Pat's Surprise

Kevin and Pat always reserved a special time an Saturday for playing around, and this week was no exception. Pat is a little cutie at 5 foot 4 inches and a shade under 120.She has brown almost straight shoulder length hair and big deep brown eyes. Her chest was nice for her body some where around 34c.She has nice well rounded hips and a nice tight ass with long muscular legs with came from the exercise that she has done.

Her husband Kevin is also a strong man. He is 5foot 8 inches tall and weighs about 160 or 165.He has blond hair and either green or hazel eyes .Along with this he has wide shoulders and V-shaped back and a tight behind. It is fast approaching the time for their to begin. They could do almost anything, one time they ended up on the dining room table. Today Kevin tells Pat that he has a couple of surprises for her.

He brings her into the living room and sets her down on the couch. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black piece of cloth and ties it around her eyes. Now she can't see anything, everything is black. Then he gets a blindfold that you would wear when your sl**ping and puts that on her so he is sure she can't anything. This excites her because he doesn't know what is going to happen.

Kevin stand her up and moves her off to the side. Then he goes to the linen closet and gets an old sheet to put on the couch. He then goes to another closet where they usually hang their coats. He opens a door and there is a man there, it's Kevin's friend John. Pat had told him a few days earlier that she was hot for him, so Kevin planed this whole thing out. He put his finger to his mouth telling John to be quite and John nodded ok. They both went back over to where Pat was standing and Kevin motioned for John to sit down in a chair opposite the couch and he did. Then Kevin told Pat that she was not to say a word unless she had to moan or scream out in pleasure. Kevin then went behind her and started to remove her blouse. He started to undo the buttons at the top and worked his way down. When he reached the bottom he opened the blouse and took it off her shoulder throwing it on the floor next to them out of the way. She was standing there in her bra and skirt, plus black nylons. Again still behind her he went for the clasp on her bra since it was a front-loader.

At least she had trimmed it so she could wear a bikini. Kevin tapped John on the shoulder, they both stepped back away from Pat. Kevin began to strip and motioned for John to do the same. They both stripped and john sat back down. On the couch pat was wondering what was going on, and it was making her pussy wet. Kevin came over to her and put one knee on the cough. Grabbing her head with one hand ,he pulled her close to him and put the head of his cock on her lips, then told her to suck. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock between her lips. Then he told her to play with her breast. She grabbed them and squeezed them tight. Then with Kevin's cock in her mouth and her working up and down on it with her lips in a tight oval, she began to pinch her nipples. She took each of them between her thumb and forefinger and began to roll them. Kevin looked over at john and gave him a motion that he could play with himself if he wanted to. He then took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it up and down.

Pat released her nipples and they were fully erect.They stood out about and looked like an extra little mountain at the end of her tits. Kevin then told her to open her pussy so he could see it. She reached her hands down between her legs and pulled back the thick outer lips back to expose the pink inner pussy. Then Kevin told her to hold it open and play with her clit. She held it open with the first two fingers on one hand that looked like an upside-down "v" then with the other hand rubbed her clit with the first finger. She put the finger right on her clit and started to rub it in a circular motion. She was warming up fast and before she came Kevin stopped her .He then told to stick a finger in her pussy. She rubbed her finger on her pussy to get it wet. Then she pushed it down towards the hole and started to push it in. She worked her finger in part way then pulled most of out, then push in even
more than before. Finally after strokes she had all of it in her pussy and was wiggling it around. Kevin told her to take it out and to stick in her mouth. She did stuff it her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it, cleaning it off. This made her excited because she knew it was her juices, and she didn't the taste.

She often wondered what other women tasted like. She was really sucking Kevin with a passion now and she had taken his balls in one hand and was squeezing them gently. Kevin then told her to put two fingers in her pussy, which she did. Then she began to saw them in and out making her pussy wetter by the stroke. All three of them were getting close to cumming so Kevin thought since he was he should give Pat her surprise. He then pulled back and his cock came free of her mouth with a popping sound. He then removed the outer blind fold. Then he grabbed onto the other one and said "Pat he is your surprise and yanked the other blindfold off of her. All at once John came into view but what could she do. There she was sitting there on the cough with two fingers up her pussy and hot as a cat. She had just thought about this very thing yesterday when she was taking a bath. She had laid back and was rubbing her clit thinking about it. hit she thought she had just told Kevin about a few days earlier." John ",Kevin said "wouldn't you like to taste her?" He didn't say a word he just got up and came over to the couch. He knelt down in front of her and pulled her hips to the edge of the couch. Spreading her legs wide he push his face between thighs. He inhaled deeply getting high on her pussy scent. Then he reach down with both hands and spread her pussy open, going tongue first he lowered his head even more. He touched her clit the first thing and it made her jump just a little. Then he started to work his tongue up and down her whole slit. Now her ass was all over the couch and john just followed her movements. Then he folded her legs back and her knees were touching her tits.

He touch her asshole with the tip of her tongue and his made her moan. Then he went back to her cunt and stiffened his tongue and stuck it her pussy. He began to work in and out just like she had her fingers. She wasn't far from orgasm and everyone knew, so john brought one of his fingers over and began to rub her clit while he was working his tongue in and out. She was very close now so she grabbed the back of john's head and pulled him even closer making his tongue go deeper than ever. Then it happened she exploded into orgasm and wrapped her legs around his head, holding him there while she cruised through her climax. After a minute or two she released the hold she had on him. He then stood up and he got to look at him. He was a little than Kevin and also had broad shoulders. He had a hairy chest that looked to be develop a little .One thing she didn't like was he had a roll, but she didn't think it was all fat.

Below his waist he had a average size cock or maybe a little better.His legs were also developed and looked pretty good. John had brown hair and blue eyes and if the light hit them just right they kind of looked like they might belong to a wolf, otherwise they were kind of baby-blue. Kevin who had been sitting there on the couch next to her, got up and grabbed her hand pulling her off the couch and brought her to the center of the room. He then told her to kneel down on her hands and knees. She does and Kevin kneels down behind her, while john kneels down in front of her. Kevin rubs his cock up and down her pussy from behind, getting his head wet. She is sopping wet so it doesn't take long. Then he centers it at the entrance to her pussy and pushes forward so the head pops past and into her pussy. In front of her John had put the head of his cock on her lips and she parted them to take it in. She was sucking on the head driving him crazy. Kevin began to push more and more of his cock into her. Soon the whole thing was in her and his balls were slapping against her clit. He began to go in and out with it with long slow strokes. Pat responded by shoving her hips back to meet each stroke. She was now sucking John's cock completely in her mouth, his balls rubbing up against her chin. He wasn't sure about this since he didn't get very often or not as much as he would like to. He was afraid that he would go off in her mouth and maybe she didn't want him to. Finally he decided that she would pull away if she didn't want, he hoped anyway. She did pull away and he had mixed feelings. She must of sensed this because she said
"don't worry i want that cock in my pussy. She gently pushed john back so he was laying down, then she threw one leg over his hips so she was facing him. She reached a hand under her and grabbed on to his cock and put it at the entrance to her pussy. She began to lower herself slowly and his cock started to disappear. She was sitting back far enough so john could watch his cock going up into her. She sank down slowly until his balls were against her ass. She motion for Kevin to come up beside her and he did. She lifted his cock and slide her mouth over it not only tasting him but her pussy juices as well. She began to work his cock over as well as massaging his balls at the same time. After she got into a good rhythm with Kevin she start lift her hip off John's cock then slamming them back down. They were all highly arouse and knew it wouldn't be long before they came.

Pat knew it was time for something to happen so she tighten the muscles in her cunt and started moving her hips back and forth. This caused her clit to rub across John's stomach when she was all the way down on his cock. She also grabbed Kevin's balls which were full and gently rubbed them as she increased the suction with her mouth. She could feel both of the cock heads swell at the same time and all three exploded at once. Kevin shot his load against the back of her throat and it spilled down her throat, which she swallowed eagerly, not spilling a drop. John shot up into her and it hit her inner depth which thrilled her, but she was still rubbing her clit against his stomach and this made her go off like a rocket. Her hips began to shake as she was into orgasm. She thought she was going to pass out. After a minute she just rolled of onto the floor, while Kevin slump down onto the couch and John laid where he was. She figured they were thru at least for a couple minutes anyway.

He had it opened in no time and took her bra off and threw it down with her blouse. He grab her breast one in each hand and started to knead them, she liked this because she began to push her butt back against him. Kevin looks over at John and his eyes are big and he looks excited. Kevin then stepped back to undo the zipper of her skirt, as he did the skirt began to slide over her hips an inch at a time. When the zipper was all the way down he pulled the skirt down the rest of the way letting it fall to the floor and then making her step out of it. She was now standing there in black lace panties and a black garter belt, which were holding up her black nylons. Kevin looked at john and he looked like he was going to jump out of his chair. Kevin moved Pat over to the couch and sat her down. He then moved the coffee table out of the way. He motioned for John to get up and motioned for him to take his wife's panties off. He went over to her and grabbed her panties around the elastic and pulled them down her thighs and her pussy came into view. He then push them around her ankles and removed them from her feet. Then he spread her legs wide to get a good look at her pussy. It was beautiful he thought, but hen again he thought all women were beautiful down there. I was to bad they had to have all that hair covering it up.


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1 year ago
Because the sentences are "fast paced" (no details, minimal description), and the sentences are much too long (no commas and few periods) the story is difficult to follow.

Although the plot, the theme are very good, and could be thriling, the author/writer needs an editor to dress up the writing of his/her very nice sex and fuck scenes.

The story-line is very good; the writing needs improvement.
4 years ago
very good