Bondage Fantasies

April had auburn hair, well built and an executive for an Eastern restaurant chain. We first met when she came into my office and inquired as to the design and specification of equipment for a new restaurant her company was, at that time planning on the West Coast. Although we have salespeople who are paid specifically for this purpose, something about this striking woman in her tailored business suit immediately attracted me to her.

The result of this meeting was a relationship which lasted over a period of over 2 years and only ended when she went back to New York to assume a position other than the one which she had become used to over those years, that of a submissive and willing partner to many exciting and fulfilling Bondage experiences.

Our first evening together set the tone for the rest of the time we spent together over the following years. April was, and is a lady with great fire and a wonderful sense of humor. The interplay between the two of us always began with a dare, a tease or a fantasy which both of us wanted to realize in real life.

at 7:00 P.M. we met at the Hilton in down town San Francisco. She met me at the door to her room wearing a tight mini skirt, and almost transparent blouse. This was NOT the lady I had met earlier in the tailored suit and hair tightly tied in a bun on her head. She was beautiful, and INCREDIBLY sexy.

Our conversation over a hastily arranged lunch the day before had made me aware of her interest and fascination with B&D and all that it represents, so I had with me a number of toys with which I hoped to enliven the nights dinner plans. Out of a small bag I had brought with me I produced two small vibrators about the size and shape of a large egg.

April willingly agreed to insert one of them in her vagina, and one, in what was readily apparent due to the tightness of her skirt, was an incredibly shapely and ample rear. This done we placed the switches for them in the pockets of the skirt she wore, covered them with a jacket, and proceeded to go to dinner in the restaurant at the hotel, but not before agreeing that control of these devilish devices would be TOTALLY mine.

The waiter showed us to a table and April, rather unsteadily, (I thought) made her way to it balanced on a pair of very high heels which set off her legs and made her ass move in ways that somehow distracted me from the idea of what we were going to have for dinner.

Once we were seated in the booth I discretely reached over, and without her realizing it flipped the switch on the eggs, this was the first time April had experienced the sensation that is produced by these small, but powerful little devices and the result was a shriek that turned more than a few heads in the already crowded room.

The rest of her dinner was spent in a constant state of uncertainty, arousal, and embarrassment. The food was delicious, but I doubt, somehow if April remembers it. Every time the waiter or busboy came by she soon realized she would find these devices, hidden in her most private parts vibrating madly and driving her nearer and nearer to distraction. By the time we left for her room, walking which had been difficult at best before, was now almost impossible.

As we entered the room her cockiness returned, as she reminded me of what we had discussed over lunch, her fascination with cowboys and indians as a little girl, and how, "I have never been tied in a way that I couldn't get out of".

We playfully argued back and forth for about fifteen minutes and at this point came to the agreement that April would "put up or shut up". From my little bag of tricks I produced 250ft. of rope that I had brought along with me anticipating the opportunity which now presented itself.

With a little urging from me April soon was standing in the middle of the room totally naked. She had a fantastic body. Full figured and with breasts and an ass as beautiful as I have ever had the pleasure to see. Quickly I tied her wrists behind her. Then with a length of rope passed under her arms, around her breasts and across her back I drew her arms upward so that her wrists were now crossed and fastened in the small of her back between her shoulder blades. Firmly but gently I placed her at the foot of the bed and proceeded to tie her legs at ankles, above and below the knees and around her thighs.

Since she still had both of the devilish vibrators I had earlier inserted inside of her, I now took the time to turn them on full power. April jumped about a foot in the air her eyes glazed over as these invaders worked on her most intimate parts. For a final touch I took a small length of rope and tied her big toes together so she could not even move her feet.

A soft cloth was placed across her eyes and now she was totally helpless. All this accomplished, I told her what the bet was I proposed to make with her. "Honey, since you're so confident you can get free of any Bondage, I am going to test you. I will place you in front of the door to the room, you will have fifteen minutes to work yourself loose. If you aren't free in that time I'm going to open the door and put you out in the hallway".

It took a second or two for the implications of what I had just said to sink in and April started to scream at the top of her ample lungs at me. Expecting this, as I was speaking to her I had picked up her panties from the floor and rolled them into a ball. As she opened her mouth I stuffed her panties in her mouth. I then took one of her scarfs off her dresser and tied it over her mouth and behind her head securing the panties in place. She began to struggle wildly.

Lifting her into my arms I carried her over to the door, placed her on the floor and sat down to watch the show. She fought with the ropes with all her might and the sight of this beautiful woman frantically kicking and rolling around on the floor at my feet was a tremendous turn on.

Not out of any kindness but because I was enjoying the struggle more and more I left her there a full twenty minutes during which time she paused in her struggles several times as the combination of fear, excitement, and those two vibrators working their magic brought her to shuddering climaxes.

As she lay there exhausted, I walked over to her and checked her bonds, not one rope had moved from its previous position. Removing her blindfold and bending down close to her ear I whispered, "You lose."

The End
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3 years ago
it really is a good start geri,nice job!
3 years ago
this is a great start for a series