Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 6)

Flora was, in a way, enjoying herself immensely. Although the corset
portion of the rubber body shaper was uncomfortably tight, making her feel a
bit breathless, the rest of the outfit was another matter. Her head was
tightly encased in the helmet and felt, well... TIGHT, as if she had been
drinking. The balloon gag filling her mouth distended her cheeks slightly,
and gave her a kind of simple, oral satisfaction, like she got from performing

The fiendish attachments of the corselet felt entirely too nice, and she
squirmed a tiny bit, as little as the steel bar at her back allowed.

The look in the mirror had really excited her, for she hardly recognized
herself. Her face had taken on the appearance of an ebony female android,
and her waist was now so tiny as to almost be unbelievable. Ever since she
had met Mandy they had both been reducing their waists through tight-lacing,
even wearing a tight belt to bed. But this was certainly the smallest that
Flora had ever been laced down to. It had taken almost an hour of intermittent
tightening to fully close the laces, and she was surprised that her waist and
ribs were still relatively comfortable in their compressed state. The years
of figure training had payed off! She yearned to see what this tiny wasp's
waist felt like, but she could hardly feel anything through the rubber gloves
and the waist belt they were fastened to.

But when she moved to walk out the door at Mandy's order, oh, what a surprise!

Because of the pipes attached at her ankles and shoulders, she could not
walk normally. Not only were her curved steps limited to about 1 foot by the
ankle bar, but as one foot went forward, the steel tubes pulled the
corresponding shoulder back, and pushed her other shoulder forward. She was
f***ed into a sexy, torch-singer's strut, pelvis thrust forward, rolling her
shoulders and swivelling her hips. This did not help her balance on her now
precarious heels.

What was worse, with every step, her lubricated torso slid back and forth
within the tight confines of the rubber corselet, rubbing her nipples and
clitoris with the rounded rubber fingers inside. Occasionally, one of the
little buggers would catch on her clitoris ring and give it a tweak forcing
her to stop while paroxysms of tension radiated from her sex. Then too, the
action of lifting her feet alternately pulled and released the rod to her
crotch, pulling and pushing the thick dildo inside her. After only ten feet
or so, she stopped, gasping.

"MMMmmmph!" she said.

"You're not much of a conversationist, are you?" asked Mandy. "Now, remember,
you're the one who said there is no such thing as too much sex! You are going
to walk to the elevator and into the dining room if I have to drag you! I am
going to turn your hearing off now, and I don't want to have to turn it back
on, is that clear? Now move!"

Flora moved. It was slowly driving her insane, but she knew that Mandy
really meant it this time, so she walked. With each exaggerated strut, her
breasts slithered inside their lubricated cups, the little fingers playing
with her nipples. At every step, the dildo plunged in and out, in and out,
the rubber fingers in the pants gripping her clitoris, massaging her pussy
lips and the lubricant covering her body "squelch"-ing around as she moved.
She moaned and grunted in ecstacy with every slithering stride, but the rubber
gag filling her mouth muffled the sounds almost completely. Soon, she could
resist no longer.

She gave in to the insistent stimulation. She began to bend her knees up and
down in time with her enf***ed strut, deliberately forcing the dildo farther
in and out of her hot and slippery cunt, and rubbing her clit harder against
the groping fingers.

Before she was halfway down the hall, she climaxed in a long, shuddering
orgasm. What made it all the more frustrating was that she was unable to
move her hands, or arch her back, or any of the usual things she did when
she came. Mandy had grabbed her shoulders from behind as soon as she
stopped, to keep her from falling. Her portable prison of steel and rubber
held her rigidly erect, with her hands firmly fastened to her hips. All she
could do was stand there and shake. Mandy waited a moment, then prodded her
in the rear.

Flora began walking again, inching her way down the corridor, each step no
longer than a foot. It was even harder to start moving again. Her orgasm
had made her nipples and clitoris even more sensitive, and she tried to
keep her torso from shifting moving as she walked. Unfortunately, that was
made impossible by the clever arrangement of the rods connecting her ankles
and shoulders. She was getting warmer too, as her recent orgasm and the
exertion of walking in her tightly controlled bondage had warmed the rubber
corselet and the K-Y jelly within it. Once again, at the insistent groping
of the rubber fingers, and the steady pumping of the dildo, she found herself
riding the waves of another sexual crest. Somehow, she managed to make it to
the door of the elevator before she cried out into her gag with another
unbridled orgasm.

Unable to look down at her body because of the high posture collar, held
firmly in the tight grip of her rubber corselet and hood, she now felt as if
she had become a disembodied cunt, while waves of sexual spending and climax
swept over her. When she recovered, she glanced back along her path.

It had taken her ten minutes to mince the twenty feet from the bedroom to the
ervant's lift. It had seemed like hours and miles.

Mandy manhandled her into the lift.

As she rested in the elevator, she nearly cried as she realized that it was
easily twice the previous distance from the lift to the dining room...

When they reached the first floor, Flora was again f***ed to walk, knowing
she now had to cover twice the previous distance. Her body was sweating
profusely inside her tight latex corselet, adding to the slippery K-Y jelly.

There was a delicious ache spreading through her jaw from the rubber balloon
filling her mouth. She revelled in the sensation, even though it was
uncomfortable, knowing that soon it would become completely numb.

Every step resulted in caresses so intense, they bordered on the painful.
Her nipples and clitoris perversely insisted on staying hard, and as she
strutted down the hallway, the K-Y jelly in her suit squelched back and forth,
slithering sensually around her breasts, and through her crotch.

The butt-plug felt like a telephone pole in her ass, and her pussy muscles
ignored her demands to stop, contracting rhythmically around the dildo. There
was no room in her mind now for anything but the physical sensations this
devilish bondage f***ed on her. Once again she felt she had become a
disembodied cunt, lost in the waves of orgasm, coming almost continuously now,
unable to stop even if she'd been asked to. It took all of her will to
concentrate enough on walking... to simply remain upright.

As the two women reached the dining room, she faltered, weak from her
exertions, and Mandy had to grab her as she lost her balance, the rigid
framework of chrome tubing preventing her from catching herself. She sagged
gratefully while MAndy supported her weight for a moment.

"All right," Mandy said, "that's enough. You can just stand here while I
fetch Jason." She tied the tubing mounted at Flora's back to one of the
pillars seperating the dining room from the sitting room, to keep her from
tipping over.

Flora had not even heard Mandy's words, as she relaxed into the stays of her
corselet, letting the stiff rubber and steel support her.

Perhaps ten minutes later, Mandy returned, leading Jason in, in a tight
leather body binder with an attached hood. Flora was suddenly grateful
he could not see her in her embarassing situation. She was not used to having
guests in the house while "dressed up" or doing a scene. Mandy was saying
something to Jason, she could see her lips moving, but since her earpiece was
turned off, she could hear only her own breathing and her pulse singing in her

Then Mandy uncovered his eyes, and she winced inside her rubber helmet as
she saw his wild-eyed gaze examine their surroundings, then settle on her.

By now, she had recovered sufficiently to think, he's not taking this very

The next thing Mandy did horified her. Mandy turned on her earpiece,
untied her from the pillar, and commanded her to walk around the giant formal
dining table. She whimpered, knowing she was already weak from her last two
bouts with the sinister suit, in fact her pussy was still twitching with after
shocks. But when Mandy insisted, she knew she could either obey or suffer
even worse "punishments" later. Besides which, she had grown to ENJOY
obeying Mandy, even though it seemed part of her rebelled against the orders.
She found it pleasureable to push her own limits beyond where they had been a
year ago, or a month ago.

She began to bend and strut towards the table. Once again, her breasts
slithered accross the little fingers in her latex breast cups, again, her
crotch rubbed against the bumps in the panties, and the dildo was f***ed in
and out, in and out. She shivered, and tried not to think of Jason watching,
but suddenly she couldn't help remembering their hot encounter of the night
before. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but instead found
herself thinking of Jason's tongue inside her. It made her hornier than ever
and suddenly, it made her cringe from the hot, slimy grip of her rubber
prison. For the first time in her life, the rubber felt almost repugnant now,
and her skin crawled with revulsion, even as her clitoris and nipples insisted
that she enjoy it. She came again in another uncontrolled orgasm, her mind
rebelling against her body, as she rounded the end of the table.

She made it all the way back to her starting position without falling, to
her own surprise. When she returned to her place, she couldn't meet Jason's
eyes that she knew were devouring her hungrily. Would he still be attracted
to her after seeing her like this?

When Flora had finished her short trip, Mandy brought out an I.V. stand
supporting two bulging enema bags. Now Flora knew what breakfast would be

Mandy strapped a mouth brank across across Jason's open mouth zipper,
preventing him from ejecting the feeding tube.

In Flora's case, she plugged the breathing tube between the lips of the mask,
and watched to see if Flora could still breathe through just the nose tubes.
When she had indicated that she could, Mandy pushed the rubber hose through
the mouth hole, until it was near the back of Flora's mouth. It wasn't so far
back that she gagged, but neither could she block it with her tongue, nor
expell the tube.

She'd had this treatment before, and she still wasn't sure whether she liked
it or not. Her brain said it was degrading, yet at the same time, it felt
like an enema, with the same exciting sensation of enf***ed fullness. She
shuddered, wondering what Jason's reaction would be.

The liquid was very warm, thick, and slightly sweet, and it flowed so
quickly that it was all she could do to swallow it fast enough. Her corsetted
stomach complained, but there was nothing she could do. When it was done, she
could only breathe in short, shallow pants, and she was grateful indeed when
the feeding tube was removed from her mouth-hole. She hoped Mandy would let
her out of this infernal get-up soon.

Uh-oh, she thought. I think I have to go the bathroom.

To Be Continued...
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