One of our many regular weekend nights

Part 3.

the girl and i were aching for some cock and it looked like it was going to be a battle see who got there first, then elliot said to me 'stand up' which i did, he then turned me so that i had my back to him and thrust his hand down my knickers, over my 100% shaven pussy to drenched hole, the girl by now had again began sucking him, and spitting on dick as he began to finger me, he started with 2 fingers then within seconds he had 3 up me, then 4, - it felt so good, and he was doing it so fast, - he whispered in my ear 'your such a little slut sophie' then whipped his fingers out of my pussy and f***ed them into my mouth, i could taste my own cunt and still had the taste of the girls also, 'lick them clean you slut' he commanded, which i obliged,
after i had done cleaning my pussy wet off his finges he ran his hands down my body to my hips, where he lifted my dress high up and hooked his fingers into the waist band of my G-sting and pulled it hard treaing the waist strap from the front on both sides, he then pulled what was left of it from between my legs and screwed it up into a ball, and said 'bend over, now' - which without question i did, Elliot then shoved the tatted remains of what once was my G-strung up my cunt, and dragged me by my hair back and said 'leave it there untill i take it out' (or words to that effect). To my surprise then he ordered the girl stop Sucking his dick, and stand up. As her mouth left his shaft a stretchy line of saliver dangled from his bell end almost to the floor, 'finger her arse hole' he told the girl meaning she finger my arse hole. she then parted my arse cheeks, and slipped a finger in, it went so easy cos the wet juice from my cunt had ran round to my asshole and lubed it up lovely. I could feel the material of my torn G-string dropping from my twat as she fingered me, Elliot then pulled the little rest out and looked at me, with such a kinky look in his eye, 'open your mouth he said' and as i slightly parted my lips, he rammed the soaking ragged G-string into my mouth, - my god that feeling mixed with having my arse hole fingered was bliss, he then grabbed my hair and pulled my face inline with his and Spat in my face and said, 'you filthy bitch' which sent a twinge straight to my clit - 'Wank my Dick' he orded,. i grabbed it and kept slipping from my grip it was so wet with the girls spit, but i managed to get something of a grip and began to wank him 'faster' he calmly said 'grab it tighter' by the time he had talked me through how he wanted it, my hand and his cock were a blur with speed as furiously wanked his hard wet dick .........TBC....
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2 years ago
This story is fucking horny. Amazing. Love the panty play.
2 years ago
this is the horniest thing i could imagine, some lucky about, would love to join the fun ......keep it coming x