Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13

Jason awoke in a slight stupor. His tongue felt thick, and his eyes
were gummy with sl**p. Unknown to him, he had been made to sl**p for
eleven hours, while Mr. Dodds' completed his preperations. As he
stared bleary- eyed around his room, he noticed how everything, the
light from the window, the reflections from various objects in the
room, had acquired a crystalline clarity, an almost dreamlike
super-reality. For a moment, he wondered if he were still sl**ping.

He noticed, too that something was stuffed in his mouth, and his head
and face felt odd when he touched them. He realized he was wearing
some kind of rubber hood with open eyes, and nose holes for breathing.

He felt himself become aroused, but the sensation seemed somehow
incomplete, just a general warming in the vicinity of his crotch.

The next thing he noticed as he swung his legs over the bedside was an
odd sensation of numbness that enveloped his body. When he
absentmindedly scratched his crotch, something rang his alarm bells and
he looked down... ...and nearly fainted with shock. I'm dreaming, he
thought, I've gotta be dreaming. For framing the view of his belly were
two magnificent breasts and the swell of womanly hips was visible below
them. He stumbled, in a daze, to the long dressing mirror. The view
that greeted him there rocked him to his core. He was a woman. From
his shapely legs up past the nude mons veneris, his gaze swept upwards,
over the wide hips and surprisingly small waist, to his amazing
breasts. They had no right to be there, but denying them didn't make
them go away. And worse, his face was not his own. He knew that
heavily made-up feminine face in the mirror from somewhere. Then he
remembered. His first night with Flora and Mandy. It was the rubber
false face mask Flora had worn that first night. Combined with what
must surely have been a wig, it gave him a quite feminine and natural,
if expressionless, woman's face, with a pouting mouth and long lashes.

His gaze returned to the breasts pointing at him from the mirror. How
is this possible? he wondered. Hmm... about a 'D' cup, thought Jason
to himself, and nicely shaped, too.

He fondled them a moment, feeling already stiff nipples under his
slightly numb fingers, but no sensation in the breasts. They were
numb, senseless. That's odd, he thought- Mandy says her breasts are
quite sensitive. Well... if this is a dream, I don't want to wake
up. I want to know what this is really like... strange... why do I
feel so seperated from my body? This is more like a d**g trip than a
dream. He had no idea how close I was to the truth.

Jason would never have admitted it to anyone, even Mandy, his first
love, but he had always had transexual fantasies. The reason was not
so much that he enjoyed women's clothes, but rather that he wanted to
BE a woman, at least temporarily, to feel what a woman feels. He had
always suspected that their bodies felt much more sensual to their
owners, and he was certain they enjoyed sex more than most men. He
didn't want to just get into women's pants, he wanted their bodies.

Now that he had one, he didn't quite know what to do with it.

"Ahem," said a voice.

Jason nearly jumped out of his skin! He turned to see Mr. Dodds
standing in a shaded corner of the room, and grinning.

"Well, Flora, how are we feeling today? No, that's alright, I know you
can't answer."

Jason thought, is that it- I've really become Flora? Then I AM
dreaming... aren't I?

"No time to lose, dear," commented Mr. Dodds. "First, I want you to
install this dildo in that beautiful ass of yours." He handed Jason a
large, anatomically shaped dildo made of chrome plated steel. It was
equipped with a wide flange at the bottom, and was very heavy. It
frankly terrified him. He wanted to shout at Mr. Dodds that this was
his dream, and he wasn't planning to suffer in any way- he was going to
enjoy it- but then he realized- if this IS a dream, anything can
happen, can't it? And he realized that he DID want this. He wanted to
know what it really was like for Flora when she submitted to Mandy's
most delicious torments.

He began greasing up the dildo with the KY jelly that Dodds provided,
then his own tight bottom. To his relief, Dodds turned his back for
this part. It took several slow tries before his sphincter relaxed
enough to get the big dildo in, but when it finally slid home, "Flora"
grunted with pleasure into his mask. Although it felt as if he had a
telephone pole up his rear, he decided that he liked being a woman.

He wanted to feel his new body, but as soon as his hands wandered
towards his crotch, Mr. Dodds said, "Ah-ah! none of that! We have many
things to do, so hurry and put on the things I've laid out for you."
He pointed to a pile of neatly folded items on the dresser. "I'll help
you with the lacing and such," he added.

"Flora's" head was spinning... who am I really? How long can this
last? This is just to good to be true, he thought.

In a daze, "Flora" moved to the dresser and picked up the top item, a
panty girdle. It was a pretty, high waisted affair with short legs.
It was made out from heavy gauge rubberized spandex, colored pink,
which shimmered and glowed under the soft bedroom lights. As "Flora"
was putting it on, he was dismayed to find the dildo slipping out. He
had to pause several times to push it back up in embarrassment, much to
the amusement of Mr. Dodds.

"Don't worry, my dear," soothed Dodds, "you'll find that the girdle
will keep it in place."

With some effort, and some extra talcum powder, "Flora" slid the girdle
on and closed the side zipper.

As promised, the tight girdle held the dildo in, although loosely. The
heavy weight of the solid metal dildo kept it sliding out, but the
first step taken in the tight-fitting garment would send it slithering
back in. "Flora" found the effect very erotic.

The next item in the pile was a pink long-line rubber bra. He put it
on, smoothing it over his new breasts, and tucking the bottom under the
top of the girdle. It fit well, if somewhat tightly, revealing ample
cleavage over the cups.

Next was a pair of long black stockings, of polished rubber,
accompanied by a black patent-leather garter belt, with red trim. He
pulled the stockings up over the legs of the panty girdle and fastened
all six of the garters.

"Flora" was now covered in pink and black rubber from her toes to her

At this point, Mr. Dodds announced, "Very nice! But now you've come to
the hard part." "Flora" glanced at the dwindling pile of clothes.
With some trepidation, he picked up a heavy corset. It was quite a
piece of engineering, he had to admit. He had seen corsets before in
catalogs, but this one was different in a number of ways. It was
covered in soft black leather, but it's softness belied a much stiffer
foundation. It was heavily boned with twelve curved steel stays,
double-stitched in place, their thickness barely visible beneath the
layers of canvas and leather. Instead of one, it had two curved steel
busks, with gleaming chrome plated hooks, but unlike the other corsets
he had seen, they were at the sides, not in front. It sported sixteen
inches of lacing eyelets at the front and back. The top edge was
curved to fit right up under the breasts, and its length extended well
over the hips. In all, it was a very finely crafted and formidable

After carefully fitting it in place, Dodds began lacing it up. It took
quite some time, for he had to allow long breaks while "Flora's" waist
and lower ribcage adjusted to their new shape. After almost an hour,
he had "Flora's" figure tightly compressed in it's rigid embrace.

"Flora" could hardly breathe, but the stiff support clamping his torso
felt strangely pleasant, a sort of mobile bondage.

Dodds produced a tape from a pocket, and measured his waist.
"Twenty-four inches exactly! That's about twenty-two inches
underneath. Very good... Well? What are you waiting for? Keep

"Flora" was beginning to be glad that the window had been left open
during the night, for the room was still cool and he was beginning to
get warm under the layers of rubber and leather. The next garment was
an elaborate latex maid's uniform, in black with white trim at hem and
necklines, the skirt filled by several white latex petticoats. Putting
it on was a lesson in frustration. He found himself quite unable to
bend at the waist in the rigid grasp of the corset. Although he could
bend at the hips a little, the bottom of the corset pressed into his
hips and crotch. He ended up putting the dress on over his head. Once
Dodds had zipped up the back, the low-cut bodice fit quite tightly,
showing off his figure rather more than he would have liked.

A dainty rubber maid's apron was attached to it, having fake ties
around the sides, and frilly edges on the apron itself. The sleeves of
the dress were puffed at the shoulder and ended in a tight cuff just
above the elbow.

To complete the outfit, Dodds handed him long white latex opera gloves,
which he tucked under the cuffs of "Flora's" dress.

"Flora" was now completely covered in rubber, without a square
centimeter of skin showing. His face appeared natural, but this was an
illusion, the cleverly colored and molded helmet clinging sweatily to
his face.

Only his wide eyes were actually uncovered, and could be seen staring
excitedly through the eye-shaped holes.

Unknown to him, "Flora" was under a further layer of foam latex rubber,
the suit molded from Flora's and Jason's casts, giving him a perfect
female form.

The heat was soon building inside the air-tight costume. His privates
were bound in a leather cock and ball harness, then tucked into a
shallow steel cod piece with leather-padded edges. Its smooth curves
concealed his sex completely. The molded female features of the foam
rubber suit completed the illusion perfectly.

But Mr. Dodds wasn't finished playing dress-up yet. Finally came a
pair of the most incredible boots "Flora" had ever seen. At first he
couldn't see how anyone could wear them. They were finely crafted from
thin stainless steel sheet, made into form-fitting thigh-high boots.
The feet had nine inch tall heels, ending in a "ballet" toe, the sole
curved to f***e the foot up on point.

The body of the boots were shaped into beautiful curves, with muscular-
looking calves, and firm, rounded thighs. He wondered for a moment how
they had been made.

"Here," said Dodds, "I'll have to help you into those." It turned out
that the boots were made in two halves, front and back, and were made
with small interlocking holes and studs along the seams. Each half was
lined with a thin layer of firm foam rubber. "Flora's" feet and legs
were fitted carefully in place, then Dodds pressed hard to f***e the
two halves together. With some effort, they snapped together, the
studs locking into the holes, leaving an almost invisible seam.
"Flora's" legs were now solidly clamped into the unbending boots.

After helping "Flora" into the boots, Mr. Dodds had him toddle around
the room. "Well, aren't you a beautiful creature!" he exclaimed.
"Let's get downstairs so you can fix breakfast."

"Flora" had a tough time of it, as the boots were almost impossible to
walk in, and he had to constantly make tiny steps back and forth to
keep his balance. He was soon sweating from the effort of moving his
legs without the use of his knees, swinging his hips to lift the heels
clear of the carpeting.

They made it to the dining area without mishap, however.

"I've laid out most of the food," Dodds announced, "so all you have to
do is cook it and get it on the table. I'm sure I don't have to remind
you to keep your uniform clean." So saying, he left the room.

"Flora" was beginning to like this new costume, for while the steel
boots were uncomfortably rigid, they were shaped very sexily, giving
him the chrome-plated legs of a dancer, or a muscular female android.
He stood in front of the dining room mirror for a moment, running his
hands over the smooth rubber. His waist felt strangely alien,
incredibly small.

He felt the heavy dildo slide out a little as his rear muscles relaxed,
then slither into him again as he made for the kitchen. Walking around
the generously sized kitchen was a heavenly torture, as he strained to
get out pans, boil water, and cook the considerable amount of
foodstuffs that Dodds had set out. It was quite impossible to flex his
legs, and the corset held his waist absolutely rigid, so that the only
recourse was to bend over at the hips, holding onto counters and chairs
for balance. This wasn't especially easy, for his jogger's legs were
not very limber, and his muscles stretched painfully each time he bent

He was quite aroused now, but the thick latex girdle not only excited
him, but dulled sensation as well, so that he never quite reached the
point of release.

When Dodds returned, he had "Jason" with him, along with some leather
items in his other hand, and "Flora" marvelled at the complex harness
and the chrome dildo fixed at her mouth.

It seemed that they were all famished, as breakfast disappeared
quickly, Mr. Dodds consuming more food than anyone, accompanied by vast
quantities of black coffee.

When they were finished, "Flora" rose to clean away the remains, rather
enjoying the servile role of maid, but Mr. Dodds stopped him saying,
"Leave that, I'll get it later. Right now, I've something I want to
show you."

He released "Jason" from the chair, re-tightening her harness. Then he
pulled out a pair of "bondage mittens", leather cuffs with
tight-fitting bags which laced up, enclosed the hands. He showed her
how they buckled to her harness at the outside of her hips. A few more
straps attached to the harness at chest and waist, pinning her arms to
her sides.

Next, he brought out a leather "single glove", or arm-binder, and
pulling "Flora's" arms to the rear, slid it over them to his
shoulders. Two straps secured it around his shoulders, and then Dodds
laced it up tightly, pulling "Flora's" arms toward each other, and
thrusting out his breasts.

Snapping a lead to each of their collars, he led them to the basement
stairs, "Flora" tottering about on his impossible heels, and "Jason's"
leather harness creaking and squeeking.

To Be Continued...
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