Jennifer (Part 4)

Chapter 4

That night she dreamed of having a master who was having sex with her. She woke up several times only to realize that it was a dream. It was peculiar, however, that she felt a certain feeling in her vagina. She wondered if perhaps she hadn't been masturbating in her sl**p as she had seen in the illustrations in the book. When she got to that section she tried what was shown and decided that she could do it if asked but that it didn't feel good as the book indicated.

The next morning she awoke late. She could tell from the ambient light outside of the stable. As soon as she awoke she opened her book and begain to reread from where she had left off the night before. Late into the day she was brought to a room five levels down in the torture chambers. She hadn't been this far before. In the room was a bed and along the wall were various whips and paddles. She was placed on the bed and chained down in a spread eagle face up position. As she waited she wondered what was next. She didn't have to wait long for the whip mistress appeared moments later. She undid the chains leading to Jennifer's shackles and let her up.

"Did you complete the book?"
"Yes, mistress."
"Do you understand everything in it?"
"Most, my mistress. I am not sure how some of the words are said."

The whip mistress then asked for Jennifer to point out what words she didn't understand. Surprisingly, the mistress calmly pronounced the words and explained their meaning to Jennifer. She then asked Jennifer to mastrubate. Jennifer did as the book had explained. The whip mistress suggested that she at least try to pretend that she was enjoying it. As Jennifer adjusted her smile and moaned softly as instructed the whip mistress undressed.

Then lying on the bed the whip mistress had Jennifer perform cunninglus on her. After several pointers the whip mistress laid back and enjoyed the extra long tongue of the Alaytion girl. She let Jennifer lick her inside and out for several dracmars. Jennifer's tongue was getting tired and she was getting afraid that she wouldn't be able to satisfy the whip mistress when her head was lifted up gently by the woman.

"That feels better. For all the problems that you Alaytions are this part, at least, is enjoyable. Now do you remember how to fellate a penis?"
"Yes, my mistress."
"Good, let's see," the woman said, handing Jennifer a large penis shaped dildo. Jennifer licked up and down the shaft, wrapping her tongue around it as the book had suggested. She then slowly pushed it into her mouth and sucked it gently. She rotated her head slightly every now and then and alternated between sucking and licking. She fondled the testes of the make believe penis as the book had said. Satisifed, the whip mistress told her to stop.

"Now lets see if that long, wonderful tongue of yours is as good at anninglus," the whip mistress said, getting up on the bed and sticking her ass in the air with her head down on the pillow.
Jennifer hesitated, not sure of how, of if she really wanted to do this. She hesitated too long she realized too late.
The whip mistress got up and pushed Jennifer down on the bed.
"Get your ass in the air."
She then gave Jennifer thrity hard wacks with a large flexible paddle. In tears Jennifer was raised off of the bed.
"Let's try that again." This time Jennifer approached the whip mistress' ass and parted her cheeks. She then gently began to lick around the woman's asshole. Eventually, when her saliva covered her mistress' ass and was dripping down the woman's vagina she slid the tip of her forty centimeter tongue into the eager anus. She could taste the spicy taste of the picric acid in the woman's anal tract. Jennifer pushed her tongue yet farther, feeling a turd inside of the woman. She ran her tongue past it and around it. The whip mistress just moaned at the feelings.

After several minutes the whip mistress begain mastrubating herself and came to an orgasm rather quickly from the intense anal stimulation. After orgasm she allowed Jennifer to continue running in and out of her anus for several minutes before telling the slave to stop. Jennifer then retracted her tongue into her mouth and silently wept at what she had just been made to do. She hoped her future masters wouldn't want too much of this but knew that with a tongue ten times longer than a human her hopes were unlikely to be fulfilled.

Jennifer sat down gently, her ass still sore from the paddling. She waited on the edge of the bed while the whip mistress wrote more notes into the notebook. Jennifer was sure that the book was the same as she had seen the day before. It appeared to be dedicated to her and her alone. She imagined, correctly, that every slave had a book of their own.
"Some masters want to use you in other ways," the whip mistress said and then left the room. She returned shortly with a male slave who was uncomfortable in some sort of way.
"Take him in your mouth and drink all of it," the whip mistress instructed leading the male slave, in shackles and with a blinder on, over to Jennifer. Once near the bed the mistress stopped the slave, who had his hands tied behind his back and a ball ring on. Jennifer then looked at the man's penis and opened her mouth. She then put him into her open mouth and waited. The whip mistress instructed the slave that he could urinate now. Finally allowed to relive himself the slave complied.
The torrents of hot piss poured into Jennifer's mouth. She nearly choked on the volume of it. Not wanting to drink it she allowed some to dribble down the side of her face as her mouth became full. She finally realized that she had little choice but to swallow it since the whip mistress had grabbed the back of her head and had f***ed her onto the man's penis. Nearly gagging she swallowed the first mouthfull. Still streaming her mouth filled quickly. Time after time she swallowed down the hot urine. Her stomach began to hurt. Finally the slave boy was empty. The whip mistress led him back outside.

Returning she told Jennifer to turn around.
"Do you know why you are going to be punished?"
"Yes mistress, I didn't drink it all."
"That's right. When told to do something you will do it," the whip mistress said and gave Jennifer's poor butt nearly fifty lashes with a multi-tailed whip. Screaming, Jennifer dared not raise up. After she stopped, the whip mistress kicked Jennifer in the ass, forcing her to land face down on the bed which up until now she had been holding on to in her bent over position.
"Did you learn your lesson?"
"Yes, mistress. I will drink when I am told to drink," Jennifer said, still sobbing. The woman then poured a cup of something and handed it to Jennifer.
"Gargle with this to get the taste out of your mouth. Swish it around real good and then spit it out in the sink over there. Then rinse with water from the faucet."

Jennifer did as she was instructed, only too happy to comply. The taste of the whip mistress' ass combined with what felt like a liter of hot piss had left a very bad taste in her mouth indeed. After Jennifer finished she rinsed out the cup and set it on the counter. She then turned around to see the mistress seated on the bed waiting on her. Jennifer walked over to the bed and stopped, her head bowed.
"You need some work but I think that you could be made into a suitable sex slave if necessary. There is a rag by the sink, clean up the mess that you made."
Jennifer went to the sink and retrieved the rag, which was already damp. She then returned to the bed and found the small puddle of urine that had leaked from her mouth. She wiped it up carefully and rinsed the rag in the sink. She wiped down the spot with the clean rag, rinsed and wrung it out and laid it beside the sink as she had found it.

"Come with me," the whip mistress said and led Jennifer down the hall to a room. Inside the room a male slave was chained to the wall. He had a black hood over his head and a gag in his mouth.
"Shave his genitals, the equipment is by the sink," the whip mistress instructed. Not having any leg, underarm or pubic hair, Jennifer had never been asked to do that. She got the razor, bucket of water, shaving cream and the towel that were on the counter. She walked over to the slave and looked at each item, unsure of how to start. The whip mistress asked her if she knew how and Jennifer told the truth -- she did not. The whip mistress then patiently explained what Jennifer was to do and watched as Jennifer shaved the man's scrotum and pubic area.

After washing the bucket and razor out in the sink Jennifer was led to another room. Here she was strapped to a rack similar to what she had experienced the first day and given three enemas. They were all three warm water, two liter enemas. She was made to hold them for several dracmars each by the large inflatable butt plug that was inserted after each enema was in. As the last one drained away she was cained with a thin cane for forty strokes. Immediately after the caining she was brought back to her stall, still crying from the pain. As she sat down on the toilet to let more of the water pass she realized just how sore her butt was. She had to squat more than sit from the pain. Her rectum was raw from the rough tip that was used on her. Smaller than what she had received the first day this one was longer and covered with small nubs. It felt like sandpaper going in, even as lubricated as it was. The tubing, Jennifer had noticed, was almost the same as what her mother had used to use on her. No explaination was given as to why she had been given the enemas and the caining. She knew better than to ask too.

Soon her slave maid came in with her supper and chained her to the bed. She was still sitting on the toilet and hadn't flushed it yet. The slave maid looked at the contents of the toilet and flushed it. After the slave maid left Jennifer wondered why the maid had shown any interest in what had issued forth from Jennifer's bowels. She wasn't long in wondering, however, when the slave maid returned.
"You aren't clean enough. Stand up and bend over," the maid instructed. Jennifer sensed that the maid wasn't too much higher up the pecking order than herself yet she obeyed promptly and without question. She stood up and bent forward, grabbing the toilet seat.
"Grab your ankles, you silly girl." the maid chastised her. As Jennifer grabbed her ankles the maid snapped two small devices on Jennifer's shackles, effectively connecting her ankle and wrist shackles together. The maid then attached a long bar to the inside coupling on Jennifer's right ankle shackle. The maid then pushed Jennifer's left leg out until the inside coupling mated with the other end of the bar. The bar was nearly a meter in length Jennifer thought, viewing it from her angle. She was in a percarious position. It wouldn't take much for her to lose her balance and fall to the floor, unable to catch herself with her hands bound to her feet as they were. The maid then walked to the sink and filled the enema bag she had brought in with her. She put something on the tip and pushed in firmly into Jennifer's now exposed asshole. It hurt her already raw anus going in. Seconds later it began to burn. Jennifer heard the click and felt the captured air rumbling into her colon. The maid obviously didn't care what it felt like Jennifer could tell. The air hurt as it shot around the bends of her intestines. Soon the liquid entering her began to burn. Jennifer could tell from the pain that the maid had put something into the enema. Soap was Jennifer's guess, but she had never had soap hurt quite this bad before. Perhaps it was because she was already somewhat raw from the three previous enemas earlier. As the maid held the bag high it emptied it's contents into Jennifer's small midsection, streching her painfully as it did so. She could tell from the pressure that it was at least two liters. Although being bent nearly in half it hurt much more than usual.

After the last of the water drained into Jennifer's bowels the maid pulled the hose from her ass and tossed the equipment into the sink. She then left the room, instructing Jennifer to hold it in. Doing as she was told Jennifer began to whimper at the pain. The hot soapy enema burned inside. Hopefully the maid would return soon. Jennifer began counting, mentally, as a diversion to the pain of the enema. Her stomach would alternately cramp and then relax. Each time she tightened her anal muscles in an attempt to hold the hot liquid inside.

When she reached nine thousand the maid returned and looked around. Satisified she then released the hooks holding Jennifer's hands down.
"Now hobble over and let that out. I'll be back to rinse you out."
Jennifer sat on the toilet letting the hot, buring liquid flow past her tender anus. It burned inside and it burned getting out. She partly wanted to keep it in to keep it from hurting as it left and she partly wanted to let it out knowing that it burned when inside as well. As much as she didn't want to admit it she was looking forward to being rinsed out. Hopefully the burning inside would stop. After emptying herself she flushed the toilet. She then wiped up and tried to stand. It was difficult with her legs spread apart by the bar.

The maid returned and refilled the bag. She used pure hot water, Jennifer noticed. As she finished and recapped the bag Jennifer looked up from her seated position.
"Well you can't take it sitting down you know. Stand up!" Jennifer then attempted to stand and fell foward onto her face. As she hunched her butt up to get up she felt the warm nozzle being pushed in. She tried to get up but the maid's foot in the small of her back prevented that. She stopped, with her hind end in the air and her head on the ground. The maid held the bag at arms length in the air.

With Jennifer now on the floor rather than bent over the pressure was greater. Jennifer could feel the difference as the water went in. It was over with quicker this time but hurt worse. At least it didn't burn this time, other than from the heat of the water. After she was finished Jennifer started to get up. The maid then kicked her in the stomach. With her skin already stretched taught by the enema this hurt quite a bit.
"Stay down there you little slut. You need more."
Jennifer began to cry at this news. She didn't think she could take any more. In her mind however, she knew that she had had more two days before. The maid finished refilling the bag and returned. Jennifer could feel the tip slip easily into her now greased and stretched asshole. The slave maid released the clamp on the hose and allowing the resultant air bubbles to rush into Jennifer's already full colon. Jennifer gasped at the pain. She began to cry louder now. The maid kicked her in the face which shut her up quickly. As the pain of the second enema reached it's peak Jennifer began to think that the maids were worse than the whip mistresses. After she was full Jennifer slowly got up. The maid spun her around roughly and slapped her hard across the face.
"Don't you dare let any out until I get back!" the maid then attached Jennifer's hands together around the chain that held the bed, on the far side from the toilet. Jennifer cried from the pain as much as from being abused by the slave maid. Her stomach hurt, still full of piss and now hot water. She esperately wanted to let some of it out. The cramps increased to the point where she started to leak. As the drops hit the floor she knew she was in for a bad time of it and went ahead and let the rest out knowing that a drop was as bad as all of it.

She was standing there in a puddle of warm water when the slave maid returned. The anger welled up in the maid's face at the sight of Jennifer's enema on the floor. She stormed out of the room without saying a word. Jennifer wondered what horrible torture device she would be subjected to at the hands of the maid. She wished that she could be at the hands of the whip mistress instead. She got her wish. The whip mistress walked in and saw the water. She then calmly undid Jennifer's wrist coupling and led Jennifer out of the room.
"You stupid little twat. You should know better than to let out an enema. Even if it isn't for punishment you are to hold your enemas as given. It is not for you to decide when you will release them. You are a slave and you will do as told. You will have to be punished."

Jennifer was led through the rapidly fading light of the stable into the well lit confines of the torture chambers. This time she was taken to the forth level down. She was strapped to a barrel like rack similar to what she had been put on the first day. She began to cry at the realization that she was about to be severly punished. The whip mistress then went back into the hallway and led the slave maid into the room. The slave maid began to whimper. Jennifer's head hadn't been fastened down to the rack and as such she could look up to see the whip mistress shackling the slave maid to the wall. The maid continued to whimper as the mistress walked to the cabinets and removed some equipment. Jennifer watched with fascination as the bag was filled. Part way through the filling the whip mistress stopped and poured something from a small container into the bag. She shook it slightly and then continued to fill the enema bag. After it was finished she attached a large, open ended tip to the hose and let out the air bubbles. Taking a jar of lubricant she smeared the nozzle in it.
The whip mistress walked over to the bound slave maid and hung the bag on a hook just above the maid's head. She then wound the hose around the maid's neck and down to her waiting butt. Firmly she pushed the nozzle into the maid's anus. The maid let out a gasp as the warmed tip entered. She then began to whimper louder as the whip mistress released the clamp, allowing the solution to flow. From the size of the bag it looked to Jennifer like it held at least 3 liters.
"You have been told several times that you are not to give the lye soap to the slaves unless specifically ordered. I am getting very tired of having to remind you of this. In addition you mistreated this one very badly. She will be punished for not holding the enema that you gave her and you will get to watch. But I want you to remember while your insides are burning that you must follow your orders."
"Yes mistress" the slave maid said, sniffiling. The bag was half empty from what Jennifer could tell. The whip mistress turned around and caught her watching.
"Watch, that's good. You'll get to see what happens when you don't follow orders."
As the last of the burning soap drained from the bag into the slave maid's intestines the whip mistress shut off the clamp and removed the tip. The maid clenched her buttocks together in an effort to hold the burning liquid. The mistress inserted a medium sized butt plug into the maid. The maid screamed out as it entered, stretching her now sore anal tissue open. The mistress then undid one of the maid's arms and turned her around so that she had her back to the wall. Jennifer could tell from the way that the maid's stomach pooched out that the enema had to be hurting. She put her head down, knowing that it would soon be her turn.

"As for you .. you are going to learn your lesson well tonight," the whip mistress said as she refilled the enema bag with hot water. She hung it up above Jennifer and inserted the tip, the same one that had been used on the maid. Jennifer winced as it penetrated her rectum. Soon she could feel the flow of the water and the pressure inside. Moments later the heat began to cause cramps. She turned her head to look at the bulging bag. It was full for her and the little released already that was causing her so much pain didn't even show. She put her head down and began to cry. As she filled the heat built up inside and soon she began to sweat. The cramps continued and the pressure built up as well. Just when she thought that it could get no worse she heard the click of the clamp that the whip mistress had shut off. Jennifer felt the large evil tip sliding out of her ass. She clenched her buttocks together as best she could to hold the angry liquid in. She could hear the whip mistress walk out of the room. She looked up at the slave maid who had an angry look on her face. Jennifer knew that the maid wanted to say something to her but was holding her tongue for fear of worse punishment. Jennifer realized that the pain that the maid was enduring would be paid back to her in the future. As time passed the heat began to disappate and Jennifer could relax somewhat. Every once in a while a painful cramp would shoot through her stomach but for the most part she tried to relax, knowing that her insides were stretching to accomodate the volume. Even as painful as it was she knew that future enemas wouldn't be as bad since she was getting used to holding such large volumes of water.

Eventually the whip mistress returned and inspected Jennifer for any evidence of leaks. Satisified she went to the wall and retreived something. Jennifer braced herself.
"You are doing well holding that in. You should have done that earlier. Now I am going to punish you for making a mess on the floor and for not holding it in earlier."
As the whip cracked against the already marked up skin of Jennifer's ass she let out a loud scream. The pain was very intense. The whip mistress gave her fifty strokes with the multi-tailed whip. Jennifer had begun counting the various whippings trying to determine if there was any pattern. Even though screaming with her ass on fire she clenched her buttocks to hold the painfully large volume of water inside. After the mistress stopped she went to the cabinet and took out something. Jennifer didn't look up to see what it was. She felt a burning sensation as the mistress wiped her butt with something. Soon she could smell the alcohol. From the way that it burned she knew that her ass must be cut and bleeding.
"You may release your enema now," was all that the mistress had to say. Jennifer's ass spouted forth a geyser of water that arced into the air. She gratefully gave up the pent up liquid. As she worked to get the rest of the water out, hindered by being bent over the curvature of the rack she could hear water running. Surely, she thought, she wasn't going to get another enema. Her hopes were dashed, however, when she felt another nozzle pressing against her anal entrance. She relaxed, letting it slide in, knowing that resistance was futile. Soon the now familar pressure began to build inside. This one was somewhat cooler she thought as the pressure began to rise without the resultant pain from the heat. She looked up quickly at the maid who now hung limp against the wall. She wondered if the maid had passed out. Apparently the mistress too had looked for she walked over o where the maid was shackled and raised her head slightly. Jennifer guessed that the mistress didn't like what she saw as she backhanded the maid across the face very hard.

The mistress then walked over to the cabinet and withdrew a piece of equipment. She then inserted a very large dildo into the maid's vagina and clamped it against the maid's inner labia with small aligator clamps. The maid screamed out as each clamp was attached. She then begged long and hard for the mistress to stop and promised that she would never be bad again. The mistress ignored her and continued to attach the device. Jennifer wondered why the maid seemed so upset at having a dildo inserted into her. From having her own labia clamped the day before she knew that it was painful but not so much as to speak without being spoken to. As the whip mistress moved away Jennifer could see thin wires dangling from the dildo. The maid continued to plead for mercy. All the while the large bag hanging above Jennifer continued pouring forth into her stretching abdomen. The mistress walked over and stuffed a gag into the maid's mouth.
"That should shut you up," she said as she inflated the gag. From the muted screams Jennifer could tell that it hurt. The mistress then attached the wires to a small box that she set on the floor beneath the maid. Flipping a switch the maid's body began to twitch. From the spasms Jennifer could tell that it was some sort of random interval. The maid would hang limp for a moment and then twitch several times, muted screams accompanying the involuntary movements. The maid tried to wiggle her hips to dislodge the electric device. But being clamped to her own labia it wasn't about to fall out.

The mistress then returned to Jennifer. She pushed Jennifer's head down on the head rest. The enema had apparently finished draining into Jennifer since the mistress clicked off the valve and removed the tip. Jennifer clenched her ass tight as the tip slid out. She was determined not to let any out and wondered just how many more enemas she would receive. She then felt a butt plug being pushed against her sore anus. She relaxed some to llow it to enter. Luckily the mistress had it greased. Jennifer's already stretched rectum opened easily to allow the large tip to pass. Still, though, she screamed at the pain of it's largest diameter. Once inserted it slipped in as her rectum closed around the narrow neck. The wide base prevented it from going further. Jennifer realized that she would have to hold this one for quite some time if she were being given a plug.

To be continued…..
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