Jennifer (Part 6)

Chapter 6

Trenka was cussing at Bragk until the gag went in and the device inflated. Jennifer sat and watched, knowing that she was about to witness Trenka being punished for poisoning her. It was little satisfaction knowing that the girl would pay for what she did.

Bragk took a knife and cut away Trenka's thin clothes. The slave maid now lay naked, strapped to the the rack. Next she was given a four liter enema. Tears ran from her eyes as the water ran in. From the pain in her face Jennifer could tell that Bragk had put something into the enema and that it must have been very hot. As the water was flowing in to induce it's pain Bragk attached weighted clamps to the maid's nipples. Tried as she could she couldn't escape the grasp of the clamps.

Soon the bag was empty. Bragk removed the large tip and replaced it with a plug. It was one of the larger sizes Jennifer noticed. A blow up catheter was inserted into the maid's uretha and inflated. Next came some sort of burning liquid. As the maid's bladder was pumped full she wriggled her pelvis trying to accommodate the mounting pain. Once done the whip mistress capped off the catheter and left it dangling. Then she attached a weight to it, pulling against the ballon inside of Trenka's bladder. As the girl lay there in pain Jennifer watched as more clamps and weights were attached to the poor girls labia. Muffled cries told of the pain.

A dildo holding belt complete with a large inflatable dildo was brought forth. The dildo was pushed home in a single stroke, filling the slave maid's vagina. The belt was fastened securely running between her legs and around her waist. The straps on it were very narrow, intended only to hold the dildo in. Bragk brought fourth an inflator and inflated the dildo to immense proportions. More muffled cries issued forth from the slave maid's pain wracked body.
Finally, a large whip was taken from it's hook on the wall. Bragk whipped the poor Trenka for a long time. Jennifer lost count around four hundred lashes. The girl's entire back, buttocks and thighs were red and bleeding. She had vomited from the pain. Being gagged the vomit took the only exit available, through Trenka's nasal passages and out her nose. The smell was bad enough from where Jennifer was sitting, she could imaging how Trenka must be feeling right now.

Bragk stopped to rest, wiping the sweat from her brow. She looked at Trenka who had passed out. Taking a syringe from one of the cabinets she injected something into Trenka's neck.
"This is a stimulant. It'll keep her awake," Bragk told Jennifer.
Jennifer watched as Trenka's face was slapped. The slave maid began to regain consciencenous. She winced at the pain. Tears once again flowed down her cheeks. Bragk whipped her some more and then stopped and sat down. She then looked over at Jennifer who was watching from beneath her brow.
"You come do this a while, I'm tired." Bragk, the whip mistress ordered.
"Yes mistress," Jennifer said, rising from her chair. She unclipped herself from the wall but left the leash attached to her collar. She walked over to where Bragk sat. The whip mistress handed her the large, heavy whip. It was made of leather covered wire. The whip contained eleven major tails. Each one of the tails separated into five smaller ones some twenty centimeters from the ends. Each small tail had a cube attached to the end. The cubes were only some three millimeters on a face and appeared to be made of some sort of crystal. Jennifer felt the heft of the whip in her hand and guessed it to be nearly five kilograms. She walked to where Bragk had been standing.
"Well she won't feel it if you don't lay it on her. Get busy."
"Yes mistress," Jennifer said and raised the whip up. She brought it down, missing Trenka's buttocks and hitting the side of the rack. Before she could get into trouble she raised it up again and stepped closer to the bound Trenka. She brought it down again. This time the whip found it's mark, the bl**dy buttocks of Trenka. The girl flinched in pain. Jennifer set about flogging the slave maid, bringing the whip down on poor Trenka again and again. Trenka vomited again, the foul smelling liquid dripping from her nose, accompinaed by spewing as she tried to clear her nasal passages to breath.

After many, many lashes Jennifer moved down to Trenka's legs. By aiming carefully she could make the whip wrap around the maid's leg nearest to her. Angling just right it would snap around and catch Trenka in the soft pubic mound. Glancing quickly over at Bragk she saw the whip mistress nodding approval. She continued to work her way down until she was lashing the soles of Trenka's feet. Since Bragk hadn't made it this far Jennifer got to witness first hand how the whip marked skin. The tiny cubes cut in like small blades. Finally after she had bl**died the girl's feet Bragk told her to stop. Jennifer paused, and let the whip fall to her side. The whip mistress went to the cabinet and brought forth a new device that Jennifer had never seen before.

"This is a cattle prod. It is used to urge large b**sts to go where you want them to go," Bragk said and fired the stick sending a tiny blue spark between it's electrodes on the tip.
Jennifer's eyes widened at the sight of it. Bragk then removed the gag from Trenka's mouth and replaced it with a tube shaped device. Trenka, exhausted didn't even scream. Bragk then handed Jennifer a pair of gloves and a jar of something.
"Put the gloves on to keep the bl**d off of your hands. Then smear that on her." Bragk said and watched as Jennifer fought with the gloves. She had never actually had on a pair of gloves before but had seen a doctor once put them on. It took her several tries to get her fingers into the correct place. She then opened the jar and moved it quickly away from her face.
Smearing the cream onto the whip cuts on Trenka, Jennifer noticed that the girl was vomiting again. Judging from the smell of the cream Jennifer was sure that it would hurt any cut or delicate areas. Added to that pain the clamps were still dangling and the enema was still stretching Trenka's belly. The cream, at least, stopped the flow of bl**d.
"Good, smear it on good. It contains a bl**d clot forming compound," Bragk said.
After Jennifer finished she was told to put the cream on the counter and dispose of the gloves in the trash can. Doing so she watched as Bragk removed the clamps from Trenka's vagina and nipples. She then let the air out of the catheter and removed it from Trenka's bladder. The girl immediately released the burning liquid. Jennifer watched as bl**d accompanied the urine. The dildo was deflated and removed, along with the belt, from around Trenka's waist With each device being removed Jennifer could tell that Trenka was slowly relaxing. The stimulant was still apparently working since she was wide eyed.

Next Bragk took the prod and inserted it into Trenka's vagina. The tip went a full twenty centimeters into the girl. Bragk then held the trigger down as the girl spasmed against the restraints that held her to the rack. She vomited again. This time, however, Jennifer could tell that her stomach was nearly empty. And since the new gag was open the liquid went through the tube, along with a weird sounding scream. Bragk pulled the wicked stick back some and pulled the trigger again.

Next the whip mistress removed the prod from the slave maid's vagina and set it on a stool nearby. She then removed the butt plug, wriggling it and twisting it to get it free of Trenka's spinchter muscle. Once out the water flowed forth.
"Get that hose and rinse the floor down. It's beginning to stink in here."
"Yes mistress." Jennifer said and took the hose off of it's rack and turned on the faucet. She sprayed down the floor, washing the vomit, bl**d and enema water down the floor drain beneath where Trenka lay immobilized.
Bragk watched as Jennifer performed her task. She then took a set of shackles out of a drawer and attached them to Trenka's wrists. After this she released Trenka from the grip of the rack. She attached Trenka's wrists together behind her back. Next Bragk pulled Trenka off of the rack and tried to stand her up. The girl slumped to the floor, unable to stand. A collar was attached around her neck and a very large leash attached to the ring in front. Next the gag was removed. Trenka didn't say anything, perferring to whimper at the pain she was feeling.
"On your feet slut," Bragk said, shocking the slave maid in the breast with the prod. Trenka jumped from the pain and slowly started to try and get up. As she stood she hopped on first one foot and then the other as the now whipped soles of her feet took the weight of her body. Enema water trickled down her leg, the change in body position freeing it from the inner folds of Trenkas intestines.
"I didn't tell you to release any more water," Bragk barked, catching Trenka in the vagina with the prod. The slave maid let out a shriek from the pain. She then visibly clenched her buttocks together to stop the flow.
"Here's her leash. And here is the prod. If she doesn't do what she is supposed to do use it. Follow me," Bragk told Jennifer, handing her the prod and the leash. Jennifer gingerly took the prod, and nearly dropped it, not expecting it to be so heavy.

Bragk led the two out into the hallway and down to a shower room. She then turned on the water and had Jennifer lead the girl into it. Jennifer set the prod down and scrubbed Trenka down with soap and water as instructed. The brush on the raw skin hurt badly as Trenka began to cry. Once finished Bragk led the two girls back up to the stable where Trenka was chained to a wooden platform, face up. Bragk then worked the maid over with the prod. Trenka's renewed screams filled the room. Jennifer could see welts rising from where the prod had touched.
Bragk then handed Jennifer a small club made of rubber. Jennifer was instructed to beat Trenka with it. Doing as she was told she hit Trenka with the flexible club all over. After over a hundred blows Bragk told her to stop. Then she was instructed to sit and watch. Having rested Bragk was now ready to continue her punishment of the errant maid.

Taking a device that looked like a backwards clamp out of a drawer Bragk inserted it into Trenka's vagina. She then began cranking on the screws which opened the jaws. As it opened it spread the slave maid's pussy quite wide. Soon Trenka began to scream from the pain. Jennifer winced, knowing that it must hurt as it squeezed the delicate and sensitive vaginal tissues up against the girls pelvic bone. Trenka's screams filled the room from the pain. Jennifer wondered if this wasn't what she had heard coming from the torture chambers late one night several nights ago.

After opening the stretcher device to a very wide setting the whip mistress stopped and looked at the screaming Trenka. Next the metal collar was removed from Trenka as she continued to scream from her pussy being stretched so wide. bl**d had begun to trickle out from torn tissue inside. Bragk attached a leather choker onto the maid and began to tighten it up. Trenka's eyes began to bluge and she started to have a hard time breathing. Bragk watched for several seconds and backed off just a little. Trenka could still breath but it was work. She had a hard time deciding if she should breath or scream from the pain. Bragk then took some small loops of thin wire and attached them to Trenka's nipples. The wires were attached to a small shocker device and turned on. Trenka began to twitch at the voltage. Bragk then sat down and watched as Trenka alternated between screaming and breathing. After quite some time she released the choker, vaginal stretcher and nipple wires from Trenka. She then left the room, taking Jennifer with her.

"Now you see what happens to errant maids. If she tries to have any contact with you again you will tell me immediately. Don't worry about her approaching you in your stall again while you are alone since she is no longer going to be a maid. She shouldn't have punished you the first time and certainly shouldn't have tried to poison you. That is for masters and mistresses to do. She was only a maid and was supposed to carry out orders. Now get a good nights sl**p."

To be continued…

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