The Mansion (Chapter 7)

Chapter VII

He: When you wake up the next morning you are still in the same position, cuddled up next to me as far as the ropes will allow you to. You notice I am already awake and watching you. You want to say something, but the rope through your mouth gets in the way. I smile and kiss you.

"Save your breath. I understand you. No need to explain. Let's get started. Today will be a very, very special day for you and there is a lot of work to be done." I lift you and take you to the bathroom where I wash you completely. None of the ropes are removed. All ropes are adjusted again, now bringing them to maximum tension. Some of that feels good, some of it makes things more difficult. Your ability to breathe for example is now limited and you are being f***ed to concentrate on it. It takes you over ten minutes to make it to the living room and when you get there you are already sweating again. You smell hot coffee and see me enjoying breakfast. There is nothing you can do but sit next to me and for what is about to happen. The impact of suddenly not being allowed to eat after several days of relative luxury is quite severe and makes you feel very dependent and increases the effects of your restraints. I take my time to finish breakfast, caress your hair every now and then in the way I would caress a dog that is sitting next to me. You feel very, very small and would want to crawl on my lap and push yourself against me as close as you can.

After breakfast you are carried to the training area and put on your knees in the middle of the room. Again some of the ropes are tightened and a few more ropes are wrapped around your body, some in exactly the same way as the others are and some - longer ones this time, interconnecting all others in a very complicated pattern you do not quite understand. A beam is lowered from the ceiling. Two ropes are connected to the rope under your armpits and tied to the beam. Then your are suspended, bringing up about a yard off the floor. This is amazing. You expect extreme stress, but to bondage fully supports you. There is no real extra pressure and you feel more or less weightless, like caught in a net, now hanging from the ceiling, swinging in free air, unable to move and unable to change your situation. The rope between your legs is untied.

You feel my hands doing something around your anus. Something is inserted and suddenly it feels like you are being filled. It takes a while, then it hits you. This is an enema. You cringe as the warm fluid flows into you body. It feels like a gallon, even though it is little over an ounce of warm milk that is being pumped in very slowly. When it is all in, the tube is taken out and replaced by a considerable plug. Your eyes are taped. "I am sure you have seen pictures of Japanese bondage in combination with enemas?"
"Yes Sir." Talking is difficult now. "And did you ever understand the purpose of these enemas?"
"No Sir, not really."
"I thought so. Well I can tell you that within the next twenty or so minutes your respect for these Japanese subs will increase dramatically once you have experienced what you are about to. I will leave you for a while. You will do whatever you can to hold the enema in, no matter how painful. Do you understand me?" "Yes Sir." Already you feel the sickening pressure building up as you hear my footsteps leave. Soon it seems there is nothing else on this earth but your stomach. You are starting to sweat intensely as the pressure builds and builds and the cramps start to come. It becoming increasingly difficult as the urge to relief yourself grows and you start to pray for my return. Then you panic. You hear the door open and you hear a lot of different footsteps entering the room."Noooo!!!!" You cry out in complete panic. "No please, please don’t. I ...... I couldn’t." But there is no escape. I place a very large bowl under you and stand aside of you.
"Remember what I told you about giving up everything Alexus. Really everything." With these words I pull out the plug.
"Noooooooo!" A long, desperate cry escapes your throat and you feel like you die as the first load flows out. You can not even try to describe the shame and the humiliation you feel as you empty yourself, hanging helplessly from the ceiling, unable to stop it. The sounds of air escaping from your intestines, the smell, the feeling of fluid and whatever else flowing down, hearing it falling into the bowl. The world spins. There are people watching you. I lay my hand on your belly and squeeze your bladder. Now urine starts to flow as well. You cry uncontrollably in sheer despair, unable to do anything. You're panicking, hyperventilating and almost fainting. Nothing compares to such intense humiliation. There is nothing left anymore. Your personality is broken, totally degraded. You hear the footsteps leave the room as the final drips fall out.
"Don't leave me," you cry. "Don't leave me."
"I won't", you hear me say and you feel me washing you and after that putting the rope back in place. Then I wrap my arms around your waist and press you close against me. You are shivering, sweating, desperately fighting for breath. Your throat feels cramped. Panic hits you again. You can't breathe. Holding you firmly I press my chest against you and start to breathe deeply and slowly. "Listen to my breathing Alexus. Listen and feel. Stay with me. Concentrate."
It doesn't help. "Concentrate slave!" I slap your face. The sudden command and the pain work instantly. Your breathing calms down, your throat opens up.
"Thank you Sir," you stammer, whispering. Then the sobbing starts again. Long, deep and intense. All the time I hold you, press you against me and let it come out.
"How does that feel Alexus."
"I am nothing anymore," you stammer, heavily handicapped by the rope between your teeth. "There is nothing anymore."
"Well, that's exactly what we want. Now listen to me carefully. I am taking away your identity. You will no longer have a name. You'll be just A and you'll be whatDavid and I want you to be. Do you understand that?"
"I think so, Sir." Extra ropes are tied to your ankles and connected to the beam. You are now hanging belly down.

"You will now be left alone A,. for a long time. You will just hang here until I want to use you again." A final kiss and then I leave you. You are left like this for hours and hours. Your mind rages - totally unable to cope with the situation and the extreme emotions. You can not think clear. Swinging back and forward every now hand then, just hanging here like a piece of meat, a toy that can be used you are unable to concentrate or bring some sort of line into your thoughts. All you know/feel/think is that you want to be left like this, unable to explain it. Finally you even fall asl**p for a few hours, totally overcome by your emotions and emotionally drained. You do not even hear me enter the room again. You have no idea but it is evening now. You wake up from your trance/sl**p when my hand touches you.

"What's your name?"
"I no longer have a name Sir. I am just called A," you whisper softly and an intense, warm, unexplained feeling flows through your body.
"And what is it you want most now, A?"
"I am not sure Sir. I think feeling you."
"Would you be prepared to give yourself to me now?"
"Oh yes Sir, Yes please Sir."
"Good, then show me how much you are prepared to take for me."
"Yes, Sir ... yes please."
"What I am about to ask you to do is both dangerous and very difficult. You will need to fully concentrate and follow my instructions to the letter and immediately. Do you think you can do that?"
"Yes Sir, ask me anything you want Sir. Please make me feel I am pleasing you."
"Ok, we are going to be a team in this A." I unfasten the ropes that connect your shoulders to the beam. As a result you now hang upside down. You are hoisted until your head is close to my head. I untie the ropes on your hair and it falls down. Very gently and most of all precisely it is brushed and tied into a tail in the exact middle of your head. You have no idea what this is for, but the care and precision take your breath away, knowing something spectacular must be about to happen soon. A rope is being tied to the end of the tail. You can not see it but you can somehow feel exactly what is going on. The rope is connected to the beam and then you are hoisted a bit further. Supporting you with one hand I untie the ropes that connect your ankles to the beam and very, very carefully start to bring them down, until you are in my arms. Then you are lowered, bit by bit. Very gently, very carefully.
"Now this is very important A. Keep as still as you can. Don't make a sound, no matter what happens. One wrong move and you'll be scalped by your own weight."

The unthinkable happens. You are lowered further and then my arms disappear. The pain is intense. The strain can not be described. But neither can the feeling. You are actually hanging by your hair. Your body is slowly spinning in free air. You do not even dare to breathe. The world disappears. If you ever thought you knew what subspace was, that is nothing compared to what is happening now. It feels like time is no longer important, nothing is. Just the thought of me watching you as you hang here is what counts. Hanging like ..... like what. You don't even know. Then you feel me untying the rope between your legs. My arms wrap around your waist and I lift you, taking the pressure off and at the same time penetrating you. Your vagina folds around and contracts immediately. I let you fall back a little bit, bringing part of the pressure back on your hair. Then my hips start to move.
You don't talk. You can't. You wouldn't know what to say. The feeling is so intense. My penis directs your emotions, sculpts them, controls them, controls you body, your mind, everything .... then you drift away completely, there is nothing anymore but waves, deep, intense, burning you up almost physically, like a piece of wood burning. You want to burn. You want to give everything. Feel the heat and lose yourself completely.

When you find yourself again you are no longer in the training area. Some of the ropes have been removed but most are still there. You don't know where you are, all you can see is my face above your head ... changing images between David's face and mine. The world is unclear and yet very, very clear. In its own bizarre way this hazy feeling makes perfect sense to you.

She: Perhaps I am dreaming again. Nothing about me seems real any more. I have begun to question my actual existence as a person. At times it feels as if I have stepped into a novel, and one that I probably wouldn't believe if I read it. Time is no longer a constant in my life and I can only gauge its passage by the meals I am fed. I am no longer sure if I just arrived at the mansion, or if I have lived here my whole life. The soft black ropes that bind me have become part of my skin. I have learned to breathe and move as needed and find myself thinking that I could probably spend the rest of my life this way. I long ago stopped panicking, and now there is only acceptance and the goal to get through each experience. I was hung from the ceiling.
How can I tell you what that was like? I was floating, weightless. This only added to my confusion about being real. I was on the ocean, in calm, warm waves. I was safely enveloped in this feeling and never wanted it to end.
Then there was the enema. Was it sexual? It might have been, had I been in another state of mind. I thought that I had shed all my vanity, my pride and privacy when The Man watched me go to the bathroom the day before. When I realized there were others in the room this time, watching my most private moments, I lost any sense of modesty I had left. There was no choice to be made, not by me anyway. The moment had been choreographed by someone else and I was simply a player.

This day (days?) have moved in slow motion, with me coming in and out of a trance-like consciousness. The Man comes to me occasionally and touches me, to remind me and bring me back from that dark place I have been inhabiting. If it were not for his touch, I think I would surely go mad. He comes to me again, and asks me who I am. He reminds me that I am only "A" now. The complicated things that make up Alexus have been somehow altered, probably permanently. In my mind I hear myself telling him I am "A", and nothing more. I wish only to be "A", to make The Man proud that I am "A". I find myself hoping that He will want or need "A" in some way. I have slept some, on and off. At times I move slightly and this starts me swinging slightly again. The feel of it is relaxing and puts me even deeper into the trance-like state. Then he is here, in front of me. I ache for him to touch me now, to give me some sort of tactile stimulation. My body feels nothing otherwise.

He asks me what it is I want, and I am confused. What do I want? I want to stay like this, I want to be released, I want to be touched, I want to be left alone. I want to be close to another human being, in fact I fear I will die if I don't have that soon. He asks me how much I am prepared to take for him, and my mind reels. There is nothing he could ask, nothing he might suggest. I will obey, it is my desire to do so. Have I not shown him this? I feel the ropes being moved, and me being lifted upside down. He holds me in his arms and brushes my hair. I revel in the feel of his hands on me. Such a different feeling than the ropes I am used to. Then he attaches the rope to my hair. As I realize what is about to happen. I once again must calm myself. I have learned to do this.
Fear is a familiar thing to me now, and I have learned at least how to deal with it, but never to eliminate it. He reassures me, he is here with me and we will do this together. I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what happens now, I will be safe. He is here, and as long as he is, I can endure. I feel the rope begin to pull my hair and the pain is like nothing I have ever felt. He is very carefully releasing me from his arms until I am suspended. My head is spinning, and I am near the edge again. I have learned to focus on the pain, to dive into it. There is only one direction to go and that is through the pain. I sense him near me, keeping safe watch. I am focused entirely on this blinding pain at the top of my head, and suddenly I feel hands on me again. It is as if I had gone too far finally, and a hand reached out and pulled me back to safety. His hands are warm and gentle.
He is pulling me close to him. I have what I need, I have anothers' touch.

I feel his hardness now, for the first time, and then he is inside me. How long has my body waited for this moment? How many nights have I imagined him as my lover? Please let this really be happening. I wrap my long legs around his waist and lean my head back a bit more, feeling the pull on my hair again. I am moaning through the rope, long howling sounds. We move together in rhythm, he is the conductor of this duet. There is heat and there is fire. It spread down from my head though my heart and finally to my sex. This is what I needed. This is what I am for. He lets me fly, holds my hand and watches. He takes me higher and higher yet.
I am nothing but a flame now, one that reaches the sky. I remember no more.

To be continued……
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