Hotel sluts

I arrived in the hotel bar after a long day- a quick drink before I get a shower and eat. As I ordered I noticed two absolute stunners at the corner table- a sexy red head and horny little brunette. The readhead was in a little black dress trying to keep hold of her huge tits, stockings and nice heels. She had one hand on her drink and the other conspicuously under the table. I turn my attention to the brunette and see her head rocked back a little and her eyes closed. The redhead sees me looking and smiles widely, clearly doing something to the brunette that she’s enjoying as her breathing gets much faster and a moan escapes her lips. I went over to their table to ask if they’re both ok. “She’ll be OK soon” the redhead replies. I suggest my room may be a little more comfortable to make you feel “OK”. The redhead pulled her hand from under the table, licked her fingers clean and introduced herself as Claire and her friend Kerry before leading us away.

We all went into the lobby and I called a lift noticing Kerry’s dress is just as short as Claire’s, a lycra dress with hater neck, no stockings and some gorgeous high heels. We get into the lift together and as soon as the doors close Claire’s on her knees with the hem of Kerry’s dress pulled up exposing her totally as she wore no knickers like a little slut and began sucking on her shaved cunt. I can’t believe my luck and start playing with her big tits kissing and sucking on her pierced nipples. The lift stops and the doors open before she had a chance to fix her dress giving the older couple waiting a sight of her wet pussy. We reached my room and Claire pulled Kerry in and on to the bed. She got back to licking her pussy as I freed her big tits from her tight dress and got to sucking on her nipples in earnest. Kerry reached down to play with my cock through my trousers and I had to try my very best to not cum right there in my pants. She got my trousers off and freed my cock as Claire got her on the edge. She started screaming as her orgasm hit but Claire showed no sign of relenting the tonguing her cunt continued to get.

I decide Claire needs some repayment so move Kerry up the bed and get Claire to climb on on all fours. Her gorgeous ass is exposed to me and I see she’s not in stockings as I thought- they’re tights. I love the flimsy material and rub on her pussy through the material. I think about pulling the tights away gently but I want her too bad- I just rip a big hole to give me access to her pussy and ass and sink my tongue right in. She pushes back hard against my tongue and lashes at Kerry’s cunt that I pushed her into ever more ferociously as I get her very wet. I push a finger into her sopping cunt and quickly add another- she’s very excited and bucks back hard against me. We both lick hard and fast concentrating on clits making both cum hard and loud. As their orgasms abated they turned to me to see my cock standing to attention from seeing these two gorgeous babes cumming so hard. They each took it in turns to lick all the way up it and all the way down before Kerry decided to stop teasing me and take the whole head my cock in her mouth running her tongue over it and took it further into her mouth. Then it was Claire’s turn. She took me in to her mouth just as Kerry did- one inch at a time teasing the head like mad before sucking the rest in. I manage to control myself and not fill either of their throats with thick cum as they continue to take it in turns giving me the most amazing pleasure I’ve ever experienced. Knowing I couldn’t take this much longer I pushed Kerry back on the bed and pushed her legs wide apart exposing her open shaved cunt to me. I gave her a quick few licks and then plunged my cock right in. She gasped as she got filled up and was in heaven with Claire licking on her clit with each stroke. She sat astride her face instead and ground her cunt into Kerry’s mouth as I fucked her hard and fast. Seeeing Claire’s huge tits bobbing around just drove me even wilder as I leaned in to take one Kerry’s lovely big nipples into my mouth. I sucked hard on it as they both started bucking and moaning as their orgasms approach again. I leaned back and grabbed Kerry’s heels pushing her legs further apart fucking her as deep as I could. Claire’s moaning got louder and faster as she creamed all over Kerry’s sexy lips. I felt her pussy muscles tighten as her orgasm got going gripping my cock hard. It’s more than I could take and filled her cunt with a huge sticky load. I pulled out and Claire crawled over to clean up my cock and then got back to Kerry’s cunt to clean my cum out of her as I kissed her tasting Claire’s beautiful juices off her. As Claire continued to clean Kerry up and get her ready for more I disappeared into the bathroom.

I came out to hear Claire complain Kerry had more orgasms than she- but I came back with a few surprises. I told them both to close their eyes, bend over the bed and no peeking! I went to Claire first, gently licking her ass and gauging her mood. As she started pushing back against my tongue I started lubing her up and working a finger into her ass. She started getting more and more vocal as I push deeper up her ass before adding another finger. I lick her ass a little with my fingers deep inside her making her scream a little louder. Kerry turned to look and saw I had some anal beads for her. 8 of them on a string, and she came over to help me. I grabbed her ass and kissed her assuring her that I had something for her too. She started lubing up the beads as I start playing with Claire’s clit. She turned around to see what we were upto earning her a quick spank of her sexy ass before I got back to her clit with my fingers as Kerry started pushing the beads into her- each one earns a big moan and a lick from us both. She seemed to enjoy being filled up like this as bead after bead disappears up her ass. Soon, only the end remained. She looked so hot and she squirmed as we put pressure on it and licked around it, stimulating her clit all the time. I got behind her and inch my newly hard cock into her tight pussy. Being filled up made her mega responsive and every stroke has her in ecstasy. Kerry hopped up onto the bed to let her lap away at her cunt as I fucked her. I speed up fucking her harder and harder as she buried her head in Kerry’s cunt. I started pulling gently on the beads as I fucked her popping one out and then pushing it back in. I did this a few times as I felt her approach her climax driving her crazy. Kerry got under her to lick her clit as I fuck her harder feeling her orgasm come on. I pulled on the beads just as she reached her orgasm emptying her ass as I filled her cunt with my cum. Kerry lapped it all up from her ideal position and continued licking her. My cock came out and went straight into Kerry’s open mouth to clean me up. “How about a shower before round 2?” I ask. I don’t think we’ll get very clean.
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very nice, looking forward to hearing more