Secret Threesome

This story started out months before what I am about to tell you ever happened. First let me tell you about my girlfriend and I. We had been dating for around a year and a half and I was in love with her, I couldn’t have been happier with anyone else. Except for one aspect of the relationship, the sexual part, we were both virgins and she was scared about her first time, so I gladly waited. I didn’t have any problem with that, what I did have a problem with was the fact that after about six months she seemed to lose all sex drive whatsoever. When we first got together we were all over each other, we did just about everything you could do without having actual sex. But she soon lost that drive and I grew frustrated.
Abagail was a petite, redhead, with average sized tits, and an average ass. She was also pretty popular at school and she had tons of hot friends. So once she began ignoring my needs I found it harder and harder to ignore how attractive her friends were. Two of them stuck out to me more than any of the other, they were Katie and Amanda. Katie had black hair, always mixed with some other random color which made her even hotter, and it didn’t hurt that she had some of the perkiest tits I had ever saw her cleavage was amazing. Amanda however had the total package she had a beautiful face, nice tits and an ass to die for, she also had lips that looked like they were made to be wrapped around a dick.
I had always joked with Abagail about how hot I thought they were and how I would bang them if I ever had the chance. She took this well because we had a good relationship and we trusted each other. But deep down I knew that if I ever had the chance I wasn’t too sure I could resist either of them.
Fast forward to just a few weeks ago when Abagail told me that her, Katie and Amanda had been talking and somehow my finding them so attractive had come up in conversation. Needless to say I was very embarrassed by them knowing I had these thoughts, but little did I know that this was a blessing in disguise.
Abagail had been invited over to Katie’s house to have a sl**pover with her and Amanda. She had asked me if I could drive her over there and drop her off. I gladly accepted and when we got there I was shocked when I was invited in, and shocked even more when I found that Katie’s parents were away for a week. But that wouldn’t be a problem with three girls there alone, what could happen after all.
So I was invited in to have some drinks, even though they were only s*******n and I eighteen, they had raided Katie’s parents alcohol cabinet. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I could hold my alcohol but Abagail on the other hand had never had a drink in her life but wasn’t going to shy away from the opportunity. The mixture of being so new to alcohol and being so small quickly took its toll on Abagail as she had passed out not even two hours into the drinking. I carried her to katie’s parents room and laid her down, she’d be out for the night.
I came back to the living room where Katie and Amanda were sitting there talking.
“I guess I’ll see you two tomorrow when I pick her up.”
“Wait a minute Zack, we wanted to talk to you about something.” Katie said with a sly tone.
Shocked by hearing this I walked over and sat between them, as if I had a choice. They were both sitting on opposite ends of the couch, almost as if it was planned to get me in the middle.
“Sooo, Abagail told us what you think of us Zack.” Katie started.
“Oh really, what’d she say.” I said trying to play dumb.
“Oh just how you think the two of us are so hot…how you said you wanted to fuck us.” Katie said.
“And that I have an ass to die for” Amanda piped in as she scooted a little closer.
“Well you two are both beautiful girls, I was only being honest.”
“So you do wanna fuck us?” Amanda said as I realized my slip up.
“Well…no… I mean I cant, I’m with Abagail.” I said trying to get control of the conversation.
“Last time I checked she’s passed out, upstairs and you’re down here with two girls you’ve been fantasizing about forever.” Katie said as she rested her hand on my leg.
“Oh man, I can’t do this, what if she wakes up?” I said trying to fight my temptations.
“So do you really think my ass is that nice Zack? Ive never really thought so myself, here let me give you a better look.” Amanda said as she stood up and slowly and seductively slipped her tiny shorts off revealing her amazing ass wrapped up in a tight black thong.
“God” I said without meaning to.
She then walked towards me, straddled my lap and sat down to face me. “Go ahead Zack, squeeze my ass we all know you want to.” She said as she grabbed my hands guiding them to her plump bottom. And I could resist no longer, I squeezed as hard as I could causing Amanda to let out a small moan. “Oh Zack, I love when guys play with my fat ass.”
Then without any warning Katie took my head in her hands and began kissing me, her tongue swirled around in my mouth as Amanda was grinding on my lap with only our clothing between my throbbing cock and her tight teenage pussy.
Katie released me and Amanda took her place, I was done resisting. I kissed back just as hard as she was as I tore her shirt off revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her perky tits were pressed up against me. Katie, now in her bra and panties herself, pushed Amanda off of me and tore at my belt and pants as Amanda pulled my shirt over my head. As Katie pulled my pants off my hard cock sprang out causing them both to stop, what they were doing, Katie took it in her hand and Amanda wrapped her beautiful full lips around my dick. I felt like I was going to cum at once. I reached over and unhooked katies bra, revealing the breasts I had fantasized about for months. She then leaned back and took her panties off on her own.
Amanda was still going deeper and deeper everytime she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I then leaned over to admire and explore Katies beautiful teen pussy. She was so tight she could barely take two of my fingers, I pulled her closer as I put my head between her legs and began pleasuring her with my tongue, she began moaning so loud I was afraid Abagail could wake up any minute. I felt Amanda stop sucking my cock and Katie pushed my head away. Amanda pushed me over onto my back and to my delight sat down on my face as I instantly began licking and sucking her sweet juices from her wet cunt. Then I felt an amazing sensation on my dick, at first I thought Katie was sucking me off, but I soon realized as I felt her bouncing up and down on me that she was fucking me. I couldn’t have imagined this any better. I had both of these beautiful teens screaming at the pleasure I was bringing them.
They both seemed to cum at once, Katie onto my dick and Amanda onto my face. After all that I thought we would be done but much to my surprise and delight Amanda gave me a seductive look and said “My turn, which do you wanna fuck first, my ass or my pussy?”
I didn’t even give an answer I flipped her over and shoved my throbbing cock in her tight wet cunt from behind and started fucking her with all I had, with Amanda on all fours Katie seen this as an opportunity to stay in the action. She laid down in front of Amanda and shoved her moaning mouth into her wet cunt, still warm with my cum.
I continued pounding Amanda from behind as she licked and sucked katies sweet pussy until I felt a pressure building in my cock. But I didn’t wanna cum yet, I quickly pulled out, and bent over and began licking amandas soaking pussy. I ate Amanda out until I felt the urge to explode go away, and that’s when I got back on my knees, grabbed around her waist and shoved my hard dick deep inside her beautiful ass. She gave a deep moan that seemed to echo through the whole house. Not too long after that I came inside her tight butt I had never felt such an amazing sensation in my life. My dick was still slightly hard when I pulled out and the two girls mouths began fighting over my dick, Katie eventually won taking my whole cock in her mouth while Amanda licked and sucked on my balls.
Katie eventually stopped and leaned back, then she asked me to fuck her tits. I couldn’t turn the offer down, as I began sliding my hard cock between her soft teenage breasts, Amanda crawled over and began making out with Katie. I felt the pressure rising in my dick again, this time I let my whole load blow all over both of the girls faces and mouths. They continued kissing and licking until all my cum was cleaned off of one another. We then collapsed side by side and fell asl**p.
Abagail never did find out about that night, however one day I plan on telling her, Ive got my fingers crossed that she’ll want to join in next time.

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1 year ago
good one
1 year ago
omg.. so hot.. unreal dream... to be fucked and sucked from 2 hot girls.. nice