The Mansion (Chapter 3)

Chapter III

"Relax, Alexus." I gently stroke your hair. Play with it, let it slide through my fingers. "David and I have spent almost a year trying to establish if you were up to this and you wouldn't have been here if either of us had had doubts about you. There have many discussions between David and me before entering into this. And that includes the possibility of you getting attached to me. David and I are well aware of the fact that is likely to happen. We are also convinced that your love for and devotion to David is strong enough to handle that."

As two your last two questions. "David will eventually come to see you, but that will only happen the moment he and I consider the time right for doing that. At the moment that would be counterproductive, since it would interfere heavily with the fact finding mission. When you will be released is a question no one can currently answer. It depends on what happens and what may need to be done. But then, to you that is totally irrelevant. The only thing important for you is to try and cope with the various tests and training concepts, you'll be put through and do the very best you can."

These are the final words. You are send to your room and the gate is locked. You are left alone with a head full of thoughts and questions. Still, you fall asl**p soon. The day and this final conversation have drained you considerably. I walk back to the chair, light another cigarette and close my eyes. Suck in your fragrance now that you have left, trying to sense you without being there and think ...

To be continued……
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