The Mansion (Chapter 4)

Chapter IV

He: It seems amazing how quickly new routines become just that. When you get up the next morning, you immediately go the bathroom. You take a bath and prepare yourself as if you have been doing so for half your life and you kneel down on the cushion next to the gate, wondering if conditioning can go this fast or if this is just you wanting to do this. Even my footsteps sound familiar. The gate is opened and you get up and walk in front of me to the living room, head down and trying your best to move as you have been taught to - disregarding your still stiff and painful muscles as much as you can. Even without being told you wait until I am seated before sitting down yourself. I watch you in silence, analyzing the way you adapt to the new situation.
After breakfast you are brought to the training area again and positioned in the exact middle of it. I hold some sort of remote control in my hand, push a button and a steel beam is lowered from the ceiling. Your wrist cuffs are attached to either end of it and several leather straps around your arms make sure your arms remain stretched out sideways, much like you were crucified. You are instructed to close your eyes and feel your eyelids being taped together. Your legs are spread wide apart and attached to rings in the floor. You shiver as you feel something cold and stiff wrap around your body. It takes a while before you understand this is some sort of a corset. But not just a corset. It is made out of very tough leather. The sides are fur covered so it doesn't hurt, but the thick leather does not allow for any stretching or movement and you are being strapped in extremely tight. It is a strange corset since it only covers your torso, limiting your ability to breathe freely and pushing up your breasts - making you extra aware of them - but not dealing with your waist.

"Now listen to me good Alexus. Today is going to be entirely different from yesterday. Yesterday was more or less designed to make you acquainted with the situation and some of the basic rules. Today I am going start to take you to your limits and probably far beyond. You will not be asked if you want that or not. It will just be done and you will do your utmost to cooperate. All resistance and even the slightest lack of cooperation will be punished in ways you can not even begin to imagine. Remember that you are not allowed to talk. You may yell and scream as much as you like and I will allow you to curse and swear and even insult me as much as you like. But you are not allowed to ask for mercy, beg for orgasms or anything like that. Do you understand that?"
"Yes Sir," you stammer overwhelmed by the sudden change of atmosphere.
"Good. Open your mouth." A riding crop is placed between your teeth.
"Now hold that and don't drop it. Under no circumstance you are allowed to drop it." You hear me walking around you. Suddenly I grab your hair and pull your head back far, forcing you to arch your back as far as you can and as a result push your hips forward. You moan as you are kept in this position.

Then your heart misses a few beats as you hear a door open and different footsteps approaching, clicking on the coblestones, both male and female. They stop right in front of you. Nobody is talking but you can hear people breathing and feel their precense. Suddenly you are very aware of your nakedness. Even though being naked in the presence of other people and David has both exposed you and have you tested in fornt of and by others this is different. Very different and you feel extremely vulnerable.

I strengthen my grip on your thick red hair and pull your head even further back making you painfully aware of the position, your body is f***ed to take, spreading your legs, arching them, bringing your hips forward further and further and exposing yourself to the unknown people in front of you.

"Alright," you hear me say. "This is what is going to happen. One by one each of you is going to come forward. You will use one hand to play with this slut's cunt without stopping and with the other hand you will torture a body part of your choice in the way chose to do until I tell you to stop." The fact that I do not talk to you directly, but talk to others about you makes the situation all the more humiliating. An extra pull on your hair f***es you to bring your hips forward even further, standing on your toes now, your spine arched like a bow just before shooting the arrow. I feel your body trembling in fear, pain and stress as I make a gesture. Someone steps forward and you feel a strange hand touching your private parts, slipping in two fingers immediately and without any preparation or care. It hurts. You curse your body for betraying you, showing your wetness to complete strangers and - pain or no pain - pushing yourself on the hand that takes possession of your privacy.

Then you feel fingers taking one of your nipples, squeezing it, pulling it, twisting it. A long moan .... this is cruel. There is no warm up, no nothing, just instant pain. Then you feel my mouth very close to your ear.

"Ok Alexus. Show me what you can do. Show me you are the strong, determined woman David says you are."
The little kiss that follows and these words totally knock you of your feet. It takes a few seconds. Then you understand. You must cooperate ... actively participate in your own torture and humiliation. You dig your teeth into the whip and you push yourself on the unknown hand.

My free hand softly starts to massage the tender line between your bottom cheeks and legs. The combination of pain, humiliation and this type of support is something you can not handle. Tortured and supported by the same man at the same time. And this isn't even David. You can not help but getting aroused and your arched hips start to move rhythmically, despite the pain. Time to stop.

The hands disappear. The pain stops. You can not help but feel deserted. My hand lets go of your hair.

"Ok Alexus. You did well so far. Now let's see if you can improve and see if you are ready to present yourself to the next one without me forcing you to do so." Now it's getting interesting. I take a few steps back and my hand signals the next one wait a while to see what you are going to do. I can see you wrestle with your emotions, knowing that I have developed way to little trust with you and that if you will do this, you'll show a remarkable level of submission to David. And you do. Slowly your back arches again and your hips move forward, presenting the clean shaven triangle and your intimacy to whomever wants to take advantage of it. I have to suppress my admiration now and for once I am actually glad you cannot see me. On the other hand I am wishing very hard dominants could show themselves in exactly these moments, when they absolutely know for sure, they can not. That it would completely ruin the momentum and the atmosphere.

What happens is largely the same as the first time, only your other nipple is victimized now. And your arousal is a lot different, much more intense this time. I let you come to the verge of an orgasm. Then it's stopped.
You're given a little time to regain yourself. In the meantime I watch you closely, then I decide to take the risk.

"That's good. You're doing this real well. But you haven't passed the test yet. I am going to ask you to present yourself a third time. Only this time it will be a woman. And now I want you to prove you are really worthy of this immense training effort. If you want me to help you, you may ask for help by nodding your head."

The raging war of emotions inside your head is spectacular to see. Your body language now almost writes an entire book. Prove you are worthy!!?? Ask help from a dominant you do not know!!?? Sweat is dripping from your forehead and is running between your breast and spine, making the leather of the corset shine bright. You are breathing heavily, trying to fight the pressure of the corset for more air. Then you nod ..... You feel my hands on your hips and my chest against your shoulders.

"Ok, we're gonna do this together." I tighten the corset further, knowing that you need the limitation of oxygen and the light panic that causes to get you to the high you now need. Then I gently push your hips forward with one hand and pull your head back. I can feel your jaws clamping the whip, almost biting it in two.

"Now!" you hear me say and at the same time you feel my finger penetrate your anus and giving you the last push forward this way. You are dazzled, feeling a male body against your shoulders and a female against your hips and belly. My head is on one side of your head, the woman's on the other. A tiny hand penetrates you fully, filling you with a fist. A second finger slips into your anus. Then two sets of teeth each dig deep into your ears. Biting the whip in a combination pain, pure panic and sudden excitement you yelp and at the same time start to shake intensely, feeling your fluids being squeezed out of your G-spot as if it was a lemon being squished. I feel wave, after wave, after wave run through your body up to point where you simply can not take anymore and the world turns black.

She: I am dizzy. The pain is raging through my body, my muscles contracting at the invasion of a strangers hand inside me. I press back against you to feel your warmth, to remind me I am not lost. I feel your breath in my ear, and inhale the scent of the woman in front of me. Oh god, can this be happening? I'm biting the crop hard, grinding my teeth into it to bear the pain and pleasure. I have never felt such things. The combination of your fingers in my ass, and the woman's hand inside me are overwhelming. I pull against my restraints, to no avail. I'm tossing my red hair, shaking my head no. The hands continue their assault on me, relentless. I'm out of control now, screaming through the whip I bite on. Things are getting hazy in my mind, my reasoning no longer clear. I am disconnected from my own body. You have filled my mind as completely as you have my body. Sweat runs down my face, my neck and between my breasts. I lean my head back on your shoulder to get closer, as I feel my body shake with orgasm. I cannot tell if it is one long orgasm or many, coming one after the other. I am breathless, needing to gasp for air and not able to due to the tightness of the corset. I begin to pant, trying to ride the waves my body is experiencing. I am dizzy, and then it is black.

He: When you regain your senses again you are no longer in the training area but lying on your back on the huge leather couch in the living room, your head resting on my crossed legs. I gently massage your face, play with your hair, let my fingers run through it and look at you. Your hazy eyes look up and see me. You're puzzled ......

She: I am trying to focus on my surroundings. The room is blurry, and I try to remember where I am. There is a hand stroking my hair. I blink to clear my vision and I see you looking down at me. What happened? I try to sit up, but you whisper for me to lie back. My head is still spinning as I begin to recall what happened. I remember the pain. It overwhelmed me. I remember the pleasure as it over took my body. I remember the raging orgasms that came after, and never seemed to end. I am weak, and need water. There is a glass on the table in front of me and I look over at it, afraid to speak. You sense my need and hand me the glass, helping me up a little to drink. The cold water does wonders for me, cooling my sore throat and clearing my head.
I wonder, have I pleased you? Are you proud of me? I did as you required. I endured everything you came up with. I look up at you, in your eyes this time, searching for a response. You seem to be struggling, keeping your cold expression.

I roll over and sit up on my knees beside you. I am still a bit lightheaded, but I look straight at you. My emotions get the better of me and I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I am not sure why I'm crying. The intensity of the things we have been through together is affecting me. I move closer to you. I need your strong arms around me. I need to feel safe. I slide even closer yet. I kiss your lips softly, watching for a sign. Your face remains calm and unemotional. I am moving slowly, and put my head on your chest. I press the rest of my body against yours. My tears fall harder, wetting your shirt. I curl into a ball in your lap and then, finally.. I feel your arms move around me. I feel you soften, and you hold me gently. Am I affecting you? Do you feel my need? Is that your emotions I am finally feeling?

He: I let you relax for a while like this. Allow you to regain yourself. Then I lift you and carry you through the room to an area you haven't been before - my personal bathroom. There is a huge twin Jacuzzi. I slowly let you slip into the warm water, then quickly undress and come in with you, letting you sit in between my legs, your back against my chest.

"Now, relax. Try to empty your mind and just enjoy," I say as my fingertips start to massage you gently, starting with your hips and very slowly moving upward. This is another new and strange sensation you are not used to. Shiatsu massage, just fingertips working your body in endless, seemingly random patterns, gently pressing and gliding over your skin, in fact barely touching you, but extremely relaxing. You lean back against me. The bath is facing the two large doors that lead directly to the garden. You half close your eyes and stare at the huge trees through your lashes as the effects of the massage start to take over. When I finally start to work on your breasts, you shiver as the memories of what happened come back. I grab your nipples and gently squeeze them. Still sensitive from the torture they have been put through I feel you respond instantly.
"Do you want more, Alexus?"
"Yes Sir, please," you say, feeling new arousal coming up despite the fact that you felt totally worn out only minutes ago.
"Ok, then let's see how much you are willing to endure for me. Lay your hands on the side of the bath and keep them there at all times, no matter what happens."

You relocate your hands as my fingers start to work your already tender nipples. I grab a towel and dry my hands and your breasts to get a better grip and roll your again erect nipples between my fingers, gently at first, but soon applying more and more pressure. The rhythm of the movement soon takes over. I feel your body responding to it, pressing yourself against me and adjusting your breath to the rolling of your nipples.

Squeeze ... pull ... squeeze ... pull. Your breathing rhythm intensifies and I see the veins in your neck swell. You close your eyes and move your head back. My lips meet your yours, but just when you want to kiss me I squeeze hard, very hard. You yell out in pain.
"Come one Alexus. You were going to kiss me," I say, increasing the pain even more. "There is no reason why you shouldn't."

You press your lips on mine, moaning. As the pain increases and increases - your tongue circles mine. There is no holding back. You can't. The constant pain brings out the need to kiss, to get physical, to feel me, taste me. Then my fingers move a little bit and I take just the top of your nipples between my nails and push them into your tender flesh. You arch in pain and moan almost a****l-like. This is nearly unbearable and you are torn between wanting to retract, to get away from the pain- and wanting more. My fingers move. You can't believe what is happening. The pain is so intense now that you start to lose control completely. Then the unexpected happens ... contractions come and an orgasm, long, deep, intense.

You lie back against me, breathing heavily. Then, suddenly, you feel me slip out of the tub.
"Ok Alexus, you can go out into the garden if you like. Relax and enjoy the sun. After dinner I want you to tell me how you think you can really please me tonight." Grabbing a robe I leave the room without any further comment.

She: I am amazed at hands that can be both so gentle, and yet deliver such pain. The combination of need, even hunger for you is met with the searing pain in my nipples. I am filled with confusion at my body's reaction to you. I squirm against you, trying to relieve myself of the pain, but your strong arms hold me in place. I grip the sides of the tub, my nails raking across the cool marble. I cry out as the orgasm comes from deep within. I lean my head back on your shoulder, moaning and shaking, gasping for breath. I am abruptly drawn back to earth as you pull away and step out of the tub leaving me alone.

I watch as you leave, and remain in the warm soothing water for a few more minutes. My head rests against the back of the marble tub and I close my eyes. Breathing very slowly, I remember the feel of your hands on my breasts. My hands move to cup my breasts, squeezing lightly. I imagine it is your hands caressing me. My right hand slides down between my legs. I am consumed with the need to feel you inside me. My fingers slip in, but I find no satisfaction. My fingers can no longer pleasure me as they used to. My frustration builds as I try even harder to climax. Finally giving up, I step out of the tub and dry myself off, taking special care to dry the cuffs and collar. I open the French doors to the garden outside. It is a lovely late afternoon, almost sundown. It is chilly even now and I shiver, and go back in to wrap myself in the huge warm towel.

Walking through the garden, I look at the lovely flowers and plants. I watch the small fish swimming in the fountain pond. This is indeed a beautiful place. I shiver again as the sun begins to set. While walking, I follow the high wall that surrounds the garden. I come to a gate and discover that the lock has been left open. Looking around, my heart begins to pound. The gardener must have forgotten to lock it. Again, I look around, making sure there is no one around. I could escape! My heart beats faster as I consider my options. No one is due to check on me again until dinnertime. I possibly have 2 hours or more. I remember the warnings I was given when I first arrived.

The Man has treated me well, but I am terrified of what the evening will bring, and the next days. Perhaps I wont be able to handle it. What about David and his wish that I be here? All of these questions run though my head, as I stare at the unlocked gate. Fear wins out, and overtakes my common sense. Without further plans, I wrap myself in the towel and steal out the gate into the woods.

I run for what seems like hours, deep into the woods. It is getting cold now, as darkness sets in. I think about my warm room and blankets. What will happen to me if I am caught? Where will I go, if I am not? Suddenly I wish I had not run, wish I could go back. I curl up beneath a large tree and cover myself with the towel and some pine branches for warmth. I sl**p for a while, my dreams filled with frightening fragmented thoughts. Visions of The Man with his whip, of David's face, of the equipment on the wall in the training room. I awake to a noise, and jump up. I hold my breath to keep quiet. Suddenly there is a hand on my mouth and another pulling my hair.

"Do not speak Alexus. Do exactly as I tell you to." The voice is not The Mans. A blindfold is placed over my eyes and my hands are tied behind my back. I pull away, kicking at the man who is tying me. I kick him very hard and try running, but the blindfold is still in place and I don't get far. I trip and fall onto the ground. "Get up Alexus," I am told. I feel him yank my tied arms and pull me to the ground. I continue to fight him, pulling on my ties, trying to bite him.
"Let me go!!" I scream. He pulls my hair harder and says, "Shut up you bitch. You will walk now, and I will lead. If you do not, I will have to put you out, and carry you over my shoulder, and don't think I wont."
I begin to walk slowly, with my wrists tied behind my back, blindfolded. I am placed on the back of a horse and we ride for a while. I assume we have arrived back at the mansion and I am led inside.

I hear The Mans voice now, thanking the person who caught me for returning me. Then I hear him leave. I am shaking with fear and anger. What will happen to me now? I start to speak, to beg for forgiveness but he slaps my face hard.
"You are not to speak, slave," he says. "You are to go to your room and bathe, you are filthy. Someone will come for you when you are done. Wait by your gate.Trying to escape was the worst mistake you could have made and your punishment will be swift and severe. I will deal with you when I am ready."

With that I heard his boots on the tiles as he walked away. Someone touches my shoulder, and begins to lead me back to my room. The blindfold is left on as I hear my bath being drawn. My arms are left tied behind my back, and getting into the tub is difficult. The person who is bathing me is definitely a woman, I can tell by her soft touch. "You shouldn't have run," she whispers. I start to speak, wanting to talk to her but she tells me to be quiet. "You will receive grave punishment now, but you must endure it, for your Master. Remember that no matter what happens, you are doing this for your Master, " she whispers. I am helped out of the tub and dried. My hair is arranged and then I am led to my cushion in front of the gate. The woman leaves me there, tied and blindfolded.

I wait ... and wait. My mind is filled with dreadful thoughts of what might happen. I wish I had stayed, I wish I could go back and do everything over. Suddenly I hear boots on the tile again, and keys opening the gate. A mans voice now, telling me to stand and he attaches a leash to my collar. Then he leads me away. Once in the room my wrists are attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. I am stretched tall. My legs are spread and my ankle cuffs attached to hooks in the floor. Again I am left to wait. My arms begin to ache, and my legs throb. The sound of a heavy door opening brings me back to my senses. I hear your leather boots walking towards me. I hear the sounds of you sitting in a leather chair nearby. It is silent for what seems like hours. I know you are smoking and having a drink. I resist the urge to cry, to beg you. Instead I hold my head up high, showing pride and false bravery. After a time, you begin to speak, calmly and quietly...

He: I seriously have to control myself. This hurts. For a long time I look at you standing here, stretched out and awaiting what is to come. I feel betrayed and disappointed. As always, I am torn between explaining or punishing. And as always I decide to do both, punish first and maybe explain later.

"I seriously hope this is not your idea of pleasing me," I tell you as I get up and lift your left foot and connect the ankle cuff to your waist-ring with a very short chain, forcing you to stand on one leg and keep the other one folded.
"Because I can tell you, you are not. You have hurt me seriously, betrayed my trust and disappointed my expectations. David has spoken highly of you and at the first opportunity, you can come up with nothing better than disappointing me and him and betraying his trust in you as well as mine." My voice is hard and I can see every word hits you like a whip. Dammit, I know you know this. I know you have been torturing yourself already with thoughts like these. Still I also know it won't help if I don't punish you, no matter how much I'd like to tell you I understand your emotions and know what you're thinking.

I look at the sole of your foot. It has been pretty damaged by running on your bare feet through the woods. But well, you have brought this on yourself. I walk to a cupboard and pick a cane.
"Now listen good. This is going to be a real punishment. The pain will be intense, very intense. It will be given in two sessions and the second session will be even worse. For the next days you will still feel it, but I don't intend to change the program I have in mind because of that. That is something you should have thought about before you decided to try and run."

The cane swishes through the air and hits the very sensitive center of your sole. For a second you feel nothing, then the pain hits you full f***e. You scream out loudly. This is like nothing you have ever felt before, like someone is pouring liquid lead on your foot. You can not breathe and you panic, trying to find your breath again. Your heart rate is well above 180. Heaven only knows how much I would like to support you now, help you through the pain, turning it into rage and lust. But I can’t.

"You get nine more like this." I say when you have recaptured yourself a little bit.
"Nooooo!!!" you yell out, "I can't take it!! Stop!!!"
"Too bad Alexus. I couldn't care less." Aren't you one big liar, I tell myself. The cane swishes through the air again. Your body arches as a very high-pitched scream escapes from your mouth and sweat starts dripping down your spine. Already you are crying uncontrollably, your body shaking, your head swinging from left to right.
"Please," you murmur, "Please." All the pride and bravery are gone. Then another strike comes. Your sole is now fiercely read and the distinctive double cane markings are starting to come up in deep blue.

It stops after five. You are hanging from your wrists, unable to keep your balance, your strength gone. But the worst is still to come. I look at you for a while, my mind registering the bizarre combination of intense suffering and the beauty of the acceptance of your punishment before I lay down the cane and stand in front of you, cup your chin and take away the blindfold. With my free hand I open one eye and look at it closely, observing your responses, checking if you're still alright.
"Do you deserve this?"
"Yes," you whisper. "Yes I deserve this. But I don't know if I can take it." It comes out softly in between sobs.
I walk around you and now lift your other leg as well fastening it in exactly the same way. Now you're hanging from your arms, placing your full weight on your arms and shoulders. Knowing this can not go on much longer, I pick up the cane. Five more blows hit your other foot, at a much higher pace this time, leaving you no time to recuperate in between. When it is done you are very close to fainting. I quickly release you, carry you to your room and put you in bed. A quick kiss on your forehead and then I leave you. Pain or no pain, completely exhausted you fall asl**p almost instantly.

She: I slept deeply last night, dreaming vivid, frightening dreams. The faceless woman whose hand was inside me earlier came to me in the darkness. I could sense and smell her more than see her. She touched me softly at first. She was whispering in my ear, asking me how it felt. I was moaning with pleasure at her touch wanting more. She bit lightly on my ear, telling me to cum, urging me to cum for her. I felt her soft hands stroking my body, one on my breast the other deep in my sex. In the foggy haze of my dream world I kissed her, our tongues intertwining. I was awash with passion, wanting her even deeper inside me.
The scene changed some, and her hand became The Mans hand. It was huge and drove through me like a hot metal spike, splitting me in two. Her soft touch became the blistering heat of His whip. I was screaming "Let me go...Let me go..." There was fire behind us and he was laughing softly, telling me I could not ever escape. His words echoed in my mind, "You are here because you want to be Alexus, you want to be .... You want to be ......"

He laughed again and I shook my head no, crying. I was running through the forest again and there were dogs chasing me. I could hear them barking and The Mans laughter. I ran to the chalet and every door was locked.

I cried "Let me in, please!", banging on the front door. Then there was a gate in front of me, like the one in my room. I held to the bars, pressing my face to them and screamed. "Pllllease let me in ........" I realized I was begging to be let in now, instead of out. The Man and the woman stood on the other side of the gate in the mist. They shook their heads no and began to fade away. I banged on the bars, crying even louder. As they stepped away, I saw David standing there. He held out his hand, and shook his head looking sad. Then he began to fade into the mist as well.

To be continued……
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