin’ mouth!"
With that he curled his hand in her hair and mad a nice fist of it, jerking her head to the side. Her throat was positioned as to invite someone to dine on it. It looked very uncomfortable but he noticed a smile dancing at the corners of her mouth as the tension moved through her neck and shoulder.
“Oh you like that, huh?” , he said smiling revealing pearly white teeth.
He turned her face toward him and let his dick head dance in mid- air in front of her mouth. Darion looked down into her face, a position he was thoroughly enjoying at the moment. He recognized the pleasure and passion in her face and decided to go with his loins rather than his instincts. Honestly the shit was straight out of the pages of Penthouse Forum. How many chances like this does a guy get in a lifetime?
As if reading his mind Leslie opened her mouth wide enough it seemed to lock her jaws involuntarily. As his dick slid into her hot awaiting throat all the muscles in Darion’s body tensed. This was a very erotic moment to him and then he decided to take full control.
He rammed his dick deep in her throat until Leslies eyes widened as far they could. He plunged it in and out of her throat making a nasty sucking sound as she rasped for breath with each thrust he delivered. Leslie struggled to keep up with the thrusts and still give oral pleasure to the Adonis before her. Soon her eyes teared as she half choked and sucked his long dick.
Jay grabbed her hair and yanked her free of his slick wet dick. Huge thick gobs of saliva struggled to stick to the shaft. Some slid down to his nutt-sack. He slapped Leslie’s face and rammed his dick to the back of her throat again. She made a gag sounds and eagerly fought to please him.
“That’s a good slut. Take it to the balls. Now just open up and let me fuck your mouth.”
She did as she was instructed, opening her jaws wide and let him control the thrusts. That sucking sound rebounded and overtook the space they were in. Darion placed his hands on the back her head and slowly skull fucked her to his own delight. He withdrew his shaft and raised it exposing his balls which she gingerly sucked and licked. She started reaching up to rab his dick, but he slapped her hand away.
“Mouth only, bitch. Keep your fuckin’ hands off!”
She continued to suck keeping her eyes on him at all times. He stepped back and told her to get undressed. At the same time he rid himself of his own clothing dropping them to the living room floor. By the time he was finished he focused on the Fuck Slut before him. She was very tan with no tan lines. She obviously sunbathed fully nude. Her breasts were natural and full c’s that were tear drop shaped.
“Show me your pussy.” , he commanded.
She lay on her back on the bare wood floor, spreading her long legs baring a hairless mound that boasted a small clit with small lips. Her pussy lips were well pigmented with a vibrant pink center. She remained silent and motionless as if the midst of a military inspection. Darion lanced at her and walked away to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and poured a glass of juice. He returned to the living room sipping from a glass. Leslie lay there motionless. Only her moved following him to where ever he rested in the room.
“Open your pussy hole, bitch.”
With that Leslie adjusted the muscles in her pelvis and opened and closed her vaginal opening. She did this over and over.
“ Pull your hole open with your fingers.”
Leslie reached down and inserted two fingers from each hand into her twat as she was instructed to. She stretched her hole open to impress her inspector. Milky wetness was oozing from her pussy involuntarily. She was more than moist or hot and bothered. She wanted so badly to be fucked but dare not raise the issue lest she spoil these first few moments. The tease was far more exciting than satisfying that particular urge no matter how tantalizing it was. She looked at his long lean body. He was tall and fit with a nice ass, chest and legs. His head was bald and his eyes were magnetic. Even during the trial it was hard for her to hide the utter excitement that seeing this man brought to her. Now she had no reason to hold back.
She watched his every move and was unsuspecting when he jumped on her. He didn’t actually jump but his movements were so fast that it seemed as if he did. He was over her, hand at her throat squeezing as he positioned her legs for easy access to her pussy. He eased his head into her relishing the slight friction. He never stopped inserting until he couldn’t anymore. Once he could feel the back wall he started fucking her. He didn’t start slow. He actually started off at a pretty fast pace. He slammed into her pussy with a nice smacking f***e and maintained that pace until the pleasure and pain caused her to call out.
“Aaaaaagh, FUCK!”
“What’s wrong baby? You like that thug dick, huh?”
“Yeah Daddy. I love this dick. I love this thug dick! Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me. FUCK ME!”, she screamed through clenched teeth.
Jay on his knees and turned her over on her stomach. After surveying the situation he figured the couch would make for more comfortable fuck space. He made her stand and led her to the arm of the couch. He f***ed her to bend over so her torso was supported by the bottom cushion of the couch. This position left her pussy wide and awaiting rear entry and Darion dare not disappoint. He held her wrists together behind her almost as if she was cuffed. He mounted her from behind and wasted little time in getting into his pounding. It seemed as if he were vindicating his imprisonment with each hard thrust. Leslie’s face contorted with pleasure mixed pain. She welcomed each thrust with such zeal and vigor.
Jay put it in over-drive and pistoned his hips as fast as his muscles would allow. He kept up the insane pace until he was grunting with each thrust. Sweat started to drip off his chin onto Leslie’s back.
The feeling was incredible. He was grudge fucking the shit out of that fucking prosecutor bitch! It was really happening. He released her wrists and grabbed the back her neck with one hand. He put a lot of pressure on that arm. Not giving her any room to move or maneuver. He with drew and delivered a stinging blow to her ass cheek with his hand. The clap annunciated with an echo in the big living room. Leslie screamed both startled and pleased. Jay looked down at his hand print glaring at him from her ass. He decided his hand print was lonely and delivered another slap with equal intensity to the opposite cheek. Leslie moaned, trapped in the twist of pleasure and pain she felt as endorphins rushed through her.
“You a bad girl, huh? You lock a nigga up with no regard to himself, his character or his lively hood!”
“YEEEsssss! I did it! I fucking did it! I’m sorry Daddy! I’m so bad! Punish me Daddy!”
Darion swung, and swung again, as he delivered a harsh spanking to her delicious round ass. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. Jay stopped slapping her red hand-printed ass and reached down and rubbed her clit hard and fast. Leslie bucked as her back arched and she moaned a long guttural sound deep in her diaphragm. She started breathing fast and hard as the rubbing continued.
“Oooh Fuck! Oooh fuck Daddy! Don’t stop please! Please don’t stop! Aaaaaahhh! I’m gonna squirt! Shit I’m gonna squirt. Aaaaahhh!”, she screamed with pleasure.
Jay continued a steady fast pace as he rubbed her. He bent down to see her muscles react and contract to welcome the huge orgasm that was brewing in her loins. Just then she released a strong thin stream of fluid as the orgasm ripped through her like a runaway tidal wave. The stream of fluid became choppy and squirted with each contraction, and Leslie let it be known with her moans just how pleased she was.

-To Be Continued-

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Put it in ha life Bra.. Good story
3 years ago
Really love the inspection and being bent over the couch with arms pinned behind her back!
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fabulous need more!
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very good start