Mexican Boy Meets American Boy

My name is Enrique and I am from Chihuahua Mexico. Since a c***d I never really liked girls, but I didn’t seem to like boys either. That was true until I first went to visit the USA. I fell in love when I met a white American boy. His beautiful blue eyes, his pretty smile, his perfect body, and his tall frame attracted me to him. I never met a man like that in my life. I was 18 and he was about 23 years old. I didn’t know much English so it was hard to talk to him. But he knew I wanted him.

He lived in a Mexican neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, and was dating my cousin Maria at the time. My cousin Maria introduced us to each other. His name was Justin and boy was he sexy. We were alone one night after Maria fell asl**p and we began to drink. We talked about women and how he loved Mexican woman. He asked me why do Mexicans seem to like white men so much, “because you guys are taller than us” I said. “There’s got to be another reason” he said, “well most white American men are circumcised, that is the main reason” I replied. He was shocked and said “you mean to tell me most Mexicans are not circumcised?” and I said it was true.

More time went by and Justin said “I need proof Mexicans don’t get circumcised” so I replied “here look”, and I pulled my pants down and showed him my uncut Mexican dick. He couldn’t believe what I have done. He said “wow its true, don’t mean to be rude but its small too” I replied “yeah our dicks aren’t big either; well I have showed mines now let me see yours”. He pulled his pants down and what I saw was amazing! His dick was about 8.6 inches, and was as his skin, and his mushroom head was pink and beautiful. Before I have only seen Mexican dicks, so when I saw his I knew I could never go back. We compared our dicks and his was so much bigger than mines, and it also looked much nicer. I said “ay papi your dick is much bigger” he replied by saying “you have a small uncircumcised clit; I should fuck your Mexican pussy like I fuck your aunt and cousin”. I told him before that I needed to taste his white circumcised American cock.

He f***ed me to my knees and he made me his bitch. I didn’t mind because it felt good. “Suck my dick bitch, you’re my puta now” he said in such a sexy voice. All I could say was si papi. I licked and kissed his head first, and then I moved my tongue down to his huge American balls. I wrapped my mouth around his dick and began to suck it. The taste was much better than the ones in Mexico. Feeling his circumcised dick in my mouth made my little dick hard. The head was sliding down my mouth so easily. I sucked his dick for a good hour or so. Before him I never liked sucking dick. “Rub your little Mexican uncircumcised clit, while I shove this white circumcised dick down your throat” he said. Again all I can say is si papi.

Justin laid me down and said “Now im going to fuck your Mexican pussy with a real dick, not like that small clit you have”. I was so turned on by this that I came when he said that. “You came already? Wow you guys can’t last either.” He got on top of me and shoved his white dick inside me, I moaned like a bitch as he fucked hard. I moaned with every thrust he made. I was so submissive and let him do whatever he wanted with me. He said “you like this white dick don’t you bitch?” “si papi I do” I cried. “I love that white circumcised dick inside my Mexican pussy papi, American men fuck so good” I cried out. Two hours go by and he says “I’m going to cum puta”. “si papi I want that American seed inside me, breed me papi” I cried to him. He came inside my pussy, it was so much cum! I grabbed his cum that was still on his dick and rubbed his cum all over my little Mexican uncircumcised clit. We lay in bed for a while until we knocked out.

The next day I was sore and I couldn’t even walk. Justin looks at me and doesn’t say a word. I never told Maria about it but I had feeling she knew. I later found out he was also fucking my uncle (Marias dad) after that day. I have seen Justin only twice after that, and both times we fucked.

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7 months ago
You have to pound the shit out those little brown Mexican beaner fuck holes...
10 months ago
nice :)