Winter Night Threesome

So the story I am about to tell you is about one of the best days of my life, also one of the most unexpected. The day started out pretty normal, my girlfriend Abagail and I had plans to go out to see a movie later that night. Fast forward to after the movie because that is where my story really begins to take a turn for the unexpected.
“Baby, I am starving can we please go get something to eat?” she begged.
“I don’t know what’s open right now honey its after 11.” I relied
So we proceeded to drive around town looking at the various fast food chains to find them all closed just like I had expected. We were just about to leave our last stop, Hardee’s, when we saw someone running up to my truck trying to catch my attention. To our surprise it was my ex-girlfriend Amy, she worked at Hardee’s but we didn’t notice her car as we drove around. So I rolled down my window to find out what she wanted.
“Hey… this is awkward but I really need a ride home, my car isn’t starting and I have no cell phone service.” She said.
I thought for a minute knowing Abagail and Amy weren’t too fond of each other due to the circumstances. But I couldn’t just leave her here, Abagail had to understand that. “Sure” I said “Just jump in behind me”.
“Thank you so much Zack, I guess you don’t need directions huh?” she said giving Abagail a sly little look.
As we were headed toward Amy’s house the snow started coming down like crazy, it was so bad that I decided to just pull off to the side of the road until it slowed, which looked like it wouldn’t be till morning. After we made the decision to just call it a night to avoid risking the slippery roads, we all made calls to our parents using my cell phone to explain what was going on. Luckily for us the seats in my truck laid down which gave us all a comfortable place to sl**p for the night. Amy on my left and Abagail on my right. This is what led to one of the most amazing nights of my young life.
I awoke to the sound of Abagail whispering in my ear “Ya know what would really be hot? If we messed around with her laying right there.”
There was no way I was going to pass up any offer like that from my girlfriend even if my ex was laying right beside us. My lips locked with Abagail’s and our tongues swirled in our passion. I felt Abagail’s hand slide down my boxers and grasp my throbbing cock. I couldn’t help but moan as she stroked my hard dick, but my moaning woke Amy up although I didn’t notice at first. What gave it away was the moans that came from her as she realized what was going on right beside her, she couldn’t help but pleasure herself.
Abagail then slid down under the covers and began kissing and licking my hard shaft, then she took it in her mouth and impaled herself on it. About that time I looked over and saw Amy watching me as she fingered herself, I couldn’t help but lean into kiss her, and finish the job she started for her. It had been years since we had been together but her pussy was as tight as ever as I slid my fingers in and out of her shaven pussy. Amy began moaning wildly and shaking as she prepared to cum all over my fingers, just as this was happening I exploded in Abagail’s mouth prompting her to come back above the covers. To my surprise the site of me pleasuring my ex girlfriend right in front of her seemed to turn her on. She pulled Amy away from me and began kissing her, and cupping Amy’s beautiful boobs. This gave me the chance to remove Amy’s black lace thong and spread her beautiful legs, allowing me to plunge my tongue deep inside her wet cunt. She let out a scream of pleasure, but her moans were quickly muffled, as I glanced up I realized that Abagail was sitting on her face getting her own pussy eaten.
I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled Abagail from Amy’s face and laid her down on her back, then I slowly slipped my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy. Amy couldn’t stand not being pleasured anymore as she decided to reverse roles and sit on Abagails face as I pounded her tight pussy. Watching Amy sit on my girlfriends face as she licked and sucked her sweet wet cunt only made me fuck Abagail harder. She pushed Amy off and begin screaming and as she came all over my still hard dick, she jumped up and locked me in the most passionate kiss I have ever felt. Then she whispered to me “I wanna watch you fuck her”. I looked at her in awe.
I looked at my ex-girlfriend, laying there playing with her wet unsatisfied pussy, begging me to fuck her. I crawled over to Amy and began kissing her neck, and making my way down to lick her hard nipples. As I was doing this I felt Abagail grip my cock and guide it over Amy’s wet cunt causing her to moan even louder. That was all she could take, Amy pushed me onto my back, gripped my dick and set her tight pussy down on my hard cock.
I nearly blew my load merely at the sensation of her hot pussy wrapped around my cock, she then began to bounce up and down screaming my name and clawing at my chest. Right at that moment I grabbed her bare ass and spanked her as hard as I could causing her to let out a loud moan of “oh Zack, fuck me harder, do me from behind.”
I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, I quickly flipped her around and plunged my hard cock deep into my ex-girlfriend’s warm, wet cunt. Amy was arching her back and moaning louder and louder with every thrust. I pulled her up to me cupping her beautiful tits in my hands as I kissed her neck. Then I blew my load into her tight pussy, she gasped as I filled her with my warm release. We collapsed onto each other right beside Abagail as we huddled together and fell asl**p.

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