Corporate Assets (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

The three men had watched all of this with great attention. "Now comes our fun," said Skinny. They all laughed. "It's time to play Wheel of Fortune. Maria you be Vanna," he said. Maria reached into the bag and withdrew three slips of paper. Each man took one. "You know what they're doing?" Maria asked Sandra. "They're drawing to see who gets to fuck you where. One gets your mouth, one gets your sweet pussy and the other gets that big ass of yours." The men unfolded the paper they held. They compared them and smiled. "Good job, Maria," Skinny said. "Looks like you matched up everything real good." "Well," said Stocky, "I've got that big mouth of hers so I go first."

The two other men stood Sandra on her feet. Stocky laughed as he reached out to grab her tits. He pinched her large dark nipples. "I like big tits and big nipples and you got 'em both. I like the way they sag, don't change a thing." From behind one of the men grabbed her shoulders and f***ed her to kneel. Stocky now stood in front of her. His fly was directly level with her face. "Time to get to work," he said. He unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. He unbuttoned his dirty jeans and slid them down. As he did his hard cock sprang out, almost hitting Sandra in the face. He stroked his cock and then removed his t-shirt. "You got some serious cock sucking to do," Stocky said. He continued to jack his cock. His body was covered with thick curly hair and his cock had hair on almost half its length.

"Open up, bitch," he said. "We hear you like to use your mouth on other people. Here's your chance." Sandra refused to do as she was told. His cock was not that long but it was thick. The head was red as it emerged from the uncircumcised foreskin. He put the head of his cock against her lips and moved his hips forward. She tried to turn her face away but Maria came behind her and held her head in place. The man ran his cock head over her lips. "Last chance to be a nice girl," he said. He held his cock with one hand and with the other he reached out and pinched closed her nose. Sandra gasped for breath and as she did Stocky shoved the head of his engorged cock into her mouth. "You take good care of my cock. If I feel any teeth, I'll knock all of yours out." He let go of his cock and put both hands on her head. "Like the taste? Kinda like cavier, ain't it?" He laughed. "I ain't had a good blowjob in a week so I've saved all my cum to fill up your stomach. Think of this as a catered lunch." He then began to push the full length of his cock into the mouth of his unwilling victim. Soon it was entirely buried between her lips.

The public hair sc****d her nose and his heavy balls rested on her chin. He then began to move his cock in and out. It filled Sandra's mouth and made her jaws ache when he put all of it in her. He held her head and began to fuck her mouth roughly. "That's it bitch, suck it. Run that sharp tongue of yours around the head." Faster and faster he f***ed his cock in and out of mouth. She could barely breathe when the cock struck the back of her throat. He smelled like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. The smell of his cock almost overpowered her. She felt faint. She could see that skin of his cock glistened as it slid out of her mouth. The methodical, brutal **** of her mouth went on for what seemed an eternity. The room was quiet. Sandra could hear the slurping sound of his cock sliding into her mouth. "Looks like we found a use for that smart mouth of yours. You suck cock real good. Maybe this could be a career move for you," he said sarcastically. To emphasize his feelings he shoved his cock deep into her throat as he wrapped his fingers in her light hair.

Sandra heard a strange clicking sound but it was soon drowned out by his grunts. They began to come closer together. "Dinner is about to be served, bitch," he growled. His pace was faster and harder. He slammed his cock into her mouth. Sandra thought he would pull her hair out by the roots. Then he let out a groan. Suddenly her mouth was filled with his hot salty cum. He let out a sharp yelp. Wave after wave filled her mouth. She couldn't breathe. She tried not to swallow it but it was just too much. She could feel some of it leaking out of her mouth and running down her face. He seemed to have gallons of cum. "Suck all of it. Hot cream sauce just for you, cunt" he yelled as he jerked his hips against her face. Then she felt a slight softening and the flow of cum began to subside. Stocky let go of her hair and used one hand to stroked his cock to get the last bit of cum into her mouth. "Good to the last drop," he laughed. Sandra heard that clicking sound again. As the man pulled his now limp cock from her mouth, she saw that Maria had a camera. "Just a few snapshots for your resume," she laughed. "And ready in just sixty seconds."

Sandra slumped back on her heels as Stocky released her head. She could taste the cum on her lips and felt it on her chin. "Looks like it's my turn," said Skinny. "I think I'll let her do most of the work, she likes to be in charge of everything," he said with a sneer. Maria took a rag and wiped the cum off Sandra's face and tits. "Look what nice pictures you make," said Maria as she held photos in front of Sandra's face. The photo showed Sandra with her lips wrapped around the hairy shaft of Stocky's cock. Her eyes were closed. Another showed Sandra with her cheeks puffed out as the entire length of the cock was in her mouth. The final shot showed Sandra looking at the camera as the deflated cock was being pulled from her mouth. Cum was dripping off her chin.

To Be Continued...
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