s****rs friends come to stay

So my parents go away again and this is my last week of living at home before i move in to my own flat, so its just me and my s****r Debbie left at home again and her collage are of on hols for Halloween.

I wake up to hearing my s****r giggling in her room, i lay there and listen to her talk, guessing shes on the phone i go downstairs and get something to eat while pondering what it is im gonna do today.
Debbie comes in to the kitchen wearing nothing but a t-shirt that just covers her up, she comes over to me and gives me a hug and kisses me on the cheek, pulling me in closer she whispers in my ear "can i ask you something" i reply back with sure what ya after?
"well being mum and dad are away for the week and this is your last week of being at home, can i have a couple of friends over to stay for a few days?" she says in her cute voice.
"sure why not was a blast last time" i answer back, thinking of the last time brings a smile to my face.
"well i think we need to go shopping before any one comes over then" she says as she bounces out the kitchen.

A few hours later we both have done the food run picked up the normal bits and a few extras like booze, popcorn, crips, dips and chocolate everything is all packed in the car and we are both about the leave the car park, when she turns to me and says "urm can we please go to one more shop please please you wont regret it" sure why not, what shop you wanna go to? i ask
"Ann summers of that new sex shop that's just opened up" she casually says, a bit speechless and shocked i dunno what to say i pause for a moment trying to get the words out of my mouth Debbie looks at me and excitedly says "thank you".

Ten mins later we are out side the new sex shop its a huge place and not another car was in the car park, we both enter the shop and there's a cute girl standing at the checkout, she must have been around 18 or 19 she greats us both and tells us both if we want any help just to ask, Debbie grabs a basket and starts to wounder round the shop, i think to myself hell while we are here i grab a few things myself for when im alone in the new flat.
so there i am looking at the toys for guys and wow what a selection my eyes a drawn to the sex dolls and flesh light toys, at that moment Debbie walks over and says "oooo let me pick ya one out" and before i can answer her he starts fingering the toys watching her do this is getting me hard thoughts race through my head she knows what my cock looks like, how big it is and everything, all of a sudden i hear "mmm yes this one will do its perfect" i walk over to Debbie and shes standing there with two fingers in this flesh light slowly fingering it, she looks at me and winks, takes her fingers out and picks up the box of the one shes picked and places it in her half full basket, in there is two clone a pussy kits, lubes of different sorts, a vibrator, latex bondage tape, and 2 flesh light boxes the one she picked and an alien one, with that she says "all done" in her cheeky voice, we head to the check out to this hot chick and she scans all the items through and adds in "oh with those you can get the vstrocker cheap to" Debbie asks "and whats that?" so the girls tells us both "its something that attaches to the flesh lights and your pc basically you control the porn with your cock", "Ha you will love that you dirty fucker" Debbie shouts, the check out girl says as we have spent so much she will thrown in the cleaning products for the flesh lights for free, we pay for the items and head to the car and get in.
i turn to Debbie and say wow that all just cos me over 200 quid, she just sits there and says with a grin "well its worth it tho and u got a toy that i picked out for you so every time you fuck it you will now think of me, but u cant use em just yet your have to wait" with that she runs her hand over my cock and gives me a soft kiss on the cheek.

We get home and unpack everything, Debbie says shes taking the toys in to her room so i cant play with em til later and says shes gonna ring the girls she wants to stay over, reply with ok and i will head up and have a shower and get changed.
I head up in to my room tidy up and change the bed sheets and slip outa my jeans down to my boxers, then Debbie burts in "the girls are on their way hope ya dont mind there's 4 of us tonight so i was thinking Mexican for dinner" she then comes over and cuddles me wrapping her arms around me she says softly "thanks for taking me shopping it was fun" her hand moves down to the waist band of my boxers and slides over my cock gently squeezing it and rubbing it up and down, she runs her fingers of the tip of my cock she feels a little bit of pre cum "ooo someone got excited" she says, i tell her that seeing her finger the flesh light got me horny and i wanna cum badly "hmmmm let me make u worse then we have a little bit of time before the girls come over" with that she drops to her knees and lowers my boxers past my cock, she hold it with both hands softly and guides the tip of my cock to her lips and starts to suck the pre cum off "mmmmm i love how u taste b*****r and all this is cos of me picking out your sex toys" she says softly before taking all my cock in her mouth, she gently works my shaft up and down with he hand guiding her mouth she takes it all, all the way do my balls then all the way back to the tip licking it softly and the repeating getting faster and faster, i moan as my cock starts throbbing in her mouth "fuck its really sensitive today" i moan, she stops "that's it told ya i make ya worse, now don't shower i want u dirty and can ya just wear ya pj bottoms please i want the girls to see you lose" with that she gets up and walks out the room.

to be continued
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1 year ago
Very interesting for the start,,now go on,,my cock was getting hard,,mmmmm let me know when you have posted the next one,,thanks
1 year ago
very good & yes more
1 year ago
interesting start