Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18

Mandy wasn't quite herself today.

As a matter of fact, she wasn't anyone in particular. In her present
condition, she would have been hard-pressed to remember her name, let
alone her actual identity. She was in a state between ecstasy and
insanity, balanced on the edge. As the sculpture holding her prisoner
tilted back and forth, her body reacted helplessly to the slithering
stimulation from the little warts and not-so-little dildo built into
the suit. Occasionally, the vibrations in her breasts and crotch would
come alive, apparently at random, intensifying the sensations beyond

They never lasted long enough for her sensitive breasts or clitoris to
become numb. Every time, they shut off after what felt like a few
minutes. Periodically, she felt the water rushing into her ass, and the
pressure would swell in her belly, exaggerating the apparent size of the
dildo as she slid down onto it.

At first, she had thought she might at least keep her presence of mind
by counting orgasms. She knew that she had never before had more than
four or five in a row. The tactic had failed, for she had lost count
somewhere around twenty, and since then had alternated between a mindless
state of wanton lust and shuddering release. Her satiation was always
short-lived, however, as the insidious d**g that Mr. Dodds had given her
turned her bl**dstream into a maelstrom of churning hormones, trapping
her body in a vicious cycle of desire.

Every few minutes, her head would clear slightly, and she would succumb
to the intense vibrations and slippery caresses of her prison. Then,
after a few minutes, (and perhaps an orgasm or two), she would experience
a soft buzzing in her head and extremities, and a fuzzy feeling would
envelope her, relieving the insistent stimulation of the aphrodesiac,
allowing her to relax for a few precious moments.

Then the cycle would renew...

This went on for a while- hours? days? She had no way of knowing, and
half the time she was too distracted to think about the passage of time,
being out of her skull with sexual spending and exertions. After a
while, all personal thoughts of herself, her life and her loves, left
her. She became a single, living sexual organ, having only a simple,
mindless awareness of stimulation and release.

Eventually, after what seemed a lifetime of ecstasy, she perceived a
subtle change, the fuzzy feeling overtook her, and as she slowly gave
up consciousness, she realized dreamily that the rocking motions had
finally stopped.


Mandy awoke in silent darkness. Gradually, she became aware of her

Her world was no longer one of motion and unending sexual stimulation.

Rather, she felt warm, relaxed, and at peace even though, as she became
more aware, she perceived a vague ache throughout most of her body.

With an effort, she rolled onto her side, delighted that she could move
at all. Red shapes, symbols, swam into view. She stared at them for
some time before they made sense. The red digits of her bedside clock
changed from 6:27 to 6:28. She could see! Suddenly, the days' previous
events came back to her. She was no longer imprisoned within the rubber
cocoon, nor being made love to by mindless sexual appliances. She
remembered now. She had been crazy, out of her mind with lust. It
hadn't been a dream, had it? The ache in her crotch and in her abdomen
put the lie to that theory.

Dodds. She remembered Dodds coming to the house. He had done something
to her dogs. She felt a pang of worry that faded quickly. He wouldn't
have done anything to harm them, she knew.

"He likes a****ls," she heard someone say. The sound of her voice
startled her. She had been thinking aloud. She remembered that he owned
two gigantic Scottish Deerhounds.

She made to get up, to check on Charlemagne and Attila, but when she sat
upright, her head spun, and she fell back onto her pillow, exhausted.
God, I'm worn out, she thought. I'll just lie here a moment, gather my


When Mandy next woke up, there was daylight streaming in the window.
She had to be in her own bed - hers was the only bedroom in the house
with a window. She was facing her other bedside table now. There was a
vase on the table with a single yellow rose bud in it. Propped against
the vase was a card. She reached for it.

"Dearest Mandy,
You know how I hate good-byes. I have
come to believe that my unexpected appearance has
jeopardized the budding relationship between you
and Jason, so I am taking my leave early. I am
glad to see that you have finally acknowledged
men as humans beings again. I hope you found my
short stay entertaining, and I look forward to our
next meeting. Give my regards to Flora and Jason.

And from one Master to another,
`Stay curious, stay hungry.'

Despite herself, Mandy felt her eyes moisten. Once again, Dodds
has proved himself to be a gentleman, however perverted, she thought.
He still puts me on a pedestal in his own way. He may be a brute
sometimes, and he may be a swaggering ass at others, but he still loves
me. And I'm still the best slave he's ever had. Ah, crap. I must be
exhausted if I'm getting this maudlin.
She started as the door opened. Flora's head appeared around the edge of
the door.

"Knock-knock?" she asked.

"Flora. Hi," Mandy said weakly, surreptitiously wiping away a tear.
"Come on in, love."

Flora minced into the room on 6" heels, the patent leather pumps showing
off her calves nicely. She carried a heavily-laden breakfast tray, and
she wore the perfect outfit for her self-appointed role. Her classic and
saucy French maid's uniform was made entirely from black latex, with
several fluffy white petticoats of very thin rubber underneath. She wore
shiny elbow-length opera gloves, and had on full length stockings in the
same glossy black material, the hems and her garters peeking out from
under the skirt. The dress was trimmed at the neck and puff-shouldered
sleeves with white lace, and a white lace doily graced her waistband.
She even had a pert little maid's cap on her head.

"Who says you can't get good help these days?" croaked Mandy, sitting
up with a wry grin.

"You do, usually. You must really be out of it, hon," replied Flora.

"I feel like the floor of a taxi cab," Mandy answered, "what's for

"Something a little lighter than your usual- I thought you might want to
take it easy this morning. You've got tea and juice, melon, yogurt,
and... Ta-dah! Blueberry muffins. Butter's under here."

"You are something, aren't you?" said Mandy, "I knew I kept you around
for something." She stretched and winced. "Jeee-zus! I'm not going to
have sex for a month! I ache all over."

"Oh!" Flora added, "there're two aspirins under the saucer there. Um.
I hope you're not serious about... what you just said." No French maid
ever looked as demure as Flora managed to look just then.

Mandy glanced up from her tray, and around a mouthful of muffin said,
"Sure. Why not? We're both oversexed anyway. If I have to pay penance,
why shouldn't you? And don't look at me that way!"

Flora pouted harder.

Mandy grinned a little. "Well, we'll see. Maybe you'll get some action
out of Jason. I have a feeling you may have to fight him off with more
than a feather duster, if he sees you in that outfit. "

Flora blushed. "He... he won't be giving me any trouble," she said.

"Huh." Mandy gave her a searching stare for a second, then relented.
"I think, just this once, that I won't ask..." Flora brightened visibly
as Mandy continued, "..but I want a promise from you."

"Anything, love- just ask!" replied Flora.

Mandy wore a slightly amused, thoughtful expression. "After today, the
two of you only have sex if I'm watching."

Flora gulped, looking serious again. "Yes, ma'am," she answered in a
tiny voice. She took Mandy's tray when she motioned that she was
finished with it.

Mandy stretched and sighed. "Honey, that was really good. But I
think... *yawn*... I think I'm going to sl**p some more. Go have fun."

Flora watched Mandy roll over and wriggle into the covers, concern for
her mistress wrinkling her forehead. She waited until Mandy's breathing
was slow and even, then crept quietly from the room, carrying the tray

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