The Humiliation of Mysticemmy Pt3

Having ran for what she felt was hours, Mysticemmy crept into her room so not to give away which room she entered as she heard the 3 couples, Jake and Tanya walk past her door talking loudly but not enough so Mysticemmy could make out what they were saying. Creeping back to her bed, oblivious to the amount of spunk and pussy juice covering her and how wet her pussy and as were from the fresh humiliation. Noticing Jeni in her bed, Mysticemmy couldn’t help but feel compelled to curl into Jeni. With barely a sigh they were asl**p. Suddenly Mysticemmy awoke to find a hand over her mouth, face down while someone entered her from behind! Her head spinning but aware of the large member stretching her wet pussy, thrusting deep into her. Moaning with pleasure and a slight twinge of pain, Mysticemmy became aware of the fact she was being watched. The couples who burst in on her being fucked by Tanya and Jake who were also there watching silently. Along with Tanya, there were 3 women all with wigs on. Red, Blue and Green. All wearing huge strapon’s. Mysticemmy became aware she couldn’t move. Her hands and legs chained to the bed spread-eagled and open for all to view and abuse. The wigged women went first. Each heading to one of Mysticemmy’s holes and started to thrust the huge strapon.s into her. Suddenly panicking, Mysticemmy tried to fight off the strapon’s but not having much luck she gave in as the first slid into her wet pussy all the way to the hilt, the next prodding at her tight ass and with a wet pop, Mysticemmy squealed as it entered her deep and hard only to have the squeal silenced midway as the final strapon entered her mouth gagging her. Relentlessly the wigged women fucked Mysticemmy’s holes mercilessly eventually making her scream and squirm as orgasm after orgasm hit her. After her third orgasm the wigged women changed around one hole and began fucking Mysticemmy harder and faster making her squeak and moan and eventually whimper as she was starting to get very sore. Suddenly one of the men clicked his fingers and at once, the wigged women stopped and stood along a wall watching Mysticemmy helpless and fucked sore. The men on the other hand started lubing their cocks and replaced the strapon’s as their hard throbbing cocks. Mysticemmy liked this as much more natural feeling of a throbbing cock inside her. Of course they started pounding her holes very hard very deep and very fast. 2 minutes and Mysticemmy was on the verge of a huge orgasm when she felt an odd feeling………………. Red wigged woman was trying to get her strapon into Mysticemmy's pussy already filled by a huge cock. Suddenly the men stopped and Red wigged woman managed to enter Mysticemmy’s pussy with a hard cock already in it. Suddenly red and the men started fucking again…….slowly and deeply making Mysticemmy grunt and whimper as they thrust deeper and harder. All this happening while Mysticemmy has a hard cock in her ass and her mouth sucking and deepthroating for all she is worth silently loving the humiliation and abuse and absolutely nothing she can do about it other than to receive it and enjoy. After another ten minutes, green wigged woman joins the thrall of bodies all fucking Mysticemmy and along with the cock and strapon in her pussy and now cock and another strapon trying to enter her ass. “No” moans Mysticemmy having managed to pull away from the cock that has been filling her mouth. “No fair that’s ahhhhhhhhh” as green wigged woman pounds Mysticemmy’s ass hard to make her squeal. Getting to a point of passing out Mysticemmy hears the click of fingers again and, bracing herself for whatever next, waits only to find that all cocks and strapon’s are removed and she is untied. Rolling onto her back she rubs her face. When she moves her hands 2 hard cocks are pushed into her mouth and fill her mouth with hot spunk forcing Mysticemmy to swallow two loads in one. But there was far too much spunk for her to swallow so it dribbled down her cheeks!! Then as quickly as they arrived, they were gone. Mysticemmy wondering what was going on next……………………………They returned with a blindfold and dog collar and lead. Two of the wigged women grabbed Mysticemmy by her arms while Jake put the collar and lead around her neck while Tanya waited for him so she could tie the blindfold and surprise!...... a ball gag. This done Mysticemmy is then lead by the collar naked and dripping with spunk from her mouth over her tits, her hands bound behind her, along the corridor to the hotel foyer where guest and new arrivals jeered and shouted abuse at her. WHORE! SLUT! BITCH! SLAPPER! Among the names shouted at her. Mysticemmy was starting to get so aroused by it. Suddenly scooped up off her feet and dumped into the back seat of a vehicle. Some time later, Mysticemmy was awoken having fallen asl**p while travelling. Mysticemmy is dragged out by the collar onto cold marble. Somehow Mysticemmy realised there was no wind, no sound other than the footsteps but she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched. A sudden jerk on the collar made Mysticemmy stumble before being dragged up two flights of stairs and then her wrists being cuffed.
“Great” thought Mysticemmy “I’m being hung out to dry” suddenly the blindfold was removed and Mysticemmy gasped. As she was tied on a balcony above a huge room full of men and women looking at her silently as Red and Green wigged women tied her feet into stirrups. Smiling to herself, Mysticemmy knew what was next. Her pussy starting to get very wet. All of a sudden the Audience started to form a line on both sides of the balcony where they proceeded to line up in front of Mysticemmy where the male half started stroking their cocks and the women lined up swearing and hurling abuse at her when all of a sudden ten loads of cum flew at her over her face, in her mouth, over her tits. Then the women started spitting at Mysticemmy as the next ten guys appeared in front of her stroking their hard cocks and another ten women lined up to spit at her and hurl abuse as Mysticemmy is splattered with cum from all directions relentlessly from all directions for the next 2 hours. This done the lights went out and the Audience disappeared quietly and left Mysticemmy to be found by others. The first thing Mysticemmy remembered as she awoke still cuffed, was the crowd of strangers staring at her. Some of the women in awe, some in disgust. Most of the men couldn’t keep their eyes off Mysticemmys’s huge tits and the spunk and spit dripping off them! Slowly no one seemed to care she was in that state until Mysticemmy began to recognise faces as people she knew, worked with, grew up with, even an ex of hers saw her smiled and carried on about his business leaving Mysticemmy to go red with embarrassment and her holes to throb as she was so helpless and humiliated all she could do was wait for someone to untie her………………………………………….

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3 years ago
very naughtythat is alot of people to get in one place at one time