She was told that she was to stay in bed that day. He told her that she would have visitors. The front door would remain unlocked, and the visitors had been instructed to enter without knocking. He told her that she was not to speak, she was simply to do what the visitors wanted her to do.

He had left the house at 6:30, and it was almost 8:00 now. As she lay there wondering if anyone was actually going to show up, she idly fingered the rings in her nipples. Her hand then strayed to the ring through her clit hood, and she gently tugged on it, moaning softly. She did not finger her sex, as her Master had forbidden her to, and she would have to tell him if she did, and he would punish her. She let loose of her clit ring, and fingered the metal loops on the brown leather collar encircling her neck, then traced her fingers up the metal chain of the attached leash, the other end of which was fastened to a hook, inset into the wall. She heard the front door close, and her heart jumped.

The man came into the bedroom, looked down at her and smiled. She had never seen this man before. He was probably in his late thirties, clean shaven, and smelled of cologne. He was looking at the top of the dresser, where her Master had assembled a nasty assortment of items. There were clamps and dildos and plugs. There were riding crops and canes, and a wicked looking, multi-tailed whip. There was lubricant and condoms. A small box contained needles and alcohol.

Without a word, he stepped across the room and pulled the covers off of her naked body. She was on her back, and he told her to spread her legs and raise her knees, which she did. He had her spread her legs apart as far as she could. She was totally exposed and spread for this stranger, and despite, or perhaps in spite of her fear, she could feel herself getting wet.

He was undressed now, and was selecting some items from the top of the dresser. He returned with a piece of elastic cord, which he looped through her nipple rings and down through her clit ring. He pulled the cord snug and tied the ends together. Her nipples were pulled taughtly down, and her clit stood standing up out of her slit. She began to moan in earnest now, her sexual nerves at full attention.

He approached her with a crop, and ever so lightly stroked the insides of her thighs with it, then softly, teasingly, traced the stiff leather tip up between the soft lips of her sex, bouncing off of her clit ring. She was moving her hips in time with the teasing strokes, and raising her ass off the bed to push her wet cunt against the crop. She needed him now, needed him to whip her and fuck her, and she was getting frantic with her need. He knew that.

He brought the crop down hard on the inside of her thigh. She gasped at the sudden searing pain. Then another on the inside of her other thigh, and she felt the two welts rising up from the tender skin. She was aware that he was on the bed now, and he knelt between her spread legs. The fire of the welts burned against his sides as he plunged into her slickness. She came, bucking against him and she felt him cumming too. He pulled out of her, and again without a word, got dressed. He removed the elastic cord. She heard the front door close as he left the house.

She just lay there, the welts burning on her thighs, the juices from their combined cum running from her cunt, pooling on the sheets. She was like that for fifteen minutes when she heard the front door close again.
This man was older, but she had never seen him before either. He let her stretch her limbs, then put her on her hands and knees. He brought a lubricated butt plug to the entrance of her ass, and slowly pressed it in, going very slowly as she relaxed to take it's fullness into her.

He chose a leather strap, and began to slap her ass with it. Over and over he worked the strap, up and down the backs of her thighs, then back to her ass. The heat built up in her until she felt she could absolutely not take any more, when he hit her with a mighty swing. She started to cum, and he knelt behind her and slid up into her cunt and fucked her while she orgasmed.

He left her just like she was, and again she heard the front door close, as the stranger that had just used her left the house.

She never heard the next man come in. She was just suddenly aware of his presence. He was putting a condom on, and kneeling behind her. She felt the tug against the plug in her ass, and she moaned as he pulled it out of her. He put his cock against the gaping hole and buried himself in her ass. He reached forward and grabbed her shoulders as he fucked her ass, pulling himself against her burning ass cheeks every time he reached the limit of his stroke. He reached around and pulled on her clit ring and fingered her clit as he came. She couldn't believe it, but she came again, too.

He had her stretch out on her back. He used the elastic cord also, running it through the nipple rings and tying it to her collar. Her tits were pulled up by the rings, exposing the soft undersides. He pulled off the condom and made her open her mouth, and he dumped the contents into her mouth and watched her swallow it.

He went to the dresser and she could smell alcohol. He returned with four needles, and silently but firmly pushed them through her nipples, one in each nipple straight up and down, the others at 90 degree angles to the first. She always got butterflies in her stomach when she saw needles, but she was always fascinated, watching them push through her skin. Her breathing became heavy as he pierced her, the needles bringing a subtle sting to her nipples, a burning ache that was very stimulating to her highly keyed senses.

He caned her. Her thighs, her belly, and the undersides of her pierced tits. She sucked her breath in between clenched teeth as the searing pain of the first cut registered in her brain. The wicked, bamboo rod left dark red welts where it bit her, and she screamed out in agony, but he continued, methodically marking her. Then he got between her legs and he fucked her. He could feel the hot welts against his skin as he lay on top of her, working his cock into her hot wetness.

Her body was on fire. The hard cock sliding into her cunt was a glorious relief, and she came, her cunt sucking and clenching on the hardness inside it. He started a long, slow fuck that kept her in an almost constant orgasm. He pulled his hardness from her cunt and, holding his cock in his hand, ejaculated onto her welted belly and tits. She did not hear him leave, nor did she know how long she lay there before the next man was in the room.

He did not beat her or torture her. He just knelt over her head and had her lick and suck his cock and ass until he came, squirting his cum all over her face .

Her Master arrived home an hour later. She was still spread-eagle. Fresh welts adorned the whole front of her body, her tits still pulled up by the elastic cord, needles through the nipples. Dried cum was all over her face and belly. He loved the sight of her.


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