The Captains Wife (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11 - The Pirates Attack A Vessel

I thought the bath would seem routine by now but I was beginning to learn that nothing was routine where I was concerned. I was much more sore this morning than ever before and the salt water of the bath made my raw welts scream.

The cabin boy, I noticed, was also becoming much more adept at his job, cleaning me efficiently and quickly, but with many superfluous touches against my breasts and sex. Though I'd just been remarkably satisfied by the captain I found that after the bath I was again quite aroused and slightly wet.

I saw the cabin boy too, was very aroused, and it seemed that he wanted to plug me himself, right there on the foredeck.

After the bath he stretched me out on the deck and massaged that wonderful ointment into my raw flesh. As he delicately worked on my buttocks he leaned across my legs and his leg brushed against mine. I felt his hard cock touch my thigh and I winced at the surge in my sex. I felt him pause and I knew he had felt it too and wondered what he thought.

"The captain would not approve," I whispered quietly.

He jerked himself back and knelt beside me as he worked. "Certainly not. I had no intention, your Ladyship. The captain would skin me alive and feed me to the sharks without a second thought."

"But you do want to, don't you?" I said with a smile.

"Uh, yes, of course. Who wouldn't? But the captain would not permit it."

Abruptly we were distracted by a loud cry from the forecastle. "Ship, ho!" came the shout again and everyone was scurrying wildly. I saw the Red Devil appear on deck almost instantly and begin shouting orders and calling questions to the lookout.

The pirate ship began to turn and head in the direction of the doomed ship. All around me the pirates were arming themselves. Swords, daggers, pistols, and knives were everywhere. The captain was quickly issuing instructions.

He looked our direction at one point and stopped mid-sentence. "You there, cabin boy. Get the Lady downstairs and lock her in my cabin. And stay with her on guard. I don't want her in the way. That ship looks rather well armed. We have a fight on our hands, gentlemen!"

This last was said to the men who all began cheering and chanting pirate songs of dubious virtue and coarse humor. The cabin boy quickly led me below to the captain's quarters. He locked the door behind us and opened the porthole.

"Saints, but she's gettin' close. Definitely well armed, too."

I stood and pushed the cabin boy aside and peered through the porthole. The ship was a large one, about the size of the Lady Agatha but much better armed. She had banks of cannons and I could see a row of frightened sailors on deck armed with rifles. It looked like it was going to be rough.

Suddenly I felt a hand touch my bottom. I froze. It was the cabin boy, of course. He looked up at him shyly. "Your body is so beautiful, your skin so fair. Your bottom is soft yet firm. I would love to kiss it. May I, just once?"

I was still kneeling on the bed, my head at the porthole. My emotions were confused. I knew I loved the captain, and this boy was just a boy. But he was rather cute, and his innocence amused me. My sex was wet and I could feel my desire growing. I was positive that little cock of his was hard.

I nodded my head quickly, and he placed his lips against my skin. Again and again he kissed my buttocks, very gently kissing them all over. His touch was so gentle after the captain's fury that I found myself in an agony of desire. I wished he would slap my skin rather than toy with me thus.

Outside I saw that we had changed course again. We were very close to the enemy ship now. I saw that it was a merchant ship, obviously well-loaded with trade goods. Our new course brought us along the back of the other vessel, shielding us from its guns. Our men began firing and soon all that could be heard was the sounds of battle.

I watched our men swinging on ropes onto the other ship. Others leaped across the short distance. The battle was in f***e now. Surely the captain would be far too occupied to know what was happening down here. My sex was hungry with desire.

I turned and grabbed the cabin boy. "Take off your clothes!" I hissed violently. "Now!" He obeyed without a word and I was very impressed. His body was young but mature, and he was hard and fit. I inspected his cock closely. He stood frozen as I bent forward.

His organ was long, perhaps as long as the captain's, but nowhere near as thick. I touched it and it writhed in my hand. Spurts of white liquid eased out of the tip and onto my hand.

Angry, I slapped the boy's face. "Don't come until it's time, you idiot!" I said harshly. "Don't you have any self control?"

Frightened, the boy began to cry. I slapped him again and he quieted down. His cock was rigid again but almost as soon as I lifted it he began to come again. I let it drop and sighed in frustration. The boy was just too virginal to be of much use to me. What he needed was to learn some self control.

An idea came to my mind as I spotted the captain's wooden paddle lying on the desk behind the boy. "Turn around and put your head on the bed and put your hands behind your head." He obeyed, his eyes frightened.

The boy was now bent over at the waist, his head on the bed leaving his buttocks high in the air. I played with the flesh of his bottom carefully, slowly, listening to the screams and shouts of battle outside. No one would hear.

The blows of the paddle blended seamlessly with the sounds of the gunshots. I paddled the boy hard, very hard. He groaned and cried desperately, but remained in position. Occasionally I reached around and played with his cock, touching it.

When I resumed the paddling it would relax him and he'd go limp. I kept this up for some time and then I began to paddle him while I played with his cock. It was evident that my touch drove him wild but the paddle subdued him. Together they made him moan in frustration.

I found I was enjoying paddling the boy. I pretended he was the cook or the first mate. I even briefly made believe he was the captain.

I liked seeing his round bottom turning pink under my blows, seeing his hands struggle to remain in place. I understood exactly what he felt and I relished in passing that feeling to someone else.

When I decided he'd had enough I turned him around and held his cock in my hand. This time he did not come, but I could see him desperately attempting to control his passion. "I see this is difficult for you, cabin boy," I said with as much contempt in my voice as I could muster. "That is good. You need the challenge of difficult tasks. Do you want to please me, boy?"

He nodded eagerly and I quickly offered him my sex. "Pleasure me, boy, and do it right or I'll paddle you until your cock falls off."

Desperately he buried his head in my sex and his tongue found my opening. He was no expert, but he was passable. I felt my juices stirring and dripping on his face. I knelt on the bed over his face so he could reach me better. He was stretched out flat before me. I took the paddle and began to stroke it against his hard cock.

Moaning, his tongue licked against me harder, more insistently. I encouraged him and leaned forward and took his cock in my hand. I could feel it swell beneath my grasp. Then, with him still licking my sex, I leaned further forward and took his cock in my mouth.

His cries were desperate ones as he began shoving his lips into me, his tongue frantically licking me. I sucked on his cock and lightly ran my tongue over the tip and it was too much for him. His seed burst into my mouth. He relaxed and sighed deeply.

"Don't stop!" I shouted and slapped his cock again and again. Desperately he renewed his attack on my starving sex. He touched my pleasure spot and I cried out in delight. And when I came he remained below me, my juices dripping into his mouth as I thrust myself onto him. My cries were loud as my body shuddered with pleasure.

But I sensed something was awry. I turned and froze and I felt the cabin boy sit up. Both of us were speechless with fright. Standing in the doorway, his fine clothes torn and splattered with bl**d, was the Red Devil. He was covered with grime and sweat and he looked haggard and tired.

He said nothing but only stared silently at the two of us. Never had he seen a sorrier sight, I am sure. I shrank back against the wall of the tiny room in terror, for surely his wrath would be fierce.

For what seemed an eternity he said nothing. Finally his mouth opened. His face was black with fury and filled with disdain, but all he said was, "We were victorious."

To Be Continued...
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