Facial therapy

Jodi is a couples ther****t I have been seeing for several weeks my fiancé and I are having some issues we need to work through and she thought i would benefit by seeing Jodi. It doesn't hurt that she is an attractive women ,she is full figured ,shoulder length black hair, glasses. She always wears high heels sometimes I can see her toes I can tell she likes pedacures. Her tits are nice size she always wears professional clothes showing just enough skin to be sexy.
jodi-So why dont you tell me your turn ons ,what gets you aroused ,and we go from there.
Dave-you sure you want to hear them even if it may be rather graphic?
Jodi has her legs crossed she is wearing a white summer dress with black open toe high heels (fuck me pumps). here toes are painted red. she has a light tan that really stands out against her dress she is also showing a nice amount of cleavage.
Dave-well when i look at a women i start with feet if she has her toes done, what kinda heels is she wearing wearing, the kinda pantys she has on does she shave or trim her pussy ,what kinda toys does she have, how often does she masturbate. I love watching a woman masturbate.
But what really gets my cock hard is cumming on a woman's face.I look jodi right in the eye as i say this. Shooting my load into her hair, seeing my cum get in her eyes knowing it will burn and her eyes will get red. I want a woman who will get on her knees and ask me to cum on her face and while i take out my cock she starts to undress and playing with herself. and after I'm done i don't want her running to the bathroom to wash it off i want her to rub it in to her skin and lick as much cum off her fingers off her tits and get as much in her mouth as she can.
Jodi doesn't say anything just writes something down .She is bouncing one of her crossed legs. her shoe is dangling by her toes. and my cock is so hard I feel i may cum in my jeans.
Jodi- Does Karen let you cum on her face? (karen is girlfriend)
Dave-noooo she says it is degrading.
Jodi-so do you ever get what you need
Dave-no, sometime i get so frustrated and horny i go into bathroom and stroke my cock thinking about just grabbing her by her hair forcing her to her knees and fucking her face making her gag on my cock till tears are rolling down her eyes then before i cum I pull my cock out of her mouth and spit on her face then cum all over her face.
What Jodi does next catches me by surprise
she sets her note pad down next to her,puts her hands on her knees running them up and down her thighs showing morse skin then she probably should .She takes deep breath that push her tits out ward i can see her nipples are hard.
Jodi- you are my last patient and you have about 20 min left. will you cum on my face?
And before I can react she slumps back into the couch and spreads her legs pulling her dress up to her waist taking her thumbs and hooking her white bikini pantys slides them down, raising her legs exposing her pussy to me. It is all shaved but for a little thin line on her pubic bone. she lays down on couch her head at one end one leg hangs over side of couch foot on the floor the other is pulled up to her chest she is spread wide figering her pussy i get up and i walk to the end of the couch were her head is she looks up at me i take her head In my hands and drool a wad of spit right on to her forehead it runs down into her eye lid and side of her face. Thank you come from her lips. i take my cock out and rub the tip along her forehead
whipping the precum on her i stroke my cock rubbing it on her face as she fingers her pussy several time she takes her fingers out to suck them.
i take a fist full of her hair and pull her to the floor and have her kneel in front of me. as she open her mouth to receive my cock i lean in and spit in her mouth this time . Now i push her head down on to my cock i fuck her mouth for as long as i can stand it when i finally cum i shoot several shots that land mostly on her face and hair on lands on floor she takes my cock and smears it all over her face she then looks to floor were my cum landed
she leans down and licks it up off the hard wood floor she then sit on her ass leaning back on one hand knees pulled up and she starts to masturbate again I'm still hard and i keep stroking and after a few min i dump anther load this time it goes on side of her face and into her hair and eye. after she cum again she just lays on the floor i put my cock back in my pants i lean down next to her i take out my cell phone and i take pic of her beautiful cum covered face ,she smiles. as i get up to leave she says same time next week. yes i say.

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