Today, for some reason, I started thinking about the lunch we had last summer at Cityview Tavern, the one up on a hill with a porch that overlooks the city. It was easy to lose myself in the sunny memories of that warm day.

It's really a gorgeous summer, and I'm wearing my green sun dress, with shoulder straps, a full skirt. We go out on the back porch, and the sun is very bright. You leave your sunglasses on, as usual. Its sort of late for lunch, on a tues, so no one else is on the porch with us. We have had a pitcher of beer, and sandwiches, and are now just sitting and drinking and kissing a little and talking about this and that.

You reach to touch my breast, and feel that I'm wearing a bra. You say, Alice, go and take your bra off, now. This gets a mixed reaction from me, inside, though I try and hide it from you. While I am happy because I know that it means more loving and touching from you, there are problems with the dress design. The top of the dress is held up by elastic, not the straps, and its very loose and blousy. Loose enough that I am uncomfortable with my breasts bouncing around. This makes me a little selfconscious and you know it. I am that way when not wearing a bra: I think that everyone can tell that my breasts are bouncing around. But I do as you ask.

When I come back, we drink a little more, and are beginning to feel the beer. You start kissing more strongly and touching my breasts more firmly. You tell me to take my sunglasses off, and this makes me feel more exposed to you, to the world. I cannot see your eyes, but you can watch every expression I have. We are sitting at the corner table on the porch, me with my back to the bar, you on the side. You take another sip of beer, and lean towards me and push one strap down over my shoulder and then pull the top edge of my dress down below my left breast.

Despite being a little d***k, and horny, this makes me a little nervous, even with my back is still to the bar. I start to say "This ..." and you grin at me and say "Alice, did I hear you object to something I am doing?" and I say "no, sir". Putting your hand on the underside of my breast, you bring it to your mouth, bite the nipple once and start sucking, just as we hear the door open and a waiter comes out. I quickly pull up my dress, and you smile again as I blush a little. The guy looks at us, asks if we need anything, and goes back inside pretty fast.

You reach over and pull the top down, again, exposing both of my breasts, saying "you are so beautiful, I want to look at you". This is really pushing my limits, there are people inside who might come out and see all of this. I am sitting a little stiffly and not really relaxed at all. Glass of beer in your left hand (I am on your right), you push up my breast, and tweak the nipple again. "Alice", you say "you need to relax a little" and spill a little cold beer on my breast. I jump and get shivers and goosebumps, and both get nipples erect, the one with the ring remarkably so. You lean over and lap the beer off of my breast, and watch the different emotions fighting inside of me.

Sitting up, my dress still below my breasts, you play with the ring a little, keeping that nipple erect, although nervousness has made the other one subside a little. I say "sir, I, uh" and you say "Alice, I didn't give you permission to speak, why are you having trouble following directions today?" and I say "yes, sir, I'm sorry sir." and you say "good, I'd hate to have to put a leash and collar on you, or have to punish you here because you did". Staring at my breasts, open to the breeze you add "your breasts are really beautiful, Alice".

You pull your chair closer to me, and push up the hem of my skirt, so that it is near the top of my thighs, making me feel even more exposed. You reach under the skirt, touching and find me very wet. It seems, you remark, that I am enjoying myself, despite my hesitation. I say, yes sir. You touch my still exposed breasts, and say with a smile at me "I think you would enjoy yourself more without any underwear on, why don't you take them off?" I pull up my top, and get up to go to the ladies room, and you put a hand on my arm and say "no, Alice, take them off here. And I didn't give you permission to cover your breasts, yet". I stare at you and say "what???" and you look at me and say "Alice, I asked you to do something, and you made two more mistakes, one in questioning me, and two in speaking out of turn. You are going to be punished for this, but now, show me your breasts, and take your underpants off, here, now". As you watch, I sit down, lower my dress top again, and reach under my skirt and try to pull them down unobtrusively, but that's not something anyone can do inconspicuously. You are obviously enjoying my discomfort, and when I have them off you say "give them to me". They are bright turquoise, and you hold them up to look, before putting them in your pocket.

"Now, Alice" you say, "bend your knees and put your heels up on the edge of the chair, next to your butt". My skirt is long enough to cover my knees, but not so long that it d****s down over my shins. "Spread your knees apart, Alice" and my dress forms a tent, leaving me very exposed to your touches. You touch my labia, and gathering a little wetness from my vagina, rub it around the rim of my ass. "Hold your knees back and apart, now, and don't move, don't make a sound", and I wrap my arms around my knees. You've brought a largish marking pen, and you push it into my ass, and twirl it around a few times, and push it almost all the way in. With one last caresses of my exposed breasts, you pull up my dress top and tell me to change seats with you. I say yes sir, and carefully bring my legs down, very aware of the pen.

I am sitting in profile to the bar, and you have your back to the bar and the door. As I sit very gingerly, you pull my chair closer to you. You pinch my nipple through the thin fabric, and then push up my skirt a little and touch my labia, gently. My breathing becomes more uneven as you push and pull on the pen a bit. I am very hot, very wet, and you lean far enough towards to me to put two fingers in my vagina, moving them back and forth. You pull them out, lick them, and say, "Alice, I believe that you are very hot for me, do you want more?" I am very turned on, and say Yes, sir. You turn to me and say, "unbutton my pants, Alice," and as I do, I touch your very hard cock, and it excites me a great deal. You tell me to stroke you and I do and it feels good, and easier to do than anything else you've had me do. Then you say, "come here, sit on me". My eyes go very big. You cannot mean for me to fuck with you on the porch! But evidently you do, because you slap my face and say, Alice that is your fifth hesitation or mistake. You *are* going to be punished, but first do this for me.

I come over to you, straddle you facing into the bar. I try to see into the bar, very aware that everyone in the bar can see my face, and see me sitting on your lap. As I lower myself onto your hard penis you place your hands on my bare shoulders and your touch is electric on my skin. My eyes flicker close, but I immediately open them, afraid of what looks are crossing my face, and trying to hide the sensations I am feeling from the pen, from you touches, from having you inside of me. It is a tossup as to whether you are enjoying feeling me tight and warm around you more than my reactions to the situation. You whisper at me, move on me, move up and down, fuck me, Alice. As I do, you start to touch my breast, and tease at the top of my dress. Never fulling exposing my breast (everyone in the bar is bound to be watching, I'm sure), you occasionally pull my nipple out the dress. My hands are tightening on your shoulders as I get closer and closer to coming, and you are grinning wider and wider to watch me try and hide it. Finally with a small groan, and tug with my vagina on your cock, you know I have come. I want to stop, get down, I am embarrassed. You say to me "Alice, I am not satisfied, do not stop, yet". I try not to pant, and you reach down and rotate the pen around a bit. I can not help but jerk my body as I come again. You continue to pump underneath of me, before finally leaning into me as you come.

I sit on you for a minute more, and then, a little awkwardly, get up and go back to my chair. You smile at me, and we finish our beers, the sun warm on my shoulders. We sit in silence for a few minutes, and then you say Alice, its a good thing you love me so well, and are so good at loving me. I won't punish you here, but you must leave the pen in. Wait till we get home, you add, twisting my nipple, as you speak. But that's another story.

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