Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

Mandy stared at nothing out the windshield. "Oh, about a week should

"A week! I was thinking of hours! I can't stay a week, I've got to be
back to work on Monday."

"Oh, come on," Mandy said reproachfully, "we haven't seen each other in
years. Besides, you look like you could use a vacation. Don't you
have some vacation time you could use?"

"Well... I've got thirty days a year, and I haven't used any yet, but.."

"Then it's final! I'll hear no more about it. We'll just stop off at
your place, pick up this kinky wardrobe of yours, and then head for my
place. This will be a blast, you'll see."

"Oh, what-the-hell! Why not? Like you said, it's been a while. Damn,
girl! How long's it been- ten years?

"I told you before. I'm a woman, not a girl. Please don't make that
mistake again." Something in her tone made Jason glance sideways at
her. She was looking straight at him, with a very hard look in her


"Jeez, hey, no problem," he said, "Take it easy." She didn't say
anything else for quite a few miles.

Finally, to break the silence, Jason said, "So what was that business
with the d***k's wrist? He looked like he was having a coronary!"

"Aik**o," Mandy replied. "When you enjoy dressing the way we do,
sometimes you have to remind men of their place. You know, the whole
syndrome of `If she's dressed that way, she must be ASKING for it.'
You have to defend yourself, because the police can't and the
courts...well, by the time you get to the courts, it's too late, and
they probably won't do anything anyway."

"Why do I get the impression you've had some bad experiences?" asked

"I have," she replied. "Maid Marion and I were walking back to our car
from a play party. It was kind of a bondage...fetish...just-for-fun
kind of thing. Marion had gotten both her arms and legs put into
casts... well, it was a strange and exhausting evening. Some social
cancer saw a cripple walking with a sex goddess and decided we were
fair game. I got sc****d up quite a bit, and Mandy got cut on her
hand, but we came out on top. So to speak."

"What happened to your assailant?"

"He got hospitalized with several broken ribs and a crushed testicle.
Marion couldn't walk without some crutches we'd improvised at the
party, but her arm casts made damn good clubs!" They both chuckled at

When they reached his apartment, Jason looked over at his rediscovered
lover and said, "Listen, do you think you could give me a hand with the
latex and stuff? It's kind of heavy."

The domelight showed Mandy feigning shock. "Do I look like menial
labor? Besides, I have to stay here to make sure our maid doesn't run

Jason laughed. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to run away from you!"

As he headed for the steps, she muttered at his back, "You might be
surprised, my love, you might be surprised."

As soon as Jason had disappeared inside, she quickly opened the door,
and got in the back seat with their other passenger.

Inside, Jason dashed through the apartment, collecting luggage,
toiletries kit, towels, and clothes. These were crammed into a small
valise. From a closet he dragged out a huge steamer trunk, dragged it
into the bedroom and opened it on the floor, talking to himself all the

"Boy, oh boy, you have really got yourself into it this time. You
haven't seen this woman for how many years, and the first thing you do
is take a week of vacation just to get into her pants again. And gawd,
has she changed! She's been sl**ping with women, she's on some kind of
power trip, and she totes around some kind of groupie who's into

But his libido had other things to say: Yeah, but look how she's
grown... what a woman! And did you see her outfit? That latex hobble
skirt is so thick she can barely walk, and those boots- wow! Listen
man, don't be a fool- you pass this up, you may never see her again.

Apparently, his balls were winning the argument, because he threw open
another closet, revealing his treasure of rubber garments, some hanging
over wide, padded hangers, some folded in neat piles on shelves. All
of it had been lovingly polished until it gleamed like patent leather.

He also opened several drawers to retrieve bondage gear, some unusually
restrictive clothes, and several corsets. All of it was dumped
unceremoniously into the huge trunk. On the top of this pile he tossed
several containers of talc, with which to powder the latex.

He paused at the bar for a shot of dutch courage, then thought better
of it. "Damn! I'm driving," he muttered.

Having wrestled the heavy trunk and his overnighter to the head of the
sidewalk steps, he paused to catch his breath. Looking down to the
car, he saw Mandy in the back seat with the other young woman. She
appeared to be doing something under the other's skirt.

"Well, get used to it, chum," Jason told himself, and huffed slowly
down the stairs. He got the trunk loaded, and as he got into the
drivers seat, he noticed an audible panting coming from the back seat.
When he looked in the rear-view mirror, ` Maid Marion's ' expression
hadn't changed a bit, although he saw that her eyes were wide, as if
she had been startled or excited by something, and was trying to hide
it. He thought about the two of them enjoying each other in the back
seat while he had been packing arm loads of rubberwear upstairs.

It bothered him to think he might have to share Mandy's attentions with
some one else, but then... it also excited him to think of the two
women screwing in tight, shiny, and sweaty latex outfits, too.

He realized he was holding a double standard. That bothered him too,
since he'd always thought of himself as open minded. Now he knew how
difficult it could really be to be TRULY open minded. He resolved not
to show his discomfort with the two women's relationship until he had
had time to think it over, and perhaps, get to know the mystery woman
in the maid's uniform.

"It really bugs you that Marion and I are lovers, doesn't it?" asked

Shit, thought Jason. So much for keeping secrets. "Am I that
transparent?" he asked her.

"I'd claim it was all women's intuition, but I don't think I have any.
I caught a glimpse of you at the top of the stairs, and I just watched
your face when you got into the car. You were looking pretty stoic,
kind of overly nonchalant, so I guessed."

"Yeah, I guess I was...well, AM a little bugged," admitted Jason.
"Must be the way I was raised." He looked sheepishly at the floor,
letting the engine idle while they talked.

"Thought so. Usually, I'd give you my standard half-hour lecture about
bisexuality, but I know you, and it would be an insult to your
intelligence. I'm going to assume that you will find a way to deal
with it, because if you can't, you can NOT be a part of my life."

Jason looked very thoughtful as he put the car into gear, and they
accelerated down the street.

After they were on the highway again, he asked, "So, where is this
retreat of yours, my dear?"

Mandy, who was once again in the front seat retorted, "Hah! I'm not
your dear yet! You still haven't passed my tests, survived my trials,
fair knight."

Jason shot her a glance. She wore a wry grin and a twinkle in her eye.

"All right lady, you win. Just point me to the sword in the stone, and
I'll do my best."

"That's the spirit! Ok, just take 276 south to Morton Road..."

Sometime later, by then nearly three in the morning, they pulled into a
gravel lane, shaded by huge oaks. A metal box set into the massive
brick gate post on Jason's side of the drive required him to punch in a
combination which Mandy gave him, to open the massive wrought iron

"Jeee-zus! What are you doing for a living these days? You didn't
tell me you were loaded now."

"You didn't ask. I'm sorry to say that I didn't earn all of it. My
father passed away several years ago, leaving me his company holdings
and enough liquid assets to build this place."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. If there's..."

"Oh, it's alright. It was sudden and painless. In any case, I made
quite a bit on my own in the market, but the inheritance allowed me to
retire earlier, and with quite a bit more income. I really don't have
an interest in business anymore, so I have accountants and lawyers run
the consulting firm. I get about half of the profits. It lets me
pursue my interests in privacy and comfort, and if I'm careful with my
funds, I can almost live extravagantly."

Driving up the lane revealed a large and picturesque cottage style
country house. It was completely dark, not a single light in any of
the windows.

"You two live here alone?" Jason asked, "You should at least leave a
light on."

"Oh, there are burglar alarms. Not to mention Charlemagne and Attila.

As they pulled up in front of the stone porch, a deep, loud barking
began, and several flood lights kicked on, illuminating the entire
front lawn.

"You see: the latest electronic wizardry- anything that ignores the
warning signs, climbs that iron fence has to face the lights and then
Charley and 'Tilla. Two huge Rottweillers appeared at a dead run,
surrounding the car. Mandy rolled down the window, commanding,
"Charley! 'Tilla! Make friends. Heel!" The dogs came off of alert,
and meekly sat down on her side of the car. "It's alright, you can get
out now," she told Jason.

"O-K, I'm convinced, you don't need to leave a light on," replied
Jason, nervously eyeing the dogs as he pulled the bags from the trunk.
They watched him constantly, but never moved.

While man-handling the trunks up the stairs, he took advantage of his
position to watch ` Maid Marion's ' muscular bottom wriggling within a
pair of tight black latex briefs under her short rubber skirt. Very
shortly, he was having trouble walking again.

When they were all inside, and Jason had finished ooh-ing and aah-ing
over the opulent front hall, they moved into the adjacent library where
he collapsed into an overstuffed leather chair. Maid Marion remained
standing just inside the room. He took a moment to drink in the sight
of the black and white latex maid's uniform. Now, in the better light
of the house, it looked even better than before. The second-skin
bustier covered her completely up to the neck, where a frilly
Elizabethen collar topped the outfit. He saw that her white doily
apron was also made from rubber, although it had a softer, mat finish.
The rest of her uniform was polished to a high gloss. She had quite a
curvaceous and well -endowed figure, too. Although her bust was not as
spectacular as Mandy's, much of that must have been due to Mandy's
outrageous bullet-bra corset-jacket.

The perfect fit of both their costumes was emphasized by the highlights
thrown on the skin tight material by the overhead lights. He wondered
what it felt like to have breasts with sensitive nipples rubbing within
the lovely, stretchy stuff.

It was to be only a few days before he found out.

In an attempt to start the conversation again, Jason exclaimed, "Whew!
That chest was heavy. Do you by any chance have something cold and wet
for a man dying of thirst? If you'll point me toward the bar..."

"Just a minute." Mandy was doing something at the maids collar. "I
promised I'd take Flo... uh, Marion's mask off as soon as we got
home... There!" she exclaimed, and with a flourish, removed the dark
wig from the maid's head.

"Mask?" Jason queried, "But she's not wearing..."

"Shush! Watch and learn," she admonished. She pulled at the maids
neck, and began peeling a strip of flesh colored tape from the other
woman's neck. Beneath it were fine, closely spaced laces running up
the back of her head!

As these were loosened, Jason it became clear what had been wrong with
the woman's eyes. Her head was completely enclosed in a skin-tight
thin rubber sheath, molded and colored to closely immitate a woman's
head and face.

With makeup over it, it had looked quite natural. Only the hapless
woman's eyes had shown through carefully shaped holes in the face. As
Mandy peeled the hood off the woman's head to the front, a pretty,
young face was revealed.

"Jason, allow me to introduce Flora, my house mate."

To Be Continued...
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