A Fantasy of Mine

Coming home from work I find my wife Laura and her friend Izzy home alone. Coming in and hanging up my coat Laura smiles her sexy smile at me but says nothing. Izzy is playing the role of wife. She comes gives me a kiss and a hug and tell me to go have a shower and dinner will be in half an hour. Heading up the stairs I strip off and head into the shower. A couple of minutes later I hear the door open and close then the shower curtain opens. Thinking its Laura I grab her and kiss her when suddenly I feel wet hands on my head and a big pair of tits pressing into my chest. Izzy!!! Realising what had happened I apologised and tried to get out of the shower. Before I could move Izzy was on her knees looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. With my cock instantly hard, Izzy started sucking and licking my cock then taking it all the way, my balls against her chin, all the time she never broke eye contact. Suddenly she got up and out of the shower, turned and winked at me and towelled herself down. “Are you mad!!? What if Laura finds out?”
“She suggested it” Izzy replied smiling mischievously at me.
“Wait till later”
Feeling more than awkward, I dressed and headed downstairs to find the girls dressed in their going out clothes. I proceeded to lay the table and all the time couldn’t help but look at Izzy and her eyes, let alone what happened minutes earlier. A couple of hours later sat watching TV; suddenly Izzy looks at Laura and says
“Shall we?”
Standing up they both stripped off then once completely naked my wife suddenly tells Izzy to swallow my cock. Obediently she does as Laura says and kneels in front of me and slowly undoes my jeans and pulls them down to my ankles. Freeing my throbbing cock. Kissing and licking the swollen tip of my cock, Izzy takes my cock deep in her mouth as she looks up at me all the time her eyes never breaking looking at mine. While enjoying this I’m witnessing a side to Laura totally unknown to me.
“Deeper! All the way Izzy! I want you to swallow his load!”
Sucking hard, Izzy didn’t have to wait for my first load. Grunting I unloaded over Izzy’s face watching as she let it run down her face onto her massive 40 JJ tits!
“Rich! Eat Izzy’s cunt now! Make her cum over your face”
Lying back on the sofa, legs apart I kneel between them and begin flicking my tongue over Izzy’s clit, amazed how wet her shaved pussy was. Licking and probing my tongue deep into her, Izzy moaning and squeaking as my tongue did the work making her cum. As she did she squirted her pussy juice over my face and so I kept licking and tonguing making Izzy have more orgasms! All this time Laura was sat in a chair with her newest toy and fucking herself with it.
“Fuck her pussy Rich! Make that wet pussy take your hard cock and make her moan like the whore she is!” quicker than I could blink, Izzy was bent over the sofa holding herself open for my hard cock. Sliding into her, Izzy cums almost instantly as I slide my hard cock deep into her dripping wet pussy resting my balls against her clit. Long slow deep thrusts soon get Izzy grunting as she rubs her clit as my cock slides in and out of her.
“Fuck me harder!” moans Izzy. Speeding up I do as she asks and fuck her wet pussy harder and faster making her huge tits swing, orgasm building up in us both.
Suddenly Izzy tenses, her pussy gripping my cock as I shoot my load deep inside her.
“Don’t stop! Keep going!”
So I do. Hammering her sticky, wet pussy with my cock, my balls slapping against her clit, it wasn’t long before she came again, panting and whimpering as she squirts over my balls.
“Clean him Izzy. I want fucking like that!”
Turning and kneeling down Izzy licks my cock and balls clean while she continues to rub her clit.
Now clean Izzy orders Laura to straddle my hard cock. Obeying she sits down onto my hard cock and beginning to ride my cock, her tits in front of me so I begin to lick and suck them as she sinks lower and lower onto my cock.
“Right Laura you bitch now you do as I say!”
Nodding as she rode closer to orgasm, Izzy Snaps at Laura to ride me reverse cowgirl. Obediently she does as told leaning into me as she sinks down onto my hard cock. Reaching down Izzy starts to rub Laura’s clit. That was it! Laura arched her back as she was hit with a huge orgasm squirting over my cock and balls.
“Take her from behind!” barked Izzy so bending over I knelt being=d Laura and slid into her wet waiting pussy.
“Now fuck your bitch hard like you did me!” said Izzy as she sat and watched me fuck my wife hard and deep. After a few mins I grunted as I filled her pussy with hot spunk triggering her to another orgasm. Still fucking Laura hard and deep, Izzy passed me the tube of KY and told me to fuck Laura’s tight ass as she wanted to hear her squeal. Slowing down I squeeze some lube onto Laura’s asshole and begin to slide my thumb into her ass.
“Go on then. Fuck my ass then you bastard!” whispered my wife. Angling myself to enter her I pushed my cock to her lubed ass and begin to push. Suddenly with a faint wet pop my cock disappeared into Laura’s ass.
“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed before grunting as I begin to slide my cock in and out of her tight ass.
“Go on! Harder! Make the bitch squeal!” demanded Izzy.
Looking at my wife she nodded and whimpered as I began to fuck her ass harder and deeper. All the time Laura whimpering, squealing and grunting as I hammer her ass. Before long it’s too much and I unload into Laura’s tight ass making her moan and cum before I pull out and start wanking over her pussy and ass quickly Cumming again, my spunk dripping out of her pussy and ass.
Smiling Izzy said
“That’s enough for now. Time for a shower.” So off we went.

It’s a fantasy and names have been changed.


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