for my friend

This piece was for a friend a few years back. I wonder how she is.

As my eyes finally open, my body is sending so many different signals to my
brain. I am not sure if I feel pain from my toes to the ends of the
strands of my hair, or is my body just so tired from the past twelve hours
that physical exhaustion is disguising how I really feel. Never has my body
been put through the wringer like last night.
And now my world has changed because I don't think I can ever go back.
What she has done, to me, I have needed for so long. I just hope and pray
that she will keep me. Even as exhausted as I am, the soreness that I feel
in my orifices, the redness of the bite marks still visible on my swollen
breasts. I hurt physically, but I am ready for more as soon as she tells

The scary part is that we have known each other for many years, co-workers
who have shared the same ups and downs of men, k**s and a career. We have
drank wine together to relieve the stress of a long day at work. I thought
I knew her, maybe she thought that she knew me and to both of our surprises
we now really know my need to be submissive and her desire to dominate. We
have discussed men in the past, sharing some intimate details, certainly
she knew my love of sucking cock and I remember her telling me about how
she loves to ride on top over her mount, the best way for her to cum. I
wonder if I ever shared my anal desires, did she guess or was that feminine
intuition. Well I am quite sure that we never talked about how I always
wanted a man or men for that matter to grab me, bend me over stick their
cocks deep in my puss. She knows now, that I need to be taken, and holy
fuck, she took all of me last night.

And now she sl**ps beside me, restful, petite, toned, lithe muscles. One
would not know her strength like I do. I need to rest as well because I
know that when she wakes, as promised, she will want more from me, more
tongue, more pussy, more of my ass, more of my tits, more of me to do what
she wants. And all I want to do is please her, she makes me, for the
first time in so long, content and fulfilled.

Drifting off to sl**p my pussy feels the tingle as I recall last nights
adventure. Yesterday, I dressed for success, wearing my red short skirt,
sheer blouse and matching red jacket, my favorite hose with imprinted roses
and a seam up the back of my leg. My garters barely hidden under my skirt
and my thong riding between my cheeks. Finishing off my legs were an open
toe red high heel. Doing my make up, looking at my fancy black bra, I
thought I looked hot, I felt hot! Why today? I mused while applying
mascara, what made today different? Well the munchkin was staying at my
parents and him, him, him, was now a month gone and not coming back. Time
to get on with things. But knowing me, I needed someone, my toys just were
not enough.

Work started out typically although I felt the stares of the other ladies
in the room. I love to dress sexy, I loved the stares but wondered if
perhaps I had pushed the dress code a little to far. The bitch boss hated
my flaunting, jealous I guess. A busy day, I mostly lost myself in work
although I still felt a pair of eyes on me. I caught her staring at me,
most would turn their head and pretend they weren't checking out my tits or
legs. This time Julie just kept staring back with a crooked little sly
smile. She unnerved me a bit as this continued on through the morning,
catching her eyes. MY mind began to wander and work became secondary to
her stares, soon my head was hiding behind the partition as the stares
continued. My computer brought me back from my little trance, announcing a
message for me. My breath inhaled
as I saw the note from Jules across the room, "Hi hon, want to do lunch
with me today? You look great today!"

Of course I typed 'Yes" immediately and thanked her for the comments, she
chose a close restaurant that had nice salads and booths for more privacy.
I should have felt more relaxed but Julie kept her eyes glued in my
direction, they seemed more intense today, almost looking right through me
and they kept me uncomfortable. I knew there was something going on but
didn't really understand. Our lunch break finally came and she was at my
desk telling me to hurry, she was hungry. Jules presence was close as we
walked out of the office, she seemed rushed and tugged at my hand pulling
me along. Slowly I was realizing, as she decided where we should sit, that
I was just following her, and this confirmed when she ordered our lunch.
When our waitress left, Jules looked across the booth at me, the same eyes
as earlier in the day, piercing me, forcing me to look down.
Finally she spoke, not in her usual sweet tones. I felt her hisss across
the table, "Miche, you look fucking hot today!, did you dress to tease me
I was a little shocked at her directness but tried to shoot right back
somewhat haughtily, "Of course, Jules, but today I don't wanna tease, I need
to get fucked, its been weeks" I have always had a sewer mouth but hearing
Jules was surprising and exciting.
"How badly do you need it, is it a hard cock you want or will your hand do
the job?" she replied. Very quickly, today with the early stares and now
the language, I knew Jules had something planned. I felt the electric spark
as her stocking foot began to rub my foot and her eyes continued to bore
into me.
"You know I love a hard...." I started but she quietened me sternly with a
'shhhhh, I know what you need' and her foot now rubbed the back of my calf,
wrapped around my leg. My pussy was responding to her touch and I started
to look around to see if we were being watched and just as quick she pulled
her foot away and told me to pay attention to her. My eyes back on hers,
she brought her foot back to my leg, this time rising high up my leg and
parting my thighs slightly. I was trying to figure out how long her legs
were as her foot came closer to my pussy. I started to scrunch forward to
meet her foot and when her toes touched my thong I felt a jolt of
electricity shoot through me. Mmmm, where was this going I was thinking,
my eyes closing and snap! away went her foot again.

"Miche, this is how this is going to work. Your pussy is wet, my toes
could feel it, you don't just need a cock anymore, you need to cum, and I
now that you need to cum soon"

I felt my head automatically nodding still looking in her eyes. "Do you
want me to make you cum, would you like my toes back in your pussy? Of
course you do, I can see it in your face, but I know about your slutty
ways, you always need to cum."

God! the way she said sssslutty, just like a snake would, her words made me

"Tell you what Miche, take off your panties, take them off quick, before
our food gets here and my foot will back in your pussy"

As I was calculating the distance to the ladies room and checking where our
waitress was, Jules stopped me and said, "oh no Miche, take them off here!
And don't take your eyes off of me"

Fuck, I thought, but she must have know that I would. Staring at Jules, I
saw her lips became tight as my hands reached under my already hiked up
skirt. I saw her breathing become shallow as my hips rose and I slipped
the g-string out of the crack of my ass and under my cheeks. Her face had
reddened a bit, and her eyes continued to bore into me. Reaching down,
slipping my feet out of the wet garment I see her own tits rising and
falling, and I am intrigued, hmm.

Rising up to my sitting position, the damp thong is in a ball in my fist,
"Mich, just leave those on the table, by the napkins" and true to her word
her foot is is snaking back between my legs which open all by themselves.

"Fuck" I say to myself, in part because her toe just touched my slit, and
of course because I open my hand and let my underwear fall through my
fingers. And her comes the waitress with our food. This should be

Briefly I lean back and look at Jules toes flicking back and forth, pretty
painted toes, I scoot a little forward making a grab for her foot, partly
to protect from the glancing waitress standing over us and because I wanted
to ram her toes up my cunt. And there lying on the table is my pretty G.
That waitress can't be twenty yet, perfect with her name tag Cindy, and she
pauses staring at my stained underwear. She must be able to smell me,
either from the underwear or the scent coming from under the table.

Julie grabs the garment, and ever so slowly, glancing form me to our
waitress, places them under her nose inhaling deeply, and finally, presses
them into the waitress hand and whispers, "Cindy, a small tip for you, keep
these for another time but please make sure we have some privacy for a

Holy crap, where did Jules get these balls, usually she had been so
reserved and now today, she controls everything and everyone around her.
Cindy smiles an can only give a breathy 'uh huh'.

"Well Michelle, you have been good and for sure you deserve something, want
my foot back? Do you want my little toes back playing with your wet slit.
Come on Michelle, ask for it and I,ll stick my whole foot in you. Tell me
Mich' she hisses again, 'you want it?'"

"Yes Jules, I love your foot playing with me, please fuck me with it!"
What a lunch so far, not even touching my food I concentrate on Jules toes
squirming into me, wiggling back and forth and a puddle has formed under my
ass. God, she just keeps staring at me as I get closer and closer to
cumming. And off in the distance while trying to control my breath, I go
over the top and see young Cindy Lou staring at my pleasure.

As quick as I have cum, Jules voice brings me back to reality, harshly she
tells me to get my shit together, lunch is over. I think I may have made
her mad, watching Cindy and not her. Jules pays the bill, grabs my arm and
e****ts me out of the diner. Back in the bright sunlight, somewhat dizzy
from the orgasm and now the bright light, although hot out, my pussy feels
cool with the wind literally blowing up my skirt.

"Michelle, first you please me, then you disappoint me. I think you need
some more attention, more training, I give you an orgasm and you embarrass
me by staring at that little waitress girl. Tonight girl, after work, your
coming to my place, for the night, we have work to do"

I try to apologize, still a little unsure of what, but I feel that need to
make her like me again, trust me again. But she is not listening now and
drops me off at my desk, telling me, "Your pussy is hot Miche, I am going
to make it hotter tonight, but you have to do your part. Keep your hands
off of yourself, no touching, I want your eyes only on me this afternoon,
no looking at other girls or hot guys, me only. Do this Michelle, and you
will get all you need."

I must be practically drooling as she glides away to her desk, her ass
swaying, just for me in those tight pants. How the hell am I going to not
touch myself? Fuck, this will be a long afternoon.

And it was, with gentle but firm reminders sent over the computer to me,
"Don't touch", Look at me", and 'Thanks for lunch, I am still hungry, are
you?" Later in the day, still only would I glance her way, the messages
became clearer, "Have you recovered?, "Still hot down there?", and " Get
ready to play girl!?

Our shift was almost over, I had to defend of some of the queries from
others in the room, wondering what my problem was today. Hmm, could I tell
the boss, 'my pussy is hot and Jules made it that way', not likely.

I had been to Julie's before, like i said, wine after work, she did have a
hot tub and I wondered if I would get to use that tonight. As instructed,
I left work in my car, drove the store to pick up some wine and promptly
rang her door at 7pm. Still I might add, with no underwear. Apparently
that wasn't going to matter, Julie opened the door half naked, a black
corset, pushing up her bare tits, forcing the nipples out, right at me.
Julie laughed something about keeping my eyes on her now.

I forgot to really wonder about this moment, so much thinking of the scene
at lunch, even a little about young Cindy. What would happen when we were
alone in her house. Would we kiss, passionately, lips and tongues? Again
Jules brought me out of my reverie, "Get those clothes off Mich, you'll
weat no fucking clothes while in this house." So much for the passion, off
comes my jacket, her eyes watching from the couch. Should I do a sultry
dance for her? "Hurry up!" she cracks. Off comes my blouse and I reach
for my bra clasp, pushing my tits out for her to appreciate. They feel
free and heavy and my nipples are pointed, surprisingly, right at her. She
shows no emotion except perhaps some impatience. Off comes my skirt, left
with just stockings garters and heels.

'Play with those tits girl, rub them hard" Nothing like rubbing tits after
a long day, but in front of Julie was obviously new, and even I felt some
nervous shame as sheer peered on.

"Did you like you lunch Michelle? are you ready to follow my rules?"

I could only nod affirmative.

"Good, fucking good" she cooed, as she stood and with long even strides
closed the distance between us. Tracing the back of her hand, up and down
my side, whispering in my ear, "You are such a slut, but a good one, I
hope. Obedient?" her hand barely touching my breast as I stood feeling oh
so vulnerable. I dare not move while goose bumps formed on goose bumps.
You are my slut tonight Michelle, I will give only what you
deserve" and SLAP, right across my ass cheek. "Follow me little slut" as
she strides away, dumbfounded at her language, fuck, and watching her ass
sway, remembering her earlier in her pants, now naked, sache away. I
almost trip over myself running to catch up with her. I hear a little
laugh from her, and, "Do you like my ass Michelle? Good, it needs some
attention tonight!"

Off to her bedroom and en suite, she lounges down on her bed, "Miche, my
pet, see my toes, your pussy juice ruined my polish, grab my files and
polish and fix them, both feet dear." Well I love polishing my feet, and
Jules knows this, maybe this is her passionate side?

Naked I delve into her feet, Jules relaxes, as I fix them up in a pretty
pink shade. Satisfied I think, as I clean up her kit, she rubs her feet up
and down my arm and brushing my breast. "Nice work, Miche, kiss them, love
them, I know you love feet. Love my feet slut."

Hers are beautiful, small with a very high arch, and toes that I am drawn
to. My lips slowly separate and my tongue sneaks out lovingly, licking
under her toes and down the arch. I think she is ticklish but has amazing
self control. More them I! Changing feet I remember where this foot has
been, up my pussy, I struggle to smell a faint scent of me, imagining I
left some of my juice on her. Jules enjoys my lips and tongue and
encourages them up her calves, behind her knees and into her inner
thighs. Grabbing and lifting my head, her eyes piercing into me, "Do it
right Miche, Lick my pussy, lick it hard, make me cum, taste me, you owe

I lean in further blowing lightly on her wisps of pubic hair, light in
colour and thin barely hiding her swollen lips. God I can smell her,
sweet, it has been a long time since I have had y head between another
woman's legs. But it must be like riding a bike, and I rode a lot in my
younger days. I aim to please and my tongue reaches out to her folds,
slowly, gently, licking south to north. Quickly finding her clit and just
as quick, backing off. back into her inner folds and drawing out her sweet
nectar. God she tastes good, ohh how I missed this. Jules guides my
head, holding on while her dirty mouth encourages me further.

"Fuck, slut, get in there, keep licking, fuck ya, there, that is good,
deeper with your tongue, mmmm, suck it up, fuck, slut you are good. I knew
you did this before. Keep going, my clit, my clit,,,lick i t, play with
it,,,,mmmmm fuck...

Jules hips started to bounce and I wrapped my arms around her legs to hold
on. MY tongue kept diving in, getting tire and my nose, I am sure was
rubbing her clit. One cum, she kept going, two cums, she wanted more,
three cums, she pushed my head away and lay rested.

My mouth hurt, my tongue hurt, my neck hurt, my arms hurt, and I felt
bliss, as I knew I made her feel good. I was proud. Apparently, Pride is
a sin.

Miche, draw my bath`` came a quiet although firm voice.

My pleasure mam,`` I offered in return

She looked lovely in the bath, I rubbed her shoulders an back. With a
sponge I washed back, side and underarms when she prompted me with raised
arms. Finally she leaned back and offered her gorgeous tits for me to
service. `Use your lips Miche, they are soft, I love your lips, wash my
tits and nips with your lips and tongue.

How beautiful I felt to lean over the tub and let my tongue trail over her
tits, first one then the other. Finally brave enough to wrap my lips arond
her hard nipples and suck. Hearing her catch her breath brought me joy.
More and more, the more I pleased her, the better I felt. Sadly, just as i
was really starting to get into some harder sucking, she stops me, rises up
and demands her towel. Obligingly her, I pat her down, getting to feel all
of her through the towel. Drying her bum, I recall her comment about her
ass needing a lot of attention tonight, what does that mean.

Jules, or Mam as I am beginning to think of her, suggests I take a shower
and meet her in the room afterwords. Using the shower wand, I clean
everywhere, directing the jets over my mound and between my cheeks, right
on my little bud. My fingers wander down to my snatch and I begin to rub
one out. Quickly my fingers dig in while the spray sends tingles over my
ass. Fuck, thinking about the day so far and what is to (cum), I let my
eyes close, my hand knows the way around my pussy, mmm, such images of
Jules, errr I mean Mam and even Cindy fills the back of my head.

"What the fuck are you doing, who told you to play with your kitty, not me,
God, you can't stop can you?" The water turned cold, a hard slap across
my ass but her harsh words hurt most. Grabbing my arm and pulling me from
the shower I was lead back to the room, where I quickly noticed the toys
spread all over her bed. Jules pushed me down, naked, still wet. Feeling
all the rubber, the phallic, the metal, I had to hide my excitement for fear
Jules think I was mocking her. But I knew, as bad as I may have been,
these toys were meant for me. They were here to fill me, to stretch me, to
pinch me and Ma'am was going to spend the night fucking me silly.
Sometimes, I thought, it is good to be bad.
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2 years ago
Love it. Made me rock hard.
2 years ago
Submission is best
3 years ago
i am not a fan of girl on girl but still that was damned hot and very well written! good job!
4 years ago
wonderfully excellent very hot
4 years ago
Very nice, Sir, honestly...:)
4 years ago
Thank you Linda, I will try!!