Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Flora was relieved when Mandy led Jason from the room, having been
rather embarrassed from her orgasmic walk around the table. Now her
rubber corselet grew cool and clammy, her sweat trickling down her body
under the tight material. Her arousal had cooled- she felt just a
little disgusted with herself and wished she could get the suit off and
take a hot shower.

In a short time, Mandy returned with an appliance dolly, the sort of
thing one moves refrigerators with. She strapped Flora into it like so
much baggage, and wheeled her away. Flora was relieved that she
wouldn't have to walk anywhere, and she hoped she wouldn't be exposed
to Jason's wide-eyed stare again.

Flora had been with Mandy for years, and was quite comfortable in their
master-slave relationship, but the presence of this naive young man was
somehow embarrassing. Of course, the fact that she hadn't slept with a
man in over a year until last night, might have had something to do
with her attraction to him. She had a love for novelty, and her years
with Mandy had given her time to think about alternatives, until she
had actually begun to look forward to playing with a man again.

A bump as they entered the servants' lift brought her back to reality.
Flora's stomach complained as it sloshed with the full load of liquid
'breakfast' that had been f***e-fed to her. She wondered what Mandy
had in store for her today. She soon found out. The lift lurched DOWN
instead of up, and she knew that she was in for more "discipline"
before Mandy would consider this whole matter with Jason over with.

When they reached the basement, she was wheeled into their exercise
room, which at times, Mandy used as a supplement to the many dedicated
"play rooms" that Mandy had had installed over the last few years. To
Flora's horror, Mandy's exercise treadmill had been brought in. She
suspected immediately what what that was intended for. Off to one side
was Jason in the 'sandwich rack' as Flora called it.

He'd never looked so good as far as Flora was concerned. He was held
quite immobile between the heavy sheets of transparent silicone rubber,
every curve of muscle looking as if it were dipped in the shiny, clear
material. She thought that the material had somehow been stretched to
cover his head as well, until she realized it was a new molded helmet
made of the same silicone rubber. She also saw with a shock that his
hair was gone, his shiny pate clearly visible beneath the transparent
rubber hood. For a moment, she felt a flash of sympathy for him as she
recalled how embarrassed she had felt when she had lost her hair, years

She had never seen anyone else in the frame, but she remembered how it
felt, and remembering turned her on. Held immobile, vertically, he
appeared almost to be suspended in mid-air, only the gleam of the shiny
material giving away the effect. She longed again for his touch,
though she knew it would be unattainable for some time.

Mandy guided Flora until she was standing on the treadmill, facing
Jason in his bizarre bondage. He looks like a bug on display, she
thought, a very edible bug. She would have laughed but for the latex
mask and gag. Then she felt sorry for him, as she remembered how
little experience he had with Mandy's intensive bondage games.

She wondered if Mandy would try to keep him from coming, since that was
the sort of thing she liked to torture Flora with. She suspected it
would be difficult in a situation like this one. If he did, further
stimulation would be no use. In her experience, once a man came, he
was seldom interested in more of the same without a rest period. No
man she had ever met was multi- orgasmic, as women were capable of

She watched Mandy set up a rope and pulley over her head, then come
toward her with a leather body harness. This had several straps which
went around the torso, with big rings for her latex-encased breasts to
fit through, and a small ring at her crotch, where the rod that ran to
her ankles was threaded into the dildo.

Mandy clipped the rope to the harness, took up some of the slack, then
tied it off. Flora couldn't see the point, but she could see Mandy
remove several long objects from a drawer, then disappear behind her.
Shortly, she was poked and got a nasty shock in her rear! She grunted
in surprise, and moved forward. Those things must be cattle prods!
She couldn't believe Mandy was doing that, it just didn't seem like
her- most of Mandy's admittedly fiendish 'tortures' had a strong sexual
theme, and were more fun than anything for Flora. They seldom indulged
in anything really painful, although they generally agreed that
discomfort was fine, if it was for a good cause.

Then she remembered what she was standing on. Oh, NO! she thought,
she's going to f***e me to walk even more, and in front of Jason, too!

She was almost horrified at the prospect of an even longer session at
the tender mercy of the sinister latex body shaper and corselet. As if
they had minds of their own, her nipples hardened within the lubricated

As she awaited her fate, her breathing already quickening, she watched
in apprehension as Mandy attached some sort of gadget with a cord to
Jason's rubber-covered crotch. The little machine had suction cups on
the front and supporting straps of clear plastic fastened it securely
to the edge of the frame. Another cord was plugged into the gadget and
carried around to his rear. She did something behind Jason for several
minutes, then reappeared and turned on Flora's sound box.

"Well," she announced, loudly so that Jason would hear, "It's time I
explained a few things."

Oh boy, thought Flora, speech time again.

"The facts are simple," continued Mandy. "You two are supposedly my
slaves, even if you haven't exactly been acting like slaves today. For
Jason this is a new experience, and temporary if he decides he's not
having fun, but Flora of course has already made a commitment. As
slaves, you are supposed to serve me in any way I desire, especially
sexually. If you do this well, you are rewarded. If you do not, you
are punished, of course.

So. All of... THIS has come about because last night, I gave an order
to Flora.

She was not to touch you, Jason, until I permitted. It was a simple
demand, and easy to follow, but one she chose to ignore. And YOU,
Jason, showed rather poor manners in allowing her into your bed, having
just met your first love for the first time in many years. Both of you
will be paying dearly for that indiscretion during the next several
hours. I suggest you meditate on your trangressions while you are
undergoing treatment.

Hmm. Perhaps I should explain what will be happening."

Hours?? thought Flora. I can't believe that. Would she really leave
us like this for that long? I can't take another session like that
last one, I'll have a coronary!

But she knew that she had no choice, and that she could endure an
almost brutal level of over-stimulation, if she had to.

"Jason, you expressed an interest in Flora's beautiful costume. Let me
tell you about it. Under the mask, of course, she is gagged by an
inflated balloon of latex, which fills the mouth, and swells the
cheeks, and keeps one's slave from annoying you with any distracting
complaints. The collar, as I hope you can see, is stiffly boned,
forcing her head into the proper position, showing pride in being my
slave. You can see that she is tightly corseted and booted. I might
add that it has taken quite a while for dear Flora to learn to walk in
those six-inch heels. She is quite proud of that ability.

Incidentally, her waist measurement is only twenty inches at the
moment. What you cannot see are the little rubber fingers lining the
crotch area and the breast cups. Ahh, Flora has very sensitive
breasts, as you no doubt know by now. In addition, there is a large
dildo fastened in the front of the panty section, as well as a nice big
plug in her rear."

Mandy walked around Flora, pointing out the details like a lecturing
professor. Now, in case you've been wondering, the metal tubing
attached to her ankles, crotch, and shoulders, f***e her to move her
shoulders and torso back and forth as she walks. This moves her
breasts around within their tight, friendly little cups. It also
twists the dildo around, and up and down, as well as moving the fingers
attached in the crotch quite a bit.

Rather clever, don't you think?"

She turned toward Flora, who was consumed with embarrassment. "Jason's
arrangement is also interesting. You already know about Igor The
Vibrating Turtle. Today, it is wired to a sensitive pressure switch.
This pressure switch is located in the butt-plug now filling his
rectum. You see, when most men are close to orgasm, their sphincter
involuntarily contracts. This will shut off the vibrator, just in the
nick of time, ha, ha, ha!" Of course, it may not work. I may not get
the pressure setting adjusted just right."

Here she leaned over to scowl in Jason's face. "In which case, young
man, I expect you to refrain from making a mess in my beautiful
silicone bondage frame. I'll only have to punish you more if you come
without my permission!"

Jason gave a soft grunt of encouragement and smiled at Flora through
the clear rubber of his mask. Flora could only stare mutely, the gag
and her tight rubber helmet hiding any emotion. The two of them stared
at each other helplessly, knowing there was nothing they could do.

Mandy started the vibrator attached to Jason, then Flora's treadmill.
Flora could see Jason squirm under the insistent emanations from the
big machine.

But soon she had troubles of her own as the treadmill began to move.
She was carried backward until a nasty shock reminded her of the cattle
prods affixed to the rear frame. She strutted forward, following the
movement of the treadmill. Sealed between the tight rubber corselet
and her body, the K-Y jelly was still there, keeping her skin
well-lubricated, and her nipples became fully erect after only a few

Here we go again, she thought.

Mandy walked between them and said, "Well, I have some shopping to do,
so you k**s enjoy yourself. I'll be back in a few hours!" She
switched off Flora's hearing and walked out.

Flora panicked. Hours! She couldn't hold out for hours! There was no

And besides, Mandy had always said she would NEVER leave her
unsupervised in any kind of bondage she couldn't get out of. Something
was very wrong. She determined to get off the infernal machine
immediately, but instantly ran into a snag. The rails at the sides,
intended for the mundane user to maintain their balance, kept her from
walking off the sides, the control panel at the front blocked her that
way and she already knew what was behind her.

She thought of going limp, with what little slack her unusual costume
allowed, knowing that she might well lose her balance and fall, but
that was handily prevented by the harness attached to the ceiling, and
she got another horrid shock in her ass for her trouble.

Since her hands were still securely laced into the rubber gloves glued
to her hips, there was just no way out of her predicament. She was
getting hot again, and despite her best efforts to concentrate on
icebergs, politicians, and other decidedly unsexy things, the
despicable dildo, plug, and fingers had her squirming with sexual
delight in very short order. Next she tried to concentrate on Jason.
His face was a kaleidoscope of fury, passion, and fear.

As she watched, his face screwed up in a grimace, as if he were coming,
but at that moment the vibrating massager stopped squirming, his body
slowly un-tensed, and his face calmed somewhat. Then he stared about
wildly, and began struggling to get out, but Flora knew that the
silicone rubber was virtually tear-proof, and thick enough to make
every movement a monumental effort. After he had been relaxed a while,
the vibrator started up again, but Flora was no longer interested, for
the slippery fumbling of the latex fingers and the relentless plunging
of her two long and thick tormentors were taking their toll on her
higher reasoning centers.

She stared up at the ceiling, tried to divorce herself from the intense
sensations sweeping through her body, but it was no use. She came, in
a long, shuddering spasm, seeing spots before her eyes, and her
wandering attention snapped back to her body. Despite herself, she had
been terribly aroused by Jason's position, and that wasn't helping.
They had both endured as much as they could however, and soon, moans of
passion and frustration were heard.

Flora strained against her bonds, hoping in desperation to break the
stretchy material, willing to face Mandy's wrath if it meant release
from her terrible yet wonderful ordeal. But the material only
stretched, snapping back to position when her muscles could no longer
hold out. Soon, this effort, too, was forgotten as another, stronger
orgasm racked her body. A tiny corner of her mind was still thinking
clearly, and it noted with surprise, that the constant stimulation
maintained her sensitivity, rather than numbing her. The only thing
going numb was her mind. Her thoughts ran wild as she rode the waves
of sensual ecstasy, Jason forgotten, the slippery corset and insidious
dildos forgotten, only her breasts and crotch existing, and they were
on fire with passion. She spasmed again in a burst of light, and stood
vibrating in place while fire coursed through every inch of her body.
As she stopped moving forward, she perceived the shocks of the cattle
prods as a sensuous fire along her buttocks, pale in comparison to the
heat that was consuming her. She felt consciousness slipping away, but
sensation returned, and she was jolted awake as the strength of her
orgasm dimmed and the shocks to her buttocks ceased to be enjoyable and
returned to being painful.

She would be allowed no rest. The waves of pleasure spreading out from
her crotch and breasts were now almost intolerable, and she screamed in
uncontrolled passion as each step took her further and further from

A visitor peeking in would have seen the strangest sight. The shiny,
tanned form of a man, motionless except for the occasional twitch,
suspended vertically in mid air within a frame of chromed steel tubes,
faced a statuesque study in leather and latex, constantly in motion.
Once in a while, the figure on the treadmill slowed, and a blue spark
would snap from the rear frame to her rubber-covered derrier, resulting
in a pitiful moan, and renewed effort from the walker.

As we leave them, two intrepid explorers of the limits of human
sexuality, we hear shouts of frustration, and screams of ecstasy,
muffled as they are by layers of rubber.....

To Be Continued...
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