My 20th Bday with Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudge

My 20th Birthday with Selena Gomez,Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson

Disclaimer: It's all fiction and english isn't my first language

Right after I finished highschool I moved to L.A to hopefully become a stage director or a film producer in the future. Why? Because since I saw girls like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and many more hot girls on tv it was my biggest dream to work with them sometime. You couldn't imagine how I felt like when I managed to get a job on the set of the Spring Breakers movie with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. It was my first job on a movie set and on top of that it was a movie with my favorite celebs. It was like a dream come true, but the best part of it wasn't only to meet them in person because I knew that they will wear bikinis most of the time.

The first days went very well and I got to know not only all the workers on the set, but also Selena, Vanessa and Ashley (Besnson). I was very surprised how friendly they were and of course they looked incredible hot in their bikinis. For me it was very hard not to stare at their inviting cleavages especially at Ashleys since she has the biggest tits out of them.

Finally came the day of the sex scene in the pool. Luckily it fell on my birthday and it wasn't just a normal sex scene.... it was a threesome with Vanessa and Ashley. I needed my full concentration not to touch the growing bulge in my pants as I watched them making out and taking turns on 'fucking' James (Franco) 'Lucky bastard!', I thought to myself. At least I could see their boobs from the side every time when they switched positions what made my cock twitch in excitement.

After the scene was over I tried to finish my work as fast as I could because I really needed to jerk off, but when I was about to leave my boss wanted me to tell Ashley, Selena and Vanessa when their next scenes would start.

Unfortunately Selena & Ashley didn't wear bikinis when I met them in the hotel lobby and to my surprise they hugged me when we greeted us

'Happy birthday!', both said at the same time.

'Thanks..but how do you know that today is my birthday?'

'The others from the set told us..', Selena said. 'It must suck to work on your birthday, right?', Ashley continued.

'It's not that bad at all...I mean to have stars like you in nothing more than bikinis around you the whole day long is compensation enough.', I said jokingly what made them smile.

'You're probably right about that.', Selena said laughing.

'Anyway...I have to go to Vanessa now. Your next scenes start in an hour.'

'Ok..we see you on the set then.', Ashley said before I left them.

A few minutes later I was standing in front of Vanessas room and when I was about to knock I realized that the door was lightly open. At the same moment when I walked in Vanessa stepped out of the bathroom and for a split second I could see her naked before she wrapped a towel around her body.

'Vanessa...I'm so sorry...but your door was open and I just wanted to inform you that your next scene starts in an hour.'

I exspected her to yell at me or something like that, but Vanessa just smiled at me.

'Don't's ok since today is your birthday.', Vanessa said in a seductively tone.

'Really? I exspected you to yell at me and so on.', I said confused.

'How could I? Today is your birthday and it wasn't on purpose, right?'

'You're absolutely right, but I have to go now because my break is in a few minutes over and I better go now. See you on the set.'

Actually my break was a bit longer, but after the sex scene earlier and after I saw her naked I really had to jerk off now.

'Wait a sec...we planned a little party for you in the evening.'

' Wow.. thanks. Where and when?'

'Here around 9 and act like you're suprised.'

'I really appreciate it.' I thanked her and left to finally jerk off.

'Finally.', I thought to myself as I was standing in front of Vanessas door and knocked.

I was stunned when Vanessa opened the door in nothing more than the green bikini she wore in her last scene.

'There are you at last!', she greeted and hugged me tight so that I could feel her tits pressing against my chest.

When I walked in I was surprised to see only Selena & Ashley and like Vanessa they still wore their bikinis what of course didn't bother me.

'Where are all the others?', I asked them confused as I sat down on the couch in front of them. They just looked at each other and giggled.

'They won't come..', Selena began. 'Actually we didn't tell them about this 'party'..', Ashley continued.

'And why I am here?', I asked them hoping to get the answer I had in my mind.

'Ok...let me say it right out: we want your cock..thats it.', Vanessa started.

'We hadn't sex since we started this movie and we are tired to get each other off.', Selena continued.

'And since you are the youngest and best looking guy on set it wasn't a difficult dicision for us.', Ashley finished their 'proposal'.

I couldn't believe what I just heard although I was hoping for that all the time. Then I smiled and exactly knew what to do and say next because I've often fantasized about a situation like that.

'This is going to be my best birthday ever!', I almost screamed out.

'So you are in?',Selena asked me.
'Hell yes and how about we start with you putting up a show for the birthday k**?'

Again they just looked at each other and everyone exactly knew what to do. Without saying a word.
Ashley sat down right next to me and turned some music on as Vanessa and Selena started to dance in front of us.

Selena & Vanessa immedately found the right level between dancing and strip teasing. Both were swaying their hips in a seductively way to the music as they were running their hands all over their bodies while Ashley started to rub one of her hands over my chest and kissed my neck.

'Did you enjoy the sex scene earlier? Mmmm it made me so horny and wet...', Ashley whispered between the kisses as her hand slowly went down and rubbed over the growing bulge in my pants.

Just when I was about to face Ashley, Vanessa turned around and lightly bend over as Selena pulled her bikini bottom down and gave each ass cheek a slap. On top of that Selena took my breath away as she grabbed two handful of Vanessas ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart giving me a clear look at Vanessa tight pussy what made my cock twitch in excitement.

Suddenly Vanessa moved behind Selena where she took her bikini off to tease me some more. Instantly I got compensated because Vanessa began to run her hands all over Selena's body from behind and when Vanessa reached Selena's tits she slowly pulled her bikini half down, but draw and covered them up a few times before she pulled her bikini almost all the way down so that Selena's tits were pressed out.

Unfortunately Vanessa covered them up again before I could get a clearer look at her tits, but as soon as they were covered up, Vanessa took Selena's bikini bottoms off, spread her pussy lips with two fingers and slid her middle finger slowly in and out while she slid her other hand under Selena's bikini to grope and massage on of her tits what caused Selena to moan and lean herself back against Vanessa.

By now my cock was rock hard and pulsating in my pants what also hurt. Ashley then literally reading my mind opened my pants and yanked them down together with my boxers as I took my shirt off. After my cock sprang free Ashley wrapped her hand around the shaft and squeezed my cock as she slowly moved her hand up. Suddenly she smiled as she saw a drop of precum oozing out from the tip.

' have such a nice cock and it's so hot that I can feel your pulse from it.', Ashley purred and licked her lips as she began to move her hand slowly up and down on my cock.

Immediately I reached over to slid my hand under her bikini bottom and stuck two fingers in her pussy in return. Ashley spread her legs further apart to give me a better access to her snatch as I used my other hand to take her bikini off. As soon as I took her bikini off I groped and massaged her huge tits while she was still jerking my cock on all fours right next to me.

Suddenly I was hit by a bikini and it was Selena's bikini! Right away I looked over to Selena & Vanessa and my cock twitched in Ashley's hand what made her giggle as I finally saw them standing totally nude next to each other. Both of them have a sexy, slim body with a great pair of b-cup tits and much to my delight a shaved pussy, but what sets Selena apart are the full round shape and firmness of her tits and her insanely tight looking pussy.

A few seconds later Ashley gave them the finger sign to come nearer and my eyes were locked on their tits watching how they were jiggling with each step they made.

'I hope you liked our little show..', Vanessa asked me already knowing the answer as both of them kneelt between my legs.

'Of course I liked it..', I simply answered.

'Then you will love this!', Selena said.

With that said Selena & Vanessa leant forward and began to lick and suck my balls as Ashley moved her hand a bit faster up and down on my cock.

'Oh fuck..', I moaned as Ashley stuck her tongue out and started to tease my pisshole with the tip of her tongue.

Not long after her teasing Ashley lowered her head some more and finally took my cock between her soft lips and swirled her tongue around the head while she was still jerking my cock, but Ashley's hand were soon replaced with Vanessa's and Selena's tongues. Vanessa & Selena licked and kissed their way up down my cock. For me it felt like they were making out with my cock between. When Ashley began to bob her head up and down on my cock, Selena and Vanessa took care of my balls again, but this time they sucked harder on them and swirled their tongues in sinchro around them.

This went on for about a minute until they changed positions for the first time. Now it was Vanessa who had my cock all for herself. Unlike Ashley Vanessa was more aggressive. She squeezed and sucked hard on my cock and with each downward thrust she took more and more of it in her mouth. On top of that she somehow managed to lick the underside of my shaft while her head was furiously boobing up and down on my cock.

'Woah...are you hungry, Vanessa?', Ashley joked.

'Yeah..hungry for cock..', Selena answered and laughed as Vanessa hungrily sucked on my balls while she jerked my cock at the same time.

'And now let me taste his cock too.', Selena said as she poked Vanessa in her ribs.

Vanessa just rolled her eyes as she gave me a last lick and deepthroated me before she finally released my cock. She wasn't very happy about it, but I was near because of her blowjob skills and I wanted Selena to suck my cock too. Besides this gave me a few seconds to calm down.

Selena wasn't a natural born cocksucker like Vanessa, but she knew how to drive me crazy. For starters she just slapped my cock against her tongue and kissed the head before she licked several times from my balls to the tip licking my cock like a lollipop. After a few more licks Selena finally wrapped her lips around the head and flicked her tongue all around it for a few seconds. Like Vanessa Selena then began to bob her head up and down, but unlike Vanessa she was jerking my cock and just managed to take half of it in her mouth. The hottest thing about Selena's blowjob was that she looked up at me all the time.

'Hey...I think it's about time for the real fun.', Ashley said. 'And my bed is the best place for it..', Vanessa added.

With that said Ashley and Vanessa walked straight up to Vanessa's bedroom as Selena let my cock pop out of her mouth and stood up with me to follow them. As we walked to Vanessa's bedroom Selena's hand was still wrappped around my cock like she was guiding me.

Vanessa and Ashley already laid on the right and left side on the bed. It was definitely one of the hottest things I'ver ever seen.

'What are you waiting for?', Vanessa playfully asked. 'Lie down between us...I'm sure Selena wants to try you first...', Ashley said as she pointed at Selena's hand around my cock.

'Only if Selena let me go..', I joked

Immediately Selena released my cock with a smile and I laid myself down on my back between the two spring breakers stars. As soon as I was lying between them they started to stroke with their hands over my chest as we watched Selena slowly climbing on top of me.Selena swung one leg over me so she was straddling me.

'I've waited so long for a real cock since we started the movie!'

With that said, Selena reached down between our bodies and took hold of my swollen member.

'Look how wet you made me.', Selena said as she aimed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed its head between her pussylips.

Before I could answer Selena sat herself back and I let a moan escape my mouth as I felt her pussy lips part and engulf my cockhead. Selena placed her hands on my chest as she slowly slid down the lenght of my cock until her ass rested on my thighs. I felt like I was in heaven since her pussy felt so wet, so tight and so warm. Suddenly Vanessa slapped her ass.

'Come on, Sel! Ride him already!'

Selena just smiled in agreement and began to raise and lower herself on my my cock. Another moan escaped my mouth as I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my cock as she worked her hips. I placed my hands on her hips to push her harder down with every downward thrust. Selena's breathing became heavier and her tits started to bounce and jiggle as our fucking became more physical.
Watching her perfect tits bouncing up and down right above my face, I couldn't help it and reached out to squeeze and massage them. As a result Selena slowed down her movements and she was just moving her hips back and forth as I was groping her tits.

'Mmmm...suck on my tits', Selena moaned as she bend down.

'There's no need to tell me', I simply answered.

I squeezed her tits together and began to run my tongue around one of her already hard nipples and lightly bite on it before I sucked on it for several seconds. Selena began to moan again clearly enjoying every second of it. After I gave her other tit the same treatment Selena raised herself up again and ran her hands through her hair what looked so damn sexy.

'This is so hot', Ashley suddenly hissed.

'Mmmmmmmmm', Vanessa moaned in agreement.

Both of them were fingering themselves and groping their tits since Selena started to ride my cock.

Again Selena placed her hands on my chest (while I placed my hands on her hips) and began to rock her hips back and forth before the started to move herself slowly up and down on my cock. Unlike before she moved her hips in a circular motion. By now Selena alternated between riding my cock in a circular motion and sitting down on my cock while grinding her hips back and forth and from left to right.

'Mmm..oh feels sooo good to have a real cock inside me...',Selena moaned as she finally started to bounce up and down on my cock.

To Selena's surprise and very much to our delight I started to thrust upwards to meet her downward thrusts. The room was soon filled with the sound of Selena's ass slapping against my thighs as we both increased our pace.

'Oh..yes...yes...mmmmm....oh gawwwd....don't stop!', Selena almost screamed as I lifted my ass off the bed with every upward thrust, burying my cock as deep as possible into the former disney star's pussy while she hold still on top of me.

Her moans, her bouncing tits and the wet slapping noises of our fucking just cheered me up to fuck her as hard and fast I could.

Suddenly Vanessa and Ashley began to suck on Selena's tits and rub over her clit. Selena moans became louder and louder as she placed her arms on Vanessa's and Ashley's shoulders.

'Ohhh goddd.... I'm sooooo clooosse...', Selena moaned.

'That's right... cum Sel...cum for us...cum all over his nice're such a dirty girl...', Vanessa hissed only concentrating on Selena's clit.

'Mmmm...I bet he's ready to cum too...ready to shoot all his thick and warm cum into your tight latina pussy..', Ashley continued the dirty talk as she reached for my balls to massage them.

Ashley's and Vanessa's dirty talk had its effect on us...

'Ohhh.....gawwwd...yess...yesssssss....I....I'm cumming......', screamed as she arched her back and threw her head back.

When Selena reached her orgasm I couldn't hold back anymore as I felt her pussy muscles squeezing and her juice dripping down the lenght of my cock. I thrusted my hips up to bury my cock as deep as possible into her. My cock spasmed as I cummed like firehose, shooting rope after rope of my cum deep into her pussy.

As soon as we calmed down Selena rolled off of me and were now lying on her back with lightly spread legs right next to me while some of the mixture of our cum were leaking out her pussy.

'Wow...that..was...awesome...I've never cummed like this before..', I said still catching my breath.

'Oh pussy is leaking...'

'Don't worry...I will clean that for you..', Vanessa purred interrupting Selena as she spread Selena's legs and lowered her head between her legs.

Without losing some time Vanessa stuck her tongue out and licked Selena's slit up and down. With each lick over her still sensitive pussy, Selena winced and ground her hips against Vanessa's tongue.

'Looks like I'm next since Vanessa has her way with Selena...', Ashley said as she crawled on top of
me and kissed my neck.

'Given that you can make me hard again...', I whispered as I stroked her ass.

'No problem..', she simply answered as she kissed her way down to my semi erected cock.

Ashley began to clean my shaft as she licked several times up and down the lenght of my cock.
Every time when Ashley reached the tip, she flicked her tongue around the head. A few licks later Ashley took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it as she squeezed the base of my cock and moved her hand up to get the rest of my cum out.

' taste sooo good together..', Ashley whispered as she released my cock for a moment.

Ashley's blowjob soon showed its effect since my cock began to grow a bit. Immediately Ashley took my cock back between her lips and swirled her tongue around the head before she began to bob her head up and down for a few seconds. With each second my cock grew bigger and bigger.
When I was almost hard again Ashley released my cock again and started to rub and slap my cock against her nipples and tits. It didn't take much time until I was rock hard again as Ashley wrapped her huge tits around my hard cock. She pressed them together and gently moved them up and down.
Her tits were so warm and soft and after once in a while she licked the tip of my cock every time when it poked through the top of her tits.

'Like I said problem..', Ashley said with a smile as she stopped her actions and laid herself on her back. 'And now fuck me...I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my pussy...', Ashley said seductively.

I just smiled and moved on top of her to make out with her again. During our make out session Ashley reached between our bodies and started to jerk my cock while I was groping and squeezing her tits. When Ashley was about to guide my cock in her pussy I took hold of her arms and pinned them with one hand above her head. At first Ashley looked surprised, but soon she understood what I had in mind as began to tease her pussy with my free hand.

For starters I let my middle finger run up and down her slit while I used my thumb to rub over her clit. This went on for about a minute until I stuck a finger in her wet pussy and worked my finger slowly in and out. After a few seconds I pulled my finger out and placed my hand on her dripping wet pussy and rubbed it.

'Mmmm...I'm so horny...please fuck me..I need you inside me...'

But her please fall on deef ears as I took hold of my cock and I started to slap it against her pussy. To tease her some more I began to rub my cock between her pussy lips and rubbed its tip against her clit. Taking this one step further I penetrated her just with the head of my cock, working it in and out as Ashley ground and bucked her hips trying to get more of my swollen member in. At the moment she least expected it I let her hands go and buried myself all the way in her what caused her big tits to jiggle and her to groan.

'Oh really know how to tease a girl...'

'It's one of my hidden talents.', I said as I raised myself up kneeling between her legs and placed on of her legs on my shoulder.

Immediately I began to fuck her with slow and deep thrusts while Ashley started to moan and grope her tits. It didn't take long until I placed her other leg on my free shoulder what gave me the opportunity to bury my cock deeper in her.

'Mmmm...fuck me...fuck me feels so good...'

Without loosing some time I began to work my hips again and increased my pace with each thrust.
From time to time I reached out for her shaking tits to grope or slap them and every time when I did it Ashley would moan even louder.

'Oh yessss...oh myyy....don't stop....'

I placed my hands on each side of her waist as I let her legs sliding down my shoulders and in no time I was fucking her as hard and fast I could.

'Mmmmm...yesss...ohhhhhh...god....don't stop....mmmmmmm'

I stared at her tits which were jiggling to the rythm of my thrusts. At that I cupped one of her tits in each hand and squezzed them as I was pounding her like a jackhammer.

'Don't god....just like that....oh..yessss..yess......I...I'm cummmmingggggg..', Ashley screamed arching her back and rolled her eyes in the back of her head.

In the same moment when Ashley reached her orgasm I pulled my cock out because I didn't want to cum yet since there was one more girl to go.

'Ohhhh my fucking gooooood....mmmm', Selena suddenly screamed as she cummed for the third or fourth time because of Vanessa who was eating her out on all fours.

'Ready for the final round?', I asked Vanessa as I moved behind her and began to stroke her pussy.

'I'm always ready', Vanessa answered and looked back at me while some of Selena's juice was dripping down her chin. 'And stop teasing me and give me your cock..', Vanessa continued and moved her hips in a seductively way.

'Your wish is my command..', I answered and aimed my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

As soon as my cock touched her pussy, Vanessa pushed her hips back so that my whole cock disappeared in her tight pussy. I just hold still for a few seconds as she slammed her hips back and forth fucking herself hard and deep with my cock.

'Ohh fuck...yeah... fuck me...fuck me like the slut I am..!'

Without wasting some time I slapped her ass before I began to pound her pussy as Vanessa kept slamming her hips back against me.

'Mmmmm yes....ooohhhh...yessss...', Vanessa moaned louder as I grabbed her hips to drive my cock deeper into the former High School Musical star.

To get a better view of my cock pistoning in and out of Vanessa's pussy, I spread her ass cheeks apart what also gave me a better view of her pink rosebud. Without hesitation I began to tease and finger her ass.

'Damn...your ass looks so invitable!', I hissed as I stuck another finger in Vanessa's ass.

'Well..what are you waiting for? Fuck my ass! I want to feel your hard cock deep in my ass!'

Surprised by her last words I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly pushed my well lubed cock inch by inch past her sphincter. Vanessa arched her back and screamed out loud as I rammed the last two inches with one thrust into her.

'Oh..fuck yeah...'

'I bet it isn't the first cock in your ass, right?', I asked her, surprised how easy it actually was to enter her ass.

'You're right...I just love the feeling of a hard cock in my ass!'

'Sure you're such a little anal slut..', I said before I pulled my cock out until just the head was in and then thrusted forward ramming my cock all the way in again, getting harder and faster with each thrust.

'Oh..fuck..yes...harder...mmm..I'm your anal slut....'

Enjoying every second of it, I placed my hands on her shoulders to push her harder back against me, making sure she's taking every inch of my cock.

'Yeah...just like that....fuck...don't stop...ohhhh yessss....', Vanessa moaned as she reached under her body to rub over her clit while my balls were slapping against her wet pussy.

'Oh..shit...I'm cummiiiinnggg', Vanessa suddenly screamed as I felt her ass tighten around my cock.

'Fuck... me too...get in position with the other girls..', I commanded her as I pulled out.

Immediately the girls got on their knees as I furiously jerked my cock above their waiting tongues.

' it comes', I grouned as I shoot stream after stream of my cum.

Two spurts landed on Selena's tongue and face, another two spurts landed on Vanessa's tongue and cheek, the last big stream of cum hit Ashley across her face while the last few little sprurts landed on her big tits. Totally exhausted I fell down on my back and watched the girls licking each other clean.

'Well...when are you ready for the next round?', Vanessa suddenly asked me and we all began to laugh.
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