Jennifer (Part 3)

Chapter 3

Jennifer didn't sl**p too well since her stomach was growling from the washing out that she had received the day before. The large volume enemas had become entrapped in the folds of her intestines and as they became dislodged during the night she had to make many trips to let out the water. As she could hear from the toilets flushing in other stalls some of the other slaves were having a similar experience. Added to that was the thin gruel and small loaf of bread that was her supper and she didn't sl**p too comfortably. Because of the whipping she spent most of the night sl**ping on her stomach. In the morning she could only lie there and wait to see what would happen to her next. She heard several other girls being removed from their stalls. Most went quietly.

After what had happened to her the day before she decided that it would be in her best interest to learn quickly whatever lessons that she was to be taught. Even as much as her mother had tried to prepare her for a life of servitude she still wasn't ready for what she was put through the day before. As she recalled the painful events she tried to rationalize that most of it was a very torturous medical examination. Her keepers hadn't tried to impart any knowledge to her other than to keep quiet unless she was spoken to. That part, at least, was perfectly clear. She heard steps coming down the hall. From the number she could tell that someone was being brought back to their stall.

Jennifer jumped when she heard the latch to her door being opened. She sat upright on her bed. A female guard stepped in and attached a leash to her collar and removed the chain that held her to her bed. She then gave the leash a tug and Jennifer stood up. Without saying a word the guard led Jennifer outside. The guard locked the door as the new slave girl stood patiently with her head down. After being led back down to where the torture chambers were the guard hooked Jennifer's wrist shackles to some rings mounted on the wall. She was facing the wall. After the guard left the room Jennifer twisted a little and found that there was enough slack in the rings so that she could turn part way around and examine the room.

The far side of the room held several upper and lower cabinets. Filled with more equipment to use on her she guessed. The wall opposite the door had various whips and other things hanging from hooks. She had little doubt that most were going to be painful. The wall that she was chained to was simple concrete. There were various stains, mostly dark, that Jennifer figured to be bl**d. This room too had a floor drain. From the smell of it Jennifer suspected that she would be getting more enemas. Through the scent of the cleaner she could smell the stench of human feces.
After a while a woman walked in. Jennifer didn't dare turn around to look. She silently kept her face to the wall. Without a word the new whip mistress walked to the equipment side of the room and detached something. Jennifer braced herself and soon she felt the sting of a lash. It felt like only a single cord but it left a stinging and burning sensation as it hit her buttocks with a cracking sound. After the third one Jennifer begain to cry. Only twenty lashes into the whipping the whip mistress stopped. She then went and wrote something down. Jennifer could hear the click of a ball-point pen twice. She had nearly stopped crying when the woman came and detached Jennifer's right wrist. She then swung Jennifer's arm around and reattached it to another catch so that Jennifer had her back to the wall.
"Good I see that you have learned not to complain. You have also seem to realize that you are not to look up unless specifically told to," the woman said, holding Jennifer's face up so that she could look into the new slave's eyes.
"What is your name?"
"My name is Jennifer, my master."
"I am not your master but it is good that you have learned the correct form of address. I will let it go this time. In the future you will address those in this compound as either mistress or 'my lord', depending upon sex," the woman said and let go of Jennifer's head whereupon she bowed it again. After writing something in the book on the other side of the room the woman returned. She looked at Jennifer carefully, immersed in thought.
"How old are you?"
"I am 20 years old my mistress."
"From now on you will answer 20 if anyone asks. You cannot be sold until you are f******n. Is this understood?"
"Yes my mistress, I beg your forgiveness." Jennifer said in a wavery voice, afraid she may be punished again.
"You are forgiven, you had no way of knowing. You will find that in the future you will be responsible for remembering what you are told or what you observe. I am a reasonable mistress, I do not punish slaves unnecessairly. They are to be trained properly. To do that it is necessary to punish them often and hard. however, if there is something you do not know you cannot be held responsible for that. You are not to ask questions unless given permission to ask, is this understood?"
"Yes, my mistress."
"Your records indicate that you have not been sterilized. Is this correct?"
"Yes, my mistress."

The woman then went over to the cabinets and opened a drawer. She pulled out a tag, noted something in the notebook and removed a peice of equipment from an overhead cabinet. Jennifer watched her from beneath her brow. As the woman walked up to where she stood and turned her head to the left she could see that a tag was in the device that said FERTILE. Soon she felt the sharp pain of piercing in her right earlobe. She now how two tags on her, the left telling all who read that she was a virgin.
"Can you read and write?"
"Yes, my mistress."
"What language?"
"English, my mistress."
"Good. It will save me considerable time if you can read a book. You will be given aptitude and intelligence tests later. I will warn you now that you should attempt to do as well as you can. Not only will you receive less training if you do well but you will receive less punishment in the long run. Do you know how to cook?"
"No, my mistress."
"You will be taught. Can you sew or mend clothes?"
"I can use a needle and thread, but I do not know how to use a machine, my mistress."
The woman made a note in the notebook of these facts and then reference a checklist. "Have you been instructed in c***d rearing techniques?"
"No, my mistress."
"We won't be teaching you that unless a special order comes in. Since you are an Alaytion I'll tell you right now that there isn't much of a demand for those. We will be lucky to sell you at a profit. Therefore if you are shown to a prospective buyer I urge you to make the best presentation you can. To do so otherwise would invite a long and painful punishment session," the whip mistress said and then looked at another checklist. "Do you or have you had any medical problems in which you were hospitalized or required the care of a physician or doctor?"
"I had my tonsils removed when I was eight. That is all that I remember, my mistress."
After scribbling a note, "Good. You seem to be a very well behaved slave. It appears that someone has already done some training with you. Was it your mother?"
"Yes, my mistress."
"Have you ever punished another slave?"
"No, my mistress."
"Since you are Alaytion it may be possible to sell you as a slave maid. To do so however you will have to be trained in the ways of punishing errant slaves," the woman said as she undid Jennifer's shackles.

She then removed her own clothes and laid them in a pile on a cart. Naked, the whip mistress walked to the wall and removed a long leather covered paddle from the rack of equipment. She then returned to where Jennifer was standing and offered the paddle to her. "Take it."
Jennifer took the paddle and slowly ran her hands over it. It was the first time she had ever held such an instrument of pain. She then looked up slowly at the whip mistress.
"Now I want you to give me twenty hard wacks." she said and turned around and bent over, grabbing her ankles.

Jennifer could tell that she was human since the woman lacked a tail. She could also see the curly black pubic hair around the woman's vagina and anus. Alaytions did not grow pubic hair. She took the paddle in both hands and swung it up against the woman's ass. One, she thought to herself. The woman didn't even flinch. From the faint marks on the woman's ass it was obvious that she had been whipped at one time. From what Jennifer knew of the way that whip marks healed she figured that it was several years ago. She then swung again, this time harder. The whip mistress's buttocks tensed up at this one. Not knowing how hard she was supposed to hit but suspecting that it should be very hard she swung the third blow harder this time.
The woman let out a little yelp. Feeling that she was expected to dish out a painful paddling Jennifer swung each successive blow harder. Until, on the tenth whack she was swinging as hard as she could.
The whip mistress had tears in her eyes now. On the thirteenth blow she begain to cry. By sixteen she was openly screaming.
Jennifer continued until the count was twenty. She stopped and held the paddle in front of her and bowed her head. Realizing that the paddling was over with the whip mistress raised up and rubbed her bright red buttocks. It had been an obviously sufficent spanking from the tears and sobbing. She then took the paddle and hung it back on the rack. After that, still rubbing her bright red butt she walked over and wrote something else in the notebook. She then put her clothes back on.
"You did well. I think you may be trainable as a slave maid," she said, wiggling a bit to keep her tight pants from putting too much pressure on the sore areas.

Jennifer wondered what would happen next. She never in her wildest fantasies expected to be asked to spank another person. Although the feeling of revenge was good her arms also ached. Fleetingly she had some feeling of compassion for those who had whipped her. The feeling, however, was brief lived.

"Here is a book about sexual techniques. I want you to read the entire book. You will be tested tomorrow on it," the whip mistress said handing Jennifer the book.
"Thank you mistress." Jennifer said as she took the book.
"Follow me." she said as she opened the door.
Jennifer obidentialy followed the whip mistress back to her stall, for the first time not being led on a leash. It felt good to be trusted this much. Once inside the whip mistress locked her door.

Later that evening when her meal was brought in by a slave maid the maid shackled her to her bed. Jennifer read her book until it was so dark she could no longer see it. She had made her way completely through it and had started to reread parts of it. Most of the sexual techniques were new to her, being rather alien and from human culture. What she had been taught were Alaytion sexual techniques by her mother. The book was complete with illustrations and the wording was simple enough that Jennifer, with her limited education, had no trouble understanding it. The pronouncation of some of the techniques and anatomical parts, however eluded her.

To be continued…..
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