me and the girl next door

this is my first attempt at writing about my experience with the girl next door.

so it was summer last year and we haven't long moved in to our new house.Its been about 3 month and since we moved in i cant help notice the girl next door her and my parents are best friends and have known each other for years, she is 26, 5ft9 slim but has curves in all the right places shoulder length red hair and stunning blue eyes, she doesn't have huge tits but they are just perfect and her arse looks firm but small. i first noticed her when her dad invited me in to sort out their computer issues being 18 i am pretty good with computers, we was sitting in the kitchen sorting out jemmas laptop (thats the girl next doors name) when she came in wearing tight hot pants and a tight t-shirt, she flashed me a smile and asked what i was doing, her dad told her i lived next door and was setting up the wireless on her laptop.

after 20 mins i was done and left their house and went in to my room, i could hear her in her room witch is next to mine, she was on the phone talking to someone she said "i just met the k** next door wow! i am going to have to meet him properly later" i sat on the bed thinking holy crap why dose she wanna meet me? i aint that great looking. any way a few hours later and i could hear voices in next doors garden jemma was laying on the grass sun bathing in a shiny blue bikini i couldn't help but notice her butt cheeks shining in the sun the more i looked at her the more i become aroused, a bang from the front door closing broke my stare, with that she got up and went indoors, i put on my headset and played on my pc 15 mins later my mum came in to my room saying that jemma wanted my help with her laptop next door, i jumped at the chance to perv on her some more, i knocked on her front door and heard her yell "come in its open just come up stairs", i opened the door and slowly walked up the stairs her door opened slightly and she softly said come in hun.

my heart started to beat harder and the thought of seeing her up close in that bikini was exciting me i slowly walked in to see her sitting on her bed with a towel covering her body, her hair was wet and her shoulders glistened in the light, we got chatting about the probs she was having and asked if i had skype incase she had any more probs she could just chat to me, i said sure why don't ya have my mobile number to incase u cant get on the internet, she said hey that's a great idea, we got chatting more and she asked if i had a girl friend
i told her no and she replied thats a shame but would i like to go to a party with her on the weekend i said sure that would be great she asked if her dad paid me for setting up the wireless, i said no, she said there and paused for a few seconds.
she lent forward just enough so i could see her glistening cleavage and asked what would i like for payment stunned i stuttered um..... um..... iam not sure "how about i hook up and one of my friends up" she whispered "um ... how about you and me hook up" i cheekily replied "hmmmm maybe" she whispered she leaned forward even move her towel barely covering her nipples now, i looked her up and down to see if i could get a cheeky look at her pussy but it was covered up by the towel "like what you see" she asked, i replied sure but i wouldn't mind seeing more of that stunning body of yours i couldn't help but notice you sun bathing earlier" she giggled and whispered "if you play your cards right you might just get your wish" with that she gave me a little kiss on the lips and left a little bit of her spit on my lips for me to taste, gave me a cheeky wink and said "i will see you later handsome" with that i left not wanting to push my luck, ran in to my room and pinched myself to see if i was dreaming.

hope ya like this will update more later
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good start
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Waitin for ur update mate