Two busty fuck whores

A few weeks ago on a business trip I ordered 2 busty whores for a night of play- an aunt and her niece. They are both “chunky” girls but they have big tits, keep their cunts well shaved and always dress to impress. I ordered them both to my room in skoolie outfits- short tartan skirts, tight white tops, white knee high socks and high heels, with their hair in pigtails. They were both ordered to wear at least 7” and preferably 8” platforms and to put their make up on in as slutty a way as possible. Just before 8, I got a call from Dee, the elder slut, to say they're just round the corner so I went down to the lobby to collect them. They were just coming through the door as I came out of the lift and were being approached by the concierge so I called out to Dee and the concierge acknowledged me and walked away. They were both in long coats which must have been strange given the warm day but I kissed them both hello on the lips which must have looked even stranger to anyone watching. I got them both into the lift and luckily we were the only ones in so I opened Dee's coat to see she's dressed perfectly. It's only 2 floors up so we exited quickly and made our way to the room.

As we entered I pulled Dee's coat off as Roxy took care of hers and I told Roxy the money's in the bathroom and to check it and put it away. Meanwhile, I pulled Dee towards the bed, pushed he back on it and spread her legs to reveal her cunt- she'd left a landing strip and she looked at me cheekily and said “sorry sir...”. I was horny so I shoved my cock into her cunt and fucked her hard shooting my spunk into her just as Roxy came out to say everything's fine. I told them both to get bent over on the bed for inspection. They each climbed onto the bed, Dee at the head end and Roxy at the foot, placed their knees on the edge and put their heads down so their arses and cunts were fully visible to me. They both wore 8” black platforms as ordered and they looked really horny in this position. I started with Roxy and pulled her arse cheeks apart to reveal her puckered hole glistening in the light- “Did you lube up for me?” “yes sir” I decided to test her and slipped a finger in her arse which went in surprisingly easily. Her cunt also had a landing strip so I spanked her arse and asked her what the fuck she was doing? “We thought you'd enjoy shaving us sir”. Hmmm... not a bad idea. Not yet though. I fingered Roxy's cunt and then moved over to Dee to find her arse lubed up too. I spanked her arse hard a few times and then shoved 2 fingers in her spunk filled cunt making her moan, which I then used to finger her arse. 2 fingers took a little time to work in but she took them. I pulled my fingers out and went round to let Roxy lick them clean. “stay where you are sluts”

I had bought a couple of medium sized butt plugs that afternoon and decided that these sluts needed them to complete their look. I plugged up Dee first- I know this slut would have no problem and indeed, she took it in in no time. Roxy took a while longer and I had to tease and lick her arse to get her to relax before I could get it into her but she took it eventually. I admired my handiwork for a while and then spanked each of them before pushing on their plugs to send them deeper, laughing at their moans. What a couple of sluts. I ordered them both to turn over but to keep their legs in the air and apart. My cock was getting back to full hardness so I decided to check out Roxy's younger cunt- the tightness was a pleasure to fuck and I could easily have cum again but I decided to pull out and wait. “Your aunty explained you'd be bareback sluts didn't she Roxy?” She answered yes sir so timidly I almost felt sorry for her, but shoved my cock back inside her as Dee laughed. I pulled her legs together to increase her tightness and then fucked her as hard as I could but I pulled out without spunking. She said thankyou sir which made me realise she'd known all along- the cheeky whore!

I told them both to follow me into the bathroom and I made each of them perch on the side of the bath, forcing the plugs further up their ample arses, and to spread their legs. I wet the hair of their cunts with warm water and worked shaving gel into Roxy first. I shaved the remaining hair off in no time and spent some time rubbing the gel around and groping her cunt more. I wiped her off and then did the same to Dee, leaving myself with 2 bald whores who I ordered back to the bed in their original position. I had bought a large bottle of lube with me which Dee saw and commented they both get very wet but I carried on lubing each cunt and then both my hands as I started working my fingers into each slut. I got 4 into Dee easily and was working up to putting my whole fist in but Roxy was much slower. She screamed when I eventually got it in and I waited for her to accommodate me before I fist fucked both sluts to screaming orgasms- Dee's butt plug even popped out. I slid it back in and told them both to get ass to ass in the middle of the bed as I got out a double ended dildo for the whores. I handed it to Dee to work into their cunts as I went to one edge of the bed and stuck my cock in Roxy's moouth. She was giving great head and as they got into a dildo rhythm it was starting to feel fantastic. I pulled out of Roxy and into Dee's mouth and managed this another couple of times before I creamed Dee's sexy face. I told Roxy to lick it off and enjoyed the very horny scene of the niece licking the spunk off her aunt's face. When she was done I got them both to 69- Dee climed on Roxy's face and I watched as they licked each other orgasm. I got them both to swap and as Roxy licked at her aunt I pulled the butt plug out of her arse and shoved my now hard cock straight in. She squealed a little and tightened up but she eventually relaxed and I now had the pleasure of ass fucking this young skoolie slut while her aunt licked at her cunt. Having already shot 2 loads I could take my time and ass fuck her really hard- admiring the redness of her arse and body as I fucked her through an orgasm and then another before I filled he arse with cum. I pulled slowly out of her and put my cock straight into Dee's waiting mouth while I butt plugged Roxy's arse again. She had to stay ready- there was a long night ahead.

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2 years ago
I like the sound of these two...