Hot Creamy Chocolate

Ding Dong

The doorbell rings in the house. I stand at the door, my heart pounding and my body shaking in anticipation of the evening. Michael always makes me nervous even though I've known him for 3 years. One of the his roommates opens the door and glances at me with an approving look. I am wearing a short black suede skirt with a lowcut black shirt, fishnets and high heels. Slowly I climb the stairs to the second floor. I was given instructions to meet him in the upstairs room.

Knock knock

He answers the door and smiles. I guess he likes my outfit. I grin back, never tired of looking at his short black hair, olive skin and well-toned body. Without a word he ushers me into the large room. A fire roars in the fireplace and some blankets have been place near the couch on the flor. "Are you ready for tonight?", he asks. "Of course, I always like making dreams come true..", I said.

Encircling his arms around me, his delicious lips meet mine in a long passionate kiss. Then he pulls back, looks at me and unzips my skirt. As my skirt falls to the floor, I slip off my shoes. Michael lifts my shirt over my head to reveal my braless chest. I reach down and pull off my fishnet stockings leaving me completely naked and vulnerable. Michael leads me over to the blankets and pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket. Quickly he covers my eyes and lays me down on the floor. I feel my hands being bound to two of the legs of the couch. Something sc****s across the floor and soon my feet are being tied to something. I listen as Michael crosses the room and leaves, closing the door behind him.

As I lay there in the cold empty room, goosebumps formed on my naked flesh and my mind started to wander. It took me back to when I had first met Michael on the Fens in the Spring. It was one of those days where everyone wants to be outside under the blue sky and warm sun. We played Frisbee during the day, then that night a bunch of us went out partying. All Michael had to do was pull my braid and he had me attention for the rest of the evening.


The door opens and I'm pulled out of my reverie. Hoping that it was Michael walking towards me and not someone else I asked, "What are you going to do to me?". Luckily Michael answered back, "Ssshhhh....just wait and see". I could feel him kneel down on top of me. Suddenly there was the sound of something being shaken and the hissing of air. My nose was being covered in whip cream (or so I guessed). The nozzle made it's way down my face onto my neck and then my chest. As he circle each breast my nipples hardened in anticipation. Slowly he circled each nipple then continued to make his way with the whip cream down my body. I had the urge to squirm but my ties held me tight. My pussy heated up as the whip cream hit my clit and entered my folds. I moaned quietly as the he pulled the bottle away. I wanted more...I wanted Michael now but he stood up and walked out of the room leaving me to chill.

The room was so cold I thought the whip cream was going to freeze on top of me. I had to get my mind off of things so I thought about the first time Michael and I had had sex. It had taken place in the bathroom located in the basement of a Fraternity house. Both of us were pretty d***k, I'm not sure how we ended up down there. I think he told me he had to go to the bathroom and wanted me to go with him. The only piece of clothing that left my body was my underwear. I ended up pinned to the wall....

"What are smiling about?"

I jumped (as much as possible). I hadn't even heard him enter the room. "Oh...I was just thinking about the cellar incident..". Michael laughed and knelt beside me. I felt his tongue maneuver itself across my lips, it was hot and warm. My lips reached out to meet his but he pulled back and said "tsk tsk..not yet". I sighed in frustration. Then a warm trickle of something thick hit my nose and crossed my lips. I let a little hit my tongue and realized he was pouring luke warm hot chocolate on my naked body next to the whipped cream. The warmth felt incredibly good as ran over my skin and around my nipples. It was soft and much like a human that as it reached my navel and trickled into my pussy I gasped in pleasure. My body shuddered and I longed to reach out and touch myself. My pussy was throbbing and wanted to be filled with more than hot chocolate.

I wasn't sure how much of this I could take when I felt Michael's moist velvety tongue start to lick the sweets off my body. He took his time and he tortuously cleaned my body. His tongue circled my hard nipples and he nibble a little at each one of them. I squirmed against my bonds, not knowing how much more I could take before I lost control. After what seemed like forever his tongue had made it's way to my outer folds. I could feel something other that hot chocolate and whip cream trickle down my inner thighs. His tongue lapped up the food and flicked at my clit. It probed my inner folds and again played with my clitoris. This was my breaking point, I couldn't take it anymore. A searing sensation made it's way up my body causing my toes to curl and my back to arch. My breathing sped up and one long moan escaped from my lips as I climaxed.

"Oh God Michael!"

He undid my blindfold so I could see him smiling. He had taken off his clothes and kneeled before me. He had a devious look in his eyes as he started to undo my ties. As soon as I was released I sat up and kissed him hard on the lips. Pulling his gorgeous naked body down on top of me so I could feel his stiff cock against my leg. I moved my leg slightly and he shuddered. I rolled over so he was on the bottom and I could be on the top. Grinning, I ran my nails lightly over his chest as my lips moved down to his cock.

I ran my tongue up the side of his cock, feeling the veins pulsing, and around the bottom of the head. A drop of precum appearing at the tip and with a flick of my tongue it disappeared down my throat leaving a salty aftertaste on my tongue. Gradually my lips wrapped themselves around his cock and it slid down my open thoat until my lips touched the base. One of my free hands played with his balls, rolling them slowly inbetween my fingers. Lips wrapped tightly around his cock, I moved my head up and down creating some friction. More precum appeared and dribbled into my mouth. Pretending Michael's cock was a lollipop, I tried to suck all his salty juices from his body.

I felt him tense up and knowing that he was about ready to cum, I stopped abruptly, lifted my head and stared into his eyes. They were glazed over with the look of someone in an intense state of pleasure. I moved up and straddled him, letting my pussy rest on the bottom of his penis. Moving my hips slightly, I tried to create a friction between the two. When I felt Michael could take no more I lifted myself up and slid his throbbing member into my wet hot cunt. I started to ride him, gripping his cock tightly with my pussy. Unexpectedly he rolled me over onto my back and started thrusting hard and fast. He pounded his cock into me making me gasp in surprise and pleasure. I had never been able to orgasm this way but somehow he had found a spot and I felt myself spiraling downward quickly. I gasped and shuddered as my second orgasm of the night hit me head on like a speeding train. I lost touch with reality for a moment and when I came to Michael had pulled out and was spurting his cum all over my chest.

When we both had relaxed and he had wiped off the gooey mess off of my chest with a towel, he lit a fire in the fireplace. We wrapped ourselves together in the blankets, leaned back against the couch and held each other while we watched the flames dance and glow.

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4 years ago
very good
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not bad
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Have to be honest, dont like this one as much as your other stories :o(