Me & You

Imagine yourself standing at the foot of the bed in your robe just after a long hot relaxing shower. There are no lights in the room except the hypnotic dance of the flames from many candles. Wafting through the air is the light scent of lavender and roses. You can feel me standing behind you. A light electrical storm dances across your skin as you await my touch. You can hear me breathe, almost able to feel my breath on the back of your neck. Instinctively you drop the belt of your robe to let it fall open. Every nerve in your body tingles with the anticipation of my first touch. Will it be a soft kiss to the back of your neck, or a gentle touch to your abdomen,? Will I go straight for your most sensitive spots? I'm close enough now that my breath falls warmly on your neck. With a kiss as gentle as a butterfly landing on your neck I begin to answer those thoughts or are they wishes that race through your mind. While kissing your neck I gently reach up and drop your robe to the floor. My hands begin to lightly trace the graceful contours of your body, slowly from your shoulders down the amazing curves of your body to the hips. My touch sends lightening bolts through your skin. Slowly I start moving my hand forward to trace circles on your abdomen, careful to not reach too low or too high. A careless brush across your breasts of below your waist will ruin the sense of anticipation building in you. I lightly begin to nibble your earlobe. My arms wrap around you a little tighter and nuzzling your neck I invite you to relax your body against mine. The contact of our bodies shoots fire through both our bodies. You reach up and wrap your arm around my head as my hands slowly work up to caressing your beautiful breasts. I gently cup then in my hand enjoying the feel of their smooth skin. My fingers barely brush your nipples causing them to stiffen. Gently I trace circles around them with my fingers slowly diminishing in size until my ministrations are solely focused on your now extremely sensitive nipples. Pulling you into me as I caress your breasts, you turn your head so our lips can meet for the first time. Lightly and slowly I kiss your luscious lips. Together we savor each other lips. All the while I keep up my attention on your magnificent tits. As your tongue begins to snake it's way into my mouth, my left hand begins to trace it's way down your stomach from your breast. As I reach the top of your pubic mound, your tongue begins to dance against mine. My hand continues to drop to the top of your pussy. As I near your now moist mound a sigh escapes you. My fingers begin to dance across your lips and your right nipple. I slowly circle in to your hard little clit you melt your body into mine. I can feel your body begin to relax as you prepare for my fingers to find their mark. My first brush across your button is so light you can barely feel it except for the shooting pleasure throughout your body. As I support your body with mine, I begin to dance my fingers across you pussy. I can feel how moist you're getting, I dip a finger inside the folds of your lips to gather a bit of that wonderful moisture so I can have a little lubricant to focus my attention to your clit. My fingers hone in on your hot button, gliding across it like a skater on ice. Smooth and slow circles slowly speed up as you body stiffens in response to my touch. Gently I lower you to the bed. You lay back to allow my mouth to begin exploring your breasts as my fingers continue to dance across your clit. Your breathing begins to quicken as I gently suck your nipple into my mouth. My tongue flickers over your nipple, as it stiffens even more in my lips. Slowly and very deliberately I start to enter you with my finger. An audible gasp escapes your lips as I first enter you. Only barely do I dip into your honey pot. I gather more of your nectar and use it to assault your clit with deliberate and expert strokes, that bring you closer and closer to your first orgasm. My tongue begins to swirl it's way from your breasts down your stomach and to the top of your pussy. My fingers with draw from your pussy as my tongue and mouth take their place. You beautiful scent fills my nostrils as I tease your hard clit with my tongue. Lightly I flick it across your clit like a butterfly's wings. My tongue dips to trace the outline of your lips from top to bottom and back up the center, dipping in to taste your sweet honey before focusing back on your clit. I speed up my flickering across your clit. By now your hands are on my head and you are grinding your hips up trying to get me to focus in on your hard clit so I can make you cum for the first time. As your hips peak in their light thrust I suddenly suck your clit into my mouth and slather it with my expert tongue. Slowly I insert a finger into your pussy as I increase to speed of my tongue across your clit between my lips. First one finger then two. Your mind blurs with pleasure. I can feel your orgasm coming, so I speed my fingers in and out of you. You're so blind with lust now you can't focus on anything but wanting to cum and cum hard on my mouth. You start bucking almost wildly as the electricity of your orgasm builds in you. Out of nowhere my tongue speeds up my fingers saw in and out of you and suddenly I slip a finger into your ass as well. That's the final straw and your orgasm rushes through you and onto my fingers and my tongue. As you come down from that explosive orgasm you pull me up to your face and kiss me deep and hard. Your tongue swirls in my mouth, almost as if you were trying to taste yourself. After a kiss that seems to last a lifetime, you tell me to fuck you and fuck you hard. I graciously oblige you by standing beside the bed and pulling you to the edge of the mattress so I can have full access to your now sopping pussy. Easily My cock slips into your pussy. Slowly, almost tortuously I enter you. I look into your eyes wild with lust as I ask you. How do you want it? With a wild look in your eyes you tell me to fuck you like I just got out of prison. Slowly I withdraw my penis until just the very tip is between your lips and even slower I enter you again. It seems like hours I'm taking for each stroke in and out of you. You try your best to speed me up but, I'm in complete control. Suddenly I slam my cock into your pussy and pound you deeper and harder that you have ever been fucked before. You lose control and tell me to fuck you, over and over again. I slam into you, my balls slapping loudly against your ass. You pussy floods my cock with your juices. You reach down and grab my hips as I bottom out on a stroke, and tell me you want me to fuck you from behind. I withdraw and you flip over and stand bent over the side of the bed. In the candle light I can see your glistening juices run down your legs. Your pussy is wet and open and the tiny swirl of your asshole comes into view. I can't help myself I have to taste you again I drop to my knees and lick your pussy from behind and flick my tongue across your asshole. After a few more flicks I stand and enter you again. This time I pound into you harder and faster than before. My balls slapping at you clit at the bottom of each stroke. As I watch myself slide in and out of I see your tight little ass wink at me. While sliding in and out of you with my hard cock I slowly slip my thumb into your ass., and you cum on my cock. You turn your head to me and say, "I want your cum!". Do you really? Where do you want it?

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I think she wants you to shoot your cum in her mouth so she can swallow your yummy cum.