Jennifer (Part 7)

Chapter 7

After a very restful night Jennifer awoke with daybreak. She lay in her bed a while before rising and letting out the night's urine. Wiping herself and flushing the toilet she noticed that someone had left something on the shelf during the night. She must have been sl**ping more soundly than she realized because she was sure that it wasn't there yesterday. Approaching the shelf she saw that a pile of fabric sat on the shelf. She picked it up carefully. Normally the only things the shelf were used for was to hold her empty food trays and the occasionaly equipment that someone would bring in to use on her. She unfolded the fabric and realized that it was clothes. A short skirt of a light pink fabric that was attached with a sticky sort of catch and a thin, short shirt were there.

Holding the items up she concluded that they must be for her to wear, otherwise why would they be here. She put on the skirt and noticed that it would barely extend below her crotch. No panties were present so she thought that she was intended to go without. She put the small shirt on and pulled it down as far as it would go. It was a halter style shirt and extended to just below her nipples. It wouldn't have covered her breasts had she had any.

Later, sitting on her bunk in her new clothes the whip mistress Sasha came in. She nodded approvingly and motioned for Jennifer to stand up. Turning around slowly so that she could be viewed, Jennifer was secretly happy at the apparent elevation in her status.
"You'll make a fine slave maid. Come with me," Sasha said.
"Yes mistress."
Sasha led her outside onto the grounds and then into a building. She had never before been in this building. Sasha brought Jennifer to a room where several other girls were sitting, dressed as she was. She was told to sit and wait. As Jennifer looked at the other girls and they looked at her someone walked in. Jennifer realized that it was a class. She listened intently and learned all that was being taught. She had little doubt that she would be tested and punished accordingly if she didn't do well.
Every day for several weeks Jennifer went to class. At night she was brought to her stall. Every other day she was allowed to take a shower with the other girls at school. She was fed twice a day and the quality of the food improved over what she had tasted the first few days that she was there. Every third day her stomach was poked and prodded and if she was thought to be constipated she was given a two liter enema of plain water. Every other day she was given a quick twenty wacks on her way to school with a paddle to remind her that she was a slave. From the way that the other girls sat in their chairs in the morning and the way that the butts looked in the showers Jennifer was sure that the received the same treatment she did. She never asked them or tried to start a conversation in any way. Being well trained, none of the other girls tried to talk either.

They were shown basic reading, writing, arithmetic, cooking, sewing, c***d care, grooming, laundry care and housekeeping. In addition they were also show various videos about proper sexual techiniques with various races. Tests were given every evening before they went to their stalls. Not doing sufficently well on a test resulted in a whipping in front of the class. Jennifer, being unusually bright was only whipped once in three weeks.
At the end of the three week class she was put into another class. This one had higher requirments and she would receive a whipping ever three or four days. The whipping itself wasn't that unusual but it was embarassing to be whipped in front of the class. Not that anyone said anything about it to one another but Jennifer felt ashamed to be whipped in front of all of the girls that she shared a class with. At the end of three weeks she had learned many things and been whipped many times. Some of the other girls were missing from the classes from time to time. The instructor informed the girls that the missing slaves had been sold. Most of the girls were humanoid with only one other that Jennifer had seen being an Alaytion.

One day she wasn't brought to class. Instead, one of the whip mistresses came to her stall, told her to sit on the bed and spend a lot time trimming her hair, washing her and making her beautiful.
"You are going to be shown to a potential buyer tomorrow. An agent called ahead to say that a man is coming who is interested in buying an Alaytion slave. Since we have only six here you are going to be shown with the others. Although we had planned on making a slave maid out of you our plans may be delayed if a potential customer is interested. As you have probably figured out by now our business is trading and training slaves. We have to have you looking your best tomorrow. For that reason you won't be whipped tonight. But lest you think that you can get away with something let me inform you that you will receive double the punishment tomorrow if you screw up and are not purchased tomorrow. You are being washed out now so that you will be all nice and clean for tomorrow," the mistress said and then left.
That finally explained it, Jennifer thought. So she was being prepared for showing. She remembered months ago when she had been cleaned up and dressed by her mother. That was before she was bought and brought here. She hoped that the next place she was brought to wasn't so bad as this one. The punishment here was much worse than anything she had received from her mother. She wondered what the man would want in a girl. She wished that there were some way that she could find out. She even toyed with the idea of asking the mistress but decided against that unless given the chance to talk.

Jennifer was led down the hall to a shower. She was given soap and a rag and the mistress watched to make sure she cleaned everywhere. Next she was given shampoo to wash her hair with. The mistress gave her more to lather up her tail. The mistress explained that since the man was interested in Alaytion girls specifically he was probably going to examine her tail carefully.
After Jennifer had dried off with a towel she was led to the next room where the mistress blow dried her hair. She was then given a brush and shown to a mirror and told to comb it out. Next she was instructed to brush her tail down with a small curry brush that the mistress gave her. While Jennifer was busy doing that the mistress trimmed her toenails carefully and then painted them. Jennifer watched with intense interest as the paint was applied. She had never had her nails painted before and it was unique and new experience for her. After combing her tail the mistress told Jennifer to put her hands on the back of the bench that she had had her feet on. The mistress trimmed her nails and filed them smooth. Then a coat of paint was applied to them too. The soft pink paint contrasted slightly with Jennifer's dark skin but looked good. She was very proud.
Apparently her smile didn't go unnoticed by the mistress. "You seem to approve of being cleaned up. This is good. Now if you can project that happiness tomorrow when the buyer is looking at you maybe you will be sold."

"Mistress, may I ask a question?" Jennifer finally had thenerve to say. Surprised the mistress said yes.
"Can you tell me anything that I can do to help the buyer choose me over the other girls?"
"I'm not sure. It would help if you smiled when looked at and be very polite. Do as you are told promptly. Answer any questions asked of you in a very respectful way," the mistress said. She then told Jennifer to hold her hands up and not to drag her nails against anything. Following the mistress out into the hall she was led to another room which was lined with clothes.

Standing in the center of the room she watched as the whip mistress rifled through the racks of clothes, looking for just the perfect thing. Finally the mistress brought out a white linen outfit. It had a short skirt, although it was longer than Jennifer's usual outfit. A top that was slightly longer and looser fitting than her usual shirt. A small belt went through loops in the skirt and was buckled in the front. Jennifer got a look at herself in the mirror and was pleased with her appearance.

To be continued…..

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