Jose Sucks Off Chad

So my name is Jose. Im from mexico city, and I lived in mexico until I was 20. At that age I came to the USA with my boyfriend Manuel. We both came hoping for a better future and better money you know.

But I finaly got a job mowing lawns for a gringo named Chad, he was 35 and was married aswell. He was the hottest man I ever seen in my life. He had to be atleast 6 feet tall and had the most beautiful blue eyes. I always liked him but never had the guts to tell him. Plus I didn’t wanna get in trouble with Manuel my boyfriend.

So one day while I was working it got really hot, and I started to get thirsty. So I walked into Chads house to ask him for something to drink. But as I walked in he was coming out of the shower, and oh my gosh he was completely nude. My jaw dropped when I saw him. He had the perfect body with perfect abs. He had big shoulders and a nice big chest. His dick was just perfect. It was long, thick, and circumcised with a perfect shaped head. It was like Nothing I ever seen before.

I then said “sorry senor I was just going to ask for some water”. He said “how dare you jose, how dare you walk in my house just like that”. I said “im really sorry senor”. Chad replied by saying “im sorry Jose but now ima have to punish you”. Chad said “you are going to have to blow me now, or ill call the cops”. So I said “no don’t call the police, ill do it”.

I first took my shirt off, then my pants, and then my boxers. We then started to feel on each other. I rubbed on his big muscles as he grabbed on my ass. I licked his nipples and went to his abs, and started making out with his abs. He finally f***ed me to my knees. I looked up at this perfect shaped gringo and grabbed his huge cock.

“Suck it bitch!” he said to me. I started by licking and kissing his perfect shaped head. Chad later fucked my mouth and made me deep throat his dick. Feeling his big circumcised dick in my mouth made me extra horny. So I pulled out my dick and started to stroke it. But my dick looked very small compared to his dick.

As I sucked his big white dick, I stroked my dick and played with my foreskin. His dick stroked back and forth in my mouth so hard and fast that I started to gag. Time passed by and Chad said “ok Jose im ready to nut all over your mouth!” I replied by saying “oh come on white boy, I need that gringo cum all inside me.” I felt him about to cum so I rubbed my foreskin harder. So finely he came inside my mouth. It was so much cum, but since I was his bitch, he made me swallow every single drop. So then he just turned around and left. He still kicked me out and fired me. I still haven’t seen him since. And Manuel still doesn’t know about it.

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3 years ago
Too bad you could have had more fun with Chad well hope you write more stories thanks
3 years ago
Great Story I think I'm Jealous, but I'm not sure if it is: of you or Chad!!
3 years ago
yummy story