my s****rs flat warming gift

So i finally move out in to the new flat its been a few busy days but all my stuff is now moved in.
I decide to come on here and watch some clips and look at some pics and jerk off.
sitting here with my cock out and suddenly the buzzer goes, i get up and answer it "hey b*o got ya a gift let me up" came a soft sweet voice over the intercom its my s****r wonder what she wants? i buzz her in and left the door open a little bit, sort myself out and sit on the sofa waiting for her to come in.

"Hey b*o hope ya don't mind i brought my friend Jessie over?" before i could say anything Jessie steps through the door, shes shorter than my s****r Debbie thinner to, smaller ass, small tits, a really cute face with bright blue eyes scruffy brownish hair looks like a pikey girl.

i get a kiss on the lips by both girls and the sit next to me we start chatting about normal crap and Debbie gets up and heads to the kitchen, Jessie moves over and says "I'm really horny" and smiles, just as Debbie walks back and says hey "im off to the shop gonna grab some bits, Jessie you coming?" "na i think i will stay here lets me get to know your bother better" she replies.

a few mins after Debbie left i head in to my bed room and pull out my smoking box and start rolling, am sitting on my bed when Jessie walks in and lays on the bed, i spark up and take a few tokes, jessies hand moves down to her waist band on her leggings and slips under, a finger stars moving and i look up and Jessie has her eyes closed and is biting her lip, i smoke some more and keep watching her finger herself, i dunno what it was but i was getting horny watching her, i pulled my cock out which was throbbing in my hand and slowly jerk off watching her.
i took 2 more tokes and decided i would push my luck, i inhaled deeply and out the joint to the side and moved over to Jessie i put my lips right on heres and held them there, she opened her lips slightly and i exhaled the smoke and kissed her lips when i was done i leaned back and whispered "you can take them off its its better" she breathed out and opened her eyes and looked at me stroking my hard cock, she stared at it for a few mins then ripped her leggings off, she must have took her knickers off to cos now there is a bald pink glistening pussy with a finger moving in and out of it getting it wetter and wetter, i take one my toke of the joint and decide to push my luck again.
i move up the bed over jessie's body put my lips on hers again and exhale in to her mouth i kiss her again but as i do i slowly move my hand down to my cock and rub the tip of my hard throbbing cock over her clit, she breaths in deeply and then lets out a little wimper "mmmm" i then feel a soft hand reach up to mine on my cock she starts jerking me off so i let go, i feel her body move from under me as shes now jerking my cock off on her clit then it starts to hit a warm wet patch and back on to her clit again, wow she wants my cock i think to myself, again bk to a wet patch and now i give a little thrust my tip barely enters her pussy and then i pull back and go again, i think she defo wants me as now her body moves with mine in a fucking motion and her hand is now gone, i decide now i should push in and pull back when she dose.

My cock starts to enter her slowly, my tip is now and and i can start to feel her soft wet pussy lips slide down my shaft and then she pulls back she repeats going half way down my shaft a few times and then gets off turns me over so now im on my back with a big throbbing cock standing upright she puts her hand on it and hovers her pussy over my cock slowly easing it in again she whimpers as my tip enters her tiny wet pussy, she gets half way down and then pushes down shes now got all of me in her "mmmm your big" Jessie says with a smile.

Jessie starts to grind on my cock back and forth getting faster and faster suddenly she stops and lets out a huge moan "fuck yess" her body shacking and her pussy clamping down on my throbbing cock she looks down and smiles she starts bounceing up and down he pussy clamping every time she pulls up feels like a tight grip wanking me off shes getting faster now i can feel my cock throbbing getting ready to cum, she pushes down hard "ahhh yes im cuming" we both yell out, i shoot jets of cum in to her pussy as he body shakes on my cock it lets out more jets " ah ah ah ahhh " she moans as she cums again just from me cuming in her, i pull out and we both get dressed just in time as debbie comes back.

if this is liked enough i will do more Jessie storys
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1 year ago
More plz . And does Debbie enter the picture - sure hope so - cheers