Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 17)

Chapter 17

Jason squirmed, and felt Flora squirming against him, as their feet
touched something soft, slimy, and at first, cold. It quickly warmed
to their body temperature though, as it slipped up their legs to their
thighs. Whatever it was, it pressed firmly against their oiled bodies,
squeezing them together. Jason assumed that this was the well that he
had glimpsed in the center of the room. As it enveloped them further,
passing their thighs and hips, Jason imagined the two of them being
sucked into an enormous vagina.

Soon, the squishy warmth had swallowed them up to their necks and for a
moment, Jason fought panic, unwilling to have his head consumed as well.
But reason prevailed, and he told himself that the air hissing into the
tight-fitting helmet must be coming from a compressor of some kind.

His air supply was safe.

With a slight lurch, the two of them slid all the way into the tight,
slippery well, the warm rubber walls pressing them closely together.
Then a new sensation presented itself. The walls began to move, with
slow, strong undulations. Outside, Mr. Dodds had turned on the water
jets of the jaccuzi, and the rotating streams pulsed against the pair

Jason smiled inside his helmet, reveling in the sensations of Flora's
slippery breasts and belly pressed against his, the rubber walls
squeezing their tired bodies in a soft yet insistent massage. It wasn't
long before he was frowning however, as he came to understand his
predicament. With his hands bound behind him, there was very little he
could do to enjoy their situation, and he soon discovered that Flora was
in a similar fix when he felt her rigid mittens groping about his body.
It felt nice to have her caress him, but the mittens were scratchy and
hard, and did not feel particularly sensual. Flora could not grasp him,
nor could he hold her, and he was soon near to screaming with
frustration, his erect cock slithering helplessly against her belly.

Dodds wins another round, he thought.

But after a few minutes of frustrated groping, he felt Flora's leather
mittens curl around his neck and shoulders, while her long legs drew up
along his hips, and slithered around his waist. It looked like Flora was
more experienced at this sort of thing than he. It also looked like he
might get some satisfaction after all.


Flora too, was having difficulties, even though she had been in the Well
before, with her hands bound to frustrate any attempt to relieve herself.
The years of restrictive rubber clothes and fetishistic bondage had
accustomed her to this kind of confinement, but she wasn't yet jaded- she
still couldn't help becoming aroused. She fumbled at her breasts and
Jason's crotch with her mittened hands, until an advantage of their
situation struck her.

She maneuvered herself so that she was once again pressed belly-to-belly
against Jason, his firm erection pressing deliciously into her belly-
button. Then she clumsily grasped him around the neck, and drew her legs
up, so that she was more or less in a sitting position at his waist. This
was less easy than it sounds, for while they were both slippery as eels
from the silicone, they were still crushed together by the pressure of the
water behind the rubber surrounding them.

As she locked her legs around him, he finally got the idea, and they
squirmed together a bit, until at last, he slid inside her.


Jason's first orgasm had been explosive, and judging from the little
after-spasms that gripped his cock, Flora had enjoyed it too. After an
indeterminate period of rest, during which they squirmed against and
around each other to stay comfortable, they made love again. This time
they were more relaxed, with less of the sense of urgency they had felt
the first time. They slithered against each other in a slow, languorous
rhythm, savoring the slippery sensations of each others' body, and of the
rubber that pressed in around them.

His second ejaculation seemed to take minutes, as his muscles
relentlessly wrung every remaining drop of semen from his loins. They
relaxed again, their bodies softening into each other until they might
have been one flesh.


Jason started suddenly. He realized he had been dozing! He found
it hard to believe that he could have fallen asl**p in their present
situation, but then, he was sooo tired. He felt now what had awakened
him. Flora was sliding past him. At first he thought that he might be
slipping further down into the well, but his feet were already wedged
firmly against the bottom of the rubber bag. It occurred to him that
Flora was being pulled out. After a long wait Jason too, felt the tug
of his body harness, and he slithered his way out of the warm grasp of
the latex womb.

God, thought Jason as his head and shoulders came free, it's like being
born again!

After a moment, he felt ground beneath him, his feet coming to rest on
a towel. After a little fumbling, the helmet came off his head, and to
his surprise, he found that it was Flora removing it.

"Flora! How," he started to ask, but Flora had already silenced
him with a ferocious kiss. "Yum," he finished, grinning.

"That felt wonderful!" Flora exclaimed, "I feel like I could sl**p for
a hundred years! Here, let me get those cuffs off you." She struggled
with the cuffs a moment, both of them still slippery with oil.

"Yeah, it was kind of fun, wasn't it?" answered Jason, "but um, WHERE
is Mr. Dodds?"

"That's the weird part! When I got out, he sat me in that chair, freed
my hands, and by the time I thought to take off my helmet, he was gone!
He likes doing that, though- he likes to make dramatic entrances and exits.
What bothers me though, is how he got past Charlemagne and Attila."

"Who? Oh, Mandy's dogs. Hmm. He wouldn't have, um... he wouldn't..."
he didn't finish, because Flora's eyes grew wide, and she dashed from the
room, barely managing to keep her footing on the slick tile. "Hey wait!
shouted Jason, "he could still be around..."
He struggled with the cuffs for a while, which Flora hadn't managed to
remove, then sat down in resignation when he realized he couldn't get
them off. He wasn't about to go running through the house naked, no matter
how well he knew the owners. Besides, his feet were still more or less
oily, and he didn't fancy negotiating all that tile without the use of his
arms for balance.

Flora returned in a few minutes, puffing, with a puzzled expression on
her face. "S'odd," she said, "'Tilla and Charley are outside, chasing
the birds as if nothing's happened. Healthy as horses." She began
fumbling with Jason's cuffs again. Finally, she wiped her hands on
another towel, and gripping the leather through the towel, managed to
unbuckle the stiff straps.

"So how did he get in?" Jason asked, wiping silicone from his body with
an already saturated towel. "And how the hell am I going to get clean?"
he added to himself.

Flora looked thoughtful as she dug another towel out of the cupboard.
"I don't know...maybe he d**gged them. I know for certain he used d**gs
on me... I still feel a little funny around the edges. Not bad funny,
just sort of fuzzy... you know?"

"Yah. Hey, what about Mandy?" Both their eyes grew wide, and they
managed to jammed themselves in the doorway like two Keystone Kops, in
their haste to get into the adjoining room. What they found was not
exactly comforting. The tilt-table sat unmoving, the respirator
equipment, silent. A strange-looking hollow mold of Mandy's body lay
upside down on the floor next to the table, the table itself being bare,
with an outline where the mold had been cut free. Jason walked over and
examined it. The suit Mandy had been made to wear was still inside,
molded into the rubber. The tape sealing the back zipper had been cut,
and the suit simply zipped open, since her back hadn't been covered with
the rubber.
There was no sign of Mandy in the room.

Jason looked worried. "Oh..."

"...shit," finished Flora. She looked even more worried than Jason.
The two of them went up the stairs, two at a time, and started searching
the first floor. It rapidly became apparent she was not there.

"Mandy?" called Flora, "MANDY!" she was beginning to sound frantic.

"Hey, hey, easy," soothed Jason, maybe she's asl**p upstairs." He
sounded more calm than he felt, or at least hoped he did. "Let's finish
looking around before we go panicking, okay?"

Ignoring the elevator in favor of the sweeping staircase for speed,
they took to the second floor. In the hallway, they found a note, pinned
to Mandy's door by a deer-footed dagger.

"Jesus!" said Jason, wide-eyed. Flora yanked the note free as they
swept in to Mandy's room.

Mandy was in her bed, apparently asl**p. They stood transfixed for a
moment, until they saw that she was breathing. Jason looked at Flora
with relief. She was staring at the note. An amused look of wonderment
was stealing across her face. At Jason's puzzled expression, she held
her finger to her lips, and beckoned him to follow her. When they were
standing in the hall, she closed the door softly, shaking her head
slowly. She held up the note for Jason to read.

"Let Her sl**p.
That's An Order.


Jason looked back at Flora, amazement on his face. While he rocked the
tip of the dagger out of the door, he stage-whispered to Flora, "I can't
believe the balls on this guy! That cheeky, arrogant, supercilious son
of a-" Jason shushed as Flora held a finger to his lips.

"Seriously though," he continued, more calmly, "do you think she's

"I think she's alright. Dodds has been here before you know. For
goodness sake, I _belonged_ to him, before I met Mandy. He may be weird,
but he'd never hurt one of us, and in his own way... he's wonderful."

She sighed, then snickered quietly. As they walked quietly away from
Mandy's door, she added, "Although Mandy may kill him when she sees that
scratch in her precious mahogany door."

For some reason, this struck them as insanely funny, and they smothered
their giggles as they stumbled into Jason's room. Jason was giddy with
fatigue poisons, and fell laughing, onto the bed.

"Ohh, god!" he said softly, "a nice, soft bed, that doesn't move..."

"I'm hungry," announced Flora abruptly, "let's go have breakfast.
I'm always starved after sex."

Jason stared at her as if she had just invited him to a Moral Majority
rally. "Are you nuts?" he asked, not moving, "I'm not going anywhere.
I just wanna sl**p... so tired." He ended with mumbling.

"Alright love," Flora soothed, "you just lie there and rest. Flora's
going to make everything all right. There, there, sl**py head." She
pulled the covers over him as she spoke, tucking him in like a c***d,
cooing all the while. He was asl**p before she turned out the lights.


Jason awoke in bed, once again between soft, warm sheets. To his
amazement, they were soft flannel sheets, not rubber. He lay still a
moment while his head finished waking up, listening to the tiny sounds
made by the house as it settled on it's foundations, by the wind outside,
and by his own breathing.

He had no idea what time it was, or even what day. He glanced around
the room, looking for a clock, but found none. Only then did he realize
that his room had no window. It hadn't occurred to him before now how
unusual it was to find a bedroom without a window. But then, he told
himself, some of Mandy's activities are a little strange - perhaps she
had them bricked up for privacy.

Mandy! He suddenly remembered the events of the past few days and the
predicament they had been left in, especially Mandy. When he had last
seen her, she had been imprisoned in a diabolical vibrating rubber
bodysuit, and embedded beneath more layers of rubber, on a tilting
table... Mr. Dodds! Was he still about? He felt panicky for a moment.
He couldn't remember the last several hours.

Then it came back to him. Flora's release, then his, their discovery
of Mandy safely sl**ping in her room...
Well, I'm awake now, he thought. Might as well check on Mandy. He
swung out of bed and padded carefully to the door, where he stopped
again, in wonderment. He fingered his pajamas. He hadn't been wearing
pajamas. And these were cotton! What was going on? If Flora had
dressed him without waking him, he really had been exhausted!

He eased the door open and listened. Nothing. Then a door thumped,
very close. He froze, listening to footsteps in the hall - they
sounded like women's heels. He peered out and saw Flora carrying a
tray, walking away down the hall. At least, it LOOKED like Flora. She
at least, was dressed normally. Normal that is, for this household. She
wore a black and white French maid's uniform that looked suspiciously
like latex, and skysc****r-heeled pumps of very shiny black patent
leather. He watched her delicious legs recede down the staircase, then
glanced across the hall, and stepped quickly to the opposite door.
No sound came from inside.

"Mandy!" he hissed, not wanting to alert Flora. Nothing.

He tapped the door, very softly. Nothing. He opened the door as
quietly as he could. When he had the door almost all the way open, he
saw Mandy, lying asl**p on the bed amid still more ordinary cotton
bedclothes - odd! A tray with a pitcher of water and a glass on it sat
on the bedside table.

When a soft voice said, "Shh! Don't wake her!" behind him, he nearly
jumped out of his skin! He whirled to see Flora standing, her shoes
held in her hand, behind him. She reached past him to shut the door
quietly before she began her tirade. "Now just what do you think you're
doing out of bed?" she hissed.

Jason opened his mouth to speak, but she interrupted. "You should be
resting, you've had a very tough night! Now you get back in there and
lie down while I get your breakfast ready. It hasn't been but a few
hours, and already you're panting at her door like a rutting bull!"

Jason opened his mouth to protest that he'd only wanted to check on
her, to see how she was doing, but Flora stuffed the shiny toe of one
stilleto-heeled shoe in his mouth, stifling him.

"You're supposed to be recovering from yesterday's session," she
continued, herding him toward his room, "and here you're up and
roaming around the house!"

Jason looked sheepish at her school-marmish tone, and removed the shoe
from his mouth. She took hold of his ear and dragged him, like an errant
schoolboy, to his bedroom.

"But WHAT the hell is going on around here?" managed Jason after the
door was closed. "I thought you and Mandy were nuts about rubber, even
more than I am, and here I wake up in pajamas and sheets, no sign of
that imperious ass Dodds around, and the maid running the household!"
He grinned at her, as he waited for her answer.

She smiled in return for just a moment, destroying the firm matronly
look she had been attempting, then looked worried. She sat on the edge
of the bed, patting the comforter next to her, indicating where he could
sit. "You shouldn't be so hard on Dodds, love, he's really very good to
us. And don't tell me you didn't enjoy what we did yesterday."

She blushed as she said this, and looked down as she continued.

"Anyway, Mandy is pretty drained from the whole thing, and she needs a
lot of rest. I've looked around the grounds, and Dodds really has left,
I think. He left a note in the kitchen with some suggestions for her
care. He really loves her, you know, in his own way. I think he even
took a liking to you, and I didn't know he went for boys."

It was Jason's turn to blush. She continued on.

"That's why you woke up in regular bedclothes. Mr. D reminded us that
it's possible to overdo it - get "burned out" is how he put it, he said
we should all give it a rest."

Jason stared pointedly at the generous cleavage showing over neckline
of her tight rubber bodice. "So how," he asked, "do you explain YOUR

She looked down, smiling guiltily. "Would you believe... I couldn't
help myself? Besides, I thought it would help Mandy recover." Her eyes
took on a serious look again. "You know, she's so worn out by what...
well, what was done to her, that she's quite uninterested in me. I mean,
I used to at least get a pat on the rump even when she wasn't interested,
but... but, now..." She seemed close to tears.

Jason pulled her to him, hugged her and murmured in her ear. "It's
alright dear, she'll get better. She's just worn out, like you said,
that's all." But privately, he wondered, would she recover? Oh sure,
her body was probably just fine, aside from a little fatigue, but what
about her mind? Was she still sane? He thought back to her "torture"
at Dodds' hands.

The faintly floral smell of Flora's hair brought him back to the
present. Flora sighed softly into his shoulder as he rubbed her
neck and shoulder muscles. She melted against him, and he slipped one
hand down, and around. Cautiously, he caressed her chest where one
erect nipple pressed out through the latex. She "mm-hmmed" her approval,
pulled her head up and kissed him fiercely, then pulled away slightly.

"Love," she said, looking slightly feral in the angled light of the
bedside lamps, "do you know what I want to do?"

His eyes grew wide, and he shook his head innocently.

She grabbed his crotch and squeezed. "I. Want. To. Fuck!" Jason was
slightly shocked. He had never heard her swear before. She pushed him
over onto his back. Jason laughed and rolled over onto her, pinning her
wrists. "What are you, insatiable? Am I supposed to believe that you
didn't get enough out of yesterday's fun and games?"

"Weelll," she stalled, looking mischievous.

"Alright," he continued, "do you know what I'm going to do to you?"
She batted her eyelashes up at him innocently. "I'm... uh..." he looked
stricken suddenly. "Of all the times... I guess I'm going to go to the
bathroom." He shrugged helplessly.

Flora gave him a look of mock fury. "OOhh! How could you!" she said
as he climbed off her and headed for the bathroom, "You wind me up and
then desert me?! I'll show you!" she called after his retreating back.

When Jason returned, Flora had disappeared. He stood in the doorway
of the bathroom, staring at the empty bed. "Why, that fickle little
wench," he muttered to himself. He headed toward the nightstand for his
...and got a big surprise.

For the second time in 36 hours, something soft and dark was suddenly
pulled down over Jason's head, and when he dropped his slippers, one
wrist and then the other were clicked into a pair of handcuffs. He was
mad enough to kick out, but his kick was ineffective, and left him
precariously off balance. He heard, muffled through the bag or hood,
Flora giggle behind him, as she pulled him backwards, keeping him off-
balance. He felt himself falling helplessly, disoriented, his body
tensing for the impact. Flora caught him by the shoulders, providing a
reference point for his reeling senses. She lowered him gently to the
floor. In a panic, he struggled to get to his feet, legs flailing
wildly, for all the good it did him. Flora ignored his faint bellows
of rage, and shortly had his ankles trussed as well.

After he realized that there was no way he could stand without help,
and that nothing else was happening to him yet, he calmed down
somewhat, then fell completely silent when he thought of Mandy sl**ping
in the room across the hall. He didn't want to find out what she might
do to him in his present situation. Especially when wakened from a sound
sl**p, he added to himself. And with her state of mind quite unknown, he
added again.

He listened to Flora bustling about the room, heard the door being
locked, heard the unmistakable rustle of rubber clothing. It makes
enough noise, he thought. Is it something large and loose-fitting, or
something tight that she has trouble putting on?

Shortly thereafter, his ankles were untied, but almost at the same
moment, a warm hand gripped his balls gently, and Flora's voice said,
"Now be good lover, and do what I say- you'll like this, I promise."

He hadn't much choice as she led him carefully to the bed, laying him
back upon cool sheets. COLD sheets! They warmed quickly to his skin,
and he realized that she had changed the flannel for latex sheets, the
cool material sticking just slightly to his still-damp skin.

He relaxed now, knowing that all Flora had in mind was more fun,
although he was a little disappointed that she hadn't let him have the
upper hand. She was tying his ankles, then his wrists to the bed posts,
with something soft but strong and unyielding. When she was done, she
removed his hoodwink. He gasped.

"Do you like it?" she inquired, doing slow pirouettes for him around
the bedside.

"Like it?" he breathed, "it's... extraordinary!", and any objections he
might have had to being tied up evaporated in a haze of lust. She had
removed the skimpy maid's outfit and donned an amazing body-shaper,
obviously made from very thick black rubber. As she turned before him,
he was treated to a full view of it's effect on her. It was a corselet
essentially, yet it had short legs as well. The rear was cut out, the
tight fit causing her buttocks to protrude perkily. The waist was made
very tight, and acted as a mild corset, emphasizing the size of her hips
and chest. The chest had cut-outs too, around each breast, but the holes
must have been slightly small, as each tit stood out strangely taught
and firm, literally looking like small melons.

As he watched, fascinated, she picked up a large bottle and spread
a thick oil over herself and the latex as she walked slowly and sinuously
to the bedside. "I decided to try out the dominant side of life," she
said smiling, "you don't mind, do you?"

"Well, no, but..." stammered Jason, looking bemused at his bindings.

"Oh, and I used your ties for um, ties. I hope you don't mind that

"Er, Flora," said Jason looking wryly up at her, "I don't think you're
supposed to ask a slave if he minds or not- it doesn't make you a very
convincing dominatrix."

"That's okay," she replied brightly, "I don't really want to be a
convincing dominatrix." She had started pouring the oil on his belly,
spreading it around, and down onto his legs. It was very warm, almost

"You look terrif!" commented Jason, "That's a hell of a... a...
whatever it is, it looks great!"

"It's new. You're the first person to see me in it. Not even Mandy
knows about it yet- I bought it myself." The oil trickled down his
sides, ran under his back, began spreading around his ass. She climbed
onto the bed.

"I just love hot oil massages, don't you?" she asked.

"If I could get my arms free, I'd show you how much I love it," he
growled back. She smiled, slid one leg over so that she straddled him,
smoothing the warm oil over his entire body, and massaging the muscles of
his arms, his chest. Her oil-slicked rubber-covered torso gleamed like
polished ebony, every movement she made rippling the clinging material.
He panted like a lion when she rubbed oiled hands over his cock and balls.

"You make me so hot," she purred, moving down his legs.

Jason snorted. "I'm making YOU hot! Love, if you're not careful, I'm
going to come just from looking at you! I'M the one getting hot!"

"Ah, but I'm not even started yet," she replied, mischief in her eye.
She slithered off the bed. The latex sheets and Jason's body were now
completely covered in oil. Flora walked out of his sight for a moment,
then returned carrying an odd collection of straps and two large dildos.
As she climbed onto the bed, he got a better look at it. It was a head
harness- he had enough experience now to recognize that much. The two
singularly realistic organs protruded from the front of the mouth-piece.

This wench is kinkier than I am, thought Jason. His mouth was suddenly
very dry.

Flora smiled at him as he licked his lips. "Perhaps I should give you
a taste before I put this on you," she said.

She clambered around on top of him, facing his feet, and planted her
fragrant crotch on his face, her latex-covered calves gripping his head.
Jason licked and sucked eagerly as he felt her warm, greasy hands
fondling and stroking his now very hard erection. After only a few
moments though, she pulled away and turned around.

Despite the oil and Jason's hairless head, she managed to get the head-
harness on him in short order. It didn't hurt that he gave her

essentially no resistance. This was not shaping up to be an unpleasant
experience, and he was eager to see it to it's conclusion. When she was
done, he found a soft bladder in his mouth, which filled his cheeks with
rubber when she pumped it up with a hand bulb. His vision was filled by
two prodigious prongs sprouting from his mouth and chin.

"There," remarked Flora, "every girls dream- a man with two cocks who
doesn't talk."

She giggled again, climbing around the slippery bed until she had
positioned herself over his face, again facing his feet. She treated him
to an excellent view of her oily fingers probing her ass and vagina.
Jason was so turned on by this display that he thought he would orgasm
from sheer tension!

She looked over her shoulder. "Ready?" she asked, and without waiting
for a response, which would have been impossible anyway, carefully
lowered herself onto the dildos. As she guided each one into place, she
moaned and shivered a little, shaking drops of oil onto Jason's face.
With a panty's-eye-view, Jason watched in fascination as her front and
rear passages stretched wide to accommodate the thick rods. His view
became dim as she settled all the way down, and he had to struggle to get
any air into his nose, as it buried itself between her cheeks.

For a moment, she just sat there, rocking a little, then she leaned
slowly forward and planted her lips on his throbbing penis. Jason
shouted into his gag and Flora groaned as the vibrations shook the dildos
slightly. As she stroked him, she rocked back and forth, the artificial
phalluses thrusting in and out inches before Jason's wildly staring eyes.
In moments, Flora began to grunt and hum loudly around Jason's cock, and
as she accelerated her thrusts against his face, they came, within
seconds of each other, in one long, shattering climax.

To Be Continued...
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