Corporate Assets (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Then the cock was withdrawn. Hector released Sandra's hands. "Got to keep on schedule", said Rachel. "That's what you always told me isn't it?" she asked Sandra. The two men stood Sandra up. They moved her in front of her large executive leather chair behind her desk. Sandra had specially ordered the chair and it was widely known to be the most expensive chair in the office. The men roughly shoved her into the chair. "That leather ought to cool off your hot ass!" said Hector. Sandra had to admit that the cold leather almost felt good against her burning ass cheeks. Raymond pulled her arms around behind the chair. She could feel her hands being tied with some kind of plastic cord. Hector meanwhile took her legs and spread them. He placed them over the arms of the chair. Her knees rested on the arms. Her pussy was spread wide and exposed. The arms were higher than normal and this caused Sandra some discomfort. Hector took some of the plastic cord and tied Sandra's legs to the arms just above the knees. She was now completely helpless with her arms and legs bound.

"My friend Carmen is a beautician", said Rachel. "She's really good. I told her you might need a new hairstyle." Rachel reached out to muss-up Sandra's hair. Sandra was terrified as she had no idea what the woman meant. "Oh, you worried about that Mr. Pierre hairstyle of yours", said Rachel as she grabbed a handful of Sandra's hair and jerked on it. "We've got other plans." They all laughed. Carmen stood in from of Sandra with a bag in her hand. She put the bag on the desk and began to take things out of it. She removed bottles and plastic containers. She withdrew a razor and held in Sandra's face. "Time for a little shave south of your border!", she said. Suddenly Sandra knew what they were talking about. She began to fight against her bonds. "No, please don't do that!", she pleaded. "Put a gag on that bitch, she makes me nervous!" said Carmen. Hector picked up Sandra's pantihose and came toward her. "Here chew on this!" he said as he stuffed the cotton crotch panel into her mouth and tied the legs behind her head. He reached down and squeezed her tits. Sandra could only grunt. Carmen spread out her things on the table. She took a pair or scissors and began to trim Sandra's pussy hair. "Just take a little off the top!" laughed Hector. When she was finished, Sandra's pussy hair had been closely cropped, "Now you're ready for bikini season", said Carmen.

Carmen took a can of baby oil shaving cream and sprayed some into her hand. She turned to Sandra and began to spread this over Sandra pussy hair. Carmen ran a finger over Sandra's clit. "Mmmmnnn!" Sandra moaned through her gag. "You like that?" asked Carmen mockingly. She thoroughly worked the cream all over Sandra's pussy hair, until the entire area was wet and covered in baby oil cream. Carmen then took a disposal razor and knelt in front of Sandra. "Now if you move, I might cut off your clit", warned Carmen. "And we wouldn't want that would we?" She began to shave the short hair still left on Sandra's pussy. Her strokes were strong and sure. Sandra was terrified and stayed very still. In a very short time Carmen had finished her work without a nick. Sandra looked down to see that her pussy was completely bare. It's red lips were distended and open. "Now that's a good job", said Carmen. "People pay a lot of money to have a shaved pussy and you get one for free." While Carmen was shaving Sandra's pussy, Rachel had been going through Sandra's filing cabinet. She opened the security file drawer and took out the plain brown envelope. Sandra looked up from her shaved snatch to see Rachel pulling the photos out of the file. "Noooooo!" Sandra tried to yell through her gag, but only a muffled grunting escaped. Rachel turned, walked toward Sandra with the photos in her hand. "You're the stupid one," said Rachel. "I made duplicates of all your keys the first week I was here. I found these on the first weekend."

Sandra stared with disbelief. Rachel handed the photos to her friends. "You see I told you my boss had been around," she laughed. "Oh man, just looking at these makes my cock hurt," said Hector. "Now that's what I call a butt-fucking!" said Raymond. Sandra's face was burning with shame. Somehow having someone else see her earlier humiliation was worse than what she was going through now. "I thought she was pretty good as eating pussy", said Carmen. "Now I see she's had some practice." Rachel went over and unlocked the office door and disappeared. While she was gone Rachel put away most of the items she had used to shave Sandra's pussy. Raymond went over and picked up another bag that had lain next to the sofa. Hector stood in front of Sandra, stroking her large cock. "I don't know if I can wait, man", he said. "My cock is about to explode." "Calm down", said Carmen. "Rachel's got this all planned." As her named was mentioned Rachel entered the room. In her hand she carried a portable video tape camera. "I knew you'd want to have something to remember tonight," she said to Sandra. "State of the art technology." Sandra closed her eyes and tried not to think of what the tape would show. "Okay, Carmen, it's showtime", said Rachel as she activated the camera. Carmen unzipped the bag that Raymond had placed on the desk. She reached inside and removed a large vibrator. She reached in again and took out a larger rubber dildo. "All for you sweetie", she said to Sandra.

She took the vibrator and turned it on. Sandra could hear the low hum it made. Carmen approached Sandra and knelt in front of her. She reached out and stroked Sandra's exposed clit. Behind her Rachel moved in with the camera on her shoulder. Carmen rubbed the vibrator along Sandra's pouting pussy lips. Sandra moved her ass against the seat of the chair, but the cords held her firmly in place. Carmen then slowing began to insert the eight-inch dildo into Sandra's shaved cunt. Deeper and deeper she pushed it. The vibrations ran through Sandra's pussy like an earthquake. Then with a final shove, the vibrator was in Sandra's pussy. "Move back and let me a shot of this", said Rachel as she adjusted the lens of the camera to get a clear shot of the vibrator sticking in Sandra's pussy. Sandra tried to turn her head away. Carmen then returned with the larger dildo. It was nearly a foot long and three inches in diameter. In her other hand she carried a plastic tube of golden liquid. "Guess where this goes, sweetie", she said to Sandra. Hector was leaning against the desk and looking at one of the photos. "Man, that thing is bigger than this cock!", he said. "But I guess if you've been fucked in the ass once, it's all the same after that." Sandra's gaze was riveted on the huge dildo. "Nooooo!" She began to scream, but the gag held her cries in her throat. "I don't think she agrees", said Raymond. "But we ain't asking her." They two men laughed. Carmen had opened the tube and squeezed some of the liquid onto her hand. Sandra could read the words "Joy Juice" on the label. Carmen knelt in front of Sandra. With her legs over the high arms of the chair, Sandra's ass was exposed as well as her pussy. Carmen pulled the vibrator out of Sandra's pussy. Sandra moaned as it was extracted. Carmen then began to rub the liquid on Sandra's anus. She massaged the brown ring with her greased fingers. Then she pushed one inside.

Sandra tried to pull her ass away from the intruding finger, but to no avail. Carmen pushed her finger in to Sandra's ass as far as it would go. "For somebody who likes it up the ass, you're real tight", said Carmen. Carmen then pushed another finger in Sandra's ass. Carmen moved them around in a circular motion. Then she added a third digit in Sandra's shit chute. "Uuuuhhhh!" Sandra cried out, but only managed a grunt. She thought to herself, "This can't be happening again! This will kill me. If I don't die of that thing in me, I'll die of shame!" She did try to relax her ass as Carmen tried to stretch it. "Yeah, now we're getting somewhere", said Carmen as she felt Sandra's sphincter loosen. Carmen was now running her three fingers in and out of Sandra's ass. "That's enough", said Rachel who had been taping the whole process. Carmen removed her fingers. She turned and grasped the dildo which was on the desk top. She opened the tube and squeezed its contents onto the dildo. She proceeded to smear the slick goo all over the dildo. "This is gonna be a tight fit!" she said as she looked at Sandra. She finished lubricating the artificial cock and turned to kneel between Sandra's wide open legs. Rachel moved in closer with the camera. Hector and Raymond crowded in for a good look as well. "Okay", said Rachel. Carmen took the gleaming dildo and pressed its head against Sandra's asshole. Sandra felt the pressure as Carmen exerted more effort to put the head into Sandra's ass. The pressure built up, Sandra tried to relax her ass muscles. Then she felt something give. "Ooooohhhh!" She looked down to see Carmen smile. "One inch in, and eleven more to go!" she said.

To Be Continued...
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