Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10

Jason did not have to wait long before Flora's shiny black face
appeared at the door, followed shortly by the rest of her exquisite
form. She strutted awkwardly over to the treadmill at Mandy's
prodding. Jason squirmed in embarrassment as Flora's amazed eyes took
in his situation. He was acutely conscious of his bald head plainly
visible under the layer of clear rubber.

Mandy gave a short speech about her excuses for "punishing" them, then
began fiddling with equipment. After securing Flora on the treadmill,
she produced a large curved box with a small motor mounted on it. It
looks like a turtle being humped by a kitchen mixer, he thought.

This was secured directly over his crotch with suction cups, and then
by straps to the edge of the frame.

The underside of the box was equipped with soft suction cups. He had a
good idea what the device was for. Mandy plugged a lead into the box,
and walked around behind him. A puff of cool air revealed that the
plugged hole in the bottom sheet of rubber had been removed. Soon, he
grunted in surprise as Mandy's greased finger probed his rectum.

The sensation was new to him, but pleasant enough, and he felt himself
grow excited again, even as he mentally recoiled in shame. He had
never had anything like this done to him, and was absurdly ashamed that
it felt good. Mandy's finger withdrew, and presently another object
was felt. It was soft and pliable, and went right in, plugging his
anus firmly. He promptly embarrassed himself by getting an erection.
Mandy claimed that the plug in his rear would sense contractions, and
shut off the machine on his crotch.

This was not the good news. He was already mortally afraid of what
Flora might think of him, having seen him degraded like this. Of
course, he already knew what Mandy thought of him. He couldn't
understand it, at times she seemed to genuinely love him, yet she
f***ed these perverse and bizarre ordeals upon him. For a moment, he
admitted to himself what he had been trying to deny- that everything
she had done so far he had found enjoyable.

It didn't occur to him that Flora had been going through similar trials
for years, and despite today's unusual developments, loved the
relationship she had with Mandy.

When Mandy was finished, she announced she was leaving. She said she
was going out shopping!

Jason was horrified. How could she leave them like this? Anything
could happen... He began struggling to free himself, but the elastic
grip of the silicone was relentless. He couldn't budge.

The machine was on now, and to his dismay, he found it was no simple
vibrator. With slow, undulating movements, the underside of it pulled
and prodded at his crotch with the suction cups, while vibrating like a
purring lion. It felt wonderful. This may not be so bad, he thought.

The sight of Flora struggling valiantly in her strange, erotic outfit
made him all the more randy, and he found himself thrusting
involuntarily at the vibrator that hugged his crotch. Soon, he was
close to coming, but before he came, it stopped. Just like that. To
say he was disappointed would have been an understatement.

He remembered Mandy's lecture about the pressure switch now lodged in
his rear. He tried to relax.

After a few minutes, perhaps determined by a timer, the little box began
again. This time, he determined to hold out until the end, and have
done with it. His motionless body betrayed him however, and at the
moment of truth, his sphincter contracted, the little box shut down,
and Jason growled in frustration. As he waited for the inevitable, he
glanced around.

There were numerous pieces of rubber and leather, hoses and straps of
all sorts hanging on hooks around the room. The motion of Flora caught
his eye again, and he heard the muted moans of her exertion through his
rubber head-mask.

She must be going through hell, he thought. Actually, had he asked
her, she would have been hard-pressed to say whether she was in
Paradise or Perdition.

Jason jerked in surprised response to the mechanical fiend at his crotch,
as it came to life yet again.

This is getting annoying, he thought. The sight of Floras shapely,
rubber- covered body had aroused him no end, and the alien sensation of
his own trap was heightened by the insistent prodding, vibrating
massage on his cock and balls. Soon again he felt on the verge of a
climax, when the machine stopped. He called down rubber-muffled curses
upon the fiend who had built the infernal device for Mandy.

He was panting now with overheated frustration and desire. He wanted
Flora, or Mandy, or for that matter, any handy woman, in the worst way,
and his immobility was driving him nuts. He knew that Mandy would have
to be gone a long time, even if she went to the nearest store, which
was miles away. The thought of spending the next several hours
helpless while enduring alternating states of arousal and frustration
infuriated him.

The obscene motions of the massager started up again.

He closed his eyes, ignoring Flora's pleading eyes, and tried to think
of his job, the street where he lived, anything but kinky sex. For a
few minutes he succeeded, but the sensations of his strange
imprisonment could not be ignored, his libido soon won out, and he
daydreamed instead.

He saw Mandy in the latex and leather outfit she had worn at the party,
strutting toward him on impossibly high heels, her hips swaying within
the skin tight hobble skirt like two piglets wrestling under a

He shivered with desire for her, and his stiff prick strained at the
silicone material that covered him. Once again, the silent switch in
his ass detected the squirming, and shut off the vibrating "turtle",
preventing him from ejaculating.

He yelled into the tight rubber helmet, his eyes squeezed shut, then
opened them and stared wildly around the room, searching for something
to hate.

All he saw was Flora, still walking, her chest heaving, her eyes
closed. As he watched, she straightened even more, arched her legs and
back against the metal restraints, and shook all over.

He heard her scream of passion even through her gagged mask and his own
layer of thick rubber. She had stopped dead on the treadmill, and hung
limply in her harness, right up against the shock prods, jerking and
squirming in her rubber sheath. For a moment, he was afraid that some
horrible fate had befallen his erstwhile lover. But after a few
moments, she grunted, jerked away from the rear of the treadmill, and
began walking again. He could not be angry with her, for she was in a
worse situation than he was!

This cycle went on for some time, blurring into a haze of maddened,
over-heated passion in which neither of them knew nor cared about the

They each had submerged completely in the overpowering sensations
wracking their bodies, and for a time, the light of madness burned in
each pair of rubber-bordered eyes.

time passed.....

The next thing Jason felt was a sudden numbness. He realized slowly
that the cycle of vibrating massage had ceased. He heard noises
faintly through his clear rubber helmet, and opened his eyes.

There was a stranger in the room! He panicked, wondering what this
grinning man in his tweed suit must think of their bizarre entrapment.

All the man said was, "Hello," while he casually looked about the
room. Flora must have seen him speak, because she shook her head
vigorously, and the man looked puzzled for a moment. He walked over to
her, examined her clothing and equipment and flipped the switch on her
belt. He gave each of them in turn a soft smile, and began speaking

Jason could not quite make out what he was saying, because of the
silicone helmet covering his head. He caught the words, "Miss
Rafool's", "Rescue", and "Master", but the rest was a faint jumble. He
shouted into the helmet, trying to get the man to release him, or at
least repeat his words more loudly, but the man only smiled at him, and
began freeing Flora from her harness and the treadmill. He didn't stop

He began removing the metal tubing, the cuffs, the gloves, and finally,
the tight rubber corselet, until she stood nude, shivering slightly,
covered in a shiny film of K-Y jelly and sweat. Jason had to admire
her youthful, athletic body. For the first time since he had arrived
at Mandy's home, he saw Flora's body completely nude. He stared at her
high, firm breasts, like a pubescent teenager and watched a rivulet of
the slippery fluid trickle down between them, across her belly and into
her crotch. Her narrow waist and ample hips showed a few angry red
creases, revealing just how severely tight the rubber corset had been.

The thought of this lush body, imprisoned in the bizarre rubber outfit
excited him even more. He realized he'd closed his eyes. Seeing her
in the flesh was somehow less exciting than she had seemed only minutes

Voluptuous as she was, her nude skin seemed strange, almost imperfect,
after seeing her only in rubber for the past twenty-four hours.

For a few moments, he imagined himself in her place, waste tightly
compressed, held rigidly upright by the tightly laced boning of the
corset, breasts and clitoris being fondled by tiny fingers of rubber.
He remembered that Mandy had mentioned there were two dildoes in the
crotch of the suit, and he longed to know how that felt.

What am I thinking?! Jason asked himself. Am I turning into a
transvestite? To Jason's relatively conservative mind, that thought
was still a little repellent.

But he suppressed it only with difficulty.

The newcomer smiled at Jason and turned toward the door. He led Flora

Just like that! Jason was infuriated, then worried. The guy obviously
wasn't here as their rescuer, he'd left Jason still clamped in the firm
embrace of his transparent sandwich. Jason shuddered, wondering what
the man might intend to do with Flora, what sort of new ordeals he
would have to endure because of Mandy's foolhardiness.

He wondered if she were still out shopping, oblivious to their fate, or
had she fallen prey to the mysterious stranger as well? For the
moment, there was nothing to do but wait, hoping that nothing untoward
had happened to his old and new lovers. He read the papers, knew what
sort of criminals existed in the world and, had he been religious, he
would have prayed that they were not about to become statistics.

After an interminable wait, with no further sign of the man, he
succumbed to extreme fatigue and fell asl**p, despite his upright, taut

When he awoke, it was to the sight of the mysterious stranger, still in
his tweed jacket, but without his mustache and beard! Eventuously,
Jason noticed that the man was incongruously wearing rubber surgeon's

Going around to Jason's rear, the man gently removed the butt-plug
sensor from the embarassed young man, and removed the thick silicone
helmet from his head.

"Hello again," the man said, when Jason could hear better. "I am Mr.
Dodds. As I explained to Flora, I am afraid I'm not here as your
rescuer, but rather as your new master. Tut! Tut!," he said as Jason
made to speak out in denial, "I am afraid Mandy will not be in charge
for awhile, since I am taking over. I have known Miss Rafool for
years, and every so often I drop in and... stay for awhile. I gather
she wasn't expecting me this time, but, c'est la vie!

Actually, you will find me a rather benevolent and fun-loving master,
but your master I shall be, whether you like it or not! Now, you can
have it easy, or you can have it hard, er so to speak. Either way, I
WILL get your cooperation, regardless of what means I have to use. How
shall it be?"

Jason had never been involved in bondage or SM organizations. He had
never heard of safe-words, or the importance of consensuality. But he
did realize that there was nothing he could do in his helpless
position. He decided to go along for now, then escape this mad-house
at the earliest opportunity.

Since Dodds seemed to have a penchant for formal speech, he smiled at
him and said, "Well, I suppose I have no choice, I'll do whatever you

"An excellent attitude, we'll get along just fine! Now, in case you
were entertaining any ideas about escape, you should know that although
I was f***ed to tranquilize Mandy's pets earlier, they are now quite
awake and rather upset. I can't recommend going outside the house.
Now, let's get you out of there." Perversely, he whistled as he
worked, and soon had Jason free and standing nude upon the tiles.
"Now, don't be embarassed," he commented, as Jason looked for something
to cover himself in. "I used to be a doctor, and you're in fine shape-
you've nothing to be embarassed about. By the way, I don't believe I
have your name? We may as well get acquainted."

"Jason," replied a rather bemused Jason, "Jason McCroft."

Mr. Dodds beamed at him. "Jason. An adventurers' name." He pointed
to the doorway and said, "Well, lets go upstairs Jason, you look like
you could use a drink and some rest." He chuckled. "You know, I think
Mandy gets more ingenious with every year- that silicone rubber
thingummy is really quite clever, I'd love to see Mandy in it. Of
course, she stole the idea for The Well from me. Has she put you in
there yet?"

"Uh, no. I'm not even sure what it is."

They reached the top of the stairs and turned into the sitting room.
Dodds continued his monolog.

"Ahh. Hm. I used it on her once. What's your poison?"

Jason was surprised. "Single malt scotch, if she has it. You mean,
you were Mandy's uh, `master', once? And what is The Well?"

It had sounded rather ominous when Mr. Dodds had said it. You could
hear the capitals.

Mr. Dodds laughed, "Oh, I'm her master still! I turned her loose on
the world when she got bored with me, but I see she's still interested
in the more bizarre elements of our relationship. I drop in once a
year or so, just to remind her who's boss. She is very dominant with
most people, but she submits to me after a few hours. As for The Well,
I shall keep that my little secret for a while."

He poured Jason his drink, adding, "We're going to have a grand old
time, you'll see. I have some special things planned, and you'll fit
right in. By the way, is Flora still as randy as she used to be?" He
laughed as Jason blushed and said nothing.

"I thought so. She was a lover of mine for a short while, and I
suggested she look up Mandy when I found out she preferred women. It
was hard to let her go, but she's probably much happier now. She and
Mandy are two out of four of the only women I've ever met who were
really dedicated fetishists."

That comment surprised Jason and he looked up with interest. "Really?
Who are the other two?"

"One is my current flame, and the other is someone I'd just as soon

Jason was beginning to feel tired suddenly, the day's activities and
the scotch were apparently taking their toll. Mr. Dodds said, "Listen,
old boy, why don't you go upstairs and lie down before you fall down?"
Jason agreed and Mr. Dodds e****ted him up.

He also locked the door when he was sure that Jason was asl**p.

Jason awoke to the sound of clinking dishes, but couldn't see
anything. I don't remember it being this dark in here, he thought.
When he tried to get out of bed his senses reeled. His entire body was
frozen solid, as if made of stone! He soon realized that he was
embedded in some sort of hard, inflexible material, and that the only
thing left mobile was his head.

His head, on the other hand, was tightly encased in a leather helmet,
and his mouth was stuffed with a soft leather gag. Instinctually, he
tried to yell for help. "MMmmph!"

The voice of Mr. Dodds said, "Ahh! Awake, I see. Are you ready for

Jason was confused. So far as he knew, it was about six o'clock in the
evening. At least, that's what he'd left his clock set for.

He grunted a question. "Mmmph?"

Mr. Dodds chuckled. "Alright, let's get you started."

Jason heard a zipper being undone over his eyes and saw Mr. Dodds' face
lit by the bedside lamp.

He was in his room, but things looked tilted, wrong. Then the fact
occured to him that HE was tilted. He lay on something which held him
at an angle, something leaning against the dresser, judging from the

He looked down. He was solidly encased in a rock-hard plaster body
cast. No wonder he couldn't move a muscle! Now that he knew the
cause, he found the sensation interesting, perhaps a little erotic. If
he didn't try to move, his body seemed to no longer exist, floating on
clouds. But as soon as he so much as twitched a leg or arm, his skin
made him instantly aware of how rigidly immobile his body really was.

Mr Dodds was moving a breakfast tray toward him. "I trust you are
comfortable? I've had to take extreme measures after your's and
Flora's over -stimulation yesterday. The cast will subdue physical
sensations, and you should be back to normal in no time."

Jason looked doubtful. "Why don't you just tell us to lie in bed for a
couple hours without moving?"

Mr. Dodds smiled. "Why, because I have ulterior motives, of course.
Now, open your mouth and have some cereal."

To Be Continued...
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