Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 7)

Mandy walked over. "Here, you'll need this." She handed Flora a
hospital-size tube of KY jelly. Flora lubricated the dildo, the
butt-plug and herself and moved as if to put it on.

"No," interrupted Mandy, "do all of the inside and coat yourself,
too... thoroughly."

Flora obeyed, spreading the slimey goo liberally over the inside of the
corselet, and then all over herself. When her torso was completely
coated in the glistening goo, she stepped into the garment and started
pulling it on. With both her hands and the rubber covered with
lubricant, it took several tries to get the dildo in, while Mandy
unhelpfully stood by, watching with a most unhelpful and predatory
smile on her face. The rubber dong seemed to be pushing into her
stomach when she got it fully seated. It took even longer for the butt
plug, to allow her rear to relax, and she was panting with arousal
before it was over. She gasped as it slid home, and her sphincter
closed over the constriction.

Mandy still stood silently watching, neither helping nor criticizing.

Next Flora slipped her hands through the arm-holes, and her breasts
slithered into place. Her nipples hardened further at the first
caresses of the ribbed rubber cups. She had to struggle to get the
front busk closed, even though the back laces were loostened
completely. She sent imploring looks at Mandy, which were ignored.
Finally, she got the last fastener hooked and she relaxed slightly, her
torso slipping around a little inside her steel and rubber prison.

The next thing Mandy handed her was a pair of thigh length boots, made
from very shiny patent leather. They had six inch spike heels, and
they laced from toe to hip. She sat down on the bed and put them on.
Even un-laced, the corselet was so unyielding she had a hard time
bending over to lace the boots. The only thing that made it possible
at all was that the boning ended just over the hips, allowing her to
bend at the hips slightly, although she had to keep her back very
straight, or the compression against her belly would make it impossible
to breathe.

Eventually, however, the boots were laced to Mandy's satisfaction,
which meant very tightly, and without wrinkles.

Flora stood up and walked about a bit, unsteadily, but successfully.
She had gotten a lot of practice at walking in very high heels, over
the last several years. The fact that she was tall, with somewhat long
feet for a woman helped a great deal. The dildos macking up and inside
her did not help her concentration, however. Nor did the little rubber
fingers stimulating her nipples every time she twisted or turned,
help. And it was getting increasingly hard to ignore the bits that
fingered her clit and labia and their rings.

"All right, I'll take it from here," said Mandy. She took Flora by
both hands and walked her over to an old-style corset 'lacing bar'.
This was a simple bar hung from the ceiling that one grasped over your
head in order to lift the breasts while a corset was laced. This one
had leather cuffs added which Mandy buckled onto Flora's wrists. When
she hauled on the rope, it pulled Flora's arms over her head,
eventually forcing her to stand very straight to prevent an
uncomfortable tension on her wrists and shoulders.

Mandy began lacing the corset closed. K-Y jelly slurped and oozed out
as the corset's intimate grip tightened. After completing one pass,
she stopped and left the room, while Flora squirmed uncomfortably. In
moments Mandy returned, with a motor massager strapped onto her hand.
She applied this to Flora's crotch a few times, passed it over her
breasts. Flora hummed softly with delight. When she started to wiggle
in ernest, Mandy stopped and sat down. After a while, she started
lacing again, pulling harder now this time, until again, she took a
break to allow Flora's waist and innards time to adapt to their new
shape. Once again, she applied the massager, stopping as soon as Flora
showed signs of an approaching orgasm. This time, she broke her

"Please, Mandy! This is too much! Let me come, just once, please!"

Mandy just smiled. Again she tightened the laces, the eyelet rows
slowly closing, even planting her knee in Floras back for leverage.
Flora gasped. This was the worst corset she had ever worn! She could
feel her waist compressing, her lubricated skin sliding under the
slippery rubber to conform to its new shape. The rigid, straight back
of the corset began to pull her into a more erect posture. This caused
her breasts to re-adjust their positions within the lubricated cups,
which she had to admit, felt wonderful.

Mandy paused for breath, sat down and addressed her slave and lover.

"What do you think of your new clothes, Flora dear?"

Flora tried to sound enthusiastic, but in truth the dildoes and the
fiendish rubber fingers, combined with the delicious compression of her
torso were distracting her beyond her ability to fight. "It's uhh,
very nice, mistress. I unngh, like it very much." She shuddered with
excitement, unable to obtain release.

"Good! You'll like your new waistline, too, I'm sure." Mandy again
bent to her task. She pulled and heaved, until at last the eyelets
met. She tied off the laces, rolled them up, and then zipped closed a
flap which covered the lacing smoothly. She produced a tape measure
and announced, "Nineteen inches- Beautiful! That's probably about
eighteen under the rubber. Now don't go anywhere without me," she
said, and left the room. She returned moments later with several
pieces of chromed metal tubing and an assortment of complicated looking

Oh shit, thought Flora. Alex has built another one of his infernal
contraptions. I wonder what this one is going to do to me?

Mandy slid the longest tube, which was about five feet long, into the
reinf***ed rubber tube cemented to the back of the body shaper. She
f***ed Flora to stand ramrod straight, in order to get the pipe in.
This was rather uncomfortable, for the human back has a natural curve
in it, and Flora's relaxed posture was not the best.

The next piece, about 2 feet long, was slid over the first, at the
bottom, with a slip joint. At each end of this cross-piece was a ball
joint fixed to a leather cuff. These she buckled around Floras
ankles. Next she threaded a long thin rod into the threaded stud at
Flora's crotch. This rod reached the ankle crosspiece, where it was
clamped rigidly to the center.

Now, any movement up or down by either foot would thrust the dildo in
or out. Further, any movement forward or back would twist the dildo
back and forth.

The next piece of tubing, shaped like a `T', fitted into the top of the
vertical tube where it emerged from the rubber. It was equipped with
leather straps attached behind each shoulder, with a swivel-joint at
each end. Mandy fastened the straps around each shoulder, through the

She paused again to put the massager on Flora's breasts for a few
seconds, just to maintain her interest. Flora moaned, squirming as
much as she could, (which wasn't much) within the confining garment.
Next, Mandy attached the last two pieces of tubing. Each one connected
the swivel joint at an ankle with its corresponding swivel joint at the
shoulder. The middle of the tubes dropped into the swivel joints on
the back of the body shaper at the hip, and were held in by pins.

"My, my, Alex certainly is a craftsman," Mandy said. "This is possibly
his most ingenious invention." Flora's only reply was another soft
moan. The movement and shifting while getting the hardware attached to
her had caused the tight rubber corselet to slide back and forth over
her slippery body, rubbing and stimulating her until she nearly came.

"And now for the crowning glory," Mandy crooned, lifting up a rubber
hood. It had several attachments and fittings and she wiggled it as
she walked toward Flora with it. The thick rubber made a sort of
liquid rustling sound as she shook it. Flora looked mournfully back.
Fine beads of persperation had appeared on her forehead.

"Oh, knock off with the sad eyes Flora, I know you too well. You're
probably having the time of your life right now. Well, you may think
this feels wonderful now, but remember, it's possible to have too much
of a good thing."

"Too much sex?" Flora taunted, panting, "is that possible?"

"That, my dear, is what we are... that is YOU... are going to find
out. I'll wager, that you'll be begging for relief before this is

"Yeah," panted Flora, "Sounds like...ah! a safe bet." She was grinning
openly now.

Mandy held up the hood, turning it 'round, so that Flora could get a
good look at it. "You like discipline hoods, don't you, slut?" The
game was afoot again.

"Oh YES, mistress," replied Flora, picking up on her cue.

"Well, you're not going to love THIS one for long," she said softly.
Flora looked at it with a little apprehension. It was a heavy rubber
helmet molded from more of the heavy latex. It too, looked to be about
1/8-inch thick. The face had been molded to look exactly like a human
female, if human women had very shiny ebony-black skin. There were
naturally shaped holes for the eyes, and stubby little tubes that fit
up into the nostrils. It had a long collar built in.

There were buckling straps along the sides and back, a breathe-through
inflatable gag fitted at the mouth, and two dozen 'd' rings down the
back for lacing. It was a formidable helmet, and Flora was duly

Without further ado, Mandy pushed it on over Flora's defiant, grinning
face, pulling it back, and checking to see that the nostril tubes were
properly seated. She made sure that the inflatable gag was f***ed well
into her slave's mouth.

She lifted one rear edge and asked Flora if she could breathe easily.
Flora grunted once to indicate that she could. Fun was fun, but you
didn't play games with your breathing. Next Mandy seated an earpiece
in each ear, pulled the flaps back, and began lacing it up.

>From the start, it was obvious to Flora that this hood would be quite
severe. Before Mandy tightened the laces, there were almost 2 inches
of space at the rear. When she was done, there was none. The lacing
went all the down the neck, the posture collar sealing nicely to the
collar of the body suit, forcing Flora's head erect and her gaze,
straight ahead. Flora moaned a little more loudly during the lacing
process, perhaps testing the gag, perhaps losing control but unable to
do anything about it.

The last thing Mandy put on her slave was a wide rubber belt that had a
pair of opera-length, molded rubber gloves glued to it at the palms.
Flora's arms were released from the lacing bar, powdered, and the
gloves pulled on all the way up to her shoulders.

Her hands were f***ed to conform to the gloves where the fingers and
palms were cemented to the belt. Eyelets at the top of the gloves and
at the shoulders of her corselet were laced together, trapping her arms
in the tight-fitting gloves.

When the belt was put around her waist and laced at the back, its
purpose became obvious. She now appeared to be standing with her hands
on her hips, and they would stay that way until she was let out.

Mandy's last step was to attach a bulb inflator to the fitting at the
mask-helmet's mouth, and give it four slow squeezes. She removed the
bulb from the miniature one-way valve and inserted a small red plug
into the valve. The valve now looked like a red mole or beauty mark
next to her mouth. The breathing hole was practically invisible
between the molded red lips of the mask.

When all was said and done, Mandy stepped back to admire her

Before her stood a strange but proud looking mannequin, over six feet
tall, wearing red leather thigh boots laced tight and smooth, right to
the bottom of her black rubber corselet. Her hips and breasts were
exaggerated enormously by her tiny 19 inch waist. Her breasts heaved
as she breathed, her diaphragm being temporarily unavailable for duty.
Her back was literally straight as an arrow, and her head was held
proudly, if forcibly high. She stood with hands planted on hips, as if
daring all comers to a sexual duel.

Her face had the appearance of polished ebony, with prominent, if
artificial, cheekbones and a bald, gleaming black head. Various
chromed steel tubes peeked from behind her.

Mandy carefully turned her around to look in the full length dressing

A muffled "Mmmmm, mph!" announced Flora's appreciation for her new
look. She twisted this way and that to examine the hardware attached
behind her, grunting with pleasure as each twist of her body resulted
in something being stimulated. She experimentally lifted a foot, and

Mandy had to catch her to keep her from falling.

Mandy attached a small wire lead to a socket in one ear of the helmet.
The other end was plugged into a small box which she clipped onto
Flora's belt. When Mandy flipped a switch, a light glowed on the box.
"If you can hear me, Flora, nod your oops, no...grunt once."

"Grmmp" said Flora.

Excellent! Now we're going to breakfast. I'm sure Jason is
practically starving, and I know he'll be glad to see you. Now walk
ahead of me, and don't worry about going too slow, heh-heh."

They headed for the lift cage, just over twenty feet away.

To Be Continued...
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this is so interesting
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This reads so sexy very hot and horny i'm into bdsm but this was fastaneting