Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

Jason didn't struggle as Mandy led him from the dining room. He was hardly
in a position to struggle, encased as he was in the tightly-strapped leather
bondage bag. Mandy had closed the zip over his eyes, so that he was once
again blind.

They stopped walking, and he felt a lurch under his feet as the lift started
downward. Well, he thought, trying to put a damper on his panicky feelings,
at least I'm getting to see the rest of the house.

His stomach complained from the overfeeding it had received moments before,
and Jason reflected on what he had learned about Mandy. When he had first
met her, they had been in high school. Her parents had apparently been
into this sort of thing (he found out later), and a little of their kinky
habits had rubbed off on their daughter. She had quite a wardrobe of shiny,
rubber and plastic garments, with a few leather items thrown in for good
measure. All of them fit very tight, and had showed off her cheerleader's
figure to great effect. He had fallen hard for her.

But now it seemed, she had stepped across the boundaries of just "dressing
for pleasure", and was into body-modifications, bondage, and who knew what
else. He began to worry what she be capable of. So far, her bondage and
other bizarre games seemed to be sexually-oriented, but Flora had said that
Mandy didn't really like men. Suppose she was playing with him? Suppose
she actually intended to use him for her little games with Flora, then
discard him like a used tissue? Visions of twisted, naked bodies and midnight
visits to the surrounding woods threatened him for a moment, before a cool
and strange sensation enveloped his still-exposed cock.

It was Mandy's rubber-gloved hand, he realized. The lift lurched slightly
again as they reached the basement. He was lead around a corner, then again
brought to a stop. Mandy's ( he presumed ) hands guided him to a kind of bed
or cot, which he was made to lie down upon. It was very soft, and he sank
down into it, as if on an under-filled water bed. Next he felt hands at his
neck followed by zipping sounds, followed by a breath of fresh air hitting his
chest. She loosened the crotch straps and back straps that held the body
binder on, and in moments, he was free. Unfortunately, he still could see
nothing. Apparently, the hood had been unzipped from the binder, for his
head was still encased in snug leather.

For a moment, he was free to move about on the soft springy mattress, and his
hands explored the surface. It was very smooth, bounded by a hard frame at
the edges, and he assumed it was more rubber. Damn, he thought, this woman
is more latex-crazy than I am!

He made to sit up, but hands immediately pushed him back down, then another
soft, smooth surface came down on top of him, pressing him flat. He could
move his arms and legs around a bit, but soon found his freedom limited by
a hard frame, that the top sheet seemed to be clamped under, or perhaps,
attached to. He could not sit up either. It felt as if the frame curved
closely around his neck- he was trapped.

After a few seconds, Mandy appeared upside down in his vision, as she removed
the leather hood. She was grimacing at him. No, she was smiling at him, but
she was upside down to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "You're not going to... going to..." he
faltered, unable to express his worse fears.

"Torture you?" Mandy asked sweetly. "Certainly I'm going to torture you,
'though maybe not in the way you expect." She bustled about the room, and
Jason twisted his head this way and that to follow her motions.

"Actually," she continued, as she rummaged in a drawer, "I'm hoping you'll
enjoy what I have planned for you. I'm not cruel, you know- just vindictive.
And guests that fuck the maid must be punished," she finished, with a
sardonic tone to her voice.

Jason was relieved. He realized that for the moment, he was safe. And
apparently, Mandy intended this to be all in fun. He looked down at his
predicament. His body was trapped between two sheets of, amazingly, crystal
-clear rubber, stretched within a frame of chrome tubing. He realized it had
to be silicone rubber. The top sheet was quite thin, and wasn't very
restrictive, although he knew it was very strong, and that though it would
stretch quite a way, it would be difficult if not impossible to tear through
it. The sheet he lay on must have been much thicker, for it supported
his body weight without stretching much. The sides of the frame were attached
to large bearings, and he realized that the frame could swivel to an upright,
or, he supposed, an upside-down position. He noticed a very slight draft
of cold air too, under his buttocks.

Judging from what Mandy had done to Flora, he suddenly dreaded her idea of

"Um, what are you going to do to me?" he asked, "and where's Flora?"

Mandy was busy wrapping a soft, thin, band of clear rubber around his neck,
where it entered the curved neck entry of the bondage frame.

"If you'll be patient for a moment, you'll find out," she replied. "As for
Mandy, you'll be seeing her soon enough. Tell me, what did you think of
Flora being bald?"

"Flora being..." Jason was speechless for a moment. Then he remembered the
flesh-colored catsuit she had visited him in last night. He remembered
wondering how her hood could fit so smoothly. He remembered that under the
fake mask, she had worn another, much thinner rubber mask... he had wondered
at that...

"Why, Jason," Mandy said, "you look shocked!" She did something with running
water that was out of his line of sight.

"Well, actually, it's just that...okay. I admit it, I was really turned on
by that suit of hers, because it made her look bald.
And I like shaved women."

"Well, that's more like it! I appreciate you candor. Now, I'll tell you a
little secret. I get turned on by shaved heads, too." She walked toward
him. She was carrying a pair of scissors. She was smiling that predatory
smile again.

Jason had a very good idea what they were for.

"Now wait just a damn minute!" he exclaimed. "You've got no right to do this!
Remember, I have to go back to work in two weeks...I can't.."

"You can wear a toupee," Mandy interjected.

"But I don't WANT to be bald," complained Jason.

Mandy had his hair in her rubber-gloved hand. "How do you know whether
you'll like it until you've tried it?" she asked.

"But...but..." spluttered Jason.

"Imagine how it will feel..." Mandy soothed, "hoods will fit better, they'll
literally be skin tight... nothing between your skin and the rubber... or
leather, for that matter. You'll be SO much more attractive...I LOVE the look
of a hairless slave..."

Jason could think of nothing to say. He WANTED to do it if it would make
Mandy more attracted to him, but... the embarrassment... he was still trying
to think of more excuses when he heard the first SNIP of the scissors. His
face was already burning.

Since Mandy didn't have to be too careful with his hair, it took only minutes
to chop it very short. In mere moments, she had it trimmed shorter yet with
clippers, and ten minutes later, she had finished shaving him. She stepped
back after cleaning his scalp, admiring her handiwork.

"Ahh, yes. I've always said bald men were sexy."

Jason tried to suppress his embarrassment, while at the same time, wondering
what he looked like. "Flora said you don't really like men anymore," he

"Jason, Jason, Jason. Surely you realize by now, that you're not like other
men? You have something special, maybe it's just a lack of testosterone
poisoning, but you're different... better... sexier. Especially when I have
you at my mercy like this. `Sigh', I just love new toys." She smiled
at him. For a moment, Jason forgot his predicament. She looked great in the
tight black rubber miniskirt and high heeled red patent boots. The outrageous
bullet bra made her dominant position almost a caricature.

"You must believe me," she continued, "that you are actually the only man I've
ever been attracted to. Since we split up as k**s, I've been with a few
others, but they didn't have.... this." She gestured one rubber-covered
arm in a wide sweep. "You are the only man I've met who appreciates the
things I do. Flora is one of the few women I've met who actually enjoys all
of my interests too."

"Oh, come on, Mandy," replied Jason, "I KNOW there are other women, even
gay women who are into bondage, discipline, you name it."

"But they don't appreciate THIS," she said. She tapped on the clear rubber
stretched over his cock. "They don't understand the FETISH. The feel of
tight, clingy clothes, of slithering in lubricated rubber panties, of
wearing giant ben-was to a nightclub and dancing until you come."

Jason could see she was in her `lecturing' mode- she was working herself
into a lather. He decided this was definitely the weirdest conversation
he'd ever had, with her dressed in an outfit that a year ago her would have
dreamed about for days, and he trapped, naked, in some bizarre rubber and
steel bondage frame.

"So if I'm so great, why are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"Because, silly- I want you to enjoy it! I'm going to expose you to pleasures
you've never dreamed of. One thing about being rich, boy, I can afford
some really fun toys. Now shut up for a moment, while I find your hood."

`Hood'? thought Jason. Uh-oh.

Mandy produced a very unusual looking hood. She held it up just long enough
for him to get a good look at it. The face was molded into a natural shape,
although because it was so clear, it was difficult to tell what sex the face
was supposed to be. It was made from the same clear silicone rubber that
held him prisoner. It had an open zipper at the back.
That was all he got to see before she started pulling it on over his face.

"Really, Mandy, this isn't necessary, Mmmphg." said Jason.

He had just discovered a large round gag mounted behind the mouth of the
mask, which she f***ed between his lips, filling his mouth. He found he
could breathe readily through nostril holes set in the bottom of the nose
of the mask.

She zipped up the back of the hood, effectively sealing the base of the
collar against the rubber already wrapped around his neck.

Suddenly, her heard a whirring noise, and saw Mandy appear
at the edge of the frame. The rubber covering him was becoming tighter.
He tilted his head up to look at himself. As he watched, the thin clear
sheet the covered his front slowly began to shrink around him, conforming
to his body. He realized that the air was being sucked out of the space
between the two sheets. Now he knew why she had taken such care to seal
around his neck. In a few moments, the two sheets were pressed together,
with him sandwiched between, the clear silicone clamped tightly around
his body. He couldn't move an inch!

He felt himself moving, and struggled with vertigo for an instant. Mandy
had tilted him upward, until he was almost vertical. A full length mirror
was in front of him. He stared, Mandy standing at the side of the frame,
grinning at him in the mirror. The feeling of the tight rubber around him,
while unable to move was incredibly erotic. He could not speak, his hearing
was greatly diminished, and Mandy, in her exciting outfit, stood tantalizingly
just out of reach.

Mandy turned on her heel, said, "Now don't go anywhere," and walked out of
the room, leaving him staring at the nude, gleaming, hairless android in the

This left Jason with nothing to do but stare around the room. It was full of
interesting things, most of which appeared to be mundane exercise equipment.
One wall was covered in mirrors. This was obviously their workout room.

The only thing an observer might have found unusual were the many eye-bolts
in the ceiling and walls.

Soon Mandy returned, and Jason would have laughed, if he could. She had
Flora on a hand truck, and was wheeling her into the room like so much
baggage. He was glad to see that she was, at least apparently, all right.
He marvelled at the exotic-looking rubber body shaper she wore, and how it
exaggerated her already curvaceous figure. He wondered for a second how
Mandy, with her somewhat mannish face, and taller, less buxom figure, would
look in it. Then too, he wondered at the complicated hardware attached to it,
and where Mandy had gotten it. She seemed to have resources he had not

At Mandy's prodding, Flora moved awkwardly in her exaggerated strut toward
the treadmill. Jason squirmed in embarrassment suddenly, as her amazed stare
took in his situation. He was acutely conscious of his bald head plainly
visible under the layer of clear rubber.

Mandy had moved Flora onto the treadmill now, and Jason watched with
interest as she strapped a complicated leather harness around her. It took
her a while, as she she had to pass straps under the hardware attached to the
back of Flora's rubber corselet suit. When done, she attached ropes from an
overhead pulley to the harness at the shoulders. She pulled on it, then tied
it off at the wall when it was taught. Then she produced a pair of sticks
with three long metallic objects taped between them. She duct-taped the
sticks to the hand-rails of the treadmill, the metal objects pointing directly
at Flora's latex-covered derriere.

She walked towards Jason, carrying a black object and some straps.
Uh-oh, thought Jason, now it's my turn. The black object looked sort of like
a rubber turtle... with a hunchback. Jason had a good idea what it was for.
She fastened it over his crotch, tying the straps to the sides of the frame.
The underside was soft, and curved to conform to his silicone-covered privates.
Next she plugged a lead into a jack on the thing, and walked around behind
him. He grunted in surprise as he suddenly felt Mandy's greased finger probing
his rectum. The sensation was alien to him, yet strangely pleasant, and he
felt himself grow excited again, even as he mentally recoiled in shame.
He had never had anything like it done to him, and he was absurdly ashamed
that it felt good.

Mandy's finger withdrew, and presently another object was felt. She pushed
it in slightly, then allowed it to slide out a little. To Jason, it felt even
better than her finger. It was soft and pliable, and after Mandy repeated the
stroke several times, it slid all the way in, plugging his anus firmly. He
promptly embarrassed himself by getting a firm erection. His ass felt
very full, and his anus felt as if it were stretched out of shape. He blushed
suddenly, mortally afraid of what Flora would think of him after seeing him
like this. She stood stock-still on the treadmill, which faced him at an
angle, watching him, her expression unreadable under the artificial rubber
face, although her eyes now looked somewhat calmer.

Of course, he already knew what Mandy thought of him. He couldn't understand
it, she seemed genuinely to love him, yet she f***ed these perverse and
bizarre ordeals upon him. It hadn't occured to him yet that Flora had been
going through similar ordeals for years, and despite today's unusual
developments, loved it.

Perverse, said Jason to himself, now isn't that the pot calling the kettle
black! And she did warn you about `trials and tests'.

The more he thought about it, the more he became interested in Mandy's idea
of entertainment, although he wasn't sure he wanted to find everything out

It seemed for the moment, though, that he had no choice.

To Be Continued...
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