The Forest

It is cool outside and the evening is drawing on. The lake is still, the late summer twilight almost purple and the shadows deepening rapidly. We are sitting outside on the cabin step, the end of a perfect day. The wine is cool, clear and refreshing. We are relaxed, contemplating our next move. During the last few hours we have talked a lot, exploring each other's personalities and now we have reached a comfortable familiarity.

You are pleased with your choice of companion, such a fit and good-looking young man, and great company too. You are anticipating eagerly the highlight of your secretly erotic weekend. You didn't tell your friends where you were headed yesterday afternoon, leaving them to wonder what was happening as you left work on time. It was two and a half hours to the cabin, enough to allow your imagination to run riot. But when you arrived, I was already there. The evening has passed quickly since our enthusiastic meeting.

I walk behind you, my breathing taut with anticipation. I stand behind you, acutely aware of your faint female fragrance, and move my hands onto your shoulders. Carefully but casually I begin to rub your muscles, feeling your body posture relax into my hands. That¹s right, relax, your weight begins to shift backwards in your chair and your breathing tightens slightly. I am finding your presence intensely arousing and my cock erects within a few seconds.

I move carefully to one side to allow for my growing hardness, whilst your eyes close slightly. Suddenly I realise that you are already damp with excitement and the knowledge sends a shock through my body. With my stomach in my mouth, I lean forwards, my face brushing your hair, and slide my hand inside the top of your blouse and underneath your left breast. I cup your flesh lovingly, carefully stroking you, moving gently onto your nipple. You lean back into me, the sexual tension rising rapidly. For a few moments I continue to savor the feel of your boob: gorgeous! Your nipple erects quickly, yes, that feels fantastic between my fingers! I twist you gently, massaging your smooth, wonderfully heavy breast, then move my other hand below your neckline and onto your other boob. Our excitement has increased hugely and we cannot wait much longer - I know you want sexual fulfilment as much as I do. You stand up and we move inside the log cabin together as darkness falls.

The bed is white, fresh, clean. Perfect! I embrace you lingeringly and we kiss, once and then again, tongues meeting and mating. Your hips are firmly pressed into mine, you can feel my young, iron-solid cock straining at my jeans. Breaking off for a minute, you strip my jeans and T-shirt off, and as I stand naked in the cabin, sink onto your knees and take my straining penis in your mouth. I am fresh, clean, hard, warm. My hands grip your hair as your tongue probes me and you suck hard. That feels great! Not too much, though, I don't want to shoot yet!

I strip your clothes from your gorgeous body one by one, savoring your curves as I bring them into view. I run my hands over your lower back and between your buttocks, caressing you softly, appreciating you. We tumble on to the bed together, and eagerly I part your legs, hooking your thighs over my shoulders as I bury my face in your bush. I part your wet lips and find your button immediately, with a growl I flick at you with my tongue, lapping carefully and slowly at first. Already you are stiff, now your hands grip my hair as I tease you. Tell me where it¹s best! There! Yes! Your breathing is ragged, rasping, now I can hear you beginning to moan. It is sexual heaven: a hard young man between your legs in a deserted cabin, none for miles around to hear your screams and moans. Your limbs are trembling as my fingers enter your wet tunnel, two then three, carefully entering your hot core. My tongue is driving you into a frenzy, and your desire is a hard knot in your lower belly. You open further each time, allowing my fingers to invade your body completely. But it is not quite enough, not now, you are aching for more.

You are moaning with lust, aching to be stretched. I sense your unspoken desire and now, so carefully, I push my fist inside your moist pussy. Ahhh! So wet, warm, tight! You inner cavern pulses with your own arousal, stretched by my fist. I leave my hand inside you for a minute, gripped by your muscular inner walls, savoring the intimacy of our moment together. You shift your hips slightly, pushing back onto me and groaning softly with delight. Almost painful but not quite, you feel deliciously full. You know your man understands you, he won't go too far, but you need that familiar ache to be satisfied.

Now with my heart beating faster and my stiff cock pulsing with excitement, every heartbeat throbbing through my erect tissue, I withdraw my hand. Your vaginal walls cling to me, reluctantly letting me slide out, moist and warm, and then closing as I leave you. You feel empty, strangely abandoned. But not for long because you can see the arousal in my face, soon we can fuck to our hearts' content.

Quickly, I move off your lap, stand up, roll you over and guide your legs carefully onto the floor. You lie there, face down, breathing ragged with excitement. Rolling a rubber over my straining penis, I move behind you.
You push your hips back at me, your ass cheeks rising to meet me. Carefully, lovingly, I mount you and begin to ride you. You like that as much as I do, don't you? You like the surging penetration as I slide in
and out in a steady rhythm. We moan our enjoyment in time, our gasps synchronized. My fingers spread your lips and locate your stiff button, stroking you faster and harder as my own excitement rises. Come, Cyn! Yes, that's it! Your orgasm surges from deep in your belly, cramping your womb and then your vagina in spasms of ecstacy. Your tight asshole contracts with your pussy, fading slowly. Your deep moans trail away to nothing.

But I want you to come again, so I continue sliding in and out. You are so wet that I slide inside you very easily. My rhythm picks up, in, out, ahhh! There! We kiss passionately, our tongues caressing each other. I savor kissing you again, still banging into you. You want it harder now, to feel me slamming away between your full cheeks. Yes! There! Ahhh! Your intense excitement fuels my own lust. Your buns push back into me, I am hard, strong, yes! Relax for a second, I am close, I lie on your bare back and my tongue caresses your spine, my fingers intertwined with yours. I like to feel your hands clasping at mine, closer, yes!

I stop for a moment, reaching for the bedside table and bring out a hard object. You hear a click and then a loud buzzing sound. I take the vibrating dildo and play it across your clitoris. Your body shudders and
you open your legs a little wider. Yes, that¹s it! There! With your moist lips open like petals, I slide it lower to your opening. Now I push it inside, hard, cool, filling your hot tunnel perfectly. I probe with the buzzing head, finding your G spot, there? Your gasp tells me I have found it. I press your dildo against it, the vibrations seeping through your sensitive flesh. Now I position myself behind you, and lift your legs over
my hips. Sliding a rubber over my bulging erection, I place my throbbing head against your anus and push, slowly, carefully, penetrating you. You moan, feeling my invasion, needing to be filled completely. Yes!

Gradually I slide into your tight asshole, my prick gripped by your rear muscle. For a second now I pause, panting, my cock buried up to the hilt in your ass. Your eyes are closed with delight, your breasts heaving with your passion. Wait a moment, now. I feel your hand reach behind you and caressing my balls. They draw up tight under my cock, ready to unload their seed into you. I want to shoot my seed as deep inside you as I can, you know that. Your nails lightly tease my sack, my skin tingles at your delicate and expert touch. Now your hand closes on my balls, squeezing them, milking them.

Quickly I slide my hand forwards into your bush, above the plastic cock buried in your pussy, and locate your clit. I caress your clit. As I do so, you move your full hips back into me, goading me on. Gasping, I continue masturbating you faster, we struggle to prevent ourselves coming. Your orgasm starts near your clit and sweeps up inside your belly and down through your asshole at the same time, clamping my prick hard. My cream wells up inside me, pleasure knotting in my balls and surging through my hard rod, exploding inside the rubber. You feel me jetting sharply into your ass despite your own orgasm. My spasms die away and I withdraw reluctantly from your tight hole. The rubber is bulging with my cream - that was good! I drop it in the trash and return to your gorgeous body, d***k with lust.

Still the dildo is buzzing inside you. You want to come again! I turn you over so that I can kneel between your legs and lower my head. I trail my tongue across your inner thighs and upwards towards your lips. Now I find your clit and probe you with my tongue, licking at you quickly. I take the dildo in my hand and press it up, against your pleasure spot. I sense your knees trembling, you will come again soon, and I can feel my cock hardening again despite the massive load I have just shot into you. You are moaning
incoherently, your head is rolling, and I know you are fast approaching the ecstacy.

Slowly I move on top of you, sliding between your legs and roll on another rubber. Now I can enter you, slide inside you and stay there, my cock gripped by your moist vagina. I slide in and then out, almost withdrawing
from you, then back in again. But now we can go slowly, savoring the pleasure, our sweat mingling as our bodies relax. You are still excited, and I can see you are feeling small, heavenly orgasms as I continue to fuck you slowly. Once more my balls contract with delight and my inner muscles expel what little cream is left in me. Ahhh! Dripping with sweat and sated with delight, I relax onto your welcoming body.

Your arm flung back, your head back, we relax together, my cock still inside you, and we drift off, exhausted but totally at ease with each other. Tomorrow morning we can start again...but tonight in the forest we can sl**p dreamlessly, utterly satisfied with each other.


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