Bound By Fate

Walking along Glebe road, I hunched my shoulders up, readjusting the strap to the daybag I carried. Once again, the 'car' was dead. Sitting 3 blocks away at the local Exxon station. It could have been worse, I thought to myself. Trudging my way along, kicking up an occasional spray from the puddles along the way, I thought how it's only a mile from my house. The light rain continued to fall, but undaunted I walked on. The rain isn't too bad, unless it's really cold out, or you need to keep the clothes dry.

Looking, to make sure no cars would turn toward me, I stepped into the side street that crossed my path. Just as I was reaching the other side, a car came speeding along and as it's tires hit the puddle by the curb, I was drenched in the wave of water that rose up. "Shit" I muttered. The rain is one thing, but I was soaked now. Looking up, I was surprised to see the brake lights of the car, a light creme colored Volvo, as it pulled to the curb 50 feet ahead. Walking forward, I watched as the car slowly backed toward me. "Are you ok?" the voice said. A female voice, soft but otherwise unremarkable. "I'm really sorry, I didn't know that would happen." I laughed to myself as I leaned down, hands on hips, bag slung over my back, as I thought of the Bugle Boy Jeans. "Why yes. These are Bugle Boy Jeans" I started to say, but seeing her, I decided against it. In the commercials the gal always drove off. After the "Thank you" of course.

"Yeah, I'm fine. No biggie." Grinning stupidly, I looked at her. Though not a beauty queen by any standards, she was what my friends referred to as 'doable'. Brown shoulder length hair hung over her shoulders. Soft brown eyes met mine and I tried to avoid my bad habit of looking at her chest. "Thanks for the concern though," I said and started to back away, catching the rest of her in my sight. A thin white blouse covering average to small breasts and a grey cotton skirt, reaching to her mid thighs, riding up on the seat. What she lacked otherwise, her legs more than made up for. Though I'm not normally a leg man, I could appreciate her long lean legs. I wanted to run my hands along them, but thought, under the circumstances it would be unadvisable. I pictured the outside view of the car, my legs hanging out the passenger window as I strained to pet those legs, saying 'thanks' and retracting myself from the car. Smiling I started to walk away, but she pulled up a bit and said "Let me give you a ride. It's the least I can do." My mind whirled with thoughts of seduction. I brushed them off though. Though some women find me attractive, I certainly don't posses the rugged charm that gets women to make propositions off the street. "No, really I only live about 4 blocks from here, and I'm soaked," she grinned a bit at my condition, being responsible. "Really, I don't want to ruin your car. Thanks again though."

"Well if you are sure. Be careful." I stepped back as she pulled away and proceeded up the street. As I walked on my imagination wandered at the 'what-ifs'. Cresting the hill I turned right on to my street, Woodrow. I live about 10 houses or so down the street, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Volvo at a house about 2 down and across the street from mine. I walked on and finally came to my house. After a warm shower and changing into some dry clothes, I crashed on my bed and dozed a bit. A knocking on my door woke me, and I got up and walked into the living room. Looking briefly out the window in the door, I saw the woman from the car standing on the porch. Surprised, I opened the door. "So you do live here!" she said. "I saw you walk past, and my friend said she thought you lived here." Standing there stupidly, I just nodded my head a touch. "Yep! This is where I live." I just grinned at her, unsure of what to do. Getting my wits about me, I invited her in, and with some embarrassment, cleared the newspapers from the couch. I don't spend any time in the living room, but didn't think it would do to invite her back to my bed room. Not that the thought wasn't appealing.

"I just wanted to make sure you were ok. My name is Joanne." Smiling my stupid grin again, I assured her that I was ok and introduced myself. I offered her a drink, though the only thing I had was some Vodka and Tequila, and she accepted one of my roommate's beers. We talked a bit about little odds and ends. On closer examination I realized that she wasn't quite as plain as I first thought. Her face rather pretty, with a small button nose, wasn't quite beautiful, but she was still rather attractive. I guessed at her age to be in her early 30's. Her body looked to be in good shape, and I had no intention of asking he to leave. As we talked, she asked about my walk, and I told her about my car. My cooling system was shot, and it would cost over a hundred bucks to get it going right. One hundred dollars I couldn't quite afford. And eat that week at least, but I didn't mention that. I don't like sympathy and don't coddle for it.

"Would you be interested in some side work?" she asked. We had talked about some of the financial surprises I had had, comparing Utility costs and what not, and my work as a computer programmer. I found it very easy to talk to her, and realized I was discussing things I usually didn't with a woman I had just met. I said that I might be, and she told me that she had some 'stuff' that she needed picked up and brought to her house to be stored in the basement. Laughing, she reached forward and taking my arm in a surprisingly firm grip and tested the firmness of my bicep. "Hmm..." she said "This stuff is going to be heavy. Think your up to it?" I smiled, something I found easy around her, and assured her that if a normal man could lift it, so could I. For my size, I am surprisingly strong. She commented that this would help matters.

She left me a phone number and told me to call her Saturday morning and she would give me directions then. As she left, I thought what a shame that she didn't live in the house down the street, but oh well. Saturday morning came, and with some excitement I woke up around 8 am. Very early for a weekend to me. Calling Joanne at about 9, I was happy to hear that her offer still stood, and she gave me directions to her house in South Arlington off of Rt. 7. I got my roommate to give me a ride over, and tried to contain my excitement. When I got there, she apologized at forgetting about my lack of transportation, and promised me a return ride. She took me out front and gave me the keys to a Toyota 4 X 4, and handed me some directions for a glass shop in Reston. The store owner was expecting me, she said, and I was to pick up some glass squares she said, and that it might take 2 trips, due to the weight. I got in the truck and drove off, thinking about what was going on. Perhaps I was letting my imagination get the better of me, and she really just had work for me. Oh well, I thought and drove on, but I did remember the sight of her nipples jutting out under her light blue t-shirt as she waved good-bye. Not knowing what sort of work to expect, I had worn my favorite faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt from a George Michael's concert. "I want your sex" discreetly displayed on the front in small letters, and "EXPLORE MONOGAMY" on the back. Conflicting messages perhaps. Perhaps not.

I arrived at the store, and after talking briefly with the clerk, was directed to pull the truck to the back of the store, where I backed it to the loading dock. Unfortunately the truck bed was a full three feet below the deck, so I had to lift each box and place it in the truck bed. These boxes were heavy as hell! Each one weighed almost 100 pounds of pure dead weight. After about 15 boxes we decided that would do it for this load, as there were another 15 or so to go.

When I got back to Joanne's house, I knocked on the door, and was greeted by an attractive dark-haired woman who let me in. Joanne was in the kitchen, and had made us some lunch. She introduced me to Marie and explained that they were good friends. My imagination wondered just how good of friends, but I kept my mouth shut. Occasionally, I would catch a dark look from Marie when Joanne wasn't looking. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top that did a good job at displaying her generous bosom. From the side, I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra, and from time to time she would reach for this or that, and I would catch a glimpse of the curve of her breast. Her long tan legs she kept close together and tucked under her chair. I grinned to myself at her apparent distaste for me.

After some tuna-fish sandwiches, I returned outside and began carrying the boxes, one by one, into the house and into her basement. The sun was fully overhead at this point, and in my exertions, I found a light sheen of sweat breaking out over my arms and head. Cursing the choice of a black shirt, I eventually discarded it, and continued. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of someone looking out the living room window at me, and I wondered who it was. After I stored them, Jo asked me if I were ok, and explained that she would have never guessed that I could manage them so easily. Of course they weren't as managable as I made it seem.

Handing me a glass of iced tea, she walked around behind me and started to rub my shoulders. I repressed a groan as the tenseness and ache started to subside. My shoulders were killing me from the long duck walk with each awkward box. She laughed lightly, patting me on the back, and I mentioned that she better stop or I'd never get the other load. "For now" she replied.

The second trip was uneventful, and the store clerk explained that Jo used the glass for some sort of shelving or display systems she sold. My curiosity was satisfied, and I drove back. After arriving, I began to unload the truck. As I was walking toward the stairs, I heard Jo and Marie's whispering voices.

"I don't know Jo, are you sure about this guy?" "Yeah. He's strong as a horse . . . you saw him. Now the question is . . ." the words faded away as I reached the stairs and began to descend. My heart was thumping from the adrenaline that charged my system. I was surely reading into things, especially in light of Marie's obvious contempt for me. Perhaps it was jealousy, I thought, and hurried on to finish. After another 3 trips, everything was stored, and as Jo came into the room with Marie, I joked that I only dropped two or three boxes. She laughed, and Marie walked out of the room to the kitchen, and came back in a moment later with some more tea for me. I was parched, but resisted the urge to gulp the whole thing down. My arms were almost shaking form the weariness in them, but I kept them steady, though at my sides when I could. "I'm gonna watch some TV" Marie said. Joanne went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with some bills in her hand and she walked up to me and tucked them neatly in my pocket. In a glance I saw that the top one at least was a twenty. "Hey!" I started "No, that's too much. . ." but she shushed me .

"It would have cost me a fortune to have them shipped here, and some would have been broken for sure. I need them for tomorrow, so I had no choice. Thank you." Walking around behind me again, her strong arms came up and I felt her grip on my shoulders as she began to knead my sore muscles. I couldn't quite repress a groan at her exquisite technique. I usually can't find a woman that can give me a good strong backrub. Conscious of my increasing excitement as well as the sweat drying on me, I stepped forward and asked if she would mind if I took a quick shower. She said it would be fine, and showed me to a guest room with a bathroom off to the side. Handing me a towel, she winked at me and told me not to take too long, as my backrub wasn't finished yet. Smiling, I thanked her and closed the bathroom door. Trembling with excitement I quickly undressed and turned the shower on. After a moment of adjustment, the shower was a nice warm, but not scalding temperature. Stepping into the torrent, I enjoyed the hard beat of the water against my tired back. After about 10 minutes of standing under the pounding water, I quickly shampooed what was left of my thinning hair, and rinsed off. After drying off, I redressed, putting on my jeans again. With the towel over my shoulder, shoes and socks in my left hand, I stepped out of the bathroom, and went into the living room. "No you don't! Back to the room!" I was surprised at the commanding nature in Jo's voice, and found myself turning back to the bedroom, my heart beating strongly. Jo had been sitting on the couch, close to Marie, though not touching. Grinning that same old stupid grin, I walked back and upon reaching the room, I turned and watched her stalk down the corridor after me, a mischievous smirk on her face. "Go ahead and lie down," she said sternly. I lay down on the bed, face down, and put my hands out and above my head. The bed creaked a bit as she stepped up on it and sat down on my lower back. Once again, I felt that powerful grip as her fingers dug into my back. Even stronger than before, with the increased leverage, she massaged me into a blissful carefree state. Slowly the tension eased out of me as she worked over every inch of my back and shoulders. As I relaxed, I began to drift off, as excitement gave way to contented relaxation.

I felt a sharp pain on my face, and slowly tried to open my eyes. My super relaxed state made it hard to wake up, but a second slap, this time harder quickly brought me around. "Wake up scum!" I looked up in surprise to see Marie standing over me, her hand drawn back for another strike. I started to sit up, but found I couldn't move my arms or legs. Tugging, I found that my limbs were tied to the posts of the bed with some soft material I couldn't see. For the first time in years I felt panic rise. I don't like being bound or restrained and have never allowed myself to be dominated. Pulling against my bonds, I felt the weariness in my arms and shoulders and got no more than a creak from the bed as my weight shifted. I was firmly bound, and looked quickly back at Maria as her hand came down again striking me across the cheek. If it weren't for my beard, there would have been a resounding crack in the room from that one, the hardest of the three. Against my will, my head rocked back and to the right with the f***e of the blow. I was surprised by her strength. As I shook my head I realized that I'd hardly ever been hit that hard by any men, much less a woman. Suddenly I wondered at the situation. Paranoia? I thought back to some of the 'women' that I saw in San Francisco that had turned out to be transvestites. But then I remember the swell of Marie's breast seen fleetingly from the side, and dismissed the thought. "You fucking creep, look at me." I had little choice as I peered up at her.

"What do you want?" I asked softly. Her hand came crashing down again, and as I let my head roll away, absorbing some of the blow that my beard didn't bleed away, I saw, to my relief Joanne walk into the room. "What the hell is going on Jo?" I almost yelled. Looking at her hopefully, I was disconcerted to see her malicious smile.

"Isn't it obvious?" Her soft gentle manner was gone as she climbed up on the bed and straddled my stomach. Pulling at my ties in vain, I struggled to sit up, and met with no success. She brought her hands down and ran them lightly across my chest, her medium length fingernails tracing down my chest, then back up. "Relax and don't resist or you might get hurt," as her hands came down again, her nails bit into my chest and scratched heavily into the skin. I could see a light trace of bl**d where two or three of the sharp nails bit into my flesh. Arching my back I bucked up in pain, almost throwing her from me.

"None of that!" Marie declared, bringing her hand down again, this time not the open handed slap of before, but a back handed fist which caught me across the left cheek bone and I saw an explosion of light in my eyes and felt a sharp pain. "That damn beard has to go," she added.

"I don't know" Joanne said, turning to Marie "it may have it's purposes," she added, running the back of her hand across my chest. I could see the small traces of my bl**d on her hand as it came of to brush against my furry cheek, and she ran it back and forth over it, tickling her hand gently. "Ok, this is isn't funny! Let me go!" I said, quietly. Calmly.

The two of them laughed at me, and Jo grabbed my head in her hands and pulled it up as far as my bonds would allow. "Not a chance buddy! Now are you going to be a good boy, or do we have to be drastic? And I don't think Marie is going to be that concerned about rope burns now." Pulling weakly with my arms again, I realized the hopelessness of the situation, and relaxed as much as I could.

I suppose I should have been excited by the situation, but this was a little to real. A little to violent. I'm not used to be subdued or dominated even though I don't dominate. I like being in control of my own destiny, and at this moment, I wasn't.

"Good boy" Joanne said, and arching up off of my stomach for a moment, pulled a scarf or bandana from the front pocket of her shorts. Grabbing me by the hair, she roughly pulled my head forward, off of the bed, and slid the bandana under it, and then pulled the ends up and tied them across the bridge of my nose tightly. Then she spun the fabric around so the knot was at the side of my head, and the wide fabric covered my eyes, obscuring my vision completely. I almost lost it here. Bound and blindfolded, I was completely helpless. I didn't even thinking about yelling for help as I was sure the sound wouldn't escape the room. "Now then, let's dispense with these." I felt something cold touch my stomach over my left hip bone and heard a snip and this was repeated to my right. Suddenly I felt two hands grasp my jeans and tug. Only the fear of a sharp instrument in my pelvic region stopped me from bucking wildly as the fabric split as it pulled apart. This was done on both sides and once or twice a quick snip helped things along, and my ruined pants were quickly ripped from my body. My underwear quickly followed, leaving me completely nude and vulnerable. Despite my fear, I had no doubt about the state of my erection.

"Just as I thought," he's loving this. A hand, I wasn't sure who's suddenly grabbed my prick and pulled wickedly and I let out a gasp of surprise. The hand moved slowly down and grasped my balls. Remembering the viscous slaps, I hoped it wasn't Marie's hand. The grip tightened slowly and I resisted a yelp as the pain increased till I thought I would pass out. Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun the hand released me and I lay there untouched. Breathing shallowly, I felt my cock throb. I don't think I'd ever been as hard or as excited. I heard footsteps leave the room, and waited.

For fifteen minutes or 3 hours, I'm not sure, I lay there, uncomfortable as hell with my condition. I realized at this point that rationalizing with these two women would be a waste of time, and probably counter productive. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a hand grab my half-erect shaft in a firm grip and pull, lifting my ass off the bed. I winced at the pain, as the hand also had a number of stray pubic hairs as well. "You awake?" Jo's voice.

"Yeah. When are you going to let me go?" No response. After a moment, I felt the bed sag as someone stepped onto the bed and then straddled my chest. I felt the smooth legs touching my chest. With some excitement I realized that whichever one this was, they weren't wearing their shorts anymore and any limpness I had was instantly gone as I felt her bush brush along my chest and the hair there. The hand continued to squeeze, and I was sure this was Joanne, having not heard Marie, but this theory went out the window as a second pair of hands, the person's on my chest, grabbed my head, on either side, as she pulled herself forward, placing her pussy right against my mouth. Excited as I was, I couldn't move for a moment, and lay there dumbly for a moment as her hips rotated side to side, centering her slit over my mouth. A firm squeeze on my prick gave me a warning, and I tentatively flicked my tongue out and licked at the woman on my face. Tracing my tongue out and around I tasted her juices and wondered which one this was. Licking gently up and down, I cautiously moved my head back and forth slightly, and then centered in on her clit. I was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure, then she thrust her hips forward slamming my head back onto the bed. Grinding her hips against me she f***efully fucked my mouth, gaining momentum and speed as she rolled back and forth on my mouth. It was all I could do, under her weight to keep from biting my tongue and breath at the same time, but I tried my damndest. The hand on my cock started moving slowly up and down, then rested at the base and held there firmly.

I didn't think anything of it as I was being somewhat distracted by the vixen riding my face. Back and forth she moved her hips, quickly, grinding her pussy into my face, down on my chin, resting her nub on my tongue then up and I would thrust my tongue into her hot steamy hole as far as I could. As her pace became more regular, I began to get the hang of this, and she began to moan loudly. "Jesus! Oh JESUS!" she cried out. I couldn't concentrate enough to try to identify the voice, but I guessed, to my surprise, that it belonged to Marie. Licking up and down viciously, I received a loud moan of approval and then her fingernails dug into my scalp fiercely right as she was on the upstroke and I u*********sly thrust my tongue up and into her cunt with surprise and pain. With a loud gasp she stroked down, and I attacked her clit rolling my head around in a small circle as I flicked my tongue in and out and thrashed at her small button. Leaning forward, she bent over my head and I felt her dangling breast slap against my head then she rolled back, arching her back as she slammed my head into the mattress with her orgasm. As she let out an earpiercing scream she ground her pelvis against my face, and it was all I could do to breath. After about two minutes her thrashings stopped and she lay back across my body, rudely crushing my prick as she flopped down carelessly on my stomach. I was panting quickly trying to catch my breath, when I heard the clicking and whizzing sounds. I didn't move, and a hand ran it's fingers through my hair, and I was disconcerted to hear the clicking continue. Someone was taking pictures!

I was completely taken aback as I realized there must be more than two people in the room. "God!" a moan from my around my knees, "I've got to visit you more often Jo!" The voice was not that of Jo or Marie, and I was stunned. "No problem doll. Anytime. Was he worth the drive?" My mysterious friend said nothing but her trembling gave me all the answer I needed. She slowly rolled off me and moments later another body straddled mine. "You better be hungry asshole, or else!" Marie's voice, stern and commanding.

"Come on! I need a minute and some water . . ." I began, but she grabbed two handfuls of hair and damn near broke my neck as she slammed me back to the bed and mounted my face. I groaned in frustration, but she reached back and grabbed my balls in a firm grip. I obediently began to feed. As my tongue arched up and out, she would pull her pelvis away, teasing herself, and me, on the tip of my tongue. Kneeling, with a knee on either side of my head, she lifted her hips off my face, and slowly rolled forward and back, dragging my tongue along her slit. I marveled at her sweet taste as her fluids trickled slowly down my face and mingled with my beard. She surprised me completely as she suddenly reached down and grabbed me by the throat and squeezed. Pushing down, she moved my head and tongue away from her clit, thrusting me painfully to the bed. Tightening her grip, she slowly cut off my air supply and muttered "Eat you bastard, or . . ." her words were cut off, as I arced my neck up catching her nub with a strong stroke and she moaned appreciatively. Occasionally she would relinquish her hold on my throat allowing me to gulp in a few quick gasps of air. After about 5 minutes of this my throat began to ache, and I was relieved when she released her hold there.

I felt a hand at my cock, encompassing it, stoking it. I was painfully hard when I felt something cold and wet being rubbed along my shaft. As the hand rubbed up and down, and I continued to nibble at Marie's box, I slowly realized that my dick was getting numb and was losing the feeling there. The feeling slowly spread to my balls and I think my upper thighs, though I couldn't distinguish where my senses ended. I was being a bit distracted. I felt hands running up and down my legs as well, a pair on each leg, long finger-nails tracing light scratches down my thighs and calves, playing with the hair there. My mind staggered at the realization that there must be at least four different women here. Marie gently lowered herself down and I nibbled softly on her clit with my front teeth, rubbing it between them and my tongue, dragging it back and forth. I forgot about the others completely at this point. She let out a cry of pleasure and her hands dug into my hair again pulling and tugging. Then grabbing my ears with either hand she pulled herself against my mouth roughly, and I sucked down on her cunt, as if trying to suck her into my mouth. I was rewarded with a loud scream of ecstasy and then I felt her begin to tremble. If only I had my hands free, I thought. As she rocked back and forth, I really went to work on her clit slamming my tongue back and forth, driving her on to a shattering orgasm. As she rocked back and forth, she began to drag her box back and forth over my chin and cheek bones, rubbing against my soft beard as I gasped for breath. I realized that one of the women was straddling my hips then, and slowly understood that someone was riding me.

Even though I couldn't feel my prick, I could tell, by the way she was riding up and down, clearing my stomach by an appreciable amount, that I must still have the raging hard-on I felt earlier. As Marie rolled off me, she slapped me again, across my right cheek, and with the crack of pain, I thrust my hips up, impaling my host, whoever she was. I heard a moan of pleasure as I rocked my hips back. Then I felt fingernails dig into my chest, scratching down and I suspected that I would see more bl**d there, but my thoughts were broken as I arched my back again, driving up into her. Thrusting my hips up and back, I continued to thrust into her waiting pussy. Though I couldn't feel anything in my prick, I could discern my effectiveness through her moans and from the fingernails digging into my flesh. Even though the pain was excruciating, my excitement at this was overwhelming. As I thrust up and back, I started rolling my hips from side to side, driving into her to the right and sliding out to the left, causing her to whimper in enjoyment. Then without warning I started slamming my hips up, pounding into her. I was beyond caring at this point as her nails dug into my side and I felt some of her weight shift to her hands as she began to grunt and pant with her impending orgasm. Continuously thrusting up, I drove her to the edge, and right as I felt I had her on the edge, I thrust up, and then stopped. Her gasp was loud and pronounced, and I slowly slid down. Painfully slowly. It felt as if her fingers were embedded in my ribs as her grip tightened. Slowly, I moved and she gasped out "Oh God! Jesus! Yes!" Back and forth three times I stroked, guessing at the breach point, then with out warning I jackhammered back up into her, moving my hips as quickly as possible up and down. "YES! JESUS YES!" she cried out, and as her body shook with her orgasm, she collapsed onto my chest and bit down on my shoulder. I yelled as her teeth bit in deeply, bucking my hips up, picking both of us off the bed and I held us there. Slowly I sagged back to the bed, as her arms encircled my head her mouth meeting with mine, our togues driving together entwining in an impassioned kiss. After a moment of this, as our hips slowed from the slow rocking I had been maintaining, hard as it was with her weight on me, we slumped to the bed in exhaustion. Laying there across my chest, gasping, she ran her fingers absently through my hair, muttering something unintelligible. I felt bl**d trickling down my shoulder and wondered where this would end.

I woke up to the feeling of wet pressure on my cock. Not knowing, for a moment, where I was, I tried to sit up, but then remembered the bonds on my wrists and ankles. Then as the flame of pain ran through my shoulder and chest I remembered the bites and scratches. Laying back in pain, I became more aware of the warmth surrounding my dick, and realized that one of the women was once again riding up and down on it. Slowly, she moved up and down, and I enjoyed the feel of her tight muscles grip and release my cock. Tightening at the top she would slide down, and then loosening the powerful hold, slide back up. I had never encountered a woman with such a powerful 'grip', but then again, I had never met any women like these at all. I sighed with pleasure and pulled my hips back slightly, helping with the thrust. As she became aware of my consciousness, my unseen lover slowed her pace. If only I knew who was who, I thought. With agonizing patience, she rode up, and at the top of her cycle, I would pull back the slightest bit, so the knob of my shaft would catch in her outer lips, bringing a gasp from her. We continued this for hours it seemed, a slow leisurely pace. In my exhausted state, I was glad of this change of pace. Pulling slightly against my bonds for leverage, I thrust up slowly meeting her lunge for plunge. One of the women, trembling a bit climbed across my chest, but this time facing the woman mounting my prick. Licking at her cunt softly, as it was arched back toward me, I heard her moan in pleasure and the two took up a mutual rhythm, riding my face and dick in synch. It was is they were dry fucking, but with me in the middle.

The sounds of their impassioned kisses reached my ears, muffled as they were by my unknown facerider's thighs. Flicking my tongue lightly against her love hole, I played her like an instrument, and she let out little high pitched squeals of pleasure. It was infuriating not knowing who I was attending to. For a moment I imagined a petite blonde riding my face with her quick jerking motions, but these thoughts were disrupted as her gasps of pleasure intensified, and she leaned forward against her other lover and she began to grind against my face. Arching my head up and off the bed, I leaned it forward and buried my tongue as deeply in her pussy as I could and received a pleasant groan from her, and began to move my head from side to side, dragging it across her nether lips. Then I turned my head slightly and taking one of her lips gently between my tongue and teeth, I nibbled gently then slid along it to her clit, which I attacked voraciously. She screamed in a final gasp of pleasure and collapsed forward almost knocking the other woman from my hips. She lay there for a moment as I continued to lick gently on her nub and move my hips in the slow rhythm I had been maintaining, and I suspected that she had passed out. After a moment, she slowly rolled off me and I heard her, or someone else slump to the floor. A couple low voices spoke briefly insuring that she was ok, but apparently they helped her from the room and as far as I knew I was left with my unseen rider. Gritting my teeth I concentrated on the sensations I was feeling from my cock, buried in this fuckstress.

Slowly as my pleasure intensified, I quickened the pace gradually, and heard her responsive gasps and moans. She was someone used to being quiet I was sure, but the sounds escaped from her regardless. As we approached a bed rocking pace, I felt my impending orgasm, and slowly I approached the peak as I began driving quickly in and out of her hot cunt she literally bounced on the bed impaling herself on me. With a loud groan, she arched over, and I found a breast in my face, and immediately located her nipple and began nibbling on it's firmness. This seemed to send her over the edge, as she sat up and drove herself f***efully down on my raging hard-on. With a scream she began to tremble as she lowered herself on my cock right as I reached my peak and shot my cum deep into her. With a gasp and a whimper she mutter "Yes!" as throes of orgasm shook us both. Leaning forward, placing her hands and forearms gently on my shoulders, she began kissing me tenderly on the neck and throat. As I lay there, the after-shocks of my orgasm bringing small thrusts into her, I gasped for air.

"Wake up" the voice said, and I recognized it as Joanne's. Groggily, I lifted my head and saw her standing in the doorway. "Put these on." Lifting my arms carefully I found that I was no longer bound, and a pair of new blue jeans, landed on the bed beside me. She turned and walked out of the room.

Sitting up gingerly in the bed, I found a large white gauze pad on my shoulder where I had been bitten, and saw a dark red stain in the center. "Jesus" I whispered at the concept of such a viscous bite. Looking at my chest I was shocked by the number of scratch and claw marks, and could see a number of them lined with red where small scabs were trying to form. Apparently, someone had washed me up a bit, as there was no bl**d otherwise. Looking down at the sheets, I wasn't surprised to see a spot below where my right shoulder was, about 5 inches across. A dark red matching that on my bandage. Groaning I stood up and started pulling on the pants. I found my wallet and keys in the pockets and the wad of twenties Joanne had given me. Walking to the bathroom, I turned on the lights and grimaced at the figure that looked back at me in the mirror. What a sight. A nice black eye was forming under my right eye and a number of light bruises and welts were making themselves evident. "Jesus" I muttered. On the hamper beside the toilet, I found my shirt, folded on top of my shoes and socks. Pulling these on, I turned from the room as a horn blew outside. Peering out the window into the darkness I saw a yellow cab. "He's waiting for you." Joanne's voice again. I turned and in a daze followed her out of the room. In the living room, I paused and looked at Marie, sitting in front of the TV. She turned and glared at me, and I walked out of the room silently.

As I opened the door to the cab, I heard Joanne's voice say "Thursday night. 8:30. Don't be late." She walked back in the house. The nerve of that bitch I thought, u*********sly placing my hand over my bandaged shoulder, wincing at the pain.

"Hey buddy, let's go! I don't have all night." Of all the cab driver's in Northern Virginia, and I have to get one that speaks English. As I walked into my house, my roommate looked at me and muttered "Christ! What the fuck happened to you?" I just shook my head and walked back to my room, completely humiliated and collapsed on my bed nearly in tears.

The weekend passed. It's Thursday night at 6:00. Do I go? My common sense says no, but the raging hard-on says otherwise.

100% (7/0)
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