Corporate Assets (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7

"What's going on here?", demanded Sandra. "You're all in a lot of trouble." Rachel stepped toward Sandra. "I think you're the one in a lot of trouble", she said coolly. The man closed the office door and locked it. Sandra made a wild grab for the telephone. Before she could reach it the man with the gun stepped in front of her, pressing the gun against her head. "I don't think you want to do that", he said. He grabbed Sandra's arm and turned her to face the other three people. "I want to introduce you to my friends", said Rachel. "This is Hector. This is Carmen and next to you is Raymond. We gave the regular cleaning crew the night off. This is my boss Sandra, I was telling you about her." All of them laughed. "I want Sandra to get to know all of us better. She has some ideas about Chicanos that need changing and tonight we're going to change them."

Sandra's fear surged through her body. Her throat was dry, she couldn't speak. Her eyes were wide with fright as she looked at each of the faces of her captors. "First Sandra is going to show us how well she dresses. Or rather how well she undresses", said Rachel. "We want a strip show and we want a good one. We're just stupid Mexicans so show us how a classy lady like you does it." Sandra simple stood there too scared to move. Raymond prodded her toward the center of the large office with the gun. "Let`s start the show," he said. Sandra grabbed at the collar of her blouse to pull it around her throat. "Look, we shoot you, nobody knows nothing and you're dead", said Raymond. "Is that what you want?" Sandra slowly shook her head. "Well get started", ordered Raymond. Sandra knew she had no choice. They could kill her and no one would know until Monday. She began to fumble with the top button to her blouse. She undid one button, then another until all were undone. She paused for a minute to look around her. Raymond stood near her with the pistol, while the others had gone to the sofa near the window. Raymond waived the gun at her to indicate to continue. She pulled the blouse out of her skirt. She slowly began to unhook her skirt. She then unzipped it. She began to remove her blouse. Her bra barely contained her large breasts. Once the blouse was gone she began to slowly pull the skirt down across her hips.

"This is pretty boring", said Hector. "Let's get on with." Sandra had let the skirt drop. She was wearing only her bra and pantihose. She reached behind her to unhook her bra. As she did he large tits drooped. She began to roll the pantihose over her hips. She exposed a brown mass of pussy hair. She removed her shoes and then pulled off the hose. She now stood completely naked before her captors. "Well she's got big tits, but she's also got a big belly and a fat ass", said Hector. "Nothing too great about her." "Yeah, but she'll do, at least for a night", laughed Raymond. Rachel rose from the sofa and walked up to Sandra. "No one talks to me the way you did yesterday. No one", she said. "I'm not a bad person, but you are and you're going to be sorry you called me names." With that she slapped Sandra in the face. "Let's the party started, man", said Raymond. Rachel nodded and went back to the sofa. "Come over here", said Raymond to Sandra. She turned and walked to where he was standing. "Now get on your knees and undo my pants." Sandra kneeled and reached out to undo his belt. Then she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. "Now pull them down", he ordered. Sandra pulled down his pants to reveal his white briefs. Inside she could see she his erect cock. "Now my underwear", he said. Sandra pulled the white shorts down. Raymond's cock stood out from his body. "Now give it a kiss", he said. Sandra leaned forward and lightly kissed Raymond's cock. "Now run you tongue up and down it", he said. Sandra's tongue licked his eight-inch cock like an ice cream cone. "Now my balls", came the order. She kissed his balls and licked them.

Raymond stepped back and removed his pants and underwear from around his ankles. He then sat down in a chair. He motioned Sandra toward him. She walked on her knees to where he was. "Now get to sucking, bitch!" he sneered. Sandra bent over his cock as Raymond spread his legs. She took the head of his cock in her mouth. She slowly began to take more of it into her mouth. Her hand was wrapped around the base of the cock as he sucked it. She took the entire length in her mouth and felt Raymond's hand on the back of her head holding her in place. "Now that's some cock sucking", Raymond exclaimed. He released the pressure and Sandra slid the cock out of her mouth. She continued sucking for a few minutes. She could hear the slurping sound her mouth made on his cock.

To Be Continued...
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8 months ago
i still like the idea of her in a whore house for a week. maybe chained to a glory hole?
3 years ago
Story going well so far
4 years ago
A great and gripping story - we can hardly wait for the next chapter! Thank you.
4 years ago
wonderful story i just got to read the ch 3-7 great lil'lady