Kathy's Continuing Saga

A little while ago I posted a story and request for ideas about bondage and tickling. This is a follow-up about the ordeal Alex cooked up to get even with me.

Before I start I should probably explain a few things about Alex and myself. We have been lovers for several years now and while we regularly tie and torment each other, I view myself as being submissive and masochistic and Alex as dominant and sadistic (oh how she can be sadistic!) Fortunately this works out quite well for us :-). In devising torments for Alex it is quite rare that I actually manage to out do things she has previously done to me mainly because I'm not much into inflicting pain on her and I think she knows this and uses it to her advantage. When we added tickling to our bondage this opened a whole new world of possibilities for me because we are both terribly tick- lish and I don't view tickling as inflicting pain. It seems that the last little torture I dreamed up for her was the most out of control she has ever been and showed her just how merciless I can be given the right situation. Not to be upstaged, she was deter- mined to show me that she hadn't lost her touch when it came to torturing me. She insisted on using the device I had designed. Considering the amount of bondage in our sexual lives I didn't see that I really had much of a choice (besides I was kind of excited about it), it was just a matter of time until she had me in a position where I couldn't resist. I agreed that she would get her chance Friday night and so after our usual evening at the gym we returned to my house with her toting along a bag of toys.

Soon after we got to my house Alex had me strip then grabbed her bag of toys and led me down to the basement where we had stored my famous torture stool. Once there she put leather cuffs on my wrists and fastened them behind my back. She dragged the stool out to the center of the basement play area and sat me in it. Then she took two lengths of rope and attached them to screw eyes about 7' off the floor on the walls on either side of the stool I was sitting in. The other ends of the ropes had snap hooks which she attached to the cuffs on my wrists after releasing them from behind my back. As she tightened the ropes, drawing my arms up and out, I began to get the idea, she wanted to be able to get to the areas under my arms and along the sides of my chest. She seemed proud of her little innovation and I knew I was in trouble. Using two more lengths of rope, she bound my ankles back along the sides of the stool as high as she could. It was hard to keep from swaying forward but she soon had a fix for that. She put a 3" wide leather strap across my back below my shoulder blades, ran it under my arms, over my shoulders and buckled it behind my head. Standing on the rungs of the stool, she attached a length of rope to an overhead screw eye and then tied the other end to the D ring on the strap across my back. She attached another piece of rope to the D-ring but just let it hang behind me. Now I was curious, I was certain she was going to attach it to the back of the stool to hold me down as I had done with her.

My repeated questions earned me a piece of tape over my mouth. Now that I was quite helpless to change the course of the evening she promised me that my ordeal would be something that I wouldn't soon forget. She slowly removed her clothes while fondling my body and stroking my pussy. When she was completely naked, and had driven me to the brink of orgasm, she picked up my 10" dildo and pulled a directors chair over in front of me and sat in it. She told me that if I squirmed around and brought myself to orgasm that my next orgasm would be with her working on my breasts with a riding crop. Sliding down into the chair, she put her legs up over the arm rests presenting me with a good view of her pussy. While I watched she slowly worked the dildo into her pussy and began fucking herself with it while fingering her clit. As she worked on herself she went into vivid detail about what it was going to be like to be tickle tortured in my current position. I was beginning to wonder how good an idea it was to let her tie me this way, my earlier excitement was giving way to a feeling of apprehension. It wasn't long before she had brought herself to orgasm. When she had calmed down she got out of the chair, picked up a small wooden dowel and came over to me holding up the moist dildo and telling me that it was now my turn. She reached under the stool and I felt the dildo slid up under me until the tip was touching my pussy lips. Using two fingers to part my pussy lips, she worked the dildo into me until I thought it wouldn't go any further then she pushed it a little deeper. Taking the dowel, she pinned the dildo into place on the under- side of the stool. I now knew what she had felt like when I had put her into this position, every move I made caused my muscles to grip the dildo that was impaling me. She laughed at the expression on my face and told me that that was just a start.

From her bag of toys she removed a gag with a 6" dildo on it, the gag was designed to go in the mouth and leave the dildo free to be used for fucking. At first I couldn't see why she would use a gag like that on me since I was in no position to use the dildo on her. Then out came the tube of KY and as she began greasing the dildo my stomach dropped out. She was going to put it in my ass! I knew it was useless but I screamed and struggled anyway. She seemed to love my reaction and with a wicked grin she moved around behind me carrying the greased dildo. I tried to rock my weight back so she couldn't get to my asshole but she put her weight into me and f***ed me to lean forward then I felt the cold tip of the dildo enter my ass. I knew from experience that fighting it would only make it hurt more so I stopped my struggling and relaxed and let her slid the dildo into my ass. When she had it completely in me she used a leather thong to tie the gag to the top of the stool. She then tied the rope hanging from the D ring to the back leg of the stool while explaining to me that she was leaving plenty of slack so I would get the full effect of both dildos moving in and out of me when I raised up off the stool. I was now completely stuffed, I could feel the two dildos rubbing against each other within my body. My feeling of dread was rapidly increasing, I could still vividly remember Alex bouncing around on the dildo while I tickled her. She stood in front of me now and admired her work then she told me she wanted me to know what it was going to be like when I struggled and reached forward and tickled my ribs. I had never been fucked in my ass and pussy at the same time before and the feeling of both dildos moving in and out of me as I jumped was like nothing I imagined. She said I should see the look on my face when I moved then she produced a long feather and placed it in the directors chair in front of me. She peeled the tape off my mouth, stepped up on a rung on the stool and kissed me then pointed to the feather and said "Think about it lover". I was already begging as she left the basement.

She gave me a while to think about what was going to happen as I had done with her. The time alone was quite effective, it gave me an opportunity to see just how helpless I was and to think about all the things she could do to me in this position. I tried to work my wrists out of the cuffs but she had been careful to tighten them correctly and every move I made reminded me of the dildos that were in me. When she returned she told me she wasn't going to gag me yet. She wanted to hear me scream the way she had screamed and when I got too loud she would use the same technique I did with the inflatable gag. Then she remarked that I seemed to be sweating a little, was I nervous? Using the long feather she started at the insides of my knees and, despite my pleading, quickly worked her way up my inner thighs. By the time she had reached my stomach my eyes were watering so much I couldn't see, I was laughing hysterically and bouncing around on the dildos that impaled me. Before she could get to my ribs I had my first orgasm and thought I was going to pass out. At this point she stopped and got out the inflatable gag. She made a show of making sure it was fully deflated while reminding me that I had tortured her through six orgasms and that I still had 5 to go. I refused to let her put the gag in my mouth and tried to bargain with her, if she would remove the dildo from my ass I'd let her gag me. This didn't work very well, she stepped around behind me and, grabbing a handful of hair, pulled my head back until she could f***e the gag in. After strapping the gag on she changed to a short stiff feather and started in on my ribs. I had completely lost any sense of time, all I was aware of was the feather traveling over my ribs and up into my arm pits, the dildos moving in and out of me, the sweat running down my body and my screams. After pumping up the gag a little she got a good laugh out of the way I rode the dildos while she tickled my ass cheeks and the crack of my ass. Finally she changed to a small paint brush, one of the most devious tickle torture implements we had come up with. She pumped the gag up to fully fill my mouth and let me know that she hadn't forgot about my feet and toes. When she started on my feet I thought I would die, I couldn't think straight, I couldn't scream through the gag and I couldn't control the spasms running through my body. My eyes were so teared that I couldn't see, my awareness was limited to the brush traveling over my feet, the dildos moving inside me, the uncon- trollable spasms running through me, sweat running off my body and blurs of color in front of my eyes.

The torture seemed to go on forever, when she stopped again I wasn't sure how many orgasms I had had but I knew I had had several violent ones. When my eyes cleared she was standing in front of me watching me. She ran her hands over my sweaty body and told me that she had one other torment in mind for me and that my fighting her attempts to gag me had convinced her that she should use it. She untied the small dildo from the stool and removed it from my ass then she unpinned the larger one and slid it out of me. I was getting quite sore and I was glad to have the dildos removed but I was afraid of what she might have in mind for me. Alex has her sadistic spells as I have my masochis- tic ones and I was certain she was planning to cause me some pain. Out of her bag of toys she produced a Japanese sewing clamp to which she attached a short leather thong then she attached a spring and a large weight to the other end of the thong. She held the clamp with its attachments up in front of my eyes and asked me if I remembered how she had used this on me before. Nodding "yes", I closed my eyes and waited for what I knew was next. When I felt her fingers expose my swollen clit I couldn't help but remember the time she had tied me standing spread eagle and attached a clamp with a weighted spring to my clit then whipped me. She was very gentle when she closed the clamp on my clit and positioned the thong so that the weight and spring hung off the edge of the stool. But I knew that when I started to struggle again the bouncing weight would take its toll on my clit. I knew she was going to whip me but I wasn't prepared for the doubled up piece of neoprene tubing that she produced from her bag. It had been a while since she had really inflicted heavy pain on me, this was going to be one of those times.

Though I knew what to expect from a whipping, I wasn't ready for the pain the tubing could inflict. When the first lash landed across the exposed part of my ass I think I screamed louder than ever before. Every time I jerked from a lash of the whip, my clit would be mercilessly tugged by the bouncing weight and spring. She delivered a total of ten lashes across my ass while telling me how much my struggles and muffled screams excited her. When she stepped around in front of me I could see that she was working on her clit with her left hand and I knew she would work me over until she came. She brushed my left breast with the tubing and smiled as I frantically shook my head "no". When the first lash landed on my breast it triggered one of the most violent orgasms I think I've ever had. I don't remember struggling very much while she continued whipping my breasts, I just remember the sound of the whip, the pain in my breasts and my screaming. She had delivered eight slow lashes, five to my left breast and three to my right, before she brought herself to orgasm and collapsed into the chair in front of me. I think the weighted clamp on my clit was wasted at this point, I hardly noticed its tugging during the whipping, all my senses were centered on the impact of the tubing with my breasts. Having your breasts whipped with a small diameter plastic tube is some- thing a woman will not easily forget, hardly any marks are left but the pain is tremendous.

When Alex had recovered, she removed the clamp from my clit, the gag from my mouth and took me down off the stool. I was so weak and sore I could hardly walk. She helped me up the stairs and put me into a hot bath while she cleaned up downstairs and took a shower in the other bathroom. When she returned she dragged me out of the bath, helped me dry off then took me to bed. That was several days ago and I'm still sore from the ordeal she put me through. As I said before, I'm not much into inflicting pain on Alex but I'm considering giving her a taste of her own medicine. I'm still looking for a few good ideas but now I'm willing to consider things that are a little more sadistic than tickling although probably nothing too serious. Any good ideas out there??

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